In one brain-melting two-minute clip, watch all the media frenzy, punditry, and cable-news excitement of the financial meltdown, courtesy of CNN’s own Rick “The Twitter Board Is Blowing Up!” Sanchez. [YouTube]


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  1. StoneKitten says:


  2. Hmmm, chest area?

  3. jpmoney says:

    Thank goodness I ‘have an Internet close by’. Riveting really, but I can almost guarantee that the Fox News/business would be 10X worse.

  4. dakotad555 says:

    I too have this thing called ‘internet,’ and I can confirm that it really is good to have one close by.

  5. samson says:


    Are we polarizing as much as brazil.
    The beast of a documentary.
    Got at random from the heaven library.

    We all thought are boats are rising.
    No the economic weather was just getting warmer.
    Fewer safe places for your money.
    Rewards the smart and crafty.
    If you meet one let me know.
    I want to learn.