Update: USAA Posts Notice On Website Regarding Technical Issues

Last week we raised the ire of plenty of USAA fans by posting a story about a woman’s IRA that went missing for nearly a day. We were as surprised as many of you that she’d received such poor customer service from the first CSR she spoke with, considering USAA’s usually stellar reputation. But the next day someone from USAA contacted Travis and his wife to find out what went wrong. Here’s Travis’ update.

Travis writes:

My wife talked to Tom [at USAA] and he said he would get someone to call her that specifically looked into these problems. Steve McCoy, Assistant Vice President with Specialized Member Services called her today [26 Sep 2008] and was very understanding and listened to her. He also did what 90% of the rest of the businesses should do when in USAA’s position, he apologized. It’s hard to be mad at someone when they sincerely apologize, and the wife is a forgiving woman.

USAA has now updated their website to show they are experiencing technical problems with their web page but are working to fix them. We appreciate the response from USAA and the help from the Consumerist!

In fact, we received a tip today from another reader confirming that USAA has indeed updated their site to warn customers not to panic if something looks off. Virginia writes:

I logged on to pay a bill and they’ve posted a notice about problems displaying investments accounts.

(Photo: law_kevin)

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