Toy With A Budget More Depressing Than Your Own… The Federal Government's!

Think you’d do a better job at balancing the budget than Presidential Candidate X or Presidential Candidate Y? Now you can! American Public Media has put together the world’s most depressing game. You are asked to meet certain goals (you decide what they are, so you can choose to be either candidate, or a treehugger, or a socialist, or a libertarian, or a pr person for Walmart, whatever it is that you actually are) by playing different budget-affecting cards (Example: You can end “No Child Left Behind” and save $110 B.)

After you think you’ve got it all worked out, the game will tell you if you met your goals and what your budgeting style is. I’m apparently a “down-sizer,” which is somewhat unsurprising considering the fact that I’m cheap. Watch out all you big government types. I’m coming for you.

Budget Hero [APM]