Morning Deals

  • Equifax: Free FICO credit score for first 10,000 people. Absolutely free, no credit card required, this is your actual FICO score.
  • Microsoft: 30% Off eBay Buy It Now Items with CashBack Program
  • 4seasonswine: 6 Bottles of Wine for $40 (Including Shipping & Tax) plus 2 Free Gifts (just cancel the membership if you don’t want it afterwards

Highlights From Buxr

  • PetSmart : $10 off $40 w/ coupon code: OCTSAVE
  • ZipZoomFly: Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA II Hard Drive for $119.99 + $7.85 Shipping
  • NewEgg: SCEPTRE 46″ 1080p LCD HDTV for $999 w/ Free shipping

Highlights From Dealnews

  • Select AirTran flights from $59, more
  • Apple Store: Refurbished Apple iPod MP3 Players: iPod nano 4GB from $79 + free shipping, more
  • Klipsch Synergy Series Speakers and Subwoofers from $80 + free shipping

Highlights From Dealhack

  • Amazon: Save 20% to 60% off Microsoft Mice, Keyboards, & Webcams
  • Best Buy: Westinghouse 19-inch Dual Input LCD Monitor $160
  • Circuit City: Acer 16-inch Core 2 Duo Notebook $700 Shipped


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  1. DeleteThisAccount says:

    I love how the “morning deals” come after a post about the senate passing a multi-billion dollar bailout.

    I’m still bitter as all hell about this bailout. Maybe a CEO can buy me that 1080p LCD TV.

    America, what a joke.

  2. zigziggityzoo says:

    I got my credit score, that was cool.

  3. Thanks for the free FICO score link. Very helpful.

  4. MaelstromRider says:

    My credit score “order” completed, but the system was down when I tried to view it.

    • ThatShortGuy says:

      @MaelstromRider: Managed to see mine with no problems whatsoever. Just keep at it.

      That said, many thanks to ya, Ben. Half day at work only gets better when you read that your credit score isn’t just good, it’s damn good.

    • bricklayer says:

      @MaelstromRider: I had to call Equifax and actually speak to a human before getting my credit score. I have it now and I’m ready to get a mortgage!

  5. Anks329 says:

    Thanks for the credit score!

  6. SuperSnackTime says:

    Awesome, free FICO! I alway figured mine wasn’t too good, but it turns out to be quite great! Woot!

  7. emona says:

    I compared the Equifax FICO to what my WaMu credit card shows (Pulling from TransUnion) and it was about 20pts off. I wondered how accurate the WaMu score was. It’s good to have a real-time look at where I am.

    Thanks for the link!

  8. savvy999 says:

    790 here! w00t!

  9. Corporate_guy says:

    “Avoid opening more credit accounts at this time and as a general rule, if you don’t need or plan to use credit, don’t apply for it.”

    I find it interesting that getting 50 bucks off on an xbox by signing up for a credit card I will never use can somehow hurt my credit score. If anything as a result I have more money and should be a safer borrower.

  10. blackmage439 says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, Consumerist! I just got my first FICO ever, and it was free thanks to you!

    (It’s 758, by the way :-D)

  11. Does anyone know what CreditKarma pulls their score from ( My gut tells me TransUnion, but I’m not entirely sure.

  12. Moosehawk says:

    10,000 scores already over =(
    I must have missed it by about 5 minutes

    • PixiePerson says:

      @Moosehawk: Seriously? I just did mine.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      @Moosehawk: I just did mine too. I’d try again.

      • noi56u says:

        @Rectilinear Propagation: The “10,000” figure is probably a fake number, it’s most likely an all-day promotion. Especially when the Equifax marketing gurus have a chance to capture hundreds of thousands of emails and mailing addresses for their databases for little cost to them…

        • Moosehawk says:

          “We’re sorry – we’ve already given away 10,000 free FICO scores. Thank you for your interest. Please stay tuned for new and exciting FICO score promotions.”

          With no links on the page. I’m going to try it when I get to work.

  13. Fist-o™ says:

    Just got my equifax via last March; it was 801. wow. I have no idea how. It’ll probably go down, now, though since I’m debt free. I hope any future mortgage lenders don’t go strictly by the FICO score… that’s what got us into the mess we’re in now, partly.

  14. BK88 says:

    I changed the terms of agreement to say that I can sue them in a single or class action suit and that they will provide me with a free credit score.

    Silly web programmers can figure out how to put that up without being able to be edited by every person. At least I took a screen cap of it!

  15. boogermike says:

    Got my credit score, thanks Consumerist!!!

  16. PixiePerson says:

    Thanks Consumerist! I just got my score, so exciting!

  17. jpmoney says:

    Nice on the free Fico. I also like the “what interest rate to expect” widget on there. Oh wait, who has credit now?

  18. jeknee says:

    FICO scores are gone, no more free. :(

  19. dmbbnl429 says:

    I was able to get mine around 10:00am, thanks consumerist!

  20. Zerkaboid says:

    Thanks for the tip on the free credit score, I was pleasantly surprised with mine.

    Also, does anyone know anything about this TV? A 1080P LCD is exactly what I’m in the market for right now, but I’m always wary of TVs that aren’t big-name brands.

  21. awwww… already gone. Maybe they’ll do another soon.

  22. starrion says:

    I must have been one of the last.

    Mine was good. Very happy. Thanks

  23. warf0x0r says:

    Why do the deals say Newegg even though its not at Newegg? Is it an affiliate?

    • rrrebo says:

      @warf0x0r: Because it is at Newegg. Click on the deal on COnsumerist, it takes you to the “deal” site, where there is a link to Newegg.

  24. whans2007 says:

    Missed the free credit score by thaaaaat much!

  25. pterrell says:

    Looks like all the free credit scores have been taken…

  26. ElizabethD says:

    OK, maybe I’m weird, but I first read the brand name as “4 Season Swine” instead of 4 seasons wine. Maybe reconsider that name, fellas!

  27. smartwatermelon says:

    Disappointed that I missed the Equifax deal.