Does The Citi "Payment Partner Program" Work?

For several years and in different forms, Citi has had an interesting idea to get you/help you to pay off your credit card called the Citi Payment Partner Program. How it works is if you enroll and make above the minimum payment due for four months, on-time, at the end they will match 10% of the amount you paid off above your minimum payment. The max cap is $550. But there are two important caveats:

1) They won’t let you charge anything on the account the whole time
2) They decrease your credit limit.

Specifically, they decrease your credit limit by the amount you pay over the minimum, plus the 10% they toss you.

Assuming you could get one, seems like doing a 0% balance transfer to another card would be a better option. But if you can’t get that and you’ve got a balance on your Citicard you need help with, it could work for you.

Have you tried the Citi Payment Program? Let us know how it went for you in the comments.

Full scan of the mailer below.

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(Thanks to Santos!)

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