WaMu Says, "Take A Picture It Lasts Longer…"

Reader Steve says this photo was taken at the Austin City Limits Festival on the same day that WaMu was seized by federal regulators — making it not only funny, but extremely accurate.

We wonder how long this WaMu Live nonsense is going to last. Hello, Chase Bank Auditorium #334,234…


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  1. Roclawzi says:

    That’s going to be the joke of the week now. How do you change banks? Wait a week.

    • MyPetFly says:


      “That’s going to be the joke of the week now. How do you change banks? Wait a week.”

      In Soviet Union, you don’t switch bank, bank switch on you.

      (I’m glad I was the first one to get that joke in!)

  2. pandroid says:

    The Fleet Foxes -who did not play on the Wamu stage at ACL- were joking around that they wish they were. They then made a lot of bank jokes, including one about how comforting it is that banks are as bad with money as people are. It was pretty funny.

  3. youbastid says:

    You know what’s weird? A brand new WaMu branch just popped up in my neighborhood in LA. Like, the day they got taken over.

  4. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    Well, I’m sure all the WaMu branches will be converted into Chase banks before the end of the year. So take a picture, since this is the last time we’ll see the WaMu name/brand.

  5. jdmba says:

    Coast Federal Savings -> Home Savings of America -> Washington Mutual -> Chase. I have changed banks four times since 1994 and never changed banks once.

  6. Ben Popken says:

    Isn’t that the obnoxious phrase people use when they catch other people staring at them too long?

  7. bbb111 says:

    Yesterday my local All-News radio station had a bit on WaMu sale and then a bit on personal credit – followed by an ad for WaMu business services. The previously contracted ads are still running unchanged (I’m sure Chase will get around to swapping the ads after they finish with some more pressing concerns.)

  8. Truthie says:

    This isn’t nearly as ironic as the page on their website that says “In this tough time, we’re here”.


  9. BettinaCrispinus says:

    Here’s a screenshot of CNBC.com reporting on the global bank crisis. It has an ad of WaMu saying “Sorry, Sometimes I get so excited about WaMu I can’t speak” This was one day after the bailout…


  10. Torley says:

    Also see this intriguing WaMu envelope art:

    » [www.kozoo.net]

  11. tworld says:

    The best bailout sign so far was on a sign post on Wall Street that said, “JUMP YOU FUCKERS.”