Update: USAA Posts Notice On Website Regarding Technical Issues

Last week we raised the ire of plenty of USAA fans by posting a story about a woman’s IRA that went missing for nearly a day. We were as surprised as many of you that she’d received such poor customer service from the first CSR she spoke with, considering USAA’s usually stellar reputation. But the next day someone from USAA contacted Travis and his wife to find out what went wrong. Here’s Travis’ update.

Travis writes:

My wife talked to Tom [at USAA] and he said he would get someone to call her that specifically looked into these problems. Steve McCoy, Assistant Vice President with Specialized Member Services called her today [26 Sep 2008] and was very understanding and listened to her. He also did what 90% of the rest of the businesses should do when in USAA’s position, he apologized. It’s hard to be mad at someone when they sincerely apologize, and the wife is a forgiving woman.

USAA has now updated their website to show they are experiencing technical problems with their web page but are working to fix them. We appreciate the response from USAA and the help from the Consumerist!

In fact, we received a tip today from another reader confirming that USAA has indeed updated their site to warn customers not to panic if something looks off. Virginia writes:

I logged on to pay a bill and they’ve posted a notice about problems displaying investments accounts.

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  1. MosesFedotenko says:

    I’ve only had to complain about a situation at USAA once – a mortgage where my good faith estimate was WAY off. Got a call from a QA specialist very quickly who wanted to know exactly what happened and promised to fix it. No need for threats or histrionics, or executive carpet bombing.

    Something to be said for a member owned organization.

  2. JoshuaImp says:

    I’ve said it on the Consumerist before and I’ll say it again, USAA is *the* best bank ever. It’s a crying shame the general public can’t get a bank like this. There’s simply no way to describe their above-and-beyond service.

    When I read the initial complaint against USAA, I had no doubt it would be resolved. They simply defy the standards of modern customer service.

  3. midwestkel says:

    Yep I saw the same message when I logged into my USAA account.

  4. JeromeMabawza says:

    They’ve had similar messages for months.

    This whole story is one huge overreaction and just shows that USAA not only provides excellent customer service, they are also very very tolerant of customers who publicly impugn them without cause.

  5. gatewaytoheaven says:

    Now if only I could get a USAA account.

    • mike says:

      @gatewaytoheaven: Join the military or marry someone that has a USAA account. :-)

      • econobiker says:

        @mike: gatewaytoheaven, you should check if any of your family members qualify as they recently loosened up some of the requirements such as now allowing widows/widowers of now-deceased retired military spouses to join along with some other openings.

        USAA allowed non-commissioned and regular rank service members to join in ’96.

        My father was an officer in the late ’60s and his lifelong use of USAA was the best membership investment I could have gotten from him.

  6. 2Wheelsor4: The Moto-Stig says:

    I love USAA, I really do, I do my banking and have all my insurance through them and they’ve always been outstanding.

    I am a little bitter though, since they did screw me over on a mortgage a week before closing.

    They told me that I wouldn’t be able to use a $7500 first time homebuyer’s grant from the city when their position all along had been it would be “you could include that money no problem.” Yeah, had to change mortgage brokers and had to run a whole new mortgage in about 72 hours prior to closing. Wasn’t too happy about that.

  7. charlietilt says:

    I also am a big fan of USAA. I have been with them since 2001. I use their Credit, Banking, Insurance and Investment services and have had nothing but fantastic service from them.

    All I can say is, if you are eligible to sign up with USAA, do it.

    Great company, great service.

  8. xspook says:

    I had their auto insurance for many years. I decided to shop around and found a much cheaper (over $600 a year savings) policy elsewhere. When I called to cancel, they offered to lower my policy, but couldn’t match the price I got elsewhere. That actually pissed me off, because, as a 10 year loyal customer I should’ve been getting the best price. Now that I tell them I’m leaving, they reward my loyalty with a lower price. Adios USAA.

    • vdragonmpc says:


      Wait until you make a claim on your policy… Thats when you see what you are paying for.

      A drunk driver hit my wife in 2002 and totally destroyed her car. She was 8 months pregnant and we needed a car fast so I didnt have to take off work to get her to the doctor… USAA paid the full loan of the car off and took care of everything including sueing the crap out of the other driver. (yup in Chesterfield County VA you can drive over someones car and nothing happens to you they just give you probation)

      Then when we broke down in a friends van they were ready to tow us AND the trailer just because I was driving the clunker. Nice. Very nice.

      One negative: They started doing credit checks this year and adjust rates to it. That is BS.

      • VA_White says:


        You’re right. You get what you pay for, I’ve found. Their roadside assistance beats the pants off of AAA and costs a lot less, too.

        • ezmobee says:

          @VA_White: Glad to hear their roadside assistance is good. I went to them after I left AllState specifically because their roadside assistance proved to be less than worthless. (and their rates were way better)

    • jenn7110 says:

      I have gotten quotes from every other major insurance company in my area. No one can match USAA’s price. I’ve had several ask who my current insurer is before quoting, and when I tell them USAA, they tell me they know they can’t match that and won’t even try.

      Even if they were higher, I’d stay with them because I know they’ll actually cover the things they say they will if I need to file a claim.

      • econobiker says:


        xspook- sure USAA is more expensive in some areas but they make up for it with the service plus that they will cover you in states with insurance “issues”. Some companies don’t service those states and will drop you as soon as you move and try to change your address. What jenn7110 said is true for those states too that USAA may end up being the lowest.

        And USAA is generally honest and quick to respond…

    • @xspook: Welcome to the state of business today… though I find that funny that USAA would play ball, you’d think it’s all about the numbers. Your risk = $ premium, right? You aren’t less risky because you’re going ot leave…

    • midwestkel says:

      @xspook: Yep USAA auto insurance was $110 cheaper a month and they cover more than what Progressive did. I told Progressive I was canceling and they asked who I was going to and said USAA they said they wont try to beat them.

    • Pop Socket says:

      @xspook: Their claim service is excellent. My wife has filed for lost/stolen jewelry several times and never gotten any flack.

  9. RagingBoehner says:

    I have USAA and can get an identical DC GEICO policy for a little less but their customer service makes up for it in my mind — and you get annual member dividends so that helps too.

  10. OrsonJibber says:

    I love USAA, we switched to their insurance and banking this year when I got married and became eligible. (Wife’s grandfather is retired Navy Cpt., her parents were members, she was a member)

    They are fantastic. Much lower rates then what I had through American Family, and customer service has been great. Everytime we call we get right in to a person who never has any problem helping us.

    I even called them at 7:30PM one time because I was having problems getting my Quicken to sync with their system. After getting zero help from Quicken’s developers, I called USAA and I was told I’d be transferred to “the Quicken department” (rolling my eyes thinking it would be the same crap I got the devs) — after I told the person the version I had it was all set in 2 minutes. He knew exactly where to go and what to fix and I was done. I was floored.


  11. What more can you ask for? Glad things all worked out…

  12. ChuckECheese says:

    Just a little possible tip here. Talking to a friend who works for USAA, he said about 2 weeks ago that USAA began laying off scores of CSRs, including regular F/T, contract hires and temps, in their collections and customer service call centers. He was as surprised as I that a company would lay off collections people.

  13. kryrinn says:

    I have had issues with USAA lately too – I paid my rent (check), but wasn’t around a computer, so i called to transfer funds – said everything is ok, listened to my account balance, alright. A few days latr, I checked my balance again, and it hadn’t transfered the funds, and I had a bounce from my rent check. Got it fixed, though – I didnt have proof that I had transfered it, but they believed me.

    They do that occasionally, though – little things and I get hit with overdraft fees. And they won’t let me use my savings acct as overdraft protection for my checking, only a credit card!

    I was surprised the rent check went through so quickly though, because lately checks have been taking 3+ weeks to clear.

  14. RStewie says:

    USAA is great. I checked their insurance, but Progressive was less expensive, and has always been a great company to me.

    I got my mortgage through USAA, though, and they were EXTREMELY helpful concerning ALL the aspects of the purchase and paperwork and insurance needs (even though I didn’t go through them for it). They made my first home purchase 100% better than it would have been, if I had gone with a realtor friend’s recommendation (Countrywide!! HA!!).

    They rock. I <3 USAA.

  15. shimsham says:

    i’ll say it again: USAA > God

  16. MadelineEris says:

    I’ve been a member for 20+ years. I have had some problems with USAA, so not is all roses, but I still use them and like them.

    1) They barrage you with marketing snail mail all the time (online bank apps, credit card apps, life insurance apps, you name it) until you call and complain. I still get them, but not as much. Minor, I know.

    2) They refused to insure my new home when I moved. After I asked to talk to a supervisor, then *his* manager, and then the district manager, I was finally able to convince them to keep me (plus I said I would move auto ins., life ins., etc all somewhere else kind of did the trick).

    What most people say here is true– they provide good products and great support.

  17. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    I have everything through USAA but my renter’s insurance because – like many other companies – they no longer offer insurance in Florida (except for auto)

  18. Elvisisdead says:

    Actually, I’d prefer it if everyone couldn’t get into USAA. Most people who who are military or children of military are good responsible people. That lowers the risk level of the pool, and makes it easy to insure them. You start letting everyone in, and it wrecks the dynamic. The same argument was made when they opened it up to non-comms. But, while a non-comm, still a responsible dude.

  19. valadin says:

    been with USAA since I was at USNA. I dumped Navy Fed (crappy bank/credit union), I got my wife to join USAA and I will NEVER look back. I get a much better deal on auto insurance(in San Diego) with CostCo than USAA, but I know that USAA is better…