Threatening To Cancel Comcast Saves Man $238.92 Per Year

David used the classic Threaten To Cancel method to save big time on his cable bill, $238.92 per year. Better yet, he did it in the face of Comcast trying to raise his bill. Granted, it was by less than a dollar. But why pay more if you don’t have to? Here’s how he did it.

He told the CSR that he was not happy with service anymore and found it overpriced. The rep tried to get him to to a lower bandwith for a lower price. Dave said no, I just want to cancel. Comcast came back with $33/month for 6 months.

“I said that was a good price,” writes David, “but that I still wanted to cancel…unless he gave me that price for 12 months. He agreed, and now I am paying almost half of the full monthly rate, without having to add more services I don’t need (ie home phone and cable TV), or downgrading It seems like Comcast is very willing to keep the customers they already have, so take advantage of that and get yourself a lower rate.”

It’s not just David, here’s a couple of other readers who were able to do the same thing the same way:
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