Delta Creative Prez Denies Refund: "We're Not In The Business Of Reimbursement"

Update: Vickie has settled with Creative Delta over this issue. Here’s her official statement:

I have used the Delta PermEnamel Products for several years with marvelous results. This was an isolated incident which I would not expect to recur. This isolated incident has been resolved to my complete satisfaction. Thank you, Delta Creative, Inc.

Vickie Silcox/Artist
A Painted Setting

Congrats, Vickie! We’re glad Delta Creative came through in the end.

If you’re finding this for the first time, you can still read the original post below:

First of all, this is a story about Delta Creative, not Delta Airlines. Delta Creative makes craft and hobby supplies, including something called PermEnamel glass paint. Vickie, a glass artist who says she’s painted “literally thousands of pieces” using PermEnamel, had it fail on her recently. It ruined almost 100 of her pieces and cost her approximately $2,000. She says Delta confirmed the product failed, and approved a reimbursement request—but then “the President of Delta Creative, Bill George, stepped in and said they don’t guarantee their products, nor is he in the business of reimbursement,” and he denied it.

Here’s Vickie’s story:

I have lost nearly 100 pieces, at a value of nearly $2,000.00, due to the failure of Delta Permenamel surface conditioner. Their technical department confirmed the failure, the Director of Marketing approved the claim for time and materials, and the President declined reimbursement to me stating that Delta is not in the business of reimbursement! Most importantly, he stated to me that the company does not and will not guarantee the products.

I have painted thousands of pieces, with fantastic results, never one dissatisfied client….you might say I was a Delta disciple, proficient in every way in the application of these products…….but I am no longer that gal. I will never touch this product again.

I lost the ability to sell these 100 pieces and Delta Creative is responsible, and I am now suffering the aftermath. Loss of inventory to sell, loss of revenue to purchase glass, paint, book future shows. Cut off at the knees.

I’m posting this to give other Glass Painters using Delta Permenamel products the opportunity to weigh the risk that they are taking when using this paint. And to seriously evaluate the consequences, if the process fails. You will have no recourse.

I have reported Delta Creative with the Better Business Bureau, and will take further steps if necessary for them to right this wrong.

Finally, when you read that label that says “dishwasher safe”, what it should really say is “sometimes dishwasher safe” or perhaps….”dishwasher safe only at the Delta Plant.

You may not be in the business of “guaranteeing” products, Bill George, but you’d think some sort of goodwill reimbursement at the very least would be a smart idea. Regardless of your behavior, however, we agree with Vickie that other glass artists should know that if (when?) PermEnamel fails, it will be their problem, not Delta Creative’s.

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