Enstrom Will Replace Your Almond Toffee If It Fails To Calculate Your Taxes

Bobby didn’t believe that Enstrom’s “Unconditional Guarantee” was truly unconditional, so he sent an email to Enstrom complaining that his Almond Toffee did not perform well as a tax preparer.

Bobby submitted the following through Enstrom’s web form:

Your Almond Toffee does not work well as a tax preparer. Per your unconditional guarantee, I formally request my monies to be refunded at the earliest possible date to:


Please confirm receipt of this email and the issuance of my refund at the earliest opportunity.

Best regards,


Enstrom quickly replied:

Thank you for contacting Enstrom Candies Customer Care Department. We would be more then happy to replace the box of toffee as stated in our guarantee. Would you please provide your order number or customer number so I can do so?

To place an order, please contact Enstrom Candies Call Center at 1-800-367-8766 (24 hours 7 days a week) or visit our website at http://www.Enstrom.com. Should you need further assistance, please reply to our email or contact Customer Care Department at 1-800-367-8777.

Jessica Shaner
Customer Service Representative
Enstrom Candies

Wow, that is an unconditional guarantee! Bobby was shocked by the response, and since he isn’t a colossal jerk, he didn’t follow through with his request. The satisfaction that Enstrom would honor their guarantee was more than enough. Plus, we’re told that the toffee was excellent. Delicious work, Enstrom!

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