High Fructose Corn Syrup Research Paid For By HFCS Industry

CBS says that they took a look at the research cited by the marketing campaign from the Corn Refiners Association — which features “people-in-the-know” rolling their eyes and scoffing at befuddled anti-corn-syrup zealots — and realized that “three were sponsored by groups that stand to profit from research that promotes HFCS. Two were never published so they’re funding sources are unclear. And one was sponsored by a Dutch foundation that represents the interests of the sugar industry.”

CBS says that research has shown that the outcome of studies seems to be influenced by who is paying for the study…

Last year, research from the Children’s Hospital Boston suggested that nutrition research, like medical and tobacco research, can be influenced when industry funds the studies. It showed that when studies were sponsored exclusively by food/drinks companies, the conclusions were four to eight times more likely to be favorable to the sponsoring company.

So, is corn syrup bad for you? Experts do not agree, but the general consensus is that while it may not be worse for you than sugar — it’s not exactly good for you either.

Sweetner Controversy Grows [CBS] (Thanks, j h5279!)