Verizon Told Me Their FiOS Gift Card Promotion Never Even Existed

Reader Jacob says that he’s been getting the runaround for months after signing up with Verizon during their free $200 Circuit City gift card promotion, but he finally reached his breaking point when a Verizon rep told him that the promotion never even existed. Too bad it did exist, and we wrote about it.

Jacob says:

I signed up for FIOS in March and was promised a $200 Circuit City giftcard, and have been given the runaround for months now. I thought I was an isolated case, but when the rep last week told me the promotion had never existed, that was the last straw.

Jacob pointed us to a website filled with angry Verizon customers who haven’t received their gift cards. Of course, this isn’t the first time Verizon has failed to deliver on a FiOS promotion. Remember the disastrous “Free LCD” giveaway earlier this year?

If you believe that you were eligible for a free gift card from Verizon and have not received it, you should contact your state’s attorney general and file a formal complaint. If enough customers do this, the AG will investigate.


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  1. teh says:

    In addition to filling with the AG, I’d also take it to small claims court.

    • IrvCrapper says:

      I almost took them to small claims over the TV promotion, but they eventually settled by sending me $450.00 and a gift card for $50.00.

      I don’t trust Verizon, and once they are established as a competitor in TV and data delivery, I think their true customer service approach will be made clear.

  2. pattymc says:

    They did something similar to me awhile back. Said if you signed up friends and relations for FIOS you would get a discount on your bill. When I called to collect on the three accounts I had generated they said they had never heard of the promotion.

    BTW, I evangelized the three people to switch from Comcast to FIOS. It IS a much better service, faster and more reliable & I recently got bumped up from 15mbps to 24 with no extra charge.

  3. crabbyman6 says:

    I had these same issues getting the run around for months. I finally got it resolved by just asking for them to credit my account $200 and forget the card. Two days later I had a $200 credit to my account and considered myself as having $200 to spend anywhere I wanted rather than CC or Best Buy.

  4. DeborahBrizo says:

    Besides writing your state’s attorney general, also write your county’s district attorney. Calmly and rationally explain what has transpired and do so as if they have never heard of the situation – that way your letter includes all the information they need to know. You can even note in your letter that this seems a lot loke a “bait and switch” scheme. A big business may be willing to jerk you around, but they do not want the AG and/or the DA crawling all over them. Additionally, write to your states Public Utility Commission, as well as your city/county’s commission that awrded Verizon your geographical area. That way they get to respond not only to the AG and DA, but to the folks who can award contracts, or take them away. Type up one generic letter for all the agencies and them just swap out their names and addresses. Finally, send copies (not the originals) of all pertinent documents/ads/letters and such with each letter. Have fun and good luck.

  5. Ein2015 says:

    Any chance of a class-action brewing?

  6. mwshook says:

    Once, I went in to get a new phone at Verizon. Because of some computer glitch, it said I had only been a customer for 4 months, rather than 2.5 years.

    At one point, the employee, said “We didn’t even have the New-Every-Two promotion two years ago.”

    I asked him if he’s ever had a customer come into claim a “New Every Two” free phone. He said “of course, several customers a day.” I pointed out to him, this would be impossible if the promotion was less than two years old. That stumped him for a while.

    The above story doesn’t surprise me. Why do I stay with Verizon? I’ve not seen any evidence that their competitors have better customer service.

    • shor0814 says:


      I told T-Mobile that I wasn’t sure why I stayed with them, and maybe it was because they are the lesser of many evils. I also told them that it wasn’t meant to be a compliment, but I am sure they will take it that way.

  7. TKWarrior says:

    I guess I should feel lucky, got my gift card two weeks after I started my service. This is the ‘Free LCD’ fiasco all over again.

    • @TKWarrior: I got my free LCD within weeks. Then, when it came cracked they replaced it AND tossed in one of those $50 Visa gift card. I dont know if its because I was the first in my neighborhood, but they treated me like a king. My father had a similar experience, and he was the first in his building.

      I guess the key is to get in early.

  8. I’d also highly recommend filing a complaint with your state Public Service Commission.

    Verizon responds very quickly to those.

    They have to.

    • Luna City says:

      @twophrasebark: Seriously. You’ve never seen a public utility or cell phone company jump so fast than when contacted by a state Public Service Commission. It’s almost appalling, but in a good way.

    • Nofsdad says:

      @twophrasebark: The California Public Utilities Commission does not respond to consumer complaints at all unless you can get some weasely assed politician to contact them.

      They’re so in the pockets of the utilities they’re supposed to be regulating, they could care less about your side of anything.

  9. azntg says:

    Did Verizon hire the former Iraqi Minster of Information as the head of their promotions department?

    • Maniako says:

      @azntg: You seem to pretend that the Iraqi minister of information was worst than our own department of information…. you know, the one who said tha BinLaden was linked to Saddam and that Iraq was hiding weapon of mass destruction and started a 5 year war on those 2 factors…

  10. ValdaZodiac says:

    Its still on there website…

  11. sn1per420 says:

    You don’t even need to go to the AG. When our LCD TV never showed up, I found the phone number to the CEO’s office [] (Thanks Consumerist!), and asked his secretary where my free TV was. She transferred me to a guy who called us back daily for a week, until our TV was delivered to our house.

    It’s pretty disappointing that Verizon can’t get their promotions in order, because FiOS really is the best internet service available in the states.

  12. Flyinace2000 says:

    They tried to only send me a $100 gift card. Many calls later i said screw it, and sent a EECB and with 2 hours i had gotten a call from someones personal assistant asking for my address and asking about my FCC complaint regarding the broadcast flag and IEEE port being encrypted. Consumerist ninja strikes again! I ended up buying the Harmony One remote for $20.

  13. madog says:

    Wow, $200 at a failing tech super store. Awesome…….

    “Congrats! Now here’s your $1000 Coupon good at any of our tens of manure outlets!”

  14. arskinner says:

    Truly one of the worst companies I’ve ever dealt with. In trying to get DSL in my apartment, I spent two weeks on the phone with tech support daily. When they finally scheduled an appointment for a technician to come check it out, he never showed. I called Time Warner and they had the Internet up the next day in about 20 minutes.

    Then, when I called to get a refund for the first month, which Verizon had already billed me for (even though they swore they wouldn’t, as I hadn’t even gotten on the Internet yet), they wanted to only refund 14 days of service. I asked to speak to a supervisor, which quickly got the rep to give me all my money back, but I will never ever do business with Verizon again.

  15. TheFuzz53 says:

    Is Verizon’s plan to cement themselves as the sleaziest of all the telecom companies? At this rate, Comcast should be dethroned by year’s end.

    • Tiber says:

      @TheFuzz53: They’re just committed to competing with Comcast on all levels. Just wait until they start competing with Comcast to see who can limit their customer’s unlimited* bandwidth the most.

      *”Unlimited” offer only applies up until you actually want to use the service. Terms and conditions apply. See the secret policy guidebook that customers are not allowed to read for more information.

  16. aquanutz says:

    When I signed up for a FiOS it was a nightmare (which was posted on here) and I never actually got my free gift card either. Verizon sales people are just completely full of BS and will tell you anything you want to hear in order to make a sale.

  17. highmodulus says:

    Show Us your Verizon Face!

  18. orielbean says:

    They never disabled that web page. You all better make a copy and post to somewhere important. The bottom half has all of the legalese that they will use to try and weasel out of it. Save it, Print It, etc. Timestamp that bad larry.

  19. uberbucket says:

    “To receive free Digital Camera or Gift Card offer, services must be installed by 04/30/2008”

    Time machine sold sepperately.

  20. ZitaAstydameia says:

    They tried the same thing when I signed up for DSL (not fortunate enough to have FIOS service). They offered a $60 bill credit if you switched from cable plus a special one month rate and a $20 target GC. I had to fax them a copy of my old cable bill and when I did they called me asking why I faxed it to them. They claimed they were offering no such promotion and said the same about the Target GC. I slapped them in the face with a screen shot of the ad from their website and my confirmation page and they quickly honored their promotion.

  21. mrxcel says:

    I sign up for Verizon Fios on May 7th 2008 due to a promotion of bundle savings and a $200 Amex Gift Card. For a total of 115.68

    Because I had done this online I called about five times (Don’t have the dates) to ensure that everything was ok, and I was told that everything looked fine, and that I should receive the $200 rebate in 6 to 8 weeks .

    On June 28th I got my first bill – $238.81, nothing close to the ~$115 per contract. And still no $200 Amex checks (they did say that the Amex cards take about 8 weeks to be mailed out). I placed a call to Verizon and after multiple and very annoying and long automatic menus and an average wait of about 30 minutes I got to a real person, Ms. Hatfield at 9:43 Am. To my surprise and to add my frustration said she will call from 1:45 to 2:15 because the system “does not work today” I had no choice but to wait, I Never got a call back.

    On July 1st I called again and same long wait and automated messages (about 35 minutes) I finally got to Ms. Barrell. She said that she could see that my bill was incorrect and said that my bill will be adjusted to the proper amount. But I needed to accept some terms that I had already accepted when I signed in, so I did ( I have screenshots) Accepted the terms again! @ 9:51 am on July 1, 2008.
    The next bill was properly adjusted but no AMEX gift card.

    Its now October 1st, because I have not heard from Verizon, I place another call, this time I spoke with Mr. Lee who said that he was transferring me to the Rebate Center. On the rebate Center I spoke with Monica who essentially said you are out of luck we don’t know about this promotion and we don’t handle this promotion if it ever existed
    I called back to Verizon to get to the right department, and I was transferred again to Monika who was very rude and said the same thing.
    Third try, called Verizon one more time, and I told the CSR that he needs to transfer me to someone who knows this promotion, this got me nowhere.