This !@#$% KitchenAid Refrigerator Won't Stop !@$% Beeping!

Beep… Beep… Beep… That’s all Robin’s new KitchenAid fridge does. For the past two months, nothing but !@#$ beeping. Sears claims that they replaced every circuit board in the fridge, and that Robin’s only choice is to wait another beeping month for a replacement unit. Think that might drive you a little crazy? Try reading Robin’s letter…

We have a brand new KitchenAid Refrigerator beep beep beep that has been beeping since it was first plugged in. beep beep beep A call to Sears, resulted in a 3rd party repair man beep beep beep showing up. He, over the course of 3+ weeks replaced every computer board in the unit and this beep beep beep still did not solve the problem. Following their torturous policies meant a replacement could not be ordered until he had been out to repair the unit at least 3 times. beep beep beep The new unit is on order and won’t be shipped until October 30th. At that point we will have been listening to the beep beep beep ing for well over 2 months. KitchenAid says they are only human and they make mistakes but there is nothing more they can do. beep beep beep If they are acknowledging that they are human and make mistakes; shouldn’t they keep a few units around as replacements for the ones that are faulty? beep beep beep The beep sounds just like our security alarm. Not a pleasant way to live. I don’t recommend beep beep beep KitchenAid or their customer service to anyone. Well, maybe the Defense Department would like to use our refrigerator beep beep beep as an instrument of torture, but, wait, that is illegal. beep beep beep.

Maybe a smoke detector is stuck in the fridge and the batteries are running low?

We wouldn’t expect anything from Sears, but KitchenAid is known for their excellent customer service. Call their executive office and explain that constant beeping drives people to lose their minds and their brand loyalty. If they don’t have a replacement unit on hand, considering the suffering you’ve clearly experienced, it’s not unreasonable to request a free upgrade to something—anything—that is in stock.

(Photo: Meggito)


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  1. homerjay says:

    Reminds me of Homer’s “Everything’s Okay” alarm. It keeps beeping as long as everything fine.

    • VPea says:

      @homerjay: Its also like that episode where they have the robot house with the pierce brosnan voice

      PB: I know someone who fancies the scent of lilaaac
      Bart (sheepishly): I just like it is all

      Lisa: Pierce how did you know all of our favorite foods?
      Pierce: I examined your leavings….
      Simpsons: oooooohhhhh

  2. Overheal says:


  3. Dawgs_Phan says:

    I’d hate to lose my sleep over a….. refrigerator?!?!?!

  4. Shouldn’t it be considered a lemon? Try looking at your state’s lemon laws… I’m sure if you mention that, you might get somewhere

    • dveight says:

      @triscuitbiscuit: Not sure what you expect for this to do, the OP is already getting a replacement unit. I’m pretty sure that Sears still has a 30 days return policy, should have considered just returning it after the repairman was not able to fix it.

  5. Zagroseckt says:

    Sounds like ether the warm alarm (damaged sensor in freezer or fridge. Does it ever turn off the compressor?) could also be a fault in the frost free heater or the coolant pressure sensor

    and out of those probably just a loos connection. (i hate techs who blindly replace circuit boards.)
    Oh. and.
    Beep beep beep beep beep….

    Is there a pattern to the beeping.
    Can you Record it if it is. :)
    Some use patterns to tell you what it thinks is wrong :)

    • Skipweasel says:

      @Zagroseckt: Trouble is, that’s all most technicians know how to do these days. Clearly the fault’s somewhere else, but they either don’t have the technical knowledge or the inclination to look further.

    • alexawesome says:

      @Zagroseckt: If that is the case, adjusting settings/temperature of fridge or freezer might at least turn off the beeping until the unit can be replaced. Sometimes, (especially when you’ve already got a replacement on the way), it pays to fiddle – even if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

  6. corsec67 says:

    Just cut the speaker off the circuit board?

    Why does a fridge even have a speaker?

  7. ohnoes says:

    If it’s beeping, there has to be a speaker to emit the tone. Why don’t they try disconnecting that?

    • MyPetFly says:


      It’s probably a piezoelectric beeper, not an actual speaker. Either way, it’s annoying. :) In fairness to KitchenAide, at least they’re doing something to solve the problem, as slow as it is. It could be worse.

  8. DeeHaney says:

    Maybe if you took the cat out of it.

  9. haoshufu says:

    Can’t they at least put a tape over the beeper to lower the noise until the new unit arrives?

  10. outinthedark says:

    OP post up some video on Youtube?

    I think it may be the thermostat sensor. I remember ours going crazy a few times when the door was left open.

  11. Roclawzi says:

    I don’t have a KitchenAid fridge, but is it a door ajar alarm? Because we’ve got a beep beep beep for that on our LG at home. Because if that’s the case, it’s a bad switch and changing all the circuit boards in the world won’t stop it. And, of course, provided the switch is accessible, it takes about 3 minutes to fix. Great 3rd party repair service.

    • yikz says:

      @Roclawzi: I have a 2 year old KitchenAid fridge. Recent models have all kinds of wizardry. Digital readout LCD screens above the ice maker/water dispenser. Water filter change warnings, rapid-cooling to the door for canned soft drinks, multiple thermostats and settings. And I didn’t buy the top of the line… mine is somewhere in the middle. The higher you go, the more gadgets and electronics you get.

      Frankly, these people are patient. I would have had someone unbolt the fridge and sent it back to Sears within the first 10 days. There’s no way I could tolerate that beeping. And after the multiple trips to repair it? That fridge will never be the same, I don’t care if they replaced everything inside it or not… the fact that it has been disassembled at least 3 times means it has already seen quite a bit of abuse.

      I learned my lesson with Sears. I bought one of the Neptune high efficiency washers from Sears. What a nightmare! The day the warranty expired, Sears basically laughed at me even though I had ongoing problems that had never been fixed. I sold the house and the washer months prior to the settlement. What a waste.

  12. Keter says:

    Two quick thoughts on what might be causing the problem, one of which you can test for yourself.

    1. Unplug the fridge from where it is plugged in now. Attach it to a heavy duty extension cord, and plug it in on a completely different electrical circuit. Does the beeping stop? If so, you have an electrical problem on the outlet, probably a ground fault, and no amount of refrigerator repairing will fix that.

    2. I have an older GE oven that is given to periodic beeping fits. It’s a known defect with a mylar ribbon cable, and the fix takes two minutes (open a panel, reseat the cable). If your refrigerator has cabling and connectors (or sensors, as another commenter noted) that aren’t replaced with the circuit boards, those could be your issue.

    The fridge is probably doing exactly what it is designed to do – reporting a problem – so defeating the speaker should not be done. Heck, it is probably NOT possible to disconnect the speaker: it’s probably hardwired to a necessary circuit board. I think you should give them one last chance to fix the beep and then demand that they give you a new refrigerator.

    Hope that helps.

  13. Jackasimov says:

    Go on Craigslist, buy a 40 dollar or less beater. Unplug Kitchenaid and set aside wherever it fits. Use crappy Craigslist fridge until new fridge arrives. Have the delivery people take out crappy fridge (and the one you bought on Craigslist, heh-heh) and place the junky one in the alley (and tip them a few extra bucks) or sell it on Craigslist.

    I’d try like hell to have them refund this cost just on general principle since you kind of cannot live without a fridge. You are only human after all, you have to refrigerate some foods.

    I had a microwave go out in its first month and the repairs couldn’t be done for two weeks (we have a baby we NEED a microwave, shutup). I bought one on CL for $15 and sold it at a yard sale for $10. It was junk and the display didn’t really work but it got me through.

    Seriously, do I beep beep beep have to do everything for you?

    I had a similar problem with my dishwasher, they came out 3 times to fix it. Luckily, the third time was the charm, but it is seriously frustrating.

    • Makes me love my basic fridge and 19 year old microwave. If@Jackasimov: Actually, an argument could be made that the Craigslist fridge works way better than the KitchenAide fridge. I’ll quote “Because newer is not always better.”

  14. Keter says:

    BTW, just thought I would mention that modern appliances with computerized controls have lots of “undocumented” diagnostic features: this information is often hidden inside the appliance somewhere – look under removable panels, down around the compressor, etc., for a booklet or sticker taped to the chassis. The service people are supposed to know to look for these when trying to troubleshoot a computerized appliance. My guess is that the OP’s fridge has some condition that is inadvertently triggering an undocumented alarm or self-test mode.

  15. vitonfluorcarbon says:

    This sounds like a clear case of the engineer being allowed to “make things better” when it actually makes things worse when things don’t work as they should.

    From Kitchen Aid’s Website:

    Refrigerator noise has been reduced over the years. Due to this reduction, you may hear intermittent noises from your new refrigerator that you did not notice with your old model. Listed below are descriptions of normal refrigerator sounds with explanations.

    * Buzzing
    * Pulsating is heard when fans/compressor adjust to optimize performance.
    * Hissing/rattling/vibrating
    * Sizzling/gurgling
    * Popping
    * Water running/dripping
    * Creaking/cracking
    * Clicking.
    * Thumping sounds
    * Beeping sounds are made when doors are open, or have not been properly closed. Both the Door Alarm and Temp Alarm make beeping sounds.

    As an earlier comment was made – it’s probably a faulty sensor/switch or one that is not hooked up. They probably try to save every penny possible, and added this feature without an means to detect an error or even tell a tech where to look for the issue. It’s likely a non contact sensor and not something you could easily fix unless you can find a loose wire.

    What I can’t believe is that Sears won’t stand behind it better. I’ve had nothing but good luck with my local Sears It sounds like your Sears will not be obtaining any further appliance purchases from you in the future.

  16. My refrigerator has a ‘door open’ alarm
    might be linked to that

  17. BiZarRroBALlmeR says:

    This site should called CATsumerist.

  18. ryes says:

    Kitchen Aid is made in the same factory as Whirlpool appliances and they are in large part mechanically the same. I had the bad luck to purchase 3 brand new Whirlpool appliances, two of which have required multiple service calls (5 for the icemaker, 4 for the burner ignition on the stove). Perhaps quality control in that factory is, uhm, lax?

  19. Scuba Steve says:

    unfortunately Sears does all the repairs for the stuff that sears sells. So while you may get someone at Whirlpool to start kicking behinds, the legal guys won’t let anyone but Sears repair it.

    At least that was 6 years ago, it could have changed since then.

  20. Smashville says:

    If it’s the fridge in the picture, as the headline implies, chances are it’s beeping because you keep calling it a KitchenAid when it is a Maytag. Oh – and the cat.

  21. SwahaCrane says:

    Your kids are yanking your chain…

    You need to look for the official ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron

    “The Annoy-a-tron generates a short (but very annoying, hence the name) beep every few minutes. Your unsuspecting target will have a hard time ‘timing’ the location of the sound because the beeps will vary in intervals ranging from 2 to 8 minutes.”

    I kid you not! I bought a bunch of these and they are loads of fun!

  22. Tank says:

    maybe it means you’re out of beer. now THAT would be a cool invention… a fridge that beeps when you’re out of beer.

  23. B says:

    My theory is the beeping is caused by the refridgerator not getting cold enough. Get a fridge thermometer and stick it inside, see what the tempearature is. If the temp is over 40 deg, that’s whats causing the beeping. With that information, Sears or KitchenAid ought to be able to fix it.

  24. jaubele1 says:

    Looks like this may be a known problem? Postings indicate a problem with the water filter:


    • Gopher bond says:

      @jaubele1: I was just going to say that my refrigerator beeps if the water filter isn’t locked into place. Which is good because you’ll get a puddle on the floor if it isn’t.

  25. TeriCalyce says:

    well it might not be sears fault… I tried ordering a kitchenaid from a local retailer (mom and pop) and the fridge isnt available until then end of october either. but it does sound like it could be the door ajar sensor… too bad you cant see if the light stays on in the fridge.

  26. __Ken__ says:

    What’s the beeping for? Is it beeping because the unit isn’t level or something similar? Is there something else that’s not connected? Is there a manual that explains beeping errors? Just replacing the “computer” won’t fix any issues like that.

    The most odd thing here is that there is a fridge that beeps. Why is this a good thing? The compressor is already the loudest thing in your house, why add to the noise?

    Do you have this plugged into a UPS that isn’t getting enough power and that’s what’s beeping?

    • kerry says:

      @__Ken__: my fridge beeps if you leave the door open too long. There is a button to turn the door alarm on and off on the fridge control panel, so if you don’t want the beeping you don’t have to have it. My parents’ fridge also beeps if the door is left open, theirs is a jenn-air (i think), ours is a sub-zero.

  27. RChris173 says:


  28. ironchef says:

    GE Profile appliances does that too. No way to shut the alarm off.

  29. sassansanei says:

    Buddy, I hear your pain. It sounds to me like the fridge thinks the door is ajar when it is not. Have them check the sensor. The circuit boards are operating as they should, but receiving faulty information from that sensor, which is why replacing the circuit boards is not solving the problem.

    I spent about $11,000 on new KitchenAid appliances less than three years ago. They are the most problematic, unreliable appliances I have ever owned. We have had numerous problems with the stove, dishwasher, and fridge. Some were repaired under warranty during the first year, other problems we have spent hundreds of dollars getting fixed. These appliances are less than three years old! Only the microwave has not had a problem. The customer service was terrible too, just trying to arrange service. I would not recommend KitchenAid appliances to anybody ever. On the other hand, our Maytag washer and dryer have been running flawlessly since the day we bought them, about 8 years ago, and we run probably 10-15 loads a week through them.

  30. onesong says:

    im in ur fridge, beepin ur buttunz, killin ur mindz

  31. RaphaelaImbecillous says:

    I had the SAME problem and FIXED IT! There is a little plunger on the side of the door that pops out when the door is open. It turns the light on and starts the timer. If you leave the door open too long, this model beeps at you to close the door. A $0.50 plastic washer fixed the problem.

  32. MsAnthropy says:

    What is my cat doing in that fridge??

  33. Marshfield says:

    Marshfield likes the picture at the top of the article.

    If we had this issue we would be calling for service. It sounds like a bum door switch or logic board.

    We are very glad we got a 5 year service contract for dirt cheap a year ago. Already used it once.

  34. SexCpotatoes says:

    The solution is simple! Sell it to a deaf person!

  35. INsano says:

    Your fridge should be replaced immediately, and they should let you keep the old one so you can take it to a remote area and perform Level 1 Problem Analysis with a sledge hammer.

  36. Kevin says:

    I have same fridge, and I had the same damn problem. Turns out, it was the friggin’ weather stripping on the bottom of the door. Since it was ill fitting, the door didn’t seal correctly and cool air leaked out. Sears man replaced it and it is now all better.

  37. RedwoodFlyer says:

    Somewhat off topic, but does anyone have a GE microwave? God I hate those things…if the food is done and you don’t open the beep every 30 seconds – so if you’re in bed and a guest/gf/Santa heat something up and take off in a hurry, you get Chinese water tortured with the da.n noise!

  38. Mp3dog says:

    Move it into the garage until the new one arrives

  39. mariospants says:

    Could the tech not have at least disabled or muffled the fridge’s speaker???

    My last fridge was a Kitchen Aid; it was great at what it did but all of the plastic schtuff holders in the door of the freezer (bottom freezer, btw) broke off in the space of a few months. Didn’t matter, those spaces were kind of useless anyway.

  40. Fist-o™ says:

    William Shatner would identify.

    “They’re flashing, and beeping, and BEEPING AND FLASHING AND I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!”

  41. DeadWriter says:

    I had the exact same problem! I share a house with 3 other people. Our landlord bought a new fridge for the shared kitchen.

    The repair people at the other end, the unit is new and under warranty, did everything from blaming our other appliances, to blaming how we stored our food. They were nice, but it seemed as though in the script the first had to intimidate us into believing that it was our fault.

    After 2 visits they ordered a new circuit board and the repair person also futzed with the door sensor switch so that it was closer to the door. This solved the problem.

    For what ever reason, the repair guy refused to just cut the speaker wires.

    For a little over a month we lived with the routine of unplugging the fridge at night and plugging it back in every morning. That’s all I can suggest- Unplug the fridge at night.

  42. numindast says:

    1986 or so: my father smelled something funny in the kitchen, and opened the Kitchen-Aid dishwasher door, and on the interior side of the door, was a small blue flame glowing, putting out a steady stream of smoke. He called Kitchen-Aid headquarters to report this incident, and then went shopping for a new dishwasher.

    The very next day, lawyers from Kitchen-Aid called us SEVERAL TIMES to request that they be permitted to not only haul away the dead dishwasher, but replace it with a better model. At no cost. Immediately. Please!

    Turns out they were SO worried about a lawsuit, they would rather spend 10x as much to replace the unit and recover the dead one to analyze it than to ignore the problem. The delivery truck arrived from Michigan, and we lived in Illinois!

    No doubt this means Kitchen-Aid updated their EULA to automatically indemnify themselves from anything and everything as a result of my family’s experience and others. Therefore they don’t give a shit any more. Gah.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I had the same problem. The beep is a warning that the door has been open for an extended period of time. On mine it was the freezer door causing the problem. The switch which activates the light is the culprit. It needs to be moved forward or have something glued or otherwise attached to it so that it shuts of the light. However, first make certain that there is nothing preventing the door from closing completely. Even 1/4 inch can cause the light to stay on. I was able to solve the problem by pulling the freezer light switch housing as far forward as it would move and applying a drop of super glue.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I think I may have the solution, after having suffered through the same problem for months. I have a Kenmore Elite side-by-side which is really the same as KitchenAid and Whirlpool. Having thought of complicated solutions first, I have finally gotten back to step 1, simple solution. Tape the switch on the top of the freezer compartment and see if that works for you. I believe the door while seemingly closed is not pushing the switch in far enough. If that works for you, you can probably glue something to the top of freezer door so it can push in the door switch a little better. The reason that it beeps is that the switch is not pushed in enough and the light is still on inside while the door is closed. The refrigerator then thinks the door is still open. I really hope this works for you as I can sympathize with you having listened to the beeps for months. I feel sorry for people who have changed one circuit board after another to no avail. And there are so many stupid repairmen out there offering dumb advices and perform needless repairs.