Delta is selling airline tickets from New York City to Chicago for $79 each way. You must depart October 11th and return between October 13-14th. [TravelZoo via their Twitter feed]


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  1. B says:

    Just in time to watch the Cubs or White Sox in the playoffs! Ooops.

  2. jmurphy42 says:

    @ B:

    That’s low, B. We’re hurting over here!

  3. amysisson says:

    Honestly, how can an airline industry that has trained us for years to make reservations at least three weeks out, and earlier if possible, expect people to be able to drop everything to fly two days from now?

  4. RedwoodFlyer says:

    Yield management…even $20 is better than nothing for what would otherwise be an empty seat…..especially since they know they can ding you with extra fees. Speaking of Ding…download DING! from, they have nice last minute deals all the time, plus 1 free roundtrip after 3 for ages 18-24!