Merry September! Christmas Is In Full Swing At Rite Aid!

Halloween is about a month away, but it’s too late to start thinking about that now. You’ve got Christmas crap to buy!

Reader Aaron says:

Today I was in Rite Aid in Bellport, NY with my wife getting her prescription filled. When we walked down an aisle, I was greeted by a nice, long display of Christmas decorations and items to purchase! I groaned and told my wife how it is just obscene and obnoxious to have this stuff out when it’s September and I’m still wearing shorts. I mean, Halloween is still a month away!

Anyhow, I share in your anger of how a single day out of 365 is exploited beyond belief.

Aaron, you’re just lazy. By today’s standards, you should have been buying your Halloween decorations two months ago. Get with the program!


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  1. mtarget says:

    Big Lots has had the creep for over a month. K-Mart and Martha Stewart are going strong in the Detroit area.

  2. donnie5 says:

    Maybe Time Burton was onto something with The Nightmare Before Christmas. Maybe we should make both holidays one…They have so much in common!

  3. nicemarmot617 says:

    I think I’m starting to get more sick of Christmas creep articles than I am of the actual Christmas creep itself.

    • Nick says:

      @nicemarmot617: I have to agree. In the past week, I’ve personally seen christmas stuff at Home Depot, Lowes, Sam’s Club, Costco, Michaels, Walgreens and Target. It is now christmas season at the stores, and we no longer need to have that pointed out with additional posts.

    • kathyl says:

      @nicemarmot617: Agreed. I am right on board with 95% of Consumerist articles, but I am unbothered by “Christmas Creep”. If people don’t want it, they won’t buy it, and they won’t put the merchandise out “early” anymore. If people are buying it, well, then the stores are just putting out merchandise that their customers want to buy.

      I’ve pointed out here before that crafters especially like to buy stuff ahead of time (or if they’re really smart, at after-Christmas sales and then you put it away until the next year) so that we have time to make the gifts and decorations that we want to make. You’d be surprised how long it takes to knit stockings or something like that.

  4. bobpence says:

    I was a Targét last night, and they had the Halloween stuff out in the “seasonal” area (the immediate prior season was “back to school” as attested by the clearance shelves nearby). Then at the back of that display, the start of Christmas decorations and such, suitable for early birds but not offensive or intrusive, IMHO.

    But nearer the front of the store what caught my eye was Halloween greeting cards. What. the. hell?

    • chiieddy says:

      @bobpence: Re: Halloween greeting cards.

      If people didn’t buy them, the card companies wouldn’t make them, so blame the customer on that one. :)

  5. coan_net says:

    Actually the early Christmas decorations have came in handy – there is a local “festival of trees” every year in our home town which starts December 1st – and run through Christmas.

    So now is the time many are starting to make a tree for the festival.

    And as I always say – the only reason they are in stores this early is someone is buying it. If no one was buying it, they would not have them in the stores this early.

  6. Ugh, Christmas stuff is out in full force at Target and Macy’s in Columbus, Ohio. Holiday decor one aisle away from Halloween costumes, cards and gift bags next to decorative pumpkins and pilgrim figurines. Seriously ridiculous. I will not buy Halloween candy and candy canes together.

  7. GreatCaesarsGhost says:

    Are you really going to report as each additional store puts there crap out? Are you going to be reporting “bikini creep” in January? We get the point, stores put out Christmas stuff too early for your tastes.

    Think about this for a minute: stores want to sell more stuff. Obviously some nimrods are buying their jingle bells in the August. And these are the people who spend way too much money on Christmas stuff. The store doesn’t care about your opinion or mine, because we’re not rebuying all our decorations each year.

    I’m not a Christmas creep defender, I think it’s ridiculous. But this story is getting old.

  8. The Great Aussie Evil says:

    Did I tell you about the indy toy shop in Novato where it’s Christmas and Halloween all year long? Rite Aid seems on time compared to that.

  9. CountryJustice says:

    @chiieddy: My father-in-law is guilty of that. In his defense, he buys greeting cards for pretty much every holiday you can think of.

    Thinking of you this Columbus Day!

  10. DogStarMan says:

    I can’t wait until the holidays start blending. I’ll be first in line for the anamatronic zombie-jesus mannequin.

  11. katbur2 says:

    Oh god you are so right about Rite Aid. I was in two weeks ago and Christmas had thrown up all over back to school, halloween and a couple of lonely pilgrim hats. Apparently this is national because I am in Wilmington, NC.

  12. I was in Rite Aid the other day picking up a prescription for my Mom like any good son and they had the Thanksgiving decorations on clearance already.

  13. DWalk says:

    Our local Rona (Canadian version of Home Depot) has their Christmas crap on display, and, to rub salt into the wounds, had Christmas music playing.

    Hmm, where’s the crowbar section? Bye bye CD player.

    • @DWalk:
      I hear ya! This “Christmas Creep” is making me sick. I’m usually the one who shuts off the CD player that’s playing xmas music as you enter the store (if it’s in full view, and available for customers to shut off). If it’s playing via PA system, I just crak up my ipod! :)

    • kbrook says:

      @DWalk: At least at Borders, there’s only a small set of CDS that have to be played, and the managers can choose others. When we got tired of Christmas crap (and there was some, but most of it was good), our managers were always good about putting on some Bob Marley or Queen.

  14. snoop-blog says:

    Everytime I read the “christmas creep” tag, I think of “the creeper” off of Scooby Doo. “creeper! ….creeper!”

    I know, I am not right in the head.

  15. Mistrez_Mish says:

    Ugh. It’s all over the place…
    The Michael’s in Queens, NY has had quite a few aisles dedicated to X-mas for well over a month now. Fake trees and all

  16. johnnya2 says:

    Of course the easiest thing to do is to stop believing in the birth of a guy who had a virgin mom, supposedly could walk on water, and died then came back to life. Gimme a break.

  17. QuinlanSwoosh says:

    I was in Rite Aid last Friday and right next to each other on a giant medal display area was two inflatable decorations. One was the manger with little baby Jesus in the middle, the other was a Halloween snowglobe style with a zombie rising from the grave. I really should have taken a picture of it.

  18. RandaPanda says:

    Why is it that the retail outlets think that it’s a good idea to force the public to think about and see this crap before it’s really time? The Christmas Creep just has me blown away by the audacity of marketing departments of these retailers, be it Rite Aid, Target, Wal-Mart, or Home Depot. Wait another month, then maybe consumers will be more interested in the merchandise than feeling like it’s being stuffed down their throats.

  19. fredzorz says:

    It’s the same thing at the Costco nearest me.