The Worst Tip We Have Ever Received

Yes, our pro-consumer bias has its limits. For instance, when a customer service representative tries to help you, don’t respond by telling them to “go back to school,” or by mentioning that your fourth-grade class can “spell better.” Of the tens of thousands of tips you have sent us, this is one of the worst. Do not be this guy.

Here’s the situation: Reader Bryan ordered an item from Adorama’s Amazon store. After the item shipped, he decided to change the shipping instructions so he could pick up his package at the UPS store. Amazon’s policies kept Adorama from changing the instructions on a shipped item, so, after apologizing, Adorama gave Bryan two options: a full refund, or once the item returned undelivered, they could re-ship the item with the right instructions.

Bryan didn’t send us his original request, so we’ll start with Adorama’s response. The writing isn’t the clearest, but the content speaks for itself:


unfurtunaly this is an Amazon order and we wont be able to have you pick it up. I apologized for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Adorama customer service

Brian responded:

I don’t see why it being an amazon order changes anything. It’s MY package that I paid for, and paid shipping for. UPS is not able to deliver to my location, all I want is to be able to pick up the package THAT I PAID FOR.

Make it happen, or I’m just returning all of it, and then you’ll be refunding my money.

Right off the bat you can tell Bryan is trouble. “Make it happen?” Tell that to a waitress and you’ll rightly end up with a drink down your shirt. Let’s see how Paola responds:

I apologized for the inconvenience but our contract with Amazon is like that we cant make any changes to the order or have ups hold it for you , if you are unable to be at the address you provide with your order for shipping the order will come back to us and we will give you the money back for the item.

have a nice day!!

Adorama customer service

Paola provided a direct explanation to Bryan’s question. Adorama’s contract with Amazon prevents them from changing the shipping address. Simple enough, but Bryan kept pushing:

Well, I guess you just lost some money. I have NEVER had any issues with getting UPS to hold a package that I have bought from Amazon.

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience maybe you place the order through Amazon and it was ship by another company. I don’t want you to feel like if we don’t appreciated your business but unfurtunaly we can not hold the pack. if the order was place directly from us we wouldn’t have this problem.

again I apologies.

Adorama customer service

Another fairly direct response from Paola, and a way to avoid the problem in the future. Fine.

How Bryan choose to advance his case?

Please learn proper grammar and english. It would make your messages much easier to understand.

At this point, Paola could have stopped responding. The substantive interaction was over. If we were in Paola’s place, we wouldn’t have been able to respond with anything approximating a polite response. And as we’ll see, advancing the conversation doesn’t help anyone, even if the intent is to help an unreasonable customer.

Oh thank you…. For the compliment… am just trying to give you good customer service. at least someone is paying attention to your problem.

Adorama customer service

See, this is what I’m talking about. Re-read your last 2 messages. They are written poorly. “unfurtunaly” is spelled “unfortunately”.

All this poor grammar and spelling lets me know is that the employees at this place are incompetent, and that I would never order anything from you again. No one is paying attention to my problem and I am NOT receiving “good customer service”. If I was receiving “good customer service”, my problem would have already been taken care of when I called yesterday. I can’t believe all this hassle is being put into this situation. All I want to do is pick up my package; this should not be an impossible task.

You fail. I will never order anything from adorama again.

Are you a teacher? All I m trying to do is help you and “unfortunately” you don’t see that you are just looking for mistakes in the grammar. I hope you have a very nice day!

Adorama customer service

Yes. I am a teacher. I teach 4th grade, and they spell better than you

and can complete sentences using proper punctuation. It reflects poorly on you and the company you work for. If you can’t do this, maybe this is the wrong job for you. You are doing NOTHING to help me. If you want to help me, offer to overnight me another camera with no restrictions on the package, so that I can pick it up at the UPS office. Sitting here and arguing with me does nothing to fix the problem.

Today, I will be contacting any management/owners that I can get ahold of and informing them of the awful customer service I’ve received. If you can’t solve the problem and just type gibberish to me, then you are of no use in your current place of employment.

With the respect you deserve let me explain you something. I was trying to assist you since the first time that you call , but you just say that you wanted your money back and started complaining about my grammar instead of telling me that you wanted the item expedited, is very frustrating for me as a customer service representative that is doing her best to assist you, to only get this kind of email in response like if I was one of your students . Am really sorry this is going the way is going, you are the first customer I get that is a “teacher” and act like a student.

If you want the item I will be more than happy to place a new order for you, I will need to charge you for the item again and am supposed to charge you for shipping as well because I don’t see where we mess up with your order we send it to the address that you provide Amazon for shipping. if you will like I can ask my manager as a first time courtesy to give you free shipping. And if you want fell free to contact my manager to complaint about my customer service skills her ext# is 2219 her name is Leah, I am sure she will be happy to listen to you and read our emails….thank you and have a nice day!!!!!!

Adorama customer service

Can we all agree this is a reasonable solution? Paola offered to resend the item, possibly even waive the shipping. And she volunteered her manager’s number and rightly suggested that any third party might find Bryan’s behavior offensive.

So how does Bryan respond to the olive branch?

Wow. I have no clue what any of that says since your sentences are all run-ons and really really long. Go back to school.

The situation deteriorates from there.

I just feel sorry for the kids you teach … You are very disrespectful, maybe my problem can be solve going back to school but in your case you will have to be born again.. Respect others is easy and make others life easier too. Here at Adorama we treat our customers with respect because that’s how they treat us. but that’s not you case. Have a good life.

Adorama customer service

Spend less time telling me to be ‘born again’ and more time studying an English book. Religion is just a crutch for the weak.
Sent from my BlackBerry(r) smartphone with SprintSpeed

Be happy!! Have a nice day!! “teacher”

Adorama customer service

I was happy today until I had to deal with you. And for some reason you decide to bring religion into this. I’m making phone calls right now, doing my best to make sure that you don’t have a job by the end of the day.
Sent from my BlackBerry(r) smartphone with SprintSpeed

Ok she is waiting for your call ext#2219 leah .. bye

Adorama customer service

If you were Bryan, how would you characterize this interaction when you sent it to our tipline? What one point might you seize upon to sensationalize your story?

Okay…. Here’s an awesome email exchange between an camera customer service rep and myself. Yeah, I’m an asshole, but this ignorant woman actually suggested that I become “born again”.

All this because they put all kinds of restrictions on MY package which won’t allow me to pick up my package at the UPS office.


You sure got one thing right, Bryan.

Clearly the exchange could have been handled better by everyone. The telecoms and other large companies use rigid customer service manuals to limit similar debacles. Their customer service is like Plinko: your complaint’s destiny is governed by its fall down a maddening decision tree. Bryan would have been dismissed with a simple: “We cannot accommodate your request at this time. Please be assured, your business is important to us.” We prefer companies where employees can treat us not just as consumers, but as people.

When dealing with any company, always treat customer service representatives as you would want to be treated yourself. The whole Golden Rule thing and all. Not only is it common decency, but it’s the single best way to get exactly you want.

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  1. jamar0303 says:

    Oh wow, you actually get “tips” like this?

    • @jamar0303:

      I am willing to bet these types of exchanges are very common.

      Way too common.

    • alexawesome says:

      @jamar0303: Ugh, what a flaming dickwad. The silver lining on this is that Leah (the supervisor) is likely FULLY aware of the situation and is backing up her customer service people. There’s a reason this person is as consistent and polite (despite Bryan) – she’s obviously receiving support and backup from her manager. Way to go Adorama.

      And yes, the spelling/lack of punctuation is irritating when you have to reread stuff. However, when I get above and beyond customer service, grammar/punctuation means dick.

  2. mythago says:

    Bryan is making a fine argument for homeschooling.

    • Overheal says:

      @mythago: in fairness that CSR didnt fight a strong case for evolution ;)

    • @mythago: Bryan is making a strong case for euthanasia.

    • coolkiwilivin says:

      @mythago: You ain’t kidding. Homeschool kids are on average way ahead of their Public School counterparts. He sounds like the typical product of Public School and do anything to stroke their self esteem the Elementary school close to my house has a huge sign that says, “Success is measured by effort.” No success is measured by success. The scary part is that the teachers union will stick by this by guy rather than doing what’s best for the kids.

      • stre says:

        @coolkiwilivin: there has to be a better way than either option. public school kids are lacking funds and the excitement that a truly involved teacher provides (granted, there are plenty of exceptions to both, i’m providing a generalization), but most of the homeschooled kids i’ve met seem barely able to function socially once they hit the rest of the world. the attention and enthusiasm provided in homeschooling needs to be coupled with the social interaction of a public school.

  3. Muusu says:

    What’s funny is that the ‘born again’ comment wasn’t a religious comment (to me anyway), but that it seemed that the CSR was telling him, in polite terms, that he failed at life, and needed to try again.

    • karmaghost says:

      @Muusu: Yeah, I took “born again” to mean that he was a hopeless case.

    • bitterNewsie says:

      @Muusu: Exactly. I was trying to figure out where “religion” came into play, until I saw he took “born-again” to be some sort of Christian rite.

      I’m leaning towards the “fail at life” theory, myself.

    • TheMurderer says:

      @Muusu: You see, that’s how I looked at it! Sigh… This guy really is the definition of an anal-sore.

    • xyzface says:

      @Muusu: i also took it that way , that she meant there is no way for bettering himself his disrespect is a built in personality trait and he’d have to re do his life to ever be able to change..he seemed to have taken it maybe as a hindu thing or whatever one of the eastern religions believe in re-incarnation? he will be born again in worst form and suffer for his ignorance,i like the born again christian idea to. Im pretty sure this customer care person is maybe of a foreign nationality and there english is not to bad if thats the case

    • mrosedal says:

      @Muusu: I am guessing that this customer service person is foreign and that he was trying to say exactly what you said only in his foreign mind set it came out born again. I don’t think it was religious at all.

  4. homerjay says:

    OH MY GOD.

    Okay. Fess up. Which one of you is it???? There’s no way this person isn’t a commenter here.

  5. MyPetFly says:

    This is the kind of guy that would do himself damage in order to prove a point. Cutting off his nose to spite his face…

  6. hollywood2590 says:

    Was born again even in reference to religion? I could swear she just meant his life was so much fail he’d have to start all over.

    • leprendun says:

      @hollywood2590: I don’t think it was, it was just a fantastic insult.

    • ep5760 says:

      @hollywood2590: Good news you’re not the only one. I’d be hoping for someone to press his cosmic reset button with a pointless and shallow tirade like that.

    • beboptheflop says:

      I certainly didn’t think it was a reference to religion, but more, “You are a total waste of a human being that the only way for you to be ‘schooled’ is to start your life all over again and try to get it right this time.”.

    • josephbloseph says:

      @hollywood2590: Yeah, that’s how I read it; the customer service rep admitted that perhaps they had problems that better education might fix, but implied that it would take a fresh start at life to avoid the obvious failures in upbringing that assclown carries with him in his consumerating. The English used wasn’t that bad, Bryan was just obviously not interested in listening to reason. I hope he dies of a curable disease because he gives his insurance company an address he can’t receive his policy at.

    • kathyl says:

      @hollywood2590: Yeah, I’m an atheist and I don’t read her “born again” comment as a reference to a religious sort of being “born again”. Just that she felt he’d need to start over from the beginning to improve himself.

    • ngth says:

      @hollywood2590: Given the context, I did not see the “born again” statement with any religious ties. I purely saw it as a “you need to start your life over” statement.

      • SinisterMatt says:


        Me neither. If she had mentioned something to the effect of “Look to Jesus as your personal Savior” then yes, it would be religious.

        I’m surprised that she resorted to lowering herself to his level to engage in name calling. She had the moral high ground until she responded to his “you don’t know how to use proper English” shtick. Nevertheless, she mostly kept it focused on the issue. Bravo for mostly good customer service on Paola’s part!


    • Zyada says:


      I did see where it could be religious – but in the Hindu multi-life fashion, not in the Christian sense.

      Good luck in your next life, Bryan. Maybe you’ll be lucky and end up as a cockroach.

    • joemono says:

      @hollywood2590: Yes, that’s what I thought as well. He was just looking for something to be offended at.

      Hey, Bryan, if you’re reading this: Lighten up! You’ll get your camera, have patience.

    • SunnyLea says:


      That’s how I read it as well.

      Spelling and grammar are important, but so is reading comprehension, no?

      • alysbrangwin says:

        @SunnyLea: It’s pretty obvious she isn’t a native English speaker. I don’t know why native English speakers are so shocked when people make mistakes in their language. It’s not like she sent it to him in Portuguese, and she showed a lot of restraint dealing with this jerk.

        Also I agree, he doesn’t seem to get that he needs to be “born again” in order to change. She seems to indicate that his foul attitude would only be changed by reliving his life, nothing about Jesus.

    • Phydeaux says:


      Also an affirmative on the “not a religious reference”. Bryan wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying long enough to understand that she was dishing it right back to him.

      But perhaps he’s resorting to calling it a religious reference, then he’s definitely feeling that guilt, then.

    • ninjatoddler says:

      @hollywood2590: You know the drill. The born again reference looked to me as a “start all over again back to elementary school” sort of thing.

    • ColoradoShark says:

      @hollywood2590: It sounded more like the story when a drunken Winston Churchill insults a women by saying, “You’re ugly”. She replies, “You’re drunk”. He replies, “In the morning I’ll be sober but you’ll still be ugly”.

      This guy will still be ugly in the morning but the CSR has a chance of improving her spelling. She has already learned how to correctly spell unfortunately.

    • Whtthfgg says:


      I would say this was not meant religiously at all. It just looks to me as the CS agent does not have english as a first langauge and struggles a little bit to say things as she means them, but was trying as hard as she could.

      Brian is a Jerk

    • BeeBoo says:

      @hollywood2590: Definitely the CS rep was not making a religious comment, just saying that he would have to start completely over he has such bad karma.

      Still, I’m not at all religious and maybe even somewhat anti-religious but in this instance it would help him to be born again in a fundamentalist Baptist way, he would less intolerable.

    • Tank says:

      @hollywood2590: i bet whatever supreme being there is controlling the universe wishes he could just CNTL-ALT-DELETE on this fuckbag

    • ShariC says:

      @hollywood2590: I didn’t read the “born again” as a religious comment either. If she were snarkier, she would have pointed out the deficiencies in his reading comprehension skills.

    • MsAnthropy says:


      I agree – I didn’t take that as a hint that Bryan needs to get religion, more like Paola commenting that while it might be possible for her to learn to spell, Bryan will always be an asshole. Like the old “I can diet, you’ll always be ugly” comeback.

      As for Bryan… the guy’s asshole-ishness is just compounded by the fact that he actually had the nerve to send this in to Consumerist. “OMG, this company couldn’t change the shipping instructions I HAD GIVEN THEM after the item had shipped, and then not only that, but their CSR doesn’t write perfect English!!”

      Uhhh, I hate to blame the consumer here, but… oh wait, no I don’t. Bryan is an obnoxious idiot. I guess he behaves like this in restaurants, too – I can only imagine how much server-spit and other nasties he’s consumed over the years.

  7. MikeB says:

    Damn. I do feel sorry for the kids. Especially if Bryan can not understand what the CS rep is trying to say. I have a fourth grader and if he is any indication you have to have good comprehension skills to get what he is saying in his written work.

    As to the “born again” thing. I didn’t take that to mean in the religious sense. But that the CS rep was telling him that while her problem can be fixed with more schooling, there is no help with his issue. Something similar to this, supposedly said by Winston Churchill:

    I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.

    • mcjake says:

      @mbouchard: I totally agree. And full disclosure here, I came from a religious household that kind of talk is normal in my family. She was just saying “you sir are a horrible human being.”

    • thelushie says:

      @mbouchard: He didn’t mean it in a religious sense. Kinda scary that he is teaching children but doesn’t have basic reading comprehension skills.

    • RecordStoreToughGuy_RidesTheWarpOfSpaceIntoTheWombOfNight says:


      Srsly. I may not be a teacher, but I could follow what she was saying pretty well. Are his comprehension skills so bad that he can’t parse out meaning if it’s not delivered with impeccable grammar and perfect punctuation?

      Brian just served up a heaping helping of FAIL.

    • trujunglist says:


      Excellent quote. It’s really sad that she is more intelligent than he is and just happens to probably be from a different country and forced to work a csr job. It’s funny how people get so worked up about grammar when it’s obvious that they could understand the sentence. So maybe it took like 3 seconds longer to comprehend? In Brian’s case, it must’ve taken a lot longer since the “you’ve failed at life” comment went right over his head.
      Ugh, can you imagine his reaction with his 4th graders? In my grade school, there were always 2 teachers for each grade of students. He’s that teacher that scared the shit out of you in 3rd grade and you had to pray that you didn’t get assigned to his class instead of getting the awesome other 4th grade teacher with the cool spaceship thing inside and working fake economy.

  8. BrandiCeto says:

    He disses the poor representative, and then misunderstands what she means by “born again”… where does this guy teach, so I can never send my kids there?

  9. altryan says:

    I think most people don’t understand how a large organization functions. They don’t realize that 99% of the time the rules are in place to prevent fraud (that results in higher prices), and incompetence on the part of the employees. When a situation arises, they think that the world has come to an end and that their problem must be fixed. 9 times out of 10, its an unusual circumstance that would eventually get escalated to a high enough level where something can be done tos olve the problem. You can’t give that much leeway to minimum wage employees and expect the company NOT to be screwed and defrauded. Fact of life, right there. Thank you Consumerist, for showing that customer service is a two way street.

    And Bryan, seriously? C’mon man. You’re a dick.

  10. squablow says:

    Bryan is your typical asshole with entitlement issues. Yes, we all value good customer service and it’s nice when everything goes the way we planned. But the problems stem from Bryan’s lack of a deliverable address, and then he demands things that can’t be done.

    This is the reason why eBay is in such big trouble with their foolish and poorly thought out new system. The buyer can be a complete dick and screw over a very good and helpful seller making business on the site difficult.

    Interesting to see that Amazon is no different.

    • ParkPlace says:

      @squablow: Just out of curiosity, how does the new eBay system screw the seller?

      • Coles_Law says:

        @ParkPlace: Sellers can no longer leave neutral or negative feedback for buyers. Also, Paypal disputes tend to favor the buyer.

        • phoebeblue says:

          @Coles_Law: I dunno, I had a Fleabay seller give me negative feedback in retaliation for a “neutral” rating after a 3-day-shipping item took 2 months to arrive. I can see where it could get good sellers screwed over, but I really thought the new rule was to protect good buyers. Naive?

          • arl84 says:

            @phoebeblue: your situation might be a little different depending on a couple things. Did the seller take forever sending it, or was it the shipping company’s fault it was late? If it was the shipping company, the seller may have left you negative feedback because they were upset with you leaving a neutral for something that wasn’t their problem to begin with.

      • doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

        @squablow: This is part of their contract with Amazon. I have no problem whatsoever with Amazon not wanting their sellers to not change orders once they’ve shipped. You are not their customer, Amazon is, and you are Amazon’s customer. This isn’t an Amazon fail, or even a bad thing.

        @ParkPlace: Sellers are no longer able to post negative feedback about buyers. So you can be a dick as a buyer and they can’t point this out.

    • NotMe says:

      @squablow:Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but if Bryan acted like that in person, and told me to ‘make it happen,’ I’d make something happen alright. He’d get my foot up his ass.

      What a gigantic, gaping, arrogant asshole. It’s a pity a moronic prick like this guy is entrusted with the task of educating children.

      Fuck you, Bryan.

      • Speak says:

        @NotMe: I think this guy has anger management issues. I agree, I’m scared to think of what this guy is like as a teacher. (Though it does make me think of that phys. ed. teacher on The Simpsons who’d yell “Bombardment!” while hurling dodge balls at the kids.)

    • docrice says:

      @squablow: of course he deserves special treatment, we all know that being a prick can force any company to change their policy to accomodate you…

    • TheFuzz53 says:


      Bryan is your typical union employee. Nothing is ever their fault, they are always right and they are entitled to everything in the world. simply because they show up.

  11. ikimashokie says:

    You know, I don’t think the CSR was saying “born again” in the religious sense… perhaps someone is too quick to jump to “zomg religion!”? There wasn’t any other “religious” reference, and the religious people almost always throw in a “in our Lord/Savior/Christ” or something like that.

    It came across moreso as a “Hey, I can change my bad English, but the only way for you to not be a jerk any more is to start life over from the womb”, almost like that “can’t change stupid” phrase or whatever.

    If I were the CSR, I’d have just stopped replying and forwarded every consecutive emails to my superiors.

    • aphexbr says:

      @ikimashokie: More likely, the CSR was blatantly not a native English speaker (thus making his comments all the more ridiculous), and she was using a common phrase in her native tongue that didn’t come across in translation.

  12. 6a says:

    I guess it never occurred to this guy that English isn’t everyone’s first language?

  13. Namrepus says:

    yeah reading the comment. She wasn’t making a comment about his religion, he was stated he would indeed need to be raised again from a child and learn some f’n manners.

  14. slim150 says:

    2 of my favorite sites is the consumerist and One is pro-consumer and the other is stories from CSR about horrible customers. This sounds like the ridiculousness I read on the other site!

    It boggles my mind that their are people this arrogant.

    • Mary says:

      @slim150: “It boggles my mind that their are people this arrogant. “

      You should work in higher education ; ) You haven’t seen entitlement and arrogance until you’ve seen what happens when you combine PhDs with fresh-faced college students.

      • thelushie says:

        @Meiran: +5! I have a new Facebook quote!

      • OhYeahAlright says:

        @Meiran: Thank you for labeling two entire classes of people as arrogant. That’s rather… arrogant of you.

        • arl84 says:

          And it’s rather ignorant of you to disregard the fact that meiran was not talking about both people who hold phd’s and college students, but rather, young college students who are studying for PHds, and therefore, one, small minority among both college students and phd holders.

          You’re bryan… aren’t you? Come on. fess up. :P

    • therinth says:


      Whoa…i just spent two hrs at I don’t know if i should curse you or thank you — i’ll check back in another hr and see ;).

  15. SegamanXero says:

    wow, she was providing awesome customer service. and this dude was being a real dick… i feel really sorry that she had to deal with him…

  16. QrazyQat says:

    It was clear to me (and frankly, I detest fundies and what they do to others) that the customer rep was not using the phrase “born again” to mean religion. From the grammar used (which while not perfect was perfectly understandable) I’d suspect that person didn’t even know the phrase ever referred to religion. It seemed to me that she was saying that to go thorough basic school and learn something, you’d have to be starting over in life.

    And man, this Bryan is a nightmare, and to top it he obviously doesn’t see himself as one. He thinks he’s in the right here! There’s a guy who makes things harder for every one of us who ever has a legitimate complaint. Every time a guy like that precedes you in the complaints cue he sets up the business’s rep to react badly toward the next person.

  17. maztec says:

    If Adorama had the tilt/shift lens I want, I would have bought it just now. Too bad!

    “You are very disrespectful, maybe my problem can be solve going back to school but in your case you will have to be born again”

    That means that you, Brian, will have to die and start life anew to have any chance of being a better person. That could be taken as religious, but I think it was more of a general insult “you fail at life”.

    And I agree.

    • cecilsaxon says:


      100% agree- he read the email with an anti-religion bias and read what he wanted to read. He used the “crutch” argument and is a self proclaimed A-hole. Well Bryan, perhaps you could use a crutch up side the head. Folks like you seed the world with hate and discontent.

  18. sophistiKate says:

    I must say, though the customer service was good, the language really was distractingly bad. I mean, it made my head hurt a little trying to read those e-mails. I can’t imagine a scenario where I ever would have commented on it, but I certainly would have been very aggravated trying to engage in any kind of written conversation with Paola.

    • kamel5547 says:

      @sophistiKate: It really isn’t that bad. You can get the point, and really the exchange should have ended at 2 e-mails when the choice of a refund or shipping to a new location was offered. Would you really have been aggravated at that point?

    • kathyl says:

      @sophistiKate: Yes, being frustrated at grammar and spelling that you might see as detrimental to comprehension is one thing. Being rude enough to comment on it dismissively, multiple times, in an effort to aggrandize yourself and make the customer service rep feel like she had to accommodate you because you’re obviously a superior human being is simply beyond the pale.

      And that’s what he was doing. He was trying to make her feel bad so that she would break the rules and risk getting in trouble–perhaps because he was trying to make her feel that he was so much smarter than her that she should clearly accede to his judgment, or simply to get him to stop talking to her because the experience was so incredibly unpleasant.

    • Jabberkaty says:

      @sophistiKate: The grammar makes me think that this person speaks English as a second language – and I don’t mean this in any derogatory way. The issues seem to stem from tense and remind me of TTY/TTD communication with my deaf friends – the meaning is clear but the grammar isn’t spot-on because they’re translating in their heads, always a challenge.

      • pax says:

        @Jabberkaty: Bryan is probably the same person who would also complain about immigrants who sit at home and “do nothing” if their English is not good. Paola has a respectable paying job that will help to improve her confidence with English in the long term–why not give some props to that?

    • D-Bo says:

      @sophistiKate: Agreed, the dude was a total Dick but that level of professionalism was laughable at best. A comedy of errors on both parts…

    • Bitmapped says:

      I teach at a major land grant university. The messages from Paola were no worse than what I receive from my students every single day.

  19. TemporaryAphasia says:

    Yeesh. Some people just want an argument. Sounds like that was definitely the case here – past a certain point it wasn’t about getting the issue resolved and just became him being pissed about her typing.

    Hopefully in future, she’ll learn that the proper course of action in that case is to completely ignore that sort of argumentative behavior and to stick to the matter at hand.

    A simple, “If something in my previous statements was unclear, please let me know what and I will be happy to explain further. Now, at this point, I can do either A or B. Which would you prefer?” would probably have worked better – and sticking to that even if he came back with more venom. Not that it’s her fault he was being rude, but when you work with people, you have to learn how to shove them in the right direction.

    Sometimes appealing to whatever shred of humanity they have works too. A firm, “Hey, I’m the person trying to fix your issue – yelling at me is not going to help. The sooner we get this resolved, the sooner we can be done with this. Now, let’s move forward and get this taken care of,” is often useful. Of course, that assumes that the person you’re talking to actually -has- a shred of humanity.

    • Mary says:

      @TemporaryAphasia: Yeah, he reminds me of a customer I had recently that just wanted to yell at me. Since I had a response for each of her problems (since they were actually her fault…I tried to be polite, but there’s only so much you can do) she just kept finding something else and just kept yelling.

      Eventually I just sent her to a supervisor while she was in the middle of a screaming tirade. I learned a valuable lesson to just let people yell at you, smile and nod, and move on.

      That way, at least you’re secure in your knowledge that they’re the jerk.

      • ohenry says:

        @Meiran: People like that are pretty rough to deal with.

        One of my favorite things to do with people like that are just to outright ask them, “Sir/Ma’am, I’ve gone over the situation and what solutions I feel we can provide. What would you suggest in place of these?”

        Half the time they don’t know (one of the most popular responses is “You’re customer service and I’m the customer, serve me!), since they’re just arguing for the sake of arguing, and they finally realize that they’re coming off as a complete douche. Most of the time this makes them more willing to take one of the options I’ve offered them.

  20. parad0x360 says:

    Does this guy know he could have called UPS and changed the shipping arrangements with them? It would have been easier.

    That aside, what a friggen jerk. Its so rare to get a good CSR these days and this guy finds one who is willing to help him after after he acts like a 2 year old. What a shame.

    • Mary says:

      @parad0x360: I was actually really confused by that myself. I’ve changed the shipping instructions on several packages with UPS, and I think some of those were ordered through Amazon.

      • aristan says:

        @Meiran: UPS will allow a shipper to change shipping information & directions while in transit. Amazon will change shipping info/directions while in transit.

        The problem is, Amazon won’t let 3rd party resellers change UPS shipping info/directions while the item is in transit.

        Paola told Bryan this via email which she said that if he had ordered directly from the company rather than via Amazon, she would have no problem changing the shipping information. Sadly, her companies contract could be pulled by Amazon if she did this in violation of the contract.

        Keeping Bryan’s business by violating the contract with Amazon doesn’t make good business sense. Keep him happy, but lose all business because Amazon shuts your store down.

        Some customers just need to be fired.

        • Brunette Bookworm says:

          @aristan: Yeah, but after they attempted the first delivery and he wasn’t there, they could have left one of those delivery tags that allowed him to change where to deliver it to or pick it up at UPS. I have to do that all the time since UPS won’t deliver to my apartment. Fortunately, UPS is on my way home from work. I think this guy was just looking for some kind of argument or something for free.

    • @parad0x360: Exactamundo!

      • Amethyst02 says:

        That isn’t always the case, I recently bought a cell phone online and had a similar problem. My phone got sent to the wrong address and I was told by a CSR to take it up with UPS. I immediately called UPS and they told me that their contract with Sprint specifically forbids the changing of the delivery address, as a way to combat fraud or something. This is probably the same thing.

    • electrogeek77 says:

      @parad0x360: Oh no, you said “after” twice! Bryan is gonna come after you!

  21. wcnghj says:

    Sounds like they are in another country and they are using a translator.

    • beboptheflop says:

      That was my first thought when I saw all the “typos”. I assumed the CSR’s first language was not English, therefore the presumption to ridicule her grammar is even more of an asshat act.

    • RedwoodFlyer says:


      I don’t mean this in a harsh way at all, but translators don’t misspell….. Also, translators tend to botch things up…

    • katiat325 says:

      @wcnghj: no, it doesn’t. It sounds like she’s learning English in some manner, but truthfully, English is a hard language to learn if you start learning it as an adult. You start to think of the language’s words and phrases in your native language’s grammar. It’s very common for immigrants learning English in America. I would know, my mother does the same thing.

      • @katiat325: Actually, I get business email from corn-fed Americans that contain similar typos and syntax. I’ve stopped even reacting unless it’s really, really bad or really, really funny.

        • LoganAdams says:

          @finite_elephant: Truthfully, her English was a lot better than what I see in the many e-mails I get daily at my job. They comne from people who have English as their only language.

          And I’ve dealt with Adorama’s customer service in the past. They are top notch.

    • erika says:

      @wcnghj: They’re in NYC but, as I have learned from shopping through their store and online, most of their employees do not speak English as their first language. That said, yeah the English may be clunky, but the all the help I’ve had from them has been stellar!

  22. MightyWeasel says:

    Is it just me, or did it sound like maybe English was not this CSR’s first language? And you know, shouldn’t a “teacher” be able to pick up on that?

    • kamel5547 says:

      @MightyWeasel: My guess is that a lot of e-mail and chat CS positioned are outsourced.

    • sprocket79 says:

      @MightyWeasel: That is exactly what I was thinking. I bet Bryan can only speak one language. I’d love to see him try to speak and write in a foreign language. He’d probably fail miserably and then throw a tantrum that everyone should just speak English.

    • intellivised says:

      @MightyWeasel: This is true. Adorama is run/staffed mostly by orthodox Jewish folks – I think Hebrew is the first language at the store.

      • nagumi says:

        @intellivised: @intellivised: I didn’t spot any hebrew idioms in there (I’m Israeli) and Paola or anything similar isn’t a jewish/hebrew/israeli name. Maybe spanish?

        • kerry says:

          @nagumi: Paola is indeed a very common spanish name. My guess is that she’s probably a relatively recent immigrant. From reading her emails it seems like she’d get by just fine with spoken English, since a lot of her errors are the sort that are easy to ignore in a conversation. I’ve gotten much less comprehensible customer service emails from non-native english speakers. Her writing seems imperfect but reasonably intelligible. I’m not sure how anybody would mistake her writing for that of a grammatically-challenged native english speaker. The customer in this exchange is a total asshat.

        • yo, naomi leon (nee captain_underpants) says:

          @nagumi: i would guess spanish, just based on the structure of her sentences and the use of the word “pack” in reference to the package in her third e-mail (in spanish, “paquete” can mean either pack or package).

          ahem, i am also an elementary school teacher and the majority of my students are not native speakers of english. bryan seems to think that not having english as your native language automatically makes you stupid. yeah, he must be a great teacher, i’m sure his students love him…

      • clickable says:

        @intellivised: I am, by profession, a translator of Hebrew to English, and I don’t think her native language is Hebrew. First off, Paola is not a Hebrew name. And if she wanted a more convenient “American” name for work, she’d have chosen something other than Paola. Also, she is not translating from Hebrew. That was the first thing I thought of but when I tried to “reverse engineer” her writing, I could tell it was not being translated from Hebrew.

  23. Bryan…if you’re reading this…please resign from your teaching position, burn your teaching license, and never again set foot in a classroom (unless it’s an adult education program on “How Not To Be A Huge Bag-O-Douche.”)

    There are a lot of teachers in my family (wife included). I read this story and just shook my head. Paola gave him SO many chances to have it made right. That was excellent customer service wrapped up in some fairly decent English. And that’s ok. I took five years of Spanish and can barely remember any of it.

    You fail, Bryan. With an ‘F.’

  24. DH405 says:

    This is what is wrong with our educational system. Someone actually hired this schmuck to work with CHILDREN.

    I think I had a similar teacher in 4th grade. She threw a stapler at a kid in my class. Of course, she had tenure.

    Perhaps 4th grade is where they try to traumatize the children. A life lesson of sorts, I suppose.

  25. BostonMark says:

    What’s funny is that the ‘teacher’ makes some quoted comments but doesn’t put the period in the right place. In the sentence:
    ‘[…] and I am NOT receiving “good customer service”.’

    The period should be inside the quotes, like “good customer service.”


  26. AngelicaKollx says:

    used to work next door to adorama, and it’s run by ultra-orthodox jews. The notion that a fundie could work there and get away with it is laughable.

  27. pwnstar182 says:

    I work as a CSR for a company I will not name…but, respect towards any individual goes a long way. The CSR in this situation she was very professional, even after being insulted, and she still provided good customer service. I would have dropped that chat/phone call like a bad habit if anyone talked to me like that.

    As a CSR, I cannot count how many moronic people I have spoken to. Even if they can’t form a simple sentence, I still attempt to help in any way I can. If only that worked the other way around.

    P.S. I suck at spelling too; Spell Check and Google will save you!

  28. Hate_Brian_Club_I'mNotOnlyThePresidentI'mAClient says:

    The fact that Bryan actually thought this was reasonable is crazy enough, but worth posting on Consumerist as an example of poor customer service instead of something for him to be ashamed of? This pretty much points to him being a sociopath. I can understand losing your temper and shooting off an e-mail in the heat of the moment, but threatening a persons job over a mild inconvenience that’s stated in their shipping policies? What the hell?

    I ordered a Holga from Adorama a couple of months back and received great service from them.

    • floraposte says:

      @Hate_Brian_Club: Yes, that’s totally the part that blows me away. It sounds like he’s genuinely excited to have the chance to be a tool again and again, and that he’s completely convinced that she’s earned his bizarre abusiveness.

      And since Paola is a highly uncommon name in the U.S., I join the people suspecting she’s working in a foreign language to boot. (Though I think it’s a nice touch that she’s Paola and the credit for the article photograph goes to a Paolo.)

    • kabuk1 says:


      He’s not a sociopath, he’s just an asshole. I AM a sociopath & we don’t act like that. We mostly keep to ourselves & occasionally kill people.

      He was probably a bully or a jock in school, and carried his superior, self-serving attitude over to adult life. People like him honestly think they DESERVE to have their asses kissed & become enraged when people refuse to.

  29. MikeGrenade says:

    Thanks for going to bat against minimum-wage, English as a second language, just-trying-to-get-by CSR’s whose hands are tied by corporate policy, Bryan. My hero.

  30. deadspork says:

    Way to go Brian! Great job telling off that woman who was trying to help solve your problem, and then end up with no resolution.
    You are my hero!


  31. deadspork says:

    Damn, I totally should have said, “Wy 2 go brain, yu totaly told that women of! Yuo are so samrt!!!!?”

  32. bohemian says:

    People like Bryan is why we quit selling on ebay and why I no longer freelance directly with consumers.

  33. hamsangwich says:

    Ugh, I bet Bryan is like this in all walks of his life. It really doesn’t concern me how grammatically correct the response from customer service is, as long as the message is clear and helpful. Kudos to Adorama for allowing their customer service reps to go off script.

    You know, it would be kind of funny to have a company that provides insulting, inflammatory customer service (but still fix the problems). That certainly would make it a little fun to report a problem.

  34. TheodoreGabuldury says:

    I think I’d rather have a CSR with bad grammar and good intentions than someone with good grammar and a bad disposition.

    As “uneducated” as she comes off, at least she was accommodating, unlike Bryan, who is like the CSR’s we complain about.

    It’s people like Bryan that give companies the fuel and excuse to continue bad service.

  35. donovanr says:

    And people are confused as to why our schools suck?

  36. CallaTriarius says:

    Let’s grade this, shall we? Paola at Adorama, obviously not a native english speaker, but trying, and trying to do the right thing, c+, bonus for being so patient and trying hard, B.

    Brian, mr high and mighty, F- conduct Needs improvement, plays well with others, needs improvmenet, respects others needs improvement.

    basically, he’s gonna get his butt warmed when his parents get this report card.

  37. Bryan, now you get the wonderful opportunity to hear from other people just how big an asshole you truly are. I’m sure you’re reading, so make something good of it. She delivered stellar customer service to you. I’m astonished that she continued trying to help you even after you started to treat her so abusively.

  38. komodork says:

    To the “Reader Bryan”,
    I hate to say this and take a quote straight from you but
    “YOU FAIL!”


    I wish Consumerist would also incorporate some Canadian stories!

  39. KhaiJB says:

    basically ‘Bryan’ is the kind of customer you dread having. no matter what you do, it’s wrong and they are not happy… and make that very clear to you. repeatedly.

    I’m VERY surprised he’s not here screaming at us right now….

  40. DoktorGoku says:

    Bryan appears, to me, to be one of those standard internet pseudo-intellectuals (different from your garden-variety version). Phrases like “you fail” and freaking out over something that could even bear a passing resemblance to a religious phrase, as well as a sick, false sense of superiority, is something becoming all too common amongst a group of people. This same group is the type that 20 years ago wouldn’t have left their homes, and would have been called “weird” and “screwy” by their co-workers.

    I really hope it’s a fad.

  41. WolfDemon says:

    We get to blame the consumer this time? Whee!

  42. albear says:

    Hey, at least Brian admitted it himself, he is an ASSHOLE!

  43. Brian sounds like the kind of customer that I would want to kick in the face after about 10 minutes.

  44. ecwis says:

    UPS allows pick-ups from their center after they attempt and fail a delivery…

    • KhaiJB says:

      @ecwis: yup but that would have meant him exerting himself…

    • @ecwis: He wanted to redirect to a UPS store, I think, meaning change the shipping address. Address corrections like that are typically prohibited because of the chance for fraud. Somebody who knows a little bit about you and has your tracking number could redirect your package anywhere and steal it.

  45. says:

    have you ever joked around with your buds, making up some ridiculous love story between you and a some of your friends, just to be on jerry springer?

    i feel like this is one of those, except bryan wants to be a consumerist post.

  46. jimmydeweasel says:

    Yous poeples beez sew racizt. Its a nu amrica. Tak you’re dam edukatchun an shuv it.

  47. AldrichPhoenix says:

    I have a degree in linguistics and score standardized tests for non-native English speakers who use English at work. The big thing we look for in grammar is not whether it matches our “accepted” grammar, but whether the meaning is clear. I had no problem understanding what Paola was trying to say. “Bad” grammar is not “wrong” to linguists; it’s merely nonstandard.

  48. Firesoul1 says:

    not all CSRs are mindless droids.
    she may not spell right but at
    least she made it clear that Adorama
    is bound to follow Amazon’s contract.
    the guy is such a turd that he also
    was trying really hard to get her fired.

  49. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I admit that the CSR’s e-mails were atrocious, but my mother writes e-mails like that as well, and English isn’t her first language.

    But in this case, it’s the contents of the e-mail that matter, not how they are communicated. The CSR was more than willing to help, giving Bryan several (simple, IMO) options. Bryan was just too busy being a jerk to notice this, and proceeded to anger himself and insult an innocent individual who (as Bryan so wonderfully evidenced to us) just trying to be helpful.

    • mmmsoap says:

      @IHaveAFreezeRay: I’m with you here. Not sure I understand his complaint to begin with (much less his attitude)…he ordered something sent to a shipping address he doesn’t like? Why wouldn’t he send it to somewhere else in the first place, especially if he’s had to deal with this issue before?

      To be honest, the CSR frankly makes me want to do business with Adorama.

      * She tried to help, within the confines of her power. She was very polite, even in the face of ranting.
      * She didn’t lose it until she had been insulted multiple times, and even then she hit a zinger right over the customer’s head.
      *She offered her supervisor’s contact info. Without being prompted.
      *She attempted to resolve the problem again by offering to attempt to waive shipping.

      This woman is my CSR dream! Can I, like, send her a tip or something?

  50. humphrmi says:

    Does this mean we can blame the OP? :)

    BTW I’ve dealt with Adorama and it was a great experience. This email exchange reinforces that I would do it again in a heartbeat.

  51. MyTQuinn says:

    So, Bryan orders an item from Adorama, provides a shipping address and/or shipping instructions that he knows will result in an undeliverable package, waits until after the package is in the carrier’s hands, then wants to change the shipping address/instructions, yet somehow it’s Adorama’s fault?

    At some point Bryan gave up pursuing a resolution to his problem but still wanted to vent, and the nearest thing he could find that wasn’t his fault was Paola’s grammar and spelling. The amazing part is that after all was said and done, he thought he had something to complain about. I could possibly see him complaining to his friends about this – giving it his own slant, but then again, he probably doesn’t have any friends.

    In conclusion, I AGREE WITH BRYAN – he’s an a**hole.

  52. __Ken__ says:

    Bryan sounds like the biggest ass in the world. I think the AIG and countrywide CEO’s seem to be in a brighter light compared to this creature.

    I’ve been a very happy Adorama customer in the past and in the future. In fact I might just buy something from them this weekend. I’ll ask for Paola.

    I’m positive the “born again” reference wasn’t religious. For one thing, it was taken out of context, for another thing Adorama observes Jewish holidays/sabbath.

    I hope the superintendent of the school district reads this blog, and fires Bryan. If my child was in his class and came home with a comment like this he’d be getting more than my opinion at parent teacher conference.

    People don’t treat people like this. Animals do, but even they can be trained.

  53. EricLecarde says:

    Can we start seeing more of these on the weekends? I think it helps put things into perspective.

  54. dmc says:

    Just want to throw in that I did not find the “born again” comment to be religious. I did, however, find it to be awesome. I also find that most atheists are just as zealous and obnoxious as their opposite end of the spectrum religious fundamentalist opposites and, in this case, it appears Bryan is looking for something that isn’t there.

  55. fisherman23 says:

    I feel a little more dumb after reading this entry.


  56. pmcpa2 says:

    Can we blame the OP on this one??? Please!!!!!

  57. absentmindedjwc says:

    Wow, that guy is an asshole. The messages looked very similar to what I get when I chat with a few friends in China or Japan online. Not everyone knows English as a first language, and with the internet being global, you cannot expect every customer service person you come across to be fluent in our language (mostly considering the US population is rather small compared to that of India or China. This guy was looking to be confrontational, and most likely would have been taken care of if he would have been nice and stated what he was looking for to begin with.

  58. lizk says:

    The CSR should have ended the email exchange when it started getting abusive, but I suppose there might be a company policy that they reply to every customer contact all the time. It’s a bad policy, but a lot of companies have it.

    The CSR may very well speak English as a second language. The mistakes in her messages are extremely common for non-native English speakers, and she’s extremely understandable. I’m just baffled… why would anyone think it’s OK to abuse a CSR because their grammar wasn’t perfect? Ugh.

    • Gort23 says:

      @queenlizzie: Seems like she was a good CSR who was trying to honestly do her best to resolve the situation. Good on her! I’d personally rather everyone I had to deal with on the phone was like her, rather than the sort who gives crappy service in perfect English.

      It’s a shame she had to deal with such an ass.

  59. Hastin says:

    I’ve generally found that if you just call UPS with the details of the package (Address and Tracking number), they’ll move it around – I generally pickup my UPS and FedEx orders at their shipping spot, since it’s next to my work. Even though they ship to my address, they’ll just note it, and leave it at the ship place. (Generally, this also shaves off the day, because if they receive it around Monday at 3:00, they won’t put it “Out for Delivery” until Tuesday.)

    Him writing the seller was just stupid. He went too far with this one.

  60. SayAhh says:

    It would be funnier if today was April 1st and this exchange was fictional, but it’s real, so it isn’t funny.

    I wouldn’t have been surprised at the anger demonstrated by Brian if this was a non-reputable company (Fry’s?) or one that only pays minimum wage (Wal-Mart?), but Adorama? Come on. You know better Brian than badmouth someone because you tried to order from Amazon (to get free points/discount?) instead of directly from Adorama.

    Here are question that have risen upon reading said exchange:

    A) Is Brian a scammer? Many people order through Amazon with stolen credit cards to circumvent security measures.

    B) Is there a reason why Brian insisted on picking up the package in person, and ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY DOES NOT want the package to be sent to the address? Maybe because the billing and shipping address of said possibly stolen credit card are all correct, but it’d raise a red flag if the real credit card holder received something from UPS (or Adorama, via Amazon) that he did not order.

    C) Is Brian a dush (sic) bag? “Dush” is not a bad word, so I’m not being unprofessional and thus getting banned LOL

    D) Having read the story that Consumerist is downsizing, was it perhaps because they’ve had to deal with tons of this kind of non-sense email tips so the staff actually decided to quit? :P

    E) It might be possible that English was not PAOLA’s first language; perhaps she was from India or even Brazil. On the other hand, it’s obvious that she tried to send out a quick reply, which was why grammar was poor and letters after a period weren’t capitalized. Isn’t that how ALL fourth graders type their text messages???

    F) To sum up, BRIAN WAS THE VICTIM just because Paola didn’t ace grammar, even though I’ve read tons of posts in forums that were written SO POORLY that make this look like “The Last Supper.” (Couldn’t resist using religious references, which apparently drive Brian insane. Well, more insane.) In unrelated news, Brian also kicked his grandma in the shins because Nana forgot how old he was.

  61. DanGarion says:

    The funniest thing about this whole ordeal is that Bryan now looks like a dumbass and is hopefully reading all these comments!

    Hi Bryan! :)


  62. rachaeljean says:

    I just e-mailed I let them know how impressed I was by their customer service (which, grammar of a non-native English speaker notwithstanding, was pretty darn good) and that I will definitely be a customer in the future. Next year we want to get a DSLR. :)

  63. BytheSea says:

    This whole thing sounds fake. I’ve never heard of a CSR who was allowed to send an email written so atrociously.

    • Parting says:

      @BytheSea: Many companies have a requirements up to how many responses have to be done by hour, by the CSR. So sometimes, grammar and spelling are thrown out of the window in the process of answering many, many requests. (Which is still, in my opinion, than those automatic bot responses.)

  64. randombob says:

    What’s SOOOOOO very funny about this to me, is that it’s 180º from what Bryan was hoping to accomplish: he really really REALLY wanted so show his superiority as a human over these stupid foreigners or whatever. He was after triumph!

    Instead he’s getting publicly humiliated and shown to be much further down the totem pole than the people he was trying to get humiliated in the first place.

    There’s a word for this… If only there was a 4th-grade teacher around to help me remember….

    OH YEAH!


  65. wtrwlkr says:

    Wow, this guy is a grade A+ douchebag. The spelling and grammar could’ve been better but that is forgiveable since English obviously isn’t the CSR’s first language. The CSR went out of her way to provide positive customer service and no matter what she did, Brian had to be an insulting, holier-than-thou (oh noes! religion!) pompous ass.

    Note to consumerist editors: I really enjoyed this article, since it shows a horrible customer service transaction from the other side. I’d love to see more in the future.

  66. Ben_Q2 says:

    I read some of what people have/had to say. I did go to school, I do have more Degrees then most family’s. I just cannot spell for the life of me. I try and try and yet there are times that I cannot even spell the word “TRY”.

    There are many bad CSR out there and there are good ones also. I see them ask Police Officers. They ALL start out (well most) wanting to help people then people do this to them and they start becoming bad.

    I did have one CSR for wildblue give me a hard time. She told me that I could not do math. Why on the phone with her I pulled off one of my degrees and fax it to her. She then started to say she was sorry but its how they have it written down. A hour later she had the problem in front of her to help others. People can be assholes and then they can be nice.

    One last thing, remember you called the CSR help they did not call you for help.

    • @Ben_Q2: Dude, I was a copy editor for a daily newspaper and I can’t spell for crap. I had a long list of “words I know I can’t spell” taped to the side of my monitor. Some of them I eventually memorized but I still have trouble with restaurant, maintenance, embarrassment, and (very oddly) “surprise.” Among many, many, many others.

      Spelling is a surprisingly (there! did it! first try!) unnecessary life skill as long as you can edit … or hire an editor.

  67. smartperson says:

    Is it just a cute coincidence that the article’s photo is by a man named Paulo? ;-)

    That woman is an angel of customer service. Hats off to Paola for keeping her cool for so very long, the poor thing!

    As for Bryan: He might not actually be a bad person. Sometimes people vent other frustrations they have in life in highly inappropriate ways; the fact is it is easier to verbally abuse a fellow human being when you’re not face-to-face.

    If you’ve had a chance to cool down Bryan, think about what you’ve done, and figure out what you can do to make it right.

    • Tmoney02 says:

      “As for Bryan: He might not actually be a bad person. Sometimes people vent other frustrations they have in life in highly inappropriate ways; the fact is it is easier to verbally abuse a fellow human being when you’re not face-to-face.”

      Verbally abusing someone doing their best to help you whether face to face or not makes you a bad person. End of story.

      Just because you (general sense – not you smartperson) have other frustrations in life doesn’t mean you can take it out on a CSR. They probably have far more frustrations and don’t need your abuse on top of that.

    • Parting says:

      @smartperson: Verbally abusing someone is last response of irresponsible sociopath.

      There’s a difference, between @%?$@@# the company, and personally attacking a human being.

  68. J.Heck says:

    Hell, I’d appreciate the typos! At least all of the typos and bad grammar/structure shows you that you’re dealing with a real person and not an automated response!

    Bryan, you FAIL, hardcore. :( Shame on you!!

  69. marike says:

    Well, I hope Bryan achieved his goal with sending this in. Golden rule, indeed.

  70. junip says:

    I actually just ordered something from adorama this week. I *almost* ordered from them through amazon, but then decided to go directly to their web site since they actually have one. Alll their reviews on bizrate looked good, and the bad ones had responses with offers to help.

    While the rep should have stopped responding, I still think she was pretty civil throughout. This guy is clearly an ass. He seems like one of those people who are just generally angry, and look for someone or something to take it out on.

  71. Julia9999999 says:

    I agree with maztec, she told him that he needed to be born again…as in start over. He’s just too dense and self-righteous to see that. I guess his students are getting a great example of humanity, not to mention humility, having him as a teacher.

  72. RoyceHayabusa says:

    Too bad they can’t fire bad customers. I would report Bryan to Amazon and have them shut his account. This kind of behavior is unacceptable on any level.

  73. razremytuxbuddy says:

    Wow [looking in mirror]. I hope I don’t ever come across like that guy, no matter how frustrated I might be with a customer service issue.

  74. voteccow says:

    Wow, It’s people like Bryan that make people like me who work at customer service just shake their head. I mean really, she tried her best to help him. He was just being an arrogant prick the entire time. Shame on you Bryan, I mean, people wonder why they’re treated badly at a store, this is why. Because people like Bryan think they can treat people who are selling him/her something like total crap.

  75. wtrwlkr says:

    The post mentioned Brian as a reader of Consumerist…I wonder if that’s still gonna be the case after the thorough shaming we’ve given him.

    • Veeber says:

      @wtrwlkr: Hopefully this acts as a wakeup call for Bryan and he realizes that his actions were completely unacceptable and he’ll keep reading as a constant reminder of his shortcomings.

  76. Wubbytoes says:

    Man, that guy is a total dick. It was people like him that made me hate my job when I did customer service.

  77. polyeaster says:

    Bryan is a dick. I used to work in customer service, and people like him make life harder for everyone.

  78. indiegeek says:

    I wonder if Bryan’s (incredibly well deserved) public reaming here is going to get him mad enough to go down to McDonald’s and berate some high school kid for two hours about the lack of symmetry in his Big Mac pickle placement.

    Y’know Bryan, you’re not even -good- at being an asshole.

  79. MickeyMoo says:

    Paola’s first language is definitely not English (she writes like my mom who speaks English as a 5th language) and I suspect that Brian would fare far far worse attempting to communicate in anything but English (given the emphasis we put on learning a second language in this country (ie: NONE))

    I do wish Brian’s e-mail had “accidentally” made it into the posting so I, and I suspect many others, could tell him directly what a douchebag he is.

    (Brian I hope you’re reading this – you, sir, are an ASSHOLE!)

  80. madanthony says:

    Finally, a post where I can blame the OP and not get banned!

  81. intellivised says:

    I’ve been to the Adorama store in NYC (it’s in Manhattan, somewhere in midtown) and they were the. nicest. people. A lot of them, to be fair, weren’t native English speakers – but I’ve never had a problem.

  82. Caprica Six says:

    Dude, Bryan, get an f’ing clue. You are an ass with a capital “A.” I can’t believe they let people like you teach. The CSR totally was trying to hook you up and what don’t you understand that it was YOUR fault for choosing the Ship-To address to yer damned house and THEY can’t change it you f’ing entitled mutha’ f**ker…

  83. Barney_The Plug_ Frank says:

    Bryan is a fucking POS!

  84. FiorellaMajumdar says:

    I’ve been a customer of Adorama’s since 1988, and this exchange shows what I already knew: Their customer service staff is polite and patient.

    That customers feel they are entitled to verbally abuse people or, as this guy did, vent a life full of pent up aggression at someone they deem below them is more a sign of how uncivil our society has become.

  85. Shutterman says:

    While I sincerely agree that Bryan is being a complete tool in this situation. I have to admit CSRs with such poor English skills really bother me. It seems to me if a company is going to use non native English speakers to provide service to English speaking customers, they should at least make an effort to ensure smooth communication.

    Not that I’d be that big of an ass about it though.

  86. iMike says:

    Thanks for proving the following points:

    a) the customer is NOT always right
    b) treating someone else like a leper is bound to fuck you in the end
    c) Bryan is a douche

    And you might want to add the “bad consumer” tag.

  87. BeeBoo says:

    It always makes me sad when people are intolerant of people who speak English as a second language. The CS rep had better English skills than some U.S. high school graduates and certainly was able to communicate ideas effectively. It is difficult to learn a second language as an adult and almost impossible to learn it fluently or perfectly.

  88. Chongo says:

    In all my time here at the consumerist, I have not seen you guys post stuff like this. You should make this a weekly thing to show how NOT to be a bad consumer. For once the OP is a true douchnozzle.

  89. sassansanei says:

    Wow, just wow. I totally side with the Adorama rep on this one. I have to say that I’ve ordered camera equipment from them before and also received excellent service.

    For what it’s worth, it’s totally obvious that she wasn’t telling him to be “born again” in the Christian sense either, and I would expect a brilliant teacher to recognize this.

  90. Also… if anyone has been inside of Adorama, they’d know that it definitely is not run by “Born Agains.”

  91. kaylabear says:

    God, where/what is this douche? No, the customer is not “always right.” That’s a dumb myth. You know why? Because the customer, like the company/business, is human, and while I know the premise behind it is “do anything you can to make the sale/make money,” I think it’s given rise to generations of American consumers who are rude, unreasonable, or uninformed (and yes, I’ve worked in retail so I have experience).

    I don’t care that this guy is a teacher – I feel so bad for his students (I imagine he’s the joke amongst the older students at his school). In fact, he should know better than to make the situation more difficult and prolonged than it had to be – I’ve been in such situations and I’m just totally focused on getting my facts straight and getting the whole thing resolved. I try to refrain from any kind of communication not regarding the situation. And if ever the employee gives me attitude, I’m smart enough to know that instead of getting tangled up in some stupid, back-and-forth bullshit with them, I’m just going to cut to the chase and go over their head: I’m just going to look up their direct supervisor or manager.

    Bryan must not have much else going on his life, him being so desperate for ‘drama.’

    Bryan, whoever you are: you are the douchiest douchebag, and go ahead, feel free to mark my comments up with a red pen: afterward, please respectfully stick it up your tightly wound asshole. Have a nice day!!!!

  92. CyrusOpeth says:

    Bryan needs to be taken out behind the woodshed by a few of his peers and have the crap beaten out of him.

    Regarding this comment:

    “”Make it happen?” Tell that to a waitress and you’ll rightly end up with a drink down your shirt.”

    hehehehehe I sincerely doubt that a good waitress would do that.

    A *good* waitress would make sure that his meal “happened,” and that he got ALL of his food and drink, maybe even a “complimentary” appetizer or two, and preferably dessert. All SPECIALLY prepared.

    And if she was REAL good, the rest of the patrons would be fully aware of it, and laughing their asses off as Bryan sat there for a couple of hours eating that SPECIALLY prepared food…

  93. FrankenPC says:

    I agree. Kissing customer service ass is the best possible way to approach a service problem. Even going so far as to show sympathy for their horrible job and ask them how THEIR day is going will lubricate the gears of helpfulness.

    After all, the whole point of contacting customer service is to obtain a solution. Not bitch slap someone who gets crap wages.

    • Gort23 says:

      @FrankenPC: More than once, I have said “Look, I am frustrated, but I know you are just doing your job according to your companies rules”. You have to separate the person you are talking to from the company policies you are dealing with.

      I also know from experience that by far the best way to get someone to bend the rules for you is to be nice to them. The second you start acting like a dick, they will start following the rules to the absolute letter.

  94. LeonieZethus says:

    I used to work for a higher end retail company, from which we shipped out items directly to the customer. Anytime someone placed an order with us and then waited for it to ship before trying to change a shipping address set off bells and alarms on our scammer senses. If someone like the OP had come along making demands for us to ship out a completely new camera overnight before the original one was rejected and returned back to us, you’d better believe we’d be looking really long and hard at his order to determine if he was trying to score a freebie (or two, as perhaps the first was ordered with a stolen card) off of us.

  95. American customers seem to believe that “the customer is always right” is written in the Constitution or something. It’s a guideline to fair commerce, not a natural law, and as Bryan has so clearly demonstrated here, it isn’t always true. It is heartening to see the unanimous derision leveled in these forums toward this prick.

  96. wjh31 says:

    for similar tales of horrible/humourous customers, check out this site: []

  97. MonkeyMonk says:

    I’m glad you guys posted this. I’d love to see this become at least a weekly or monthly feature to keep the perspective here fair and balanced.

  98. jefino says:

    Sounds like the typical customer I talk to everyday. Collections is getting interesting with the down turn in the economy.

    But in the regards to the story, the customer service representative went above and beyond what she had to do in order to satisfy him.

  99. I, for one, do not see Bryan as a teacher at ALL. I believe once this CSR mentioned “Are you a teacher?” that this f*ckface decided to seize the opportunity – besides, who would check? It was an easy way for him to assert his grammar superiority and throw a few “my 4th graders are smarter than you” insults in.

    I find it childish, and if I were to go all “freudian” on this situation, I would say Bryan is a sexually frustrated guy in his mid 20’s who truly believes that he is always right. That the world will bow to his godliness. I also bel,ieve he’s fat, and taking his aggressions over his sucky life on innocent and helpful CSR’s.

    Childish, rude… I could go on and on. Unfortunately, I do not feel like giving this gentleman any more of my time, seeing as he’s probably reading over everyone’s comments and is actually insulted. I’m sure he sent this all in just so he could see his story/name somewhere, anywhere.

    The old addage comes to mind : “Negative attention, is still attention.”

  100. “You fail”.

    I love the leetspeak phraseology from this loser.

    Bryan, it’s been said before. Reveal yourself and take your lashings!

  101. YaleLentulus says:

    I’ll be checking out that adorama site to see if they sell anything I need, and will give them my business. Best customer service in the face of a world-class dickhead I’ve ever seen. What’s amusing is that I GUARANTEE Bryan wouldn’t speak that way to someone in a retail store face-to-face. He’s probably about 5’6″ tall with a horsehoe bald head who bullies his class around. I’d like to ram his blackberry up his smart ass.

    In summery: Bryan=FAIL

  102. lincolnparadox says:

    I blame the intertubes. I think sometimes that people forget that a) insulting language is a form of assault and b) a rapier wit takes decades to hone and sharpen.

    Bryan = grade A, self-entitled, douchebag. I’m going to ask God that Bryan never has the opportunity to breed.

    Who knows what kind of monsters he would unleash on the world?

  103. shufflemoomin says:

    What. A. Fanny. No company deserves customers like that. They explained the situation and did everything they could to help the dick, and he just goes on and continues to be one. They should have shipped him a box of dig shit.

  104. RudeandRude says:

    For some reason I never even thought that there could be really bad tips coming in. I’d love to see all of them.

    In the words of Cameron Frye, “Pardon my French (Bryan)…but you’re an a–hole!”

  105. catskyfire says:


    My first thought is “Why didn’t you use the correct address/method in the first place?” If you tell the system “Ship to X”, when you want it shipped to “Y” you may be out of luck.

    My second thought is “They may really be bound by the policies…” Amazon has very strict rules with those that use them.

    Third…yes, her spelling and grammar are less than ideal. But she’s trying. And it does beat the canned response which may be technically perfect, but is even less useful.

    Last…as some have commented: Born again wasn’t a religious comment. It was a statement about your very existence. She may be helped by additional schooling, but you need to literally be born again…starting from square one.

    Congrats, sir…you win the “Don’t be this guy” award.

  106. akiranimus says:


  107. nagumi says:

    this is why we have so many rude CS folk… Too many crappy customers making em hate life.

  108. hals000 says:

    Ben, Could possibly make this a weekly feature? You could call it W.O.W, standing for Worst of the Week…just a suggestion. Entertaining and yet depressing at the same time. I really can’t believe the patience of the CSR.

  109. 3drage says:

    You catch more flies with honey.

  110. jenniferrose76 says:

    i would like to have a word with bryan’s parents. my parents made it abundantly clear that when you interact with people, no matter what their station, you do it with courtesy and respect. i don’t even want to think about how his poor students are treated!

    the CSR put up with more than she should have, and did it with more courtesy than i can imagine. i have worked in restaurants for the better part of my career, and this guy would have rated the “chef’s special” in many of them. (i never went for that-but many of my coworkers did)

    it makes me incredibly sad that he thinks this is even remotely acceptable behavior in ANY interaction-not only that, but he is convinced that she was the one who behaved poorly. what an ass!

  111. Xero says:

    This is the kind of person that makes companies hate it’s consumers who are legitimately just trying to get deserved customer service… GAH!!!

  112. At least Paola is’nt a medicated border-line dangerous sociopath like me, because I would’ve gotten “religious” on him all right. I would’ve gotten downright old testament on his sorry ass.

  113. KaylaCadmium says:

    Bryan should not be teaching the youth of America. He is disrespectful and out of line (and shooting off replies from his blackberry bashing this poor CSR – what an ass!)

    I am going to go out of my way to buy things from Adorama as they really did provide good service.

  114. madog says:

    How dare you, the Consumerist, bring religion into this! The Golden Rule? I am offended! Now let me get back to my Satanic rituals!

    • madog says:

      @madog: This actually reminds me of the time, and I might have mentioned this story before, that a customer came into my store and essentially demanded, “A computer! Right now! I want this one!”.

      At first I thought the lady was being semi-sarcastic and kind of funny in a bitchy sort of way, but she was not.

      “Well, ma’am, that particular model I’d have to order for you (because our boss was a cheapskate)”

      “Well than can you tell me where I CAN get it?”

      “Well, if you want it now, maybe you can go to the Apple store across town. They might have it”

      “Well, can you call and check for me?”

      At this point, if she would have been any nicer, I may have. Or at least have given her the number. “Nope. We’re not associated with the Apple store in any way.”

      “You mean, you won’t call them for me? Not even for CUSTOMER SERVICE?”

      Now, again, at that point I wanted to scream at her, “Well your not even a customer now, are you? You fat ugly bitch! RAWR!!!!!!”. But unfortunately I did not. I had to respond merely with, “No. Sorry.”

      “Well then! Can I use your phone, I don’t have a cell?”

      The other employees thought I was being too nice, and I let her use our phone. Although, I wanted nothing more than to see that lady get in a horrible yet non-fatal car accident in the parking lot. Maybe breaking her neck and having to relearn how to walk and write with a pen and realizing what a horrible shrewd she had been her entire life when no one wants to help her recover; not even her closest “friends” who have put up with her for so long. Then she would have an epiphany and change her ways after her husband left her all alone and married her nicer sister after realizing his terrible mistake when, in fact, it was her who had truly loved him. Then, the horrible lady would only have her cancer-ridden, sick cat left with her which would, unbeknownst to the bitch, be found later. Killed by the same kid from across the street who used to tee-pee her house every Halloween.

      Some people just don’t get it. You don’t deserve ANYTHING. In no way are you somehow entitled to all the niceties in the world from some salesman or whoever simply because you ASKED for it. You are horrible and your attitude towards people like that pretty much sums up how you are as a person: an ignorant asshole who’s sole purpose in life is to help only yourself and step on anyone who might deny that “right” to you.

      You deserve nothing, and just like an addict having to hit absolute bottom or have a life threatening experience in order to change their ways, as are you doomed to the same fate. I truly hope this embarrassment has taught you such a lesson.

      Whew…… that brought up some bottled up memories. I feel better!

  115. Jeff says:

    Hey Bryan,

    If you’re going to complain about someone’s grammar and spelling, you should make sure that yours is impeccable, especially if you’re a teacher. Otherwise, you just look like an idiot.

  116. stevekuze says:

    ummmmm… what?
    He is dealing with amazon, not some coke head who owes thousands to the mob.

  117. PaulJagar says:

    Bryan, the difference between education and intelligence lies in your inability to understand when someone with bad grammar demonstrates that your stupidity couldn’t possibly be educated away and that only another try at life might do the trick.

    Miserable prick.

  118. robotrousers says:

    Hey Bryan. Get some therapy. Seriously.

  119. lvixen says:

    I’ve shopped with Adorama before. The phone messages are in the same style of english, a second way of knowing that it’s not their first language. That being said, does Mr. High and Mighty know a second language? If he absolutely perfect in it? If so, maybe he should relearn his english. The format may have been correct but the meaning is horrible. I make typos, I make spelling mistakes, I think everyone does occasionally, doesn’t make us idiots. Paola does have some communication issues but when you get down to it, all the CSR did was try to make the customer happy in any way they could. Operative word: COULD. I’d like to know why the address given wasn’t a good one. Did Mr. Perfect not check before placing the order? Sometimes once in transit they won’t/can’t change destination. He’s a jerk. Fail, big, big fail.

  120. KarstenCosby says:

    Yeah the grammar was not the best, but look on the internet. The English language has gone to shit and if you are smart enough to be a teacher you should understand not everyone has English as their first language.

    I can’t believe that whole point about going back to school and about his rudeness and having to be “born again” was totally missed by him. Completely flew over his head. He obviously had it out for this customer service agent from the get go and used her bad grammar to really stick it to her. What an asshole.

    Lesson: Customers need to be less like Bryan and CSRs should be more like this woman.

  121. antiSWer says:

    I think it’s great that he sent this in thinking everyone would be on his side, and it was totally turned around on him. Good work, Consumerist!

  122. DaltonDatsun says:

    So when you go overseas, do you get on people because they don’t speak english?

    It’s called being polite. Paola there was nicer than any amazon seller I’ve ever dealt with, and she gave tons of help to you. It’s not her fault you’re a wishy washy person who chooses to change the address after something ships.

    The reason some online places don’t allow that is it’s a major source of fraud. That’s right, fraud you filthy theiving teacher.

    You’re making me glad I decided not to go into teaching if this is truly how you all act.

  123. eskimo81 says:

    I remember customers like this.

    I had a guy yell at me in the parking lot at my business last week, and I’ve never even met him before.

  124. mir777 says:

    Has Brian read this? I hope so!

    This is horribly awesome.

  125. DrJimmy says:

    Somebody kick this Bryan in the ass. He’s making the rest of we teachers look bad.

  126. dantsea says:

    Have you ever noticed that some people are always complaining about receiving poor customer service? They just can’t quite figure out why they’re a crap magnet, but they’re sure it isn’t their fault.

    I bet Bryan is one of those people.

  127. Landru says:

    Wait; We get to blame the victim here?

  128. EldwinRubonius says:

    That’s really unfortunate that a great company like adorama has to put up with crap like that. Seriously, one of the best places to buy photo gear, anywhere. If this guy doesn’t want to do business with them anymore, his loss.

  129. smint says:

    Whenever somebody’s a dick to me I immediately start doing below the bare minimum for them.

  130. NotYou007 says:

    I went threw all those comments and this asshat never responded. I was hoping he would explain his actions but nada, nothing, zippo. I’m not going to state what has already been stated over and over again but I was very disappointed this person doesn’t have the balls to reply.

  131. Difdi says:

    For a native English speaker, the CSR’s writing skills would be bad. For someone who may well have been minimally trained in English specifically for a CSR job, her skills are astoundingly good.

    I wonder how fluent Bryan is in her language?

  132. I bet Bryan goes shopping at Wal-Mart hoping for a receipt check just so he can go apeshit on some senior citizen.

  133. Johann says:

    I feel sorry for Bryan’s students.

    I believe once they’ve made a failed attempt at a delivery, you can contact UPS and have them hold it for you. If the shipper can’t change the shipping instructions, leave them out of it.

  134. Parting says:

    Ha! Bad customer! If this is bad, imagine how he treats kids!

  135. octajohnny says:

    This guy is a complete tool. Sounds like one of those people who is a real toughguy hiding behind a keyboard, but has a napoleon complex in real life to try to belittle a helpful CS rep since his job is sooooo much more important than hers (and he probably needs to prove that his penis is bigger than hers as well). If he expects us to empathize with him, I’d imagine he left his opening email out on purpose because it was probably even more incriminating.

    People don’t seem to understand that when you pay through Amazon, everything is through Amazon… so when Amazon is holding your payment, if Adorama doesn’t ship to the exact address that Amazon provides them, the customer can initiate a chargeback that shows the item wasn’t delivered to the address provided and thus Amazon will lose the chargeback case, and the money will eventually come out of Adorama’s pocket in the end, because this idiot didn’t take 5 seconds to make sure his shipping address was correct.

    I tell my employees if you ever get a complete jackass like this, give them their money right back and end it there, but if they resort to stuff like this, feel free to retort right back and point out they are an idiot for making the mistake in the first place. These kind of “customers” will never be happy, EVER, so it doesn’t matter if they never come back since either 1) they probably wouldn’t anyway or 2) they’ll always have something to complain about, and thus make the workplace less productive / positive.


  136. Jetgirly says:

    I find that most teachers are highly aware of exactly how privileged they and their students are to have an education, and are more sympathetic to those who didn’t have a great education. I currently teach students in Grade Nine (so, they are fourteen years old) to read and write. Eight of my nine students are at least third-generation Canadians whose parents and grandparents speak, read and write only English. Yet, for some reason, these students have not learned to read and write. If we’ve got native English speakers who are totally unable to read and write, how can a customer expect perfect English grammar from an obviously non-native English-speaking customer service representative? Also, I wonder how this “teacher” “handles” the “problem” of ESL students in his classroom. What nerve these children must have, being born to parents who chose to or had to immigrate! How dare they require accommodations and modifications to their program of studies? Don’t they know they’re making more work for him? Why don’t they just drop out of school and get a job in customer service or something… Oh wait… Nevermind…

  137. Julia789 says:

    How terrible, degrading someone who is not a native English speaker! Adorama seems to have a better sense of English grammar than some American born people I have come across. That was so mean, and so uncalled for. It had nothing to do with the shipping issue at hand.

  138. PDX909 says:

    Bryan’s probably reading all these negative comments and having a good J-O over them. I say this is a set up just so he could post here and enjoy his 15 seconds of fame.. what an ass.

  139. ivanthemute says:

    Alright Carey, this thread has gone on long enough without the original tipster outing himself. Please, please, please post the guys handle so we can all point and laugh!

  140. Wow. Bryan is an ass.

  141. DrGirlfriend says:

    Well, Bryan, I hope you feel like a big man now. Being a self-proclaimed asshole is really cool, eh?

  142. badhatharry says:

    We’re all missing the real question: Did Paola crap in a box and then send it to Brian in a manner so that he could pick it up at a UPS store? That would be the appropriate response in this situation.

  143. uberbucket says:

    Short and to the point : Bryan = douche canoe.

    Get over yourself.

  144. itmustbeken says:

    Unfurtunaly, Bryan is a douche bag.

    I’m off to shop at Adorama.

  145. kabuk1 says:

    Wow, what a complete dickhead. I have never seen anybody that was not ACTUAL ROYALTY act so entitled in my entire life.

    First he wants a mere CSR to change company policy just to suit his picky-ass demands, and then he takes to personally attacking her when she can’t do it? Does he teach fourth grade or is he IN fourth grade?! What a prick!

    This poor girl was nothing but polite to him. It’s obvious by her name & her english that she’s not a native english speaker but I think she did pretty damn good. Yes, she made some grammatical mistakes but her communication was pretty clear & effective.

    You are a an immature, self-important, fit-throwing CHILD, Bryan. GROW UP, asshole.

  146. LeahReindeer says:

    Paola’s message were clear and concise, in my opinion. She handled a difficult customer with grace and aplomb. A few mistakes hardly matter — Bryan made several himself.

    Bryan dealt with this CSR in a truly pathologically dysfunctional way. The appropriate place to learn new ways of thinking and behaving would be in the therapist’s office. I wish him luck.

  147. SanguinePony says:

    Count me in among the people who have received EXCELLENT customer service from Adorama.

    And I agree with the poster above who states that Bryan is most definitely not a teacher. He’s just a typical “Internet Tough Guy” who jumped on the chance to belittle a CSR because he knows he will never have to face that person in real life. In other words, he’s a douche-bag.

  148. Petra says:

    I honestly think he intentionally misinterpreted the “born again” quip (which had nothing to do with becoming a Born Again Christian) just so he would have something else to complain about.

    If Bryan had his address listed on Amazon, then that’s where Amazon sellers send it, which means that Paola was perfectly justified in sending her apologies but informing Bryan that nothing could be done until the package was returned. She was doing her best to offer good customer service and explain why his request (ahem, DEMAND) couldn’t be met, and rather than accept that, Bryan decided to throw a tantrum and try to ridicule her to inflate his own ego.

    By the way, my brother is a teacher (and a fantastic one, I might add…he won the annual Teacher of the Year Award last year), and I can say without reservation that he would be absolutely ashamed of Bryan.

  149. SalmaDamrit says:

    Wow, just wow. Though I agree that the rep should seriously improve her English skills, she totally pwned Bryan there. As has been stated here numerous times, even without the verbal pwnage laid upon Bryan, he still earns EPIC FAIL for thinking “born again” is a religious reference. I’m aware of born-again Christians but even I understood she was simply saying his personality flaws could only be fixed by resetting his life.

  150. superhalo says:

    As a former TiVo CSR I can truthfully say that I’ve dealt with my fair share of customers like this. Nobody calls customer support for fun. CSRs are one of the lowest people in the company, they have NO say in policies. The CSR was in the right until she started to blatantly argue with him. During my time with TiVo I was more inclined to help people who were kind and curteous, and wanted people like Bryan off my phone. You may think that being an ass to a CSR will get them to give you what you want because they want to end the conversation, but that rarely is the case. I was usually more than happy if a call escalated to a supervisor because they restated the SAME policies, and wouldn’t budge either unless we were clearly in the wrong.

  151. thelushie says:

    I find it hilarious that this individual would send this to the consumerist and think that we were all going to sympathize with him. Oh please!

    No the customer is not always right and you don’t have a right to treat someone that way. I am glad she fought back. She should not have to put up with this sort of treatment.

    Brian, please quit your job. Don’t influence the next generation in becoming self-indulgent, entitled little whiners.

  152. banmojo says:

    High praise to the rep for keeping her patience for as long as she did and remaining polite for as long as she did (actually she was polite till the end imho).

    Bry, you portray yourself as a total waste of humanity in this exchange – I hope you read ALL the comments in this post and take the advice to heart. You, unlike all other animal species, have frontal lobes that allow you to reflect on what a douche you’ve been in this interaction and taking that fact to heart, DO something positive with yourself and ‘be born again’ (NOT a religious trite phrase, not that I think it was when purportedly uttered by Jeshua either – meant exactly what everyone, atheist included, so aptly described it to be above – starting over, as if being born again, growing up all over again, and hopefully this time ‘getting it right’)

    Thanks, Consumerist, for sharing this with us. In these trying days (and even more difficult days to come) humans need to be so careful to keep their humility, patience, kindness, ‘humanity’ in their L1 and L2 cache.

    Cheers, one and all.


  153. CulbertErinyes says:

    As a frequent purchaser from Adorama, I can say that their customer service is pretty top notch. I would be hard pressed to find any problems with theri customer service. I have even had them redirect a package to my home address since I could not have it delivered to my place of work. I think the CSR tried her best to accommodate his request when they could have simple said that they would not violate the terms of the contract with Amazon. Additionally, I work for a school district, and I can say have seen horrendous grammar & spelling from those that are charged with educating our children. Keep shopping Adorama, their prices & service are hard to beat.

    Just my two cents
    Brian with an i

  154. zentex says:

    I would hate to be bryan right now…that’s all I gotta say

  155. Darkkeyboard says:

    I think the guy was just rude to the CSR. I mean, I can understand being disappointed with the way the policy works, but just because you buy something from a company, doesn’t mean you get to be an ass about it.

    And Bryan, all respect, you were kind of an ass about it. The person tried to help you. Sure, their grammar/spelling sucked, but at least their messages were clear about what policy is and why they couldn’t help you. As for the “born again” crack, you got personal first. You insulted someone trying to help you and they remained mostly professional in response. So it’s really hard to be sympathetic to your cause without first pointing out your failings.

    best of luck, though.

  156. failurate says:

    I wonder if this is the same asshat that sent in the “tip” about how he forced a customer service rep to apologize for not being able to transfer him to a supervisor without a problem description? After receiving the apology the guy said “And what are you sorry for?”, wanting the CSR to say “I’m sorry for lying to you by saying that I can’t transfer you to a supervisor without a problem description”.

    It’s been several months, and that article still pisses me off.

  157. baristabrawl says:

    I just don’t think that English was her first language. I think that she did a great job and I completely understood what she was saying.

    Perhaps Bryan was getting some sort of PMS medicine that he clearly needed. Bryan lost site of the goal. I didn’t read all 138 comments, but if you are not where you say you will be, UPS will take your package to a depot and then they will allow you to pick it up.

    Bryan does not need to be teaching fourth graders. If he is, they’re probably learning how to be a douche to people who are trying to help them. Customer service reps do have limited ability at resolution once a different company takes over. Amazon is just covering themselves by not letting people change shipping methods for addresses. Dur.

    Nice Bryan, real nice.

  158. AlessandroBabages says:

    I think that he misunderstood her comment about “born again”, it had nothing to do with religion. He told her to go back in time to fifth grade to fix her problems. She responded that going back to fifth grade wasn’t enough to solve his problems. It wasn’t education, but personality and character that was his problem, therefore he would have go back in time beyond first grade, beyond toddlerhood, beyond birth, before the womb, before conception, and be born again — as a completely different person — in order to solve his problems.

  159. cliffordthered says:

    He’s probably a 13 year old who stole someone’s credit card. His transaction was approved with the credit card based on the legitimate address, trying to change it after approval is a sign of fraud.

  160. Emidawg says:

    From the look of it perhaps english may not be Paola’s native language, which is more than possible seeing as many CSRs are located in other countries, and the internet can be a global marketplace.

    There was no reason for the gentleman to be rude, she told him what he wanted was not possible and made several suggestions to rectify it, to which he just replied with bullheaded ignorance. If I dont get my way Im going to make fun of you! Are you hanging out with your students too much sir? Your tactics are quite like that of a gradeschool bully!

  161. nsv says:

    I’ve been buying cameras and gear from Adorama for years, and they have been absolutely fantastic. I’ve never spoken with Paola, but their customer service has always been above and beyond.

    They even rushed an order to bail me out when B&H botched my order before I had to photograph a wedding.

  162. HelenOster says:

    Mighty Weasel says:Is it just me, or did it sound like maybe English was not this CSR’s first language?
    As you may be aware, Adorama’s Head office is in New York, which has a resident and working population from diverse backgrounds. In common with many others, English is indeed not Paola’s first language.

    It would not be unreasonable to suggest that Paola could – and should – have used her ‘spell-checker’. However, whilst I applaud the ‘Consumerist’ for the support given to consumers in highlighting shady business practice, I believe it was unnecessarily cruel to expose Paola’s spelling and grammatical errors in such a public forum.


    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

    • FlyRyan says:


      Seriously? Did you want them to correct her spelling or something before they posted it?

      The post is an accurate word-for-word account of what happened. Your reply really makes your company look bad. You are saying that portraying your own customer service EXACTLY LIKE IT HAPPENED is cruel. Now, tell me, how is it cruel for this service to be public but acceptable for your customers?

      All this being said, I saw nothing wrong with the way Paola handled things. Her English was rough but still easy to comprehend. My overall point is that you should be thanking the Consumerist for sticking up for your company instead of calling them cruel for “exposing” (your words, not mine) how your customer service is.

    • DrGirlfriend says:

      @HelenOster: Have you missed the hundreds of comments that are completely sympathetic to Paola’s command of the language, given it’s not her native tongue? Did you miss the fact that this was posted precisely to highlight how the customer is not only not always right, but sometimes a jerk who gets his kicks from making fun of someone who is doing her best at communicating in a language that’s not her own? I’m guessing so.

      No one here cares about her grammatical errors because everyone here gets that it’s not her native language. So it is cruel, how, exactly?

    • zyodei says:

      @HelenOster: do notice how good this story makes both Adorama and Paola look, don’t you?

      Ack…free advertising! Exposing Paola to hundreds of compliments and kind words from strangers! Making her a small Internet celebrity for her excellent CSR skills!

      It’s unnecessarily cruel!

  163. Shaggy says:

    Brian = Epic 4th Grade Fail.

    What a clown.

  164. engfish says:

    As an English teacher, I tell people I don’t grade unless I get paid for it.

    Which means I get lots of mistaken-laden mail, and I write informally a lot too.

    Like right now, with two sentence fragments.

  165. BrianDaBrain says:

    It’s awesome how many hits/comments this story has. I’m as flabbergasted as anybody at this Bryan jerk (yes, my name is Brian, but it’s not Bryan!). What the hell is wrong with him? He screwed up by giving them an invalid address, and when they couldn’t fix it, he first tried to blame them for the problem, and then when that didn’t work, he found something else to harp on. I work as a technical writer, so I do lots and lots of grammar editing. Were I editing his work, there’s be red marks all over his emails. Just a thought, Bryan, but if you’re going to criticize people for their poor grammar, you’d better have perfect grammar, otherwise you look like an idiot.

    You, sir, are a first-class douche bag who has NO right to be teaching anybody, let alone 4th graders. The fact that you wrote Comsumerist thinking this was justified is just beyond me. Pull your head out of your ass and start treating others with some respect.

  166. EzekielZiti says:

    if that’s the kind of customer service they have at Adorama, i’m buying my next camera from them.

    Paola, if you read the consumerist YOU ROCK

  167. P_Smith says:

    I know that “brusque” doesn’t even begin to describe myself, but fer cryin’ out loud….

    That guy may be the worst for attitude, but the worst ethics may have been a few months ago when a man stole a case of soda and claimed he was falsely accused. That guy was a moron.

  168. Aww, But we’re all pro Paola, we think she did a great job, above and beyond. I can’t really speak for the Consumerist, but I don’t think anyone meant to embarrass Paola, it was just that the way “Bryan” treated her was so reprehensible…

    It seems the concern is the people who are saying she should have spell checked, well those people can take those opinions and “please respectfully stick it up [their] tightly wound asshole[s].” as Kaylabear so eloquently put it.

    FURTHER! I SUBMIT! That in Paola’s first response

    unfurtunaly this is an Amazon order and we wont be able to have you pick it up. I apologized for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

    This apologized – past tense – is further evidence that the exchange between the two had been going back and forth for more than even Bryan admits…

    Carey wrote:

    Bryan didn’t send us his original request, so we’ll start with Adorama’s response.

    Well, it seems obvious that Bryan left out his original request, along with at LEAST one previous response from Paola. Otherwise, are we actually supposed to believe that she misspelled “apologizeD” in the past tense? Seems FAR more likely that Bryan had been haranguing her for a little while already. It’s already been established that he is an asshole.

    And really, anyone with any sense can see that Paola’s first few responses were hurried, and that she was flustered by the jackass Bryan. I wouldn’t have spellchecked either, because I would be more concerned about not making the angry customer wait for responses. I mean heck, maybe some of those “unforwarded exchanges” would show Bryan complaining that she was taking to long in her answers.

    Her grammar seems outstanding, amazing, phenomenal if you ask me. Clearly, she had an unfortunate problem with one particular word, and I’m sure she’ll be spelling it correctly from here on out. It seems fitting that the word “unfortunate” will now forever remind Paola of Bryan. I’m pretty sure that’s not good karma.

    Most of the other errors seem like minor typos or parts where the sentences are sent mid-edit… like this one…

    if the order was place directly from us we wouldn’t have this problem.
    again I apologies.

    To me that looks like it’s mid-edit, as if she were in the process of rephrasing it… again I apologies … could have been “All I can offer are my apologies” and then she goes to change it, accidentally hits enter or send and *poof* it’s sent unfinished.

    whew…. what a long pointless post I just wrote. Fuck it, I’m hitting submit anyway

  169. bangz says:

    It is people like Bryan who make me lose faith in humanity. I thought she did a fantastic job given the circumstances, having to deal with such a disrespectful person. English is one of the hardest languages to learn, and I applaud her for making it this far. I am sure Bryan can speak multiple languages and pass for a native without question!

    If you are unable to comprehend what she was trying to get across, maybe it is you who needs to go back and hit the books.

  170. katylostherart says:

    $10 english isn’t her first language and he would be butchering portugese. (just a guess from the name)

    what a prick.

  171. comicgeek77 says:

    more and more american companies are hiring people who speak spanish as a primary language due to the influx of spanish/non english speaking immigrants. sometimes they get stuck dealing with english speakers and just have to try and do their best. when this happens if you have trouble understanding the csr you should unlike bryan send a polite response saying “hey i am sorry and not trying to be rude. but i am having trouble understanding you and was just wondering if there is somebody there who can help me whose english is a little better. i don’t mean it insultingly and really appreciate all the help you’ve given me. thanks.” and usually you get somebody who speaks the language better helping you out. from what i read bryan is a huge tool with a chip on his shoulder and i feel bad for his students. i am not so bold as to suggest he needs to be become born again but i do suggest he go back to grade school himself and get some lessons on manners. now what do you tell the strange man on the internet for the good advice bryan…..

    the answer is “thanks!!!!”

  172. HarleyJagan says:

    Brian has obvious comprehension issues. The fact that he misunderstood her comment about “being born again” attests to that. Not only that, it IS obvious that english is her second language and that her native language is probably Spanish. I would like to see Brian’s attempt at moving from his native country to somewhere in Latin America or otherwise and making an attempt at learning the intricacies of a language. This woman has at least twice the vocabulary as him, a greater sense of humanity and obviously somewhat of a good attitude also. The opposite obviously can’t be said for her American customer. I’m glad I don’t have kids that he could be teaching.

  173. Bryan, you are a total douche. I certainly would not want such an arrogant, condescending asswipe teaching anything to any of my (future) children. To mock the grammar and spelling of someone who was trying to help you is just plain juvenile. You do need to be born again and maybe this time around they’ll get all the genetic ingredients right while your baking in the oven.

    Way to go jackass!

  174. pkchukiss says:

    And we were wondering why some CSRs are hostile to their customers! You’re a disgrace to the teaching profession!

  175. Mykro says:

    Besides the daily deals, this is the first time the consumerist has encouraged me to buy from a company :D

  176. ArmyCats says:

    Can I get first-time courtesy free shipping if I’m nice to the customer service? :P

    Why give free shipping to a dick like that! Give it to me instead! I’m a nice person! :3

  177. Ben Popken says:

    Incredible, this post currently has over 270 comments… She definitely lost some of her professional veneer by directly responding to Bryan’s insults, but at the same time showed she was human. That’s what some customers, and some of our readers, forget sometimes. At the other end of the line is a real person just like ourselves. Start of treating them like one, and, more than it’s just nice to be nice, you’ll get better customer service. Bryan is a jerk, Paola deserves a raise.

  178. The_IT_Crone says:

    I worked in IT in public schools for 7 years. That is a (not “THE,” but definitely “A”) common elementary school male teacher persona, I have to say. “Bryan” sounds like a half-dozen that I’ve dealt with.

    I don’t think the “born again” referenced religion, I took it to mean that he was ruined for this life and the only way for him to be a decent human being was for him to be literally born a second time as a baby. Which is impossible.

    I agree with the rep. He’s a lost cause.

  179. Does Bryan know that ending punctuation goes inside the quotation marks? Because, you know, with his excellent grammar he should know its “born again.” and not “born again”.

  180. soloudinhere says:

    My only comment on the poor spelling/grammar is this…

    if a company takes as much pride in their customer service as Adorama clearly does to have a representative responding to this post, perhaps they should consider that emails with misspelled words and lack of appropriate capitalization do not present a very professional impression.

    I could care less about the verb tenses, it is obvious the rep’s first language is not English, but I did find the lack of appropriate capitalization and blatantly misspelled words. It is not hard to verify that a word is spelled correctly and the sentences properly formatted before sending off a reply as a representative of your employer.

  181. soloudinhere says:

    Typo: “I did find the lack of appropriate capitalization and blatantly misspelled words to be a little irritating.”

  182. Yurei says:

    It sounds like English might not be the CSR’s first language. I have plenty of friends and business contacts online in Asia, and the ones who haven’t studied English for too long often sound like that. Given how insane the English language is, I certainly don’t fault them for an imperfect command of it.

    Now, our high schoolers who have lived in this country all of their lives and should be proficient in English who sound like this… yeah, then it’s kind of sad. But, it’s still not a reason to berate them so unkindly. Some people I went to school with were clearly not exposed to reading and writing skills early enough and thus nothing stuck and at the age of 30 they still sound like a 4th grader. It happens.

    You can still understand the message they are trying to convey, even if it is poorly executed, the point was clearly made. What a dick. This sounds like one of those people who would complain if you gave them a $100 bill about how it’s not green enough, or it’s got a small cut in it, etc.

  183. Mysterry says:

    … wow.

    1) I hope Bryan loses his job. He’s not much of a teacher if he acts that way.

    2) Paola was GREAT at being a customer service rep. It’s people like Bryan that turns them into apathetic assholes.

  184. MarcellaFever says:

    Yeah, this guy is a jerk. But Adorama sucks. It took them 2 weeks to get an order to me, which they had in stock. I LIVE ON LONG ISLAND, about 45 minutes away from the Adorama store. Never have this issue with B&H, they get me ground shipped orders usually the day after.

  185. whitecat says:

    Having done my time on the end of the phone where every call is from someone with a problem that YOU have to solve, I can’t recommend the experience strongly enough for everyone.

    Yes, you have to deal with jerks like Bryan, and worse. But you get invaluable experience in how to get by in life.

    I am not a patient person. I’ve had my share of infuriating exchanges with poor customer service from crappy companies (WaMu, I’m looking at you). But at least I know that beating up on GOOD CSRs is not the way to get what you want.

  186. bcsus83 says:

    wow…and this man is teaching 4th grade. That speaks volumes about our country’s schools.

    • Robobot says:

      @bcsus83: He sure reminds me of my fourth grade teachers! He also reminds me of my late grandmother, a third and fourth grade teacher, who would call me long distance to correct any grammatical errors I made in my thank-you notes to her. Lovely personality type, that one.

      I’m sure Bryan is reading our comments now. Rather than taking into consideration what anyone has to say, he is just nit-picking our comments for grammatical errors and basing his opinions of us as people based solely on that.

      The CSR went a little out of bounds after a while, but she never deserved that treatment in the first place.

  187. thinkliberty says:

    I think this asshat should be in the next running for the golden pile of shit. only if he wins we ship him some shit that has been spray painted gold.

  188. LilyNangidge says:

    No one has stated the obvious.

    Paola is not a native speaker of English. In most likelihood she is not even doing her job within the United States.

    Her English usage patterns lead me to believe she is Chinese.

    She is most likely an employee of a Help center tasked with answering email from various different companies. That help center is probably located in China.

    Also judging by her measured and polite responses to Bryan’s rude and obnoxious missives, she is doing a better job of dealing with him than an American would have.

    An American customer service rep tasked with taking care of his complaint would most likely have told him to “Fuck off” after such repeated abuse.

    Having taught English to many Chinese Help Center workers located in the PRC who answer Emails from customers around the World, I would say that Paola’s English is good enough to get the job done.

    I have read many emails from customers in the US sent to one such center in China. The English writing of most Americans and Brits is appalling. Paola’s is good enough for the job she has to do.

    The problem lies with Bryan. He has a big attitude problem. Despite his criticism of Paola’s English ability, his is not as great as he thinks it is.

    Perhaps that’s why he teaches fourth Graders and not higher grades.

    Oh, and knowing Chinese Companies, if Paola is indeed working at one, she doesn’t need to fear any fallout from Bryan’s threats of contacting management and complaining about poor customer service. She’ll keep her job, because, the owners of the help center in China really don’t care what one complaining American Customer has to say about their workers.

    And Bryan’s remark that she should “Go back to school” was just ridiculous. Obviously the one who should go back to school
    is Bryan. He has a lot to learn about how business works these days. He actually thinks he’s corresponding with an American worker.

    Paola probably has more degrees than Bryan does.

  189. MunkyBoi says:

    You’d think this guy would know the drill by now. Call UPS and have them hold the package at the local crossdock – or wait for attempted delivery and get it there the next day. A self-aware asshole. As a CSR, when I come across one of these “special” individuals, I lay it all out. I put my job on the line when it happens, but when someone gets immature and irrational, well-versed and direct honesty is a real eye-opener. “What exactly are you trying to accomplish by insulting me?” is one of my favorites.

  190. Jbondkicks says:

    This is terribly, especially knowing how helpful Amazon’s customer service can be. Last year, I bought a $250 GPS unit as a Christmas gift. Long story short, the mailman left it in front of my door (I live in an apartment) and it got stolen. I told Amazon and they shipped me a replacement, no questions asked. Actually, since I called about the issue and e-mailed them, a couple of wires got crossed and they actually sent me a replacement AND refunded my money. I, of course, let them know and they re-charged me.

    Anyhow, CSRs can be incredibly helpful, if you let them. The less respectful you are, the less willing they’ll be to help. No one should treat anybody else like the OP treated this rep, it’s deplorable.

  191. UESC says:

    I’d like to see Brian respond to why he acted the way he did.

  192. drdom says:

    Did she have poor grammar? Sure. But her sincere attempt to deal with his issue more than made up for it. What special kind of ass clown goes off like that on someone who is trying very hard to help him despite his incredibly bad behavior? Part of what made this guy so mad was that despite his best attempts, she remained polite and focused on trying to solve his customer service issues.
    I would just ban him as a customer.

  193. baconqurlyq says:

    At the company I work for, our customer service policy is that once the conversation devolves like this, we politely tell the customer that we’re closing the ticket until they decide to cooperate and help us solve their problem. This sort of exchange is a waste of time, which is money in the customer service business.

  194. as much as i hate getting poorly-written email replies to my queries, i’m surprised that the first response was actually a human, and not “please read our FAQ regarding our shipping policies” – point Adorama. Insulting a CSR? bad. negative point for Brian. Continuing to attempt to solve the problem after Brian’s tirade? point Adorama. but they lost that point when the CSR started insulting the consumer.

  195. I never really have a problem with bad customer service…. I seem to get really good results when I start off with honesty about my attitude. I’ll tell the person answering my call what my frame of mind is right away, so they can be prepared… as in..

    “Hi, I’m really frustrated today, there is a problem with my whatsis, and it’s driving me crazy. I’m really hoping you can help me out, or if you can’t that you’ll help me get a hold of the department or person who can…”

    Of course, tone of voice matters a lot, so I be sure to have a “pleading” tone, and not an angry tone. I figure starting off like that lets the CS rep know how I’m feeling right away, so they don’t feel ambushed if halfway into the call I start getting upset. It also lets them know that I’m already aware that they (the CSR) might NOT be able to actually solve my problem, and that “escalation” might be needed. Basically, they already know to treat me gently because I’m already a bit frazzled.

    More important though, is that 99.99% of the time starting off like that gets the CS rep on my side right away. They take a bit of pity on me, and they want to help me even more…

  196. EdnaLegume says:

    that’s kinda funny bryan sent this in expecting people to side with him. LOL

    bryan is an asshat.

  197. Yeah, I’m an asshole

    STOP! Enough said.

  198. downwithmonstercable says:

    This guy reminds me of my mother in law. She would totally do something like that and be proud of it. I’m so glad my wife didn’t turn out like that.

    On a side note, I get along and like everybody. But if this Bryan guy ended up dead, I wouldn’t be sad about it. He deserves to no longer be a citizen of this planet. Yeah that is harsh, but he obviously is not contributing to the world, and he is ruining poor 4th grade kids’ lives in the process.

  199. 3drage says:

    The people who are expressing major anger at this guy are using the same behavior he used on the CSR. Funny thing human nature.

  200. Maglet says:

    He already called himself an asshole, guys. Maybe he just needed to hear it in stereo…

    Adorama… I’m going to have to check them out! I like this Paola… spunky kid!

    • homerjay says:

      @Maglet: The problem is he said that in a “Ha ha, I’m such a bitch” sorta way. What he needs is more of a “You’re such a bitch!”

      Its different…. its different….

  201. aristan says:

    Ah, Bryan. I work customer service both in a store and for the store’s online division. Sadly, Speshul Snoflakes like Bryan don’t worry that the series of tubes might get clogged up with their complaints.

  202. verazula says:

    I’m a self-admitted grammar Nazi and even I wouldn’t (I don’t think I even could be THIS rude) to a basically uninvolved third-party. His problem was with the Amazon’s policy (probably even UPS, I work with them everyday and they’re definitely sticklers about shipping to different addresses after receiving packages). Take it up with UPS, not this poor girl.

  203. haimtime says:

    I applaud for posting idiot customer stories. Obviously, someone is trying to help, with someone who clearly doesn’t understand how nice and prompt the CSR was.

  204. Tansis says:

    This sounds like a teacher I once had in 4th grade. I wonder?

  205. TacoDave says:

    Did anybody else notice that the photo for this post was taken by a “Paolo” and the CSR in the post was named “Paola”? Coincidence? Married tag team? Conspiracy?!

  206. StavitaKaboo says:

    As someone who works for an amazon subcontractor, we’re unable to change anything about any order we get through amazon, and if you’re too stupid to type in your own address you should’t be calling anyone else stupid.

    A lot of my job is actually resolving screwed up addresses and such and I’ll say this guy is definitely an extreme example, but I get more assholes bitching than I do people who appreciate that I’m doing extra work to make sure they get what they ordered.

  207. CSUSam says:

    There should be a comma between the two “really”s in one of his responses. If you’re going to be a dick about grammar to somebody who obviously has learned English as a secondary language, get all of your shit right. She handled this really well and he is a douche bag blaming people that deserve no blame, and expecting the world to be delivered to him when he only paid for a camera.

  208. zibby says:

    I thought sure this was going to be about the OMG 16%!111!1 WTFBBQ Icelandic savings accounts.

  209. Rhayader says:

    Not saying Bryan handled this as well as he could have, but it does drive me crazy when a business cannot communicate with any semblance of proper English.

    Their correspondences really are pretty pathetic. “unfurtunaly this is an Amazon order and we wont be able to have you pick it up. I apologized for the inconvenience this may have caused you.”

    Sure, you get the point of what this person is trying to say, but it looks incredibly unprofessional and childish.

    Of course, Bryan also screwed the pooch here with rude and obstinate correspondences of his own. Lose-lose.

  210. dieselman8 says:

    Consumerist, I say you start a new site called “Anti-consumerist.” It would be quite entertaining.

  211. maevro says:

    Haha, insane. Sadly, that is in fact’s policy with a lot of their sellers.

  212. egoods says:

    I highly doubt that Brian is a teacher, teachers don’t typically call people out in every day life. I work in IT, does that mean when the Border Patrol was having computer problems I offered to help?

  213. Teknojunkie says:

    Bryan’s attitude was wrong from the beginning. By asking her to “make it happen” makes it appear that he is an over-demanding jerk. I think he just wanted to complain and used Paola’s English as a target. Customer service reps are people too, and deserve respect, as do their customers. It is not Paola’s fault that the shipping agreement is the way it is. True, her English is less than stellar, but that’s not the point. Paola did all she could to help him within the boundaries of company policy. If I were the owner, I’d consider pressing harassment charges against Ryan.

  214. darkryd says:

    What a douche.

  215. joellevand says:

    Please make this a weekly feature. Pretty please?

    PS: Dear Bryan, stop breathing. Thanks!

  216. VanAsina says:

    I’ve pruchased many things from Adorama and can say they have great customer service, fast shipping and good prices. I don’t blame Paola at all as I have a lot of trouble tolerating assholes. She handled it a lot better than I would have, then again, I’m not a CSR(Thank god).

  217. dorkins says:

    Wow, Bryan, maybe you should try that ‘born again’ thing … can’t be much worse than what you have right now.

  218. ncc74656m says:

    Bryan really has no skills that would indicate to me that he is a teacher of any stripe that I would want interacting with my children. Some of the most important qualities of a teacher should be patience and understanding.

    If Bryan had patience, he could’ve at least bitten his tongue when dealing with Paola who, despite his treatment, continued to offer her assistance with his issue, even if it was just “because it’s her job.”

    If he had a sense of understanding, he would sympathize with her that at best, she’s merely a pawn in a large company that requires her to adhere to a rulebook and her managers’ decisions.

    It is also evident that he NEVER made clear his request that another package be sent out in place of the first.

    In my opinion, Adorama is truly going above and beyond their duties here, and since Bryan has already determined the outcome (that he’ll never shop there again), there is no need to grant him free shipping on the replacement. Refund his money less shipping, and send him on his merry way as a reward for his belligerence.

  219. mattb123 says:

    The CS rep handled this jerk pretty well. Considering English probably isn’t her first language, I’d say her English is pretty good too.
    I’ve used Adorama in the past and have always been happy with them. This reinforces my belief that they are reputable company and I will continue to patronize their business.

  220. JonasFronto says:

    The way you treat people in these kinds of situations equals the kind of person that you are. And in this case, Bryan is a piece of shit. Die in a fire, buddy.

  221. Geekybiker says:

    Adorama is generally pretty awesome. Not quite as awesome as BHphoto, but close. I hope her supervisor gave the guy an earful when he called.

  222. LilybellAmphisbaena says:

    Poor Paola! She really was doing her best. I’m sure she had steam coming out her ears toward the end and even though she faltered, she still did pretty darned well, all things considered. I hope her employers appreciate that! Bryan acted like a fool, but clearly he didn’t realize that. He didn’t understand the policy and, in truth, her grammatical errors did make that hard to grasp at first. If one were looking with clear, level headed detachment (as we are) then it is easy to discern. However, if one were pissed about not getting their camera and having to deal with customer service through an email exchange I can see someone getting so upset as to really not get the message. Had he calmed himself he might have been able to get it. Having been in customer service (and at many times dealing with people of lesser intelligence) I found it very very important to make sure people understand by speaking clearly and using unambiguous language. Example: for one person I had to exchange the words “economically feasible” to “cheap enough” in order for them to get it. Their response? “Thank you, dems more my words.” It goes both ways.

  223. KarenCroesus says:

    The name sounds Asian to me, as do the nuances in the interchange. I had absolutely no problem understanding everything the CSR was saying, but I deal with Asians on a daily basis… I could see someone misunderstanding parts, but the religion bit? Wow. That customer was totally out of line, amazing job on Paola’s part to remain composed in dealing with that dick as long as they did.

  224. Ubik2501 says:

    Bryan deserves a particularly large amount of ire and derision for this. For being the kind of bratty customer who encourages corporations to draft blatantly anti-consumerist policies to protect themselves; for being the kind of atheist who gives other atheists a bad name and keeps them from being respected and taken seriously; and for giving a bad name to Bryans and Brians everywhere.

    The International Association of Bryans and Brians has issued an official censure to this Bryan, and his membership in the IABB has been permanently revoked. An associate will arrive shortly to confiscate his membership card, engraved ring and monogrammed towels.

  225. ReneeMouse says:

    What a jerk.

    And to all the commenters who suspect that English was Paola’s second-language, please read her name again. It’s clearly Portuegese, which means she’s either Brazilian or…well…Portuegese (but probably Brazilian).

    I thought I’d clear that up. Cheers.

  226. jwestburg says:

    Underpaid and grouchy. Gogo teachers of the USA.

  227. cleo159 says:

    I was also a teacher, and, if you want to get all prescriptivist about it, I’d like to note that Bryan had numerous errors in his e-mails (the first paragraph of his first reply alone is full of preposition errors). As a teacher I also know how crazy people can get over what they think you should do for them and far away from reality that can be. I also know the attractive power of honey versus vinegar or, in 4th grade terms, Jolly Ranchers versus sitting in the desk all the way in the front of the room. It’s a shame that Bryan can’t see things that way.

    Also, what the heck is a 4th grade teacher doing with a Blackberry?

  228. MorganPriscus says:

    Does this guy not know that you can call your local delivery center/warehouse and ask them to let you pick it up there? I pick stuff up all the time without permission from the shipper and all they require is a photo ID with the address matching the delivery location.

  229. VidaLondres says:

    Kind of amused that guy thought “born again” necessarily meant religion. His heckles are clearly up anyway, defensive mode. I think she was just saying he was old.

  230. AgnesVitani says:

    Bryan, you probably thought you were being extremely clever and funny at the time, but the fact is you are a douchebag. And her spelling may be poor (obviously not a native English speaker) but any reasonably literate person can still understand what she is communicating. If you had trouble, you’re the idiot.

  231. SankulLaodamas says:

    That guy was obviously looking for a fight from the moment he sent his first email. Working in customer service you quickly learn that people like that don’t want a solution, they just want someone to beat up on. Usually because they are too weak and emotionally out of touch to realize there are better ways to work through your negative emotions. He sounds like he has the emotional intelligence of a 4th grader.

    Love the “born again” comment and it was so obviously about him being a LIFE FAIL rather than religiously motivated.

  232. shifuimam says:

    Did it not occur to Bryan to call UPS? I missed a package delivery for something that I needed to get immediately. Instead of having it sent back to the sender (who wasn’t a company, although that shouldn’t matter), I just called UPS customer service, got the number of my local distribution center, and drove out there to pick it up.

    Once UPS has it, you should be able to use the tracking information to call UPS and find a way to get your package. Being an asshole to a CSR over a rule she can’t control is just…wtf.

  233. Atsumi says:

    I kind of feel bad for that guys students…

  234. SaryuGanaghur says:

    I’m a lot more inclined to think of Brian as the stupid one rather than Paola. Paola couldn’t spell one word, but her grammar is perfect if she were speaking Spanish. It looks as if she was using an electronic translator to get the message across better. I’d wager that if she isn’t actually located in another country, then she is an immigrant trying her best to utilize her native vocabulary in her current vocation.


    Lemme address Brian.

    First of all. My Mom is a teacher. My Fiancee’s Father is a teacher. My Aunt is a teacher. Most of my Mom’s friends are teachers. I have grown up around hundreds of teachers from different grades and different styles of teaching and Bryan is not only the most arrogant that I’ve encountered, but if he is incapable of understanding her emails, then I suspect he is probably the stupidest as well, so much so that I doubt he is actually a teacher.

    I work Customer service, and I do my job well. She did too. Just because you are too incompetent to place your order correctly the first time, or barring that, to check the companies policies to see if what you want is even possible before placing the order, you imply that it was HER who was stupid and not you?

    Even if your address is undeliverable (Where the fuck do you live, in a Unibomber shack in the woods?) that sounds sketchy. I wouldn’t do it even if I could have, were I in their position, it sounds like the kind of bullshit I used to go through when people were trying to scam us to get free products.

    Bryan, fuck you. You aren’t entitled to shit. Buying a service or a product only means that you have the economic means to do so, it doesn’t mean anyone owes you a Goddamned thing you arrogant piece of shit. If you go into a store and buy a cheeseburger, they owe you a fucking cheeseburger, not half an hour of their time arguing with you over how to make it. What the fuck do you know? You couldn’t even understand her emails, so you must not be able to work with children very well, I’ve READ what they write and it is generally for more confusing than anythign she wrote. So you can’t even do your own job properly and you have the nerve to criticize how others do theirs, as if you know better than they do?

    Seriously, you and of the baby-boomer spawn like you who think they deserve the world on a platter need to go fuck yourselves. I deal with people like you every day, and usually we just act nicely to your face and talk shit on you behind your back. Nobody likes you, and if you have any friends, it is probably only because they are amused by how much of an asshole you are, and the novelty of that wears off quickly. You probably couldn’t handle yourself in a fight if your life depended on it, but you act aggressively and rudely towards others.

    If you do any one thing to make the world a better place, I recommend you kill yourself. We will all be much better off without you.

  235. JulianaCadosneep says:

    Bryan, I truly hope you learn to be a more respectful, productive member of society in the future.

    First, “born again” is not a religious comment. Because you are too concerned with yourself to try to understand what other people are saying, you missed the point that you obviously aren’t going to learn manners in this lifetime.

    Second, your escalating demands were completely unreasonable. You screwed up, the company offered their assistance, you rebuffed it.

    Third, it’s really disgusting how self-assured you are that you were right here. Hopefully this public criticism will set you straight.


  236. AnselLabarixair says:

    THe correct way to handle this is to leave a note on your door for UPS saying, please return my package to the warehouse so that I may pick it up.

    This way credit card scammers can’t simply have the package rerouted there without actually going to your residence and UPS is always more then happy to oblige. Use soem common sense and avoid this whole problem!

  237. Sarah of Get Cooking says:

    I am an avid reader of this site, and I think it’s great that you remind readers that you shouldn’t be a jerk even if a company has “wronged” you. You’ll always get better customer service by being considerate and respectful, if persistent.

    Sometimes this site takes the customer’s side when the customer could possibly have handled the situation in a better manner. I’m glad this was not such a case.

    Usually, just so I remember what it’s like to be a CSR, I read [] to remember how NOT to be a consumer.

  238. Silver_Back says:

    OK, Bryan whoever you are I hope you never “teach” kids again. You sound like a royal douche bag.

  239. OdetteArcas says:

    This is the first time I’ve made a comment on this site, but after reading this story I just had to. Brian is completely and totally in the wrong here. His smug and arrogant attitude is disgusting, and his inability to understand the communication from the customer service agent is puzzling. Personally, I thought that the customer service agent was understandable.

    And like the rest of you, I did not see any religious subtext in her “born again” comment – I interpreted it as saying that Brian is such a terrible person, that the only way he could ever fix his personality problems would be to start his life over from the very beginning. I completely agree.

    If Brian is such a smart and talented individual, how come he can’t comprehend the customer service e-mails? Everybody else here on the website can. How could he derive a religious reference from her e-mail, even though it’s clear it was not a religious attack at all?

    I want to be perfectly clear. Brian very clearly iis (in his own words, mind you) an “asshole” and I feel sorry for everyone that has ever had the misfortune of ever coming into contact with him.

  240. fyredragon17 says:

    Good for Paola. Just because you are a potential customer, that is not a license to be a complete ass like Bryan seems to be. As the kids say nowadays, Paola FTW, Bryan FAIL! :p

  241. Doublenix says:

    Wow, someone just needs to slap this guy in the face. I’d hate to say something like that, but this guy has no idea how to even be humane to another person.

    Anyways, I’m no english expert myself, but shouldn’t there be a comma between the two ‘really’ instances in this sentence?

    “Wow. I have no clue what any of that says since your sentences are all run-ons and really really long. Go back to school.”


    • Doublenix says:


      Actually, shouldn’t it read:

      “Wow. I have no clue what any of that says since your sentences are all run-ons and are really, really long. Go back to school.”

  242. +1 to the manager if they tell him bluntly “sir you are a complete jagoff. My employee did their best to explain the policy. You were rude and my employee did not have to suffer your abuse. It’s a shame that there is no one for her to complain to about your lack of manners and rudeness. Would that be your wife? or perhaps your parents? If you wish to take your business elsewhere, we would be pleased. Fuck off and have a shitty day.”

    but of course they won’t.

  243. jnrcorp says:

    I’m very confused. If you’re not home for a package don’t you just go the UPS Store by you after the truck gets back? I think they make 3 attempts and then hold the package for 5 days in their warehouse. Additionally, you can call them and they’ll take it off the truck so you can pick it up the next day.

  244. SashiCallisto says:

    Being a call center manager and former CSR, I would have to say that the CSR should have quit while she was ahead. She expended too much energy reprimanding someone who was too busy being superior to believe for even a moment that he might be acting like a jack ass.

    She needed to think a little more “outside the box” and try to figure out a way to get the customer satisfied, but he was so far up on his soap box that wouldn’t have recognized a willingness to assist if it slapped him in the face.

  245. EleanorBigawoo says:

    Here’s my thought. Obviously Bryan was on a rampage and setting out to make life hard for this CSR. That means doing everything he could to get her fired, including sending the e-mails here in hopes of humiliating her in public. I hope that someone at the company that she works for has been notified to this post, and been made aware of the comments people are making.

    I’d hate to think this woman’s job is in danger as a result of this guy’s probably repeated and energetic complaints. She seems pretty confident that her manager will support her, but sometimes things like this can translate up the chain of command without all the right context.

    Hopefully, someone at the company is reading all the comments and realizing that there’s a 100 to 1 ratio of people that think the CSR was good to bad.

  246. WilsonVitulus says:

    Obviously both parties made several mistakes here, but I got a quite different impression from the conversation than our narrator.

    When the narrator explained the situation it was crisp and easy to understand, but in the actual correspondence I did not see PAOLA clearly explaining the customer’s options.

    I think that if PAOLA had simply said: “We cannot have it shipped to your house, but we can either refund you fully or ship it again to a new address you provide” the situation would have dissolved in an instant. But PAOLA did not take the time to explain the options and limitations that her company provides, or to write complete and intelligible sentences.

    Younger people such as myself are used to bad spelling and grammer, but many older people legitimatey cannot understand it. When they see a misspelled word they don’t necessarily know what is meant.

    Grammer is not some useless law thrown over language to make it harder to learn, it is a pattern that helps us alternately accentuate or mask our meanings in order to communicate as effectively and clearly as possible.

  247. Jack T Ripper says:

    I think he is probably a teacher’s aide in a 4th grade special needs class. Sort of the smartest of the slow kids kind of guy who thinks he can call himself a teacher. He is clearly one of the lucky teachers who doesn’t have a class full of ESL students who have to struggle to learn two languages at the same time. No matter what he thought of the CSR’s intelligence, she was at least smarter than him in the fact that she learned a second language well enough to work customer service by phone and email. She is probably handling bi-lingual customers as well, so if she misses some basic grammar rules in the process then I’ll let her slide on that. I promise you that “bryan” is not the kind of customer that anybody wants to have doing business with them.

  248. marcus1060 says:

    I think by born again, she meant he was just such an asshole he couldn’t change, and literally would have to start over.

    • janespeak says:

      @marcus1060: Yes, I do not think she was referring to religion what so ever. To me, it seemed she was referring that her problem can be corrected through more education, but in his case, he was hopeless and his manner could not improve in his lifetime, but rather have to re-start from day one. (how’s my grammar?)

  249. SudhiraPyramus says:

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I just want to say to you Brian/Bryan(your name changed halfway through the article but who gives a crap), that not only are you an awful human being, I disagree with that customer rep.
    I hope you die and never come back

    The fact that you feel accomplished with your exchange with that customer rep only shows your a worthless human being. I can imagine you in your younger years throwing tantrums so mommy would bring your chocolate glass of YooHoo in the living room so you can sip and play SNES at the same time.

  250. christoj879 says:

    We’ll refund your order, send you a new one for free, close the shop and have the manager shot. Would that be satisfactory?

  251. RedwoodFlyer says:

    Wow…Roz is going to be busy w/the ban hammer for all the people blaming the consumer!

  252. ZaidCleopatra says:

    Seriously? Seriously? This is the type of person that, after the first few rude responses, would have been told – not asked – to leave the bar that I work in.

    Customer Service is a two way street. Yes, people are willing to be more than accomodating to the customer as long as they don’t behave like a complete ass.

    This customer deserved the disrespect that he received toward the end of this transaction and if he is not willing to understand that every now and then shit happens be it because of policy or accident, then they should have refunded his money and never had dealt with him again.

    If we customers can dish it out when their service is “wrong”, they should be willing to take it when they are wrong.

  253. HaukCachebag says:

    Wow. Bryan is a complete asshole. AND after, he comes to Consumerist crying cause his customer service experience went down the drain? Does he not realize that perhaps Paola’s first language MIGHT NOT be English resulting in grammar that apparently doesn’t live up to his standards? At least she was trying to help, and explained the whole situation, and even offered a great solution. And all HE did was spit in her face and make the matters worse. Paola should NOT lose her job over this. And Bryan should go be born again or at least go back to school for some of his own grammar mistakes.

  254. chaos242 says:

    Bryan, and I know you’re reading this, just know that YOU are a dick, not her. Thanks for the “tip,” you “teacher,” you.

  255. mariospants says:

    I feel sorry for Paola – can we all gang together and send her some good wishes for putting up with this guy?

  256. EffieAsteria says:

    After reading this thread i’d actually consider buying from this reseller. Finding a company with actual customer service is impressive.

  257. liz72701 says:

    How amazing that he is so utterly unaware of what an arrogant jerk he is. He is so blinded by his anger that he couldn’t see a reasonable person trying to do their best to help. I pity those poor kids that have to listen to him “teach”.

  258. fall_farewell says:

    Wait, we let people like this be teachers? Sounds like Bryan has the attitude of a 4th grader.

  259. vladthepaler says:

    I’m impressed with Paola’s courtesy, time after time the guy is an asshole and she’s polite.

    I’ve ordered from Adorama a few times. Their shipping prices are very high (10 bucks to ship a lens filter via “Mail Innovations”, a horrible service that means my package sits in a distribution center for more than a week before anyone bothers delivering it) but otherwise no problems.

  260. BrunhildeSiskin says:

    I think Bryan was completely in the right here. It doesn’t seem apparent anywhere that bryan was given a clear choice of a full refund or to have it re-delivered. The choice was spread out through several different emails that hinted towards a possible choice. I understand that CSR have policies they need to follow, but the responses to Bryan’s emails were anything but approriate. Any good CSR knows you deal with jackass’s 24/7. To respond back to them in the manner this lady did just proves what Bryan said, it makes the whole company look bad and uncaring. A strict response saying “No, here are your options:” would have perfectly fit this situation.

    • Parting says:

      @BrunhildeSiskin: Just admit it, you’re Bryan, aren’t you?
      Nothing justifies self-righteous personal attacks.

      I’ve bitched, with CSRs, about how crappy companies are. I NEVER personally attacked any.

      Bullying a fellow human being, just shows Bryan as a self-righteous dick.

  261. theo says:

    I have mixed feelings here.

    Bryan is certainly one of the largest fuck-tards I’ve ever met. Oddly enough though, I’ve occasionally had the impulse to swat someone for communicating poorly, and even followed through on it a few times.

    I know that English is a very hard language to learn, and that this CSR was doing her best, and to her credit most of what she wrote was perfectly understandable. But malformed communication does give an incredibly poor image of a company, and their ability to provide good service.

    The biggest trouble with Paola’s responses above is that from reading them I don’t know if she understand the actual problem. Her responses are better than many I’ve gotten, but in truth, the malformed sentences lead to very ambiguous meaning.

  262. rychdom says:

    There is a lot to be said about someone who moves to a different country, learns a second language, and finds a steady job. I’m sure she really could’ve ripped him a new one in Spanish, but she did her best with what she knows of English.

    My wife is from South America, and she writes the same way – phonetically. Maybe that’s why I have a soft spot in my heart for Paola. It’s probably also why I had no problem reading her exchanges. She kept it going way too long, offering a remedy too late, but I can understand her frustration. Clearly, neither is completely in the right, but Bryan is certainly more in the wrong for taking the conversation toward personal attacks.

    He should be ashamed of himself.

    • negitoro says:

      @rychdom: For some reason, when I see English challenged CSRs I nearly never think “person who overcame ESL” but rather “outsourced to India”.

  263. magiceraserss says:

    aww… poor Baby Bryan(Brian, Bryin, Brien, however the fuck you spell your name)

    You poor poor poor Special Needs Teacher. Why come you no answer to your “tip” you tool?

    Seriously, KUDOS to the Customer rep. She is awesome. The lady really tried and you got bitter because you got knocked off your high horse. hahaha.. such a TOOL!

    So, I say: Have you found you balls enough to make a reply to all your “fans”? Yeah, I thought not.

  264. BeulahFapack says:

    Hey, does anybody here side with the customer?
    Apparently not this csr. She is sarcastic, uneducated, and is certainly NOT explaining the customer’s options clearly at all.
    On the other hand, Bryan seems to be trying to keep his cool but is frustrated by her lack of training and basic courtesy– not to mention her slaughter of the English language.
    I feel for the guy.

  265. chenry says:

    Dear Bryan,
    You are an arse.

    no love,

  266. EmeryCabeal says:

    Re: the “born again” comment – It seems fairly obvious that the CSR is in another country. From what we know about CSR outsourcing, it’s likely they are in Asia. Buddhism and Hinduism have traditions of “rebirth” in their religions (not all variations, but the idea is there). Personally, I do think she meant religiously, that he has failed to learn in this lifetime that respect for others is a better goal than berating them. As a result, he will need to be born again to learn this.

    But that’s my 2¢. The CSR was extraordinarily polite and helpful. Bryan was just a jerk.

  267. Paola clearly doesn’t speak English as her native language. You would think an educated man would recognize the grammar patterns and name as being of non-American descent and show some sort of understanding for the thin language barrier instead of insulting her about it. It’s not like she wrote the response in Mandarin. Calling many customer service hotlines will often result in dealing with a CSR who speaks broken English – I think it’s time we, as consumers, just accept that fact.

    It seems as though the customer was more invested in picking a fight and being defensive about his mistake in supplying them with incorrect shipping information than he was with correcting the problem and getting his product in a timely manner. As far as I’m concerned, when I order something online and the shipping information is incorrect, that’s my fault – not theirs.

  268. raskolnik says:

    “Could’ve been handled better by both parties”? One party, maybe. I believe that someone shouldn’t be required to let people be assholes to them just because they’re at work (and this goes for co-workers and supervisors too). The CSR in this story was much more patient than she needed to be, and the reader was just a douche.

  269. Anonymous says:

    The CSR did a fine job overall. Obvioulsy, she should have realized early on anything she had to say other than what Bryan wanted to hear was only going to fuel his fire.
    Regarding her inability to form her thoughts correctly in English, it’s painfully obvious to me English is not her first language. I would be very surprised if this call center is located in The United States. Early on I got the impression it was one of the many sourced out call centers that by their very existence deny jobs to American citizens. If I am wrong, I apoligize. However…. IF I am not wrong, this CSR should NOT be allowed to enteract with customers in the written form. Her poor writing skills are unprofessional and disrespectful to this company’s customers.
    I don’t spell well…. and I’m also sure I’ve made many grammatical errors myself. Sorry!!

  270. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it. Why isn’t he wasting UPS’ time, trying to convince them to just hold the package for him? I mean, they’re the ones who have his package, they’re the ones who can’t deliver it, they’re the ones I’d start with.