FDA Considers Banning OTC Cough Medicines For All Children Under 6

Pediatricians are asking the FDA to recall all OTC cough medicines for children under six years old, and the FDA is holding a public hearing on the subject today. One reason this has only recently become an issue is that when the FDA originally set rules for OTC cough medicines, they were based only on studies for adults, not kids, writes the Associated Press. Although there’s a low risk of unintentional overdose—the AP says about 7,000 children are admitted to ERs each year—the other issue is that there’s very little evidence that they’re effective.

“Parents should know that there is less evidence than ever to support the use of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines for young children,” said Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, Baltimore’s health commissioner. “There is nothing that is holding the FDA back from asking for a voluntary recall now of products marketed to kids under 6.”

“FDA urged to recall cold medicines for youngsters” [Associated Press]
(Photo: Getty Images)