Circuit City Is Hemorrhaging Money: How Would You Fix It?

Somebody stop the bleeding! After losing $164.8 million in the first quarter, Circuit City has announced that they’ve taken it to the next level, and, not to be outdone by last quarter’s disaster, have managed to lose $240 million dollars.

Their new CEO, James A. Marcum, who has only been on the job a week, said:
“We realize the performance of this company is unacceptable to all of our stakeholders and that it is imperative that we take the right steps to accelerate our turnaround.”

And so, as is our habit, we ask you, the consumer, to tell us what is wrong with Circuit City and how they can fix it. We’ll choose the best comments and share them with Mr. Marcum.

What’s wrong with Circuit City?!

Circuit City Posts Wider Loss [Washington Post]

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