Write Carmax Car Review, Get Chance To Win $250 Gas Card

You can enter to win a chance for a $250 gas card by submitting a review of your car to CarMax, an online used-car retailer. 8 winners will be chosen over 8 weeks, and of those people submitting a review with a picture, an additional $300 gas card winner will be chosen. Even if it’s a long shot, who couldn’t use even just a possible free gas card? Plus, writing words is fun. [CarMax]


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  1. Fist-o™ says:

    I drive the General Lee.

    Though I have jumped it over a multitude of ramps, hills, and hog sties, it’s still in PRISTINE condition!

    However, the doors do not open, so one must enter and exit via the windows. The glass has been removed from them, but we live in a very temperate climate, so we don’t get cold. Besides, the AC and heater were removed so that Uncle Jesse could install our turbo and our custom horn.

    Gas mileage is 12 country. I have never driven it in the city or on a highway. The General is a wild beast, and prefers dirt roads to even pavement.

    Safety rating is also very high; we’ve had uncountable accidents, and yet I come out unscathed every time.


  2. Radoman says:

    Well, they do have a nice selection of cars, but the prices aren’t really too good. I like that their offer to purchase your old vehicle is good for 7 days, and you don’t have to buy a car from them to sell them yours.

    One of the biggest used car outfits I’ve ever seen.

  3. woot says:

    Carmax really are great to deal with. They offered me $3,000 more for my SUV than the franchised dealership did as a trade-in. The valuation process took less than 30 minutes and they then provide a written offer valid for something like 7 days and so many miles. When I later took them up on their offer, that was another 30 minutes or so and I left with a cashiers check. Absolutely hassle-free.

    Since then, I’ve recommended my friends ALWAYS check Carmax before accepting any trade-in offer. A lot of times, they have found it to be a significantly better deal. Added to that, you are in a much stronger / simpler negotiating position with whatever other dealer you are working with once your trade-in is out of the picture.

    • Blueskylaw says:

      This is like when Exxon gives away a $2500 gas card every day to somebody who used their credit card. They make much more money from the charges than they give away (They make about $76,000 a minute by the way).

      How much did they pay you to write that or do you work for them? What normal person uses phrases like “franchised dealership” and “valuation process”?

    • RedwoodFlyer says:


      Nothing annoys me more than undercover shills…that being said, given woot’s diverse range of comments and time as a member of Gawker….I have a hard time believing he’s incahots w/Carmax…. it’s the 1 hit wonders that are suspicious.

      Also, Carmax really is a nice purchasing experience for, and don’t shoot me for saying this, women who hate car shopping (among other groups..but this is one market segment that REALLY benefits from CM)

  4. nsv says:

    I’m going to try this, why not? Though I’m not sure how many people would be interested in a review of a 1995 Jeep.

    “With better gas mileage than you’d expect from an old 6 cyl 4WD SUV…”

  5. TheDude06 says:

    I dont get it. Whats the consumer angle? Is it a paid carmax ad?

  6. nataku8_e30 says:

    Eh, not a big fan of CARMAX – their prices are too high, and I’m one of those people who drives a car into the ground before getting rid of it, so I generally don’t have anything they’ll take as a trade. It’s a lot easier to just buy something privately or deal with a completely independent used car dealership (if you’re careful!). I will give them kudos for selling cars that seem pretty solid, albeit at well over blue book pricing.

  7. MikeB says:

    I have bought 2 cars, including warranties, from them so far and have been pleased each time. While I have not needed work done on my Fusion as of yet, my wifes van needed to have the AC replaced which would have been expensive if we didn’t have the warranty.

  8. Froggmann says:

    Bought my Maxima from Carmax, yes the price was a bit higher but the car was fully reconditioned with factory brakes and was fully serviced when I found it on their lot. I even used the 7 day return policy and it was as advertised, no, well one question asked, “Exchange or refund?” They took care of a few minor issues with the car within 30 days, no questions asked and with minimal hassle. Heck they even reimbursed me for ordering a replacement owner’s manual.

  9. dohtem says:

    I am currently dealing with these bastards. Their warranty refuses to pay for my Altima (catalytic converter gave and ruined the engine, a known issue with that particular year) and have been giving me the run around for over 2 months now. 3 car payments in there I have been without my car. Their loaner broke down on me and they wanted me to tow it in for them. Fucking bastards. I am trying to contact California’s AG to get them to honor their warranty.

    All this on a car I only put 10,000 miles on. :(

  10. ribex says:

    WTF? Is Consumerist (Gawker) suddenly in bed with Carmax? I don’t like this. This is spam.

  11. RedwoodFlyer says:

    I’m seconding ribex and TheDude06…how is this a consumer story? I have a feeling that someone is in bed with Carmax, because if anyone other company had a similar promo..we’d be reading about how they subliminally bribe reviewers or something.

  12. EightIsEnough says:

    Hard to beleive that CarMax is doing this right now when the company is getting ready to go belly-up and are firing their employees.

    The Car industry is going to meltdown too……soon.

    • @EightIsEnough: Carmax was about to build a HUGE reconditioning facility near where I live this summer. They started to do the groundwork, and only a couple days before they did any concrete or asphalt work, they cancelled the whole thing because the economy started going to shit. They then spent another month seeding and re-grading the area that they’d cleared to build said plant, and now it’s vacant. The people that live around me are up in arms, and I don’t understand why. They’re complaining that carmax just up and left, but hell, isn’t it better to live next to a big grassy field than a car reconditioning facility?

      • dropkickpuppy says:

        @EightIsEnough: CarMax isn’t in any danger of going belly up. When the auto industry sours, used cars do just fine. The cuts they made were from the reconditioning department (dents and paint), which they’re contracting out to local businesses. It’s good business sense (paying per dent rather than salaried specicialists), and investors have held them steady compared to the rest of the market. They’ve actually lifted their hiring freeze in the rest of the company, which I think is unique in the industry right now. It’s still a pretty solid company.