5 More Wall Street Dudes Who Deserve A Punch In The Face

WallStreetFighter has listed 5 more Wall Street dudes that deserve the old “Dick Fuld” right in the face. Guess which Wall Street loser is most punchable?


You guessed correctly.



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  1. harleymcc says:

    I’ve been running around my office making punching gestures and yelling ‘You’ve been Dick Fulded’!

    Nobody gets it

  2. BagelTycoon says:

    Mozilo looks like he’s been knocked up in the ring a few times.

    But is anyone gonna

    “>pull a Mike Tyson and go for a Wall Street exec’s ear?!

  3. atypicalxian says:

    Loathsome x 5.

    Can we add members of Congress to the list:

    Rep. Barney Frank
    Rep. Maxine Waters
    Rep. Nancy Pelosi
    Sen. Chris Dodd
    Sen. Chuck Schumer

    • sburnap42 says:

      @atypicalxian: Yes, because those five Democrats managed to destroy everything in the twelve years the Republicans controlled congress.

      • atypicalxian says:

        @sburnap42: Some Republicans (I won’t say all) tried to address the issue that started the whole mortgage mess (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac) but the five congresspeople listed above said there was no problem, and Frank and Dodd had serious conflicts of interest with Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. The Dems denied there was any problem in the face of warnings.

        That being said, it is unconscionable that these corporate slimeballs who gave the thumbs up to predatory lending should leave their jobs with golden anything. I don’t understand how these guys who made such wretched decisions could get off, and even rewarded with nice exit bonuses, when average workers who screw up to not even a tenth of that degree are escorted out by security with nothing. At the very least civil action should be pursued against these people.

        • papahoth says:

          @atypicalxian: If that has what started it, that would be true, but Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while certainly to blame for their troubles had troubles that were exasperated by mortgage fiasco. Your history seems to have walls drawn around it that stop you from knowing reality. The bundling of mortgages and the selling of instruments that insured against the bundled risk, a risk higher than touted by the owners or the credit rating agencies, insured by unregulated instruments that had no where near enough capital to pay off these instruments when the purchasers came calling. Any questions?

        • sburnap42 says:

          @atypicalxian: The Republicans controlled congress. Why didn’t they ignore the Democrats and just fix it themselves?

          I know both parties want to blame each other, but both are to blame, and *BOTH* have serious conflicts of interest with all of these failing financial organizations.

  4. Kevin says:

    That dude laid me off, someone should lay him out.

  5. Trai_Dep says:

    It’s abhorent that things have gotten to the point where we feel we must punch five people in the face to exact a modicum of justice.
    I mean, this is America. Shame!

    …Wouldn’t a chain saw, red-hot tongs or water-boarding be more efficient? Seems we need to be more proactive in our out-of-the-box thinking here.

  6. BagelTycoon says:

    Trai, sounds like you want to see some Jack Bauer-esque action!

  7. dasunst3r says:

    I’m surprised that nobody thinks ALL the executives at AIG should get a punch in the face as well… in addition to notices of their dismissal.

  8. Not Alvis says:

    Seriously, Consumerist, this is out of line.

    Yeah, some business guys are jerks. Make fun of them, expose them for what they are, fine.

    But advocating violence, even in jest is ENTIRELY inappropriate for a news site.

    • harleymcc says:

      @Clold: You’ve been Dick Fulded!

    • Adisharr says:


      You might feel differently if you just lost your home and job.

    • gc3160thtuk says you got your humor in my sarcasm and you say you got your sarcasm in my humor says:

      @Clold: they’re not advocating anything. They’re simply reporting what someone else said. Doesn’t seem to me like they are telling you to go punch some crooked wall street dickhead in the face, although who’s to say it wouldn’t make us feel better :)

  9. Pious_Augustus says:

    So let me get this start, if a member here says hey if a company’s actions makes pirates and they deserved to be pirated, you as a member are wrong and deserve to be banned?

    But if the consumerist writes an article on how DRM is a thing which it is making it right to pirate they are not wrong?

    If you call for violence against a CEO you can be banned? If an article here on the consumerist calls for violence it is accepted?

    If you point out crimes and things a partner of this site like C-net is committing it is wrong and you cannot do it but anyone can write about a horror story about any other company….this site is begining to seem like a load of ****

    • u1itn0w2day says:

      @Pious_Augustus: Could you elaborate more.

      The ‘wallstreetfighter’ says things like ‘we prefer a calmer approach’ and the premise is based on an actual incident.The puncher in the Fuld case can still be charged criminally and sued civilly.

      Given the events,mood of the country and the individuals involved including innocent investors who literally have lost it all shouldn’t a thread like this be considered ‘a guilty pleasure’ or fantasy.The employee involved just lost his job but there are retirees and people who need their investment cash NOW for a life changing events such as retirement or school.

      I agree advocating violence is not the best way to go(but definately can emphasiaze with the Lehman employee-his living,life as he knew it was taken away from him forever by the likes of Fuld) I think this post reflects the impact of recent events more than it advocates or incites action.

      • Pious_Augustus says:



        What is killing me here is simply the fact a moderator here would ban you from posting and they do all the time if you made a comment to punch a CEO in the face. I think they are hypocritical here.

        Just like the pirate story, they ban anyone here suggesting or leaning to stay DRM causes pirates but when they write an article saying the exact same thing they see nothing wrong with that?

        Maybe Roz can explain? And also explain why this site’s partners like c-net are exempt from crisism with or without proof unlike every other company?

  10. zibby says:

    I’ll say it again: Fuld didn’t get punched. It’s pure fantasy wish-fufillment, and if you buy it…well, do yourself a favor and stay away from that Video Proffessor guy.

  11. P_Smith says:

    I say we should get Shakespearian on their asses, but sadly that’s no longer permitted for criminals like those bastards.

    Drawing and Quartering or A Pound of Flesh for every million dollars they stole would be start, if it were legally possible.