I should be on On The Money again tonight, CNBC, 8pm eastern. Turn on, tune in, drop out.


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  1. shorty63136 says:

    Take Chris and Carey with you! I want to give a standing ovation from my living room!

    (I’m serious – not being a smart-ass)

  2. irishcoder says:

    Dell or Hell Support?

    After sending my dell d620 laptop to Tennessee for Dell repairs, I was interested in finding out what repairs were done to my system. When I called, I ended up waiting for 20 min. and then getting a customer service representative who told me that I was not able to have that information. I not even able to know what happened to my own computer!? I was shocked at how disjoint and terrible the service was. What a joke…

  3. crazypants says:

    Are you going to be doing an expose on how Gawker is stifling creative journalists on the consumer advocacy front in favor of promoting cars and iphones?

    (I’m being a smartass – I’m not being serious)

  4. Toof_75_75 says:

    I heard you answer a question about people wanting to know their money is secure and that there won’t be bank runs like in old movies…Good work, as usual.