Get Your Expired Bloomingdale's Gift Card Balance Restored

Pam had a Bloomingdale’s gift card that went unused for a couple of years, and when she tried to spend it last weekend, she was told it had expired. Pam found a way to get the balance restored fairly quickly, though. If you’ve got a card from before February 2008, try Pam’s advice below.

This past weekend, I went to Bloomingdales with a gift card that I received two years ago. The salesperson told me it had “expired.” I was furious. How could a gift card “expire” after such a short time? How could they take “my” money?

I searched, and learned that gift cards purchased after Feb. 2008 never expire.

That didn’t comfort me. Then I sent an email to Customer Service. Lo and behold: they replied with a phone number to call to “restore” the balance in my expired card:


A minute and one phone call later, I have the full $109 back on my card.

It’s interesting how no one at the store was willing or able to give me this information — and how there’s no directions about it on

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