Meghann Marco On On The Money

Meghann Marco is a phone-guest on CNBC’s On The Money tonight!


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  1. ds143 says:

    damn, it was a call in. i was always curious to what she looked like.

  2. trinidon2k says:

    there was a little picture in the corner…she’s hott.

  3. Vilgrom says:

    they had a professional photo done not too long ago, you know.. just find that if you’re drooling over her.

  4. homerjay says:

    Call-in!? UNACCEPTABLE!

    Meghann is quite telegenic.

  5. yurkinator says:
  6. wdcr0ck says:

    Me-ow. Intelligent, witty, and easy on the eyes. Meghann for President.

    (Thanks, yurkinator, for the link. That rocked)

  7. wdcr0ck says:

    She’s an author too:


  8. wdcr0ck says:

    Bigger pic which includes those other two editors along with Meghann:


  9. downwithmonstercable says:


    group pic here, which I actually had never seen before. didn’t realize carey was a guy (sorry bro) Ben looks badass, and meghann looks cute.

  10. I also look awesome, just for the record.

  11. wdcr0ck says:

    Oh, wtf? I had the group pic posted before the monstercable person. What happened to my posts?

  12. Nick1693 says:

    I wanna see a pic of all the staff (Including Roz) together. Maybe from the last Christmas party.