Delta Creative Settles With Artist Over Defective Paint Products

Remember Vickie and her defective Delta Creative PermEnamel experience? It ruined several of her pieces, not because she applied it incorrectly but because something was wrong with the product. It happens sometimes with products, no big deal. What was a big deal was the company’s CEO, Bill George, refused to approve a compensation payment that his employees had already agreed to with Vickie, leaving her with no choice but to contact a lawyer and write to us. It looks like Delta Creative and the artist have now resolved the issue, and she’s sent us a statement saying everything has been resolved to her “complete satisfaction.”

Vickie writes:

I have used the Delta PermEnamel Products for several years with marvelous results. This was an isolated incident which I would not expect to recur. This isolated incident has been resolved to my complete satisfaction. Thank you, Delta Creative, Inc.

Vickie Silcox/Artist
A Painted Setting

(Photo: Getty Images)


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  1. renilyn says:

    That’s kind of a zzzz type thing. No details! Bummer. I would love to know how that CEO covered his hind in this thing.

    • CupcakeKarate says:

      @renilyn: She’s probably not allowed to provide details per the settlement she agreed to. Good for her for being tenacious.

    • Corporate_guy says:

      @renilyn: All I can say is never trust a settlement where the details are hidden. And especially one that doesn’t disclose what caused the product to fail. If it really was an isolated incident, there would be details outlining how the problem occurred and how it is fixed for the future. Make no mistake, without details, Delta Creative, Inc. should not be trusted. There is no way they are going to hand out settlements to every artist that loses money over their product.

      • MyPetFly says:


        With or without details, I wouldn’t trust Delta Creative just because of what that moron CEO did.

      • downwithmonstercable says:

        @Corporate_guy: I think I’d give them the benefit of the doubt. She has already stated that she has never had issues with the products. Whether or not the CEO is a jackass is sort of outside the realm of quality assurance. Although it is surprising he stepped in and stopped an already agreed upon reimbursement for her problems.

  2. Tmoney02 says:

    sounds like someone got some hush money. Here is hoping she got all she asked for!

    Also I put this in a the neutral/tie category. She got her money but it isn’t as appeasing or cathartic as a company mea culpa and saying how they will prevent the issue in the future.

  3. hills says:

    Sounds like Bill George wrote that for Vicki and she must not be allowed to tell us how much $ she got to settle. At least DCPE did the right thing in the end – just after the damage to their reputation was done….

  4. Dobernala says:

    That is a really strange reply. It almost sounds as if they threatened her for complaining to Consumerist.

    • cpt.snerd says:

      @Dobernala: OMG, I absolutely thought the same thing when I read that… It sounded so corporate and succinct… craziness…

      • lol_wut says:


        She likely reached an agreement with the company, and either her or the attorney drafted a response that would only update any interested parties with a simple “Hey, everything has been resolved” saying that wouldn’t further tarnish the reputation of Delta Creative.

        My only question for Delta Creative is this – was their attorney pre-Med before switching to pre-Law?

  5. Easy


    Likely she got the cost of her ruined materials reimbursed after all the bad publicity.

  6. Yeah, I’m disappointed that Delta Creative never contacted us with a statement of their own. It’s not like this is a national security issue–they could have contributed some details.

    …hey, waitaminute, this is a public blog! I’m going to email Delta Creative and ask if they’d like to add their two cents. That sounds like a journalistic-y thing to do.

  7. ShortBus says:

    I sued a collection agency once for blatant FDCPA and FCRA violations. I agreed to a fair settlement offer before the hearing with the condition that I signed a NDA.

    It’s easy to hypothetically say “Fight the power! Take your NDA and shove it!” But even with iron-clad evidence, it’s not fun to go to court. It might sound like it would be awesome to school the bad guy Perry Mason-style and dazzle the judge. But when daydreaming, the underlying stress is underestimated: having to deal with all the paperwork, talking to lawyers, taking time off of work to attend court, etc. It’s much more pragmatic to take the money and run, and just be content with knowing yourself that you prevailed.

  8. ucdcsteve says:

    I see those Egg Counsel creeps have gotten to you too!

  9. fisherstudios says:

    It’s still ridiculous that she had to do all of the following just to get the company to stand behind their products:

    1. complain all the way to the upper management of the company
    2. post her story on
    3. threaten legal action
    4. etc

  10. thinkliberty says:

    I am never going to use another Delta Creative product.

    Everything about this company says it is shady. Why can’t we know how she was completely satisfied? It’s probably a one time thing. If it happens to you tough luck.

    I am going to stay away. There are to many other quality paint companies that back up their product… Not that just back up their product, if you get a lot of press.

    • LiC says:

      @thinkliberty: You can’t know because they don’t want you to know how much hush money they gave her. If you knew how much she got, you’d demand as much or more.

      That being said, I don’t paint and I’m not creative. I’ll stick with Crayola products, thankee.

    • marsneedsrabbits says:


      I am going to stay away. There are to many other quality paint companies that back up their product… Not that just back up their product, if you get a lot of press.

      Same here. I don’t trust them since it took so much to get them to do the right thing.

  11. Canino says:

    I will now be using Delta Creative PermEnamel Products for all my glass painting surface conditioning needs!

  12. Yeah, a very fishy response. Either she got hush money in exchange for that response, or was left with limited ability to voice her opinion about the mattes. Or she got threatened and caved in.

  13. nffcnnr says:

    That kind of vague response leads me to irresponsibly speculate on the terms of the settlement.
    She must have been promised 100% reimbursement for damaged materials, a five-figure punitive damages award and weekly foot massages by Bill George for life. Bravo Vickie!! Your settlement shall now be the template upon which all future consumer complaint resolutions shall be based. Yay foot rubs.

  14. homerjay says:

    If they hadn’t gagged her we would all be talking about how well this ended. As it is now we have to speculate on how evil this company is for tying her up in the basement and forcing her to sign that statement in exchange for… well, who the hell knows! Maybe freedom!