Gas Station Owner Accidentally Sells Gas For $0.35, But Is Glad To Have Made People Happy

Mimi Zidan owns the Lucky Mart in Pekin, IL, where a pricing mistake resulted in a mob of gas thirsty customers, rushing to take advantage of pumps that were dispensing gas for only $0.35 per gallon. You’d think she’d be upset about losing so much money, but she’s not.

“We lost about 1,000 gallons of gas and about $3,500,” Mimi Zidan, owner of the Lucky Mart on Derby Street, said Wednesday. “But I don’t feel too bad because the people looked so happy when they were buying gas. If I can do this for them, that’s all right.”

The attendant on duty accidentally adjusted the pumps to sell gas for 35 cents instead of $3.50, and during the two hours before they were corrected people called their friends to tell them about the mistake.

The result was that the situation at Derby and South Fifth streets was totally chaotic, with traffic backed up in all directions when Zidan returned to the store.

“I thought it was an accident,” Zidan said. “For the first 10 minutes I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to say you must stop, the price is wrong.”

But once the police came in and restored some order, she felt better.

Her sister, Amy Habal, who helps run the store, said it would have been nice if someone had told them about the mistake instead of calling their friends.

“But my sister is very kind, she does not think bad about people,” Habal said.

Lucky customers pump 35-cent gas
[Peoria J-S] (Thanks, Eyebrows McGee!)
(Photo: spinadelic )

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