Get A New Sprint Line, Get Free Companion Airfare Ticket

Just found an extra deal for today from Sprint: Get a new Sprint phone line and get a free airline companion ticket, up to a $500 value. Get two tickets, up to a $1,000 value, with activation of a BlackBerry on a BlackBerry Plan or a Simply Everything Plan. [Official Site via Fry’s Forum] (Thanks to Luis!)


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  1. EYESONLY says:

    Except that companion vouchers are nearly always a ripoff. The “restrictions” in the fine print typically mean that the voucher can be used only on certain fares… on which the airlines inflate the price, so that you end up paying about the same as (if not more than) what you would have paid anyway.

    I had this confirmed recently by a CSR at AA. At the time, I’d been caught for weeks in an endless game of phone tag, over a voucher they were supposed to send me but didn’t. The trip for which I needed the tickets (for my parents) was getting closer and closer, so finally I just called in and explained my problem to a rep (I’ll call her CSR #1)–I gave the dates and cities, and explained that I just wanted to find out how much the fares were on which this voucher could be used… as I reminded her, the longer the wait on the voucher, the higher regular fares were likely to go, so I just wanted to know if it would be worth my holding out till the voucher arrived. CSR #1, who was probably new to the job, fell for my Jedi mind trick, and proceeded to look up the fares for me then and there. Turns out the itineraries on which I could have used the voucher in question were all $620+. (A quick web search had earlier turned up sale fares on Virgin, for the same route/dates, at $279 p.p.)

    CSR #1 then transferred me to another dept. so I could straighten out a related problem. (She stayed on the line while I spoke to CSR #2.)

    CSR #2, upon realizing what CSR #1 had just told me, immediately asked if she was still on the line. CSR #1 answered that she was–and it occurred to me there was fun to be had if I just pretended I was no longer on the phone. When CSR #2 asked if I was still there, I didn’t say anything (though I did push “mute” on my cell).

    Thinking I was gone, CSR #2 proceeded to rip CSR #1 a new one for having given me the fare information. In no uncertain terms, she reminded CSR #1 that voucher certificates are a scam, pointing out that if the consumer knows which fares vouchers can be applied to, s/he won’t bother to jump through the hoops required to get them. My one regret about that call is that I didn’t somehow manage to tape it… if I’d had a full transcript I’d have sent it in to Consumerist as a story!

  2. katarn says:

    I’m sorry, but no amount of free air travel would ever lure me back into the trap that is sprint.

    • snowlock says:

      @katarn: it’s all a trap

      it’s not the carrier or the service or the phone, but the contract.
      surely i’m preaching to the chior, but come on.
      this deal is better than nothing; absolutely nothing being the usual deal.

      they want me to sign a contract for a rebate to get a phone for $50 cash,
      but if i want the same phone on pre-paid it only costs $50?
      so i sign a contract to pay them monthly for two years and get no actual benefits?

      i’ll be glad when legislation is pushed that ends the contract requirement.
      to me, the entire thing is pretty much illegal.

      this being said, sprint is the only carrier with reasonable unlimited everything.

  3. Tijil says:

    Yeah, it may not be all that great a deal, but still…


  4. meefer says:

    There’s no contract requirement – you can buy any phone you like for the network you want, activate it, pay all the fees associated, and start month to month.

    And just to be a PITA, SERO>all

    • sephiroth_4 says:

      @meefer: Amen meefer…just hope I can keep my plan when upgrading wife to touch pro (not very fugal, but gotta splurge on all in one device..been waiting). But yes, companion airfare tickets are mostly not a great deal…I’ll stick to travelzoo and whatnot).