Verizon Told Me Their FiOS Gift Card Promotion Never Even Existed

Reader Jacob says that he’s been getting the runaround for months after signing up with Verizon during their free $200 Circuit City gift card promotion, but he finally reached his breaking point when a Verizon rep told him that the promotion never even existed. Too bad it did exist, and we wrote about it.

Jacob says:

I signed up for FIOS in March and was promised a $200 Circuit City giftcard, and have been given the runaround for months now. I thought I was an isolated case, but when the rep last week told me the promotion had never existed, that was the last straw.

Jacob pointed us to a website filled with angry Verizon customers who haven’t received their gift cards. Of course, this isn’t the first time Verizon has failed to deliver on a FiOS promotion. Remember the disastrous “Free LCD” giveaway earlier this year?

If you believe that you were eligible for a free gift card from Verizon and have not received it, you should contact your state’s attorney general and file a formal complaint. If enough customers do this, the AG will investigate.