Comcast Loves You So Much They Keep Billing You… 4 Months After You Canceled

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Oh Comcast, you romantic. You were so sorry to see Michal leave that you pretended he didn’t. We get it: he bikes, he blogs, he helps toddlers learn Polish. But after four months of him repeatedly asking you to stop billing him, when you still won’t stop it begins to look a little stalker-ish. Your computers can’t always be down.

It’s instructive to see how Michal is handling the situation, though. He’s set up a free blog at Blogspot, and posted scans of receipts and bills, transcripts of online chats, a timeline of what’s happened so far, and his email to Rick Germano (SVP of Customer Operations) and the subsequent auto-generated response that was sent back. For anyone who has a problem with Comcast that they can’t seem to get resolved, this is a great guide to all the ways you can attempt to communicate with the company.

As new information comes in, he posts it. As of Monday, Comcast’s Twitter-monitoring team is on the case. We’ll be checking Michal’s blog in the coming days to see whether they can succeed where everyone else has failed.

Consumer Complaint (Thanks to Erica!)
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