No Power On Earth Can Compel FedEx To Actually Deliver Your Package

Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but reader Robbie has done everything short of hire someone to wait for his package, and still FedEx will not deliver it. Instead, despite Robbie’s best efforts, they keep leaving “Sorry you weren’t here” notes outside his door.

Robbie says:

1) I get a door tag on the door to my apartment with the box checked for “sign here for us to leave your package”.

2) The next day there’s another door tag for the same package, left right above the old signed door tag! I sign both door tags. On day 3, there’s yet a door tag, this time in the entrance hall of the apartment (this time he didn’t come up to my room to see the notes).

3) I call and ask about it, they say a signature isn’t even required (it’s a pair of shoes) and that the guy should have left it, that they will request another delivery, but “they can’t guarantee anything.” They take my phone number and say the guy will call me if he has any trouble.

4) I call back 3 additional times, getting the same response with a “we can ask the station to redeliver, but can’t guarantee anything” each time, and with them encouraging me to call back to ask again (?!)–They take no ownership of the issue or even acknowledge that there’s something wrong.

5) Finally I escalate and ask to talk to a “customer advocate”, who eventually calls the station (the other operators said they could only send electronic notices) and specifically orders re-delivery, and for them to leave it no matter what. Again, I provide them with my phone number (and the apartment door system is linked to my cell phone, so if he’d have buzzed, I would have known). I leave a signed door tag and a post it note with a request for them to leave the package, both on my front door *and* in the apartment entryway.

6) I return Saturday night to find another door tag, on the outside door to the entryway. My signed door tag and note is clearly visible from the outside door. Another door tag for another resident is on another mailbox!

7) The guy littered! The paper that covers the sticky part of the door tag is discarded on the pavement.

As a frequent online shopper, I’ve been at this place for a year and have had FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS deliver at least 2 dozen packages without incident. They all seem to have the keys to the building, and our door intercom is fully functional.

At this point I’m pretty sick of talking to FedEx. I’m tempted to email this to a senior executive (or one of their competitors). Any ideas?

If you ask me, delivery people who keep neglecting to ring the doorbell and instead leave those horrific notes are the most fiendish instrument of torture ever devised to bedevil the days of man.

That’s why we were pleased when Robbie sent us an update and said that he’s been getting a positive response so far after emailing FedEx’s executives. Good luck, Robbie.

If any of you are having similar issues, here is some contact information for you. And, of course, if you’ve ever had any success dealing with one of these evil, evil, note leaving delivery people, please do share your secret in the comments.


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  1. Ghede says:

    Yer lucky. Fed-ex doesn’t even bother to ring my apartment number. They just leave the door sticky downstairs at the entrance to the building. I have to go pick up the packages personally.

  2. SargentCassandra says:

    A lot of delivery companies won’t leave boxes at apartment buildings, and can’t seem to figure out how “complicated” buzzer systems work. What I always do is order the package delivered to my nearest Fedex/Kinkos, DHL, etc., and have them hold the package for pickup. That way, even if it’s not coming right to your door, you aren’t always chasing your packages down.

  3. lalaland13 says:

    About the only time I was ever home to sign for something is in college. Nowadays, I get the notices on my door, and signing it and leaving it out won’t work, since they almost always require a signature. So I have to go to the place after work and pick it up. It’s why I’m happy when people send things with the postal service instead of FedEx.

  4. CoreyCoeus says:

    I have the exact same problem, but with UPS. Nothing could compel them to leave the package even if I buzzed them in (Condo units.) I have switched to FedEx and haven’t had any problems. It really seems to be up to the mercy of the individual driver, because I experienced the same lack of concern complaining all the way up to a district manager.

    Switch to a different carrier and you’ll get a different driver!

    • socalrob of the 24 and a half century says:

      While I don’t live in an apartment, I have never had an issue with UPS not wanting to leave something. I ordered a phone from cingular and they shipped it Fedex. I dont know if they bothered to ring the doorbell or not but they left a note saying they tried 3 times to drop off the phone, and took it back to the facility. I had to go pick it up that night on my way home.

      UPS on the other hand will just cover it… whats the opposite of indescretely… anyhow with my front door mat. Ohh no ones going to see that HUGE box under the door mat. The Fedex shipped box on the other hand could have fit in my mailbox.

      UPS > Fedex???

      • reflection717 says:

        @socalrob: I’ve noticed the same thing. It’s getting to the point where I don’t want anyone to ship anything to me anymore.

        Fedex won’t deliver anything, even if you’re home.

        UPS delivered a package to me last night and 2 people were home, they left it on the front step, didn’t even bother ringing the bell or knocking. I only knew it was there because when I woke up I checked the tracking and it said it was delivered.

        I honestly prefer UPS to Fedex because I typically don’t order anything TOO valuable, but maybe the two companies can merge:

        UPex – we’ll deliver your packages RIGHT

  5. CountryJustice says:

    Advice for people who live in large apartment buildings:

    If your order allows for printable delivery instructions, THIS IS WHAT YOU USE IT FOR. If you say “Leave package in hallway/infront of apartment door/whatever,” it will be printed right on the delivery label, impossible to miss. If this option isn’t available on your order form, immediately contact customer service after your order is placed and make arrangements to include the information.

    I live in a 2-unit converted garage apartment behind a stand-alone house. My address is a “1/2” that’s not immediately visible from the street. I can’t even begin to describe the pain I’ve felt when it comes to courier delivery, but printable delivery instructions have saved the day many times.

    • @CountryJustice: As someone who worked with FedEx a lot I know that the customizable delivery label is merely a suggestion not a command. The person delivering the package doesn’t have to follow it if they don’t want to.

    • @CountryJustice: I know my sister feels your pain. She lives in an apartment off to the side of a house and has a private entrance. Lots of houses in New York have this and you’re supposed to write “Garden Entrance” or “Private Side Entry” on the postage because there isn’t a separate number like there is for an apartment.

      NO ONE, including the USPS guy, will deliver to the mailbox outside her door. Arguments have been had with the USPS mailman and he refuses to deliver there because it’s “against the law.” So now, the landlord in the house gets all of her mail and personally walks it over to her mailbox every day and she misses every single package unless she is literally standing on the sidewalk to intercept the delivery guy. Thankfully she is moving out of the pit of Staten Island in about a year when she finishes her degree.

  6. nicemarmot617 says:

    You know, I’m all for equal rights, but that doesn’t extend to hiring brain-damaged people to do jobs that involve a small amount of thinking, i.e., reading a note and making a decision to leave a package. Of course, if you stopped people from hiring idiots, 90% of the population would be unemployed.

    • Razor512 says:

      @nicemarmot617: Probably mush more than 90% but it is a problem, they need to hire better workers, there millions of people looking for jobs now, if a company has a bad worker, fire them, they can get a replacement worker within 5 minutes if they wanted.

      I hate when idiots come to deliver packages, many fedex workers wont even knock on a door if there is no door bell, they just walk up to the door, and put the sticky note right there then walk away, (they don’t even spend 5 seconds at the door)

  7. blackmage439 says:

    Sounds like an entirely inept delivery hub. I’ve had UPS, DHL, and the USPS miss me at my apartment. Each time, they either leave the package with the leasing office, or bring it back to the station, where I must pick it up. I’m not sure if my experiences are atypical, but they’re certainly logical.

    • Darascon says:

      @blackmage439: Yeah it definately sounds like a “special” hub. My local UPS one was awsome with the help when I had to sign for my 360. They patched me through to the driver’s cell and we worked out a pick up cause he would not be back at distro(which was about 40 minutes away) for a couple hours but was still in my area. So we met in my tattoo parlor’s parking lot.

  8. Mira Mi Huevo!!! says:

    FedEx blows chunks! I ordered 1000 envelopes and they were sent to me via FedEx Ground Service on a Tuesday(delivers mon-friday only). Comes friday and don’t get my package so I figure I’ll get it on monday. Comes Monday and it was not delivered so I check the status online and it says that it was delivered on saturday.
    I call FedEx and the seller to confirm the shipping service used and it was Ground. FedEx could not tell me why a ground package was delivered on a saturday and they could not explain it nor did they cared, the “System” said delivered and according to them it was delivered. Will never use FEDEX again.

    • Franklin Comes Alive! says:

      @chumia40: FedEx Ground/Home Delivery in particular blows. They do deliveries (and are open) Tue-Sat, which explains the Saturday delivery date you were given.

    • HogwartsAlum says:


      I use FedEx at work all the time and all the problems I’ve had are with Ground. They suck dead rats. It does come down a lot to the driver. Our pickup/delivery guy right now is da bomb, but the one before him was a wasted bunghole.

      Express on the other hand, is awesome. Even when they mess up, they are still awesome. And I’ve NEVER had a sticky on my door from them at home.

      If I’m in any doubt at all, though, I have stuff delivered to my work. That way I know there is always someone there to sign or receive it.

  9. dmuth says:

    Here’s the problem: FedEx has no incentive to listen to you, because you’re not their direct customer here. The company who you ordered the shoes from is.

    I think at this point it would be a good idea to contact the company you ordered the shoes from and tell them the story you told Consumerist about FedEx. I think a little pressure from the company, who presumably spends $$$ on FedEx shipping, will go a long way in getting FedEx to do something about the problem.

    • LostAngeles says:

      @dmuth: I did something similar when I lived in MA, although it was a friend who had sent the package.

      I was getting a glass of milk from the kitchen when I heard the front screen door open and shut. The kitchen is the room right behind the living room. By the time I got to the front door and found the, “Sorry you weren’t home,” tag, the Fed Ex guy was down the street. He didn’t knock, he just left the tag. UPS would just toss the package behind the bushes outside. USPS leaves it (if it’s thin enough) between the front door and the screen door.

      I called Fed Ex and they piffed at me. So I call my friend who sent the package using his work’s account and he promptly got up their asses and the guy was sent back.

    • chrismendez says:

      @dmuth: I know several online stores that allow the customer to choose whether they use FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. So in a way, we are direct customers since we’re picking and paying the specific delivery company.

  10. BeeBoo says:

    Here’s the reason you have so many problems with FedEx: anything shipped ground is delivered by subcontractors and they don’t have good communication with them or control over them. Yes, they drive FedEx trucks and wear FedEx uniforms but they aren’t FedEx employees. Overnight service is a whole different delivery system. They don’t even look at the pickup requests if it’s a regular stop, they just look at the packages that are sitting there.

    I had trouble getting FedEx to pick up a package until I filed a complaint–which I had to insist on doing, they sure didn’t want me to. After I filed the complaint someone called for complaint resolution and I said that they just needed to pick up the package and not deliberately damage it as retaliation for me complaining and that would resolve the complaint. Is that asking too much? Me begging them to do business with them? [It was not my choice to use FedEx, the company I was shipping to was paying for it.]

    The complaint person tried to say that the ground guy said the package was overnight which I told them was impossible for him to say since he never saw it in the first place! When I told him that he just shut up.

    Bottom line, UPS or USPS may be better and certainly the UPS guys are cuter than the FedEx guys, at least where I live.

  11. jsbaker99 says:

    Fedex has become quite unreliable lately. I order a large amount of computer hardware for work. One day I ordered a Sony all in one dekstop and it was shipped Fedex Ground for some reason. Well delivery day comes and goes and then we get to checking and the last scan was at a hub in the same state I am in about 200 miles away when it was leaving the hub. This scan was 5 days prior and to this day Fedex has not been able to tell us what happened to the package or where it was headed when it was scanned as leaving the hub. They even admitted themselves they they thought I was stolen internally.

  12. cleek says:

    i’ve switched to having them deliver things to the place where i work. there’s always someone at the front desk who will sign for it, or call me if they don’t want to sign themselves.

    it’s much easier than driving the 30 miles (each way) to the UPS hub on my lunch break.

  13. Elsmooth says:

    A few years ago I had a similar experience with UPS. I kept calling about my package and they would tell me that no one was home to accept the package, fine that’s acceptable except that I WAS home on all occasions and the delivery guy was a no show. I even left my door wide open one day to give a clear indication that someone was indeed inside the house and I still got nothing. After a few more calls (and days) I get a knock on my back door and it’s the delivery guy. … I was set to explode (and looked forward to it)when I opened the door, I noticed that the delivery guy was an old friend!

    He said it was his 1st week doing delivery’s and he couldn’t find my house. What was I to say? I let him slide. In retrospect it was kinda funny, but I felt robbed of my anger.

  14. AlexTheSane says:

    I recently moved out of a townhouse where the UPS guy never even left a slip. The times when I was home, he would ring the bell once and would give me about 5 seconds before he would start to walk away.

    The guy at my new house is great. Leaves slips, waits about a minute after ringing the bell twice, makes sure the packages he leaves aren’t sitting in the rain.

    I guess it’s all luck. I would get good UPS service at the townhouse when the regular guy was on vacation.

  15. Yurei says:

    Consider yourselves lucky that they even actually STOP at your door. :0 I’ve wathed Fedex slow down by my house and throw packages at the porch without actually stopping.


    I have noticed over time that businesses seem to get better shipping treatment than residential addresses. If a package is damaged they stand there while i’m open it up at work and make sure it’s all there, as opposed to at home they quietly set it on the porch and tip toe away without a word. Less packages seem to get lost when you’re a business and the overall courtesey level is higher. This goes for all 3 main courier services- UPS, DHL and Fedex. I try and stick to USPS at home since they treat residential customers the best compared to the three monoliths. Even if I leave some cryptic instructions like “hop over to the garage, place the package in the chest in the bck of the garage and skip back to your car” the postman is only too happy to oblidge, whereas UPS especially seems to just decide to throw my box in a puddle.

    [/slight dramatization]

  16. “(the other operators said they could only send electronic notices)”

    This is not true. They can and will connect you to your local depot if you make enough of a big stink.

    The electronic notices do absolutely nothing. Nothing. In situations like these, you have to get a human being in the depot who will talk to the driver.

  17. NicoletteGaloope says:

    Just have the stuff delivered to your workplace instead. I called my credit card company told them that my work address was valid for shipping and I have been having stuff delivered to my office for years. I never have anything delivered to my house because a) they may not leave it, and b someone might steal it if they do. Fedex sucks, but there are ways to make it suck a little less…

  18. legwork says:

    This one has gone beyond stupidity. I’m betting complaints have led to a vindictive driver or drivers on that route.

    Calling and complaining doesn’t usually help as the station bosses and CSRs tend to side with the drivers, as you’ve noticed.

    Remember: The biggest screw-ups on their part will be ignored if you provide any excuse. Stick to the facts and remain professional.

    If you’re motivated, write a letter to the DM with the usual: delivery dates, calls, etc. Their telephone and web support paths are pretty well filtered by deadwood.

  19. crashfrog says:

    Slower deliveries, incompetent service, AND destruction of packages, all at triple the price of the USPS? The private sector wins again!

  20. Cocotte says:

    My husband and I both work from home and yet we still get “while you were out” notices from every company except Canada Post, while being here the whole time.
    Canada Post rocks actually – they’ll deliver packages at 8pm and always ring the bell.

  21. KevinServius says:

    Granted, this entails spending money, but have you considered a non-postal service po box? I have a box at the local UPS store, but I’m sure any location that offers mail reciept would work (my local mom&pop mailing center’s not open late enough). I pay for the smallest box they have, and they hold all my packages for me. It amounts to about $50 a year, which is better than the hassle of losing my lunch time and driving across town to go to the UPS/FedEx/DHS/USPS depot.

    • kamikasee says:


      I second this. My wife and I rented a box at a nearby pack-n-mail (or whatever) to receive wedding packages. It was so useful that we just decided to keep it. Ours is a little more expensive (about $10/month) but worth every penny in saved gas and frustration. It’s also nice if you want to give out a mailing address that’s not your physical address.

  22. closed_account says:

    I have the same issue in Cincinnati. FedEx does not deliver to me, they simply bring it into the city. It is then my job to find out what station it is at and retrieve my package. At least USPS (my local office) is not completely filled with worthless humans like most! :)

  23. mocena says:

    I had Fed Ex once leave a “sorry we missed you” notice on my apartment’s front door and then leave the actual package on my railed-in porch (NOT the same door as my front door.) We hardly even go out there because we’re on the first floor and right in front of the parking lot, if I hadn’t walked out there bychance to dump some water I wouldn’t have even found our package for weeks. It made me SO MAD.

  24. strathmeyer says:

    I once cornered my postman about this (who in our neighborhoods park and then walk the mail around the block) and his response was, “but then I’d have to carry your package around.” Nice.

  25. MyPetFly says:

    God I hate parcel delivery companies. And retail big box stores. And airlines. And hotels. And moving companies. And vehicle rental companies. And…

  26. ballookey says:

    FedEx seems to be the only entity in the world that CAN’T reach our door. Even though my husband is home all day to receive packages, they never come to our apartment door. I WISH they’d keep the boxes so I could go pick them up. Despite my numerous complaints, instead of coming to our apartment door, they leave the packages with the apartment manager, who never makes them available for me to pick up. I get home from work and her office is closed with no way for me to get my stuff. I’ve complained to her, FedEx, the shippers. Nothing changes. She thinks she’s doing me a favor, the FedEx guy is spared the arduous trek from the street to our door, and me, I never get my stuff. Maddening. Glad I’m not the only one, though.

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      @ballookey: THIS.
      I have this exact problem. There’s no point in using expedited delivery if it’s going to sit in the main office of the apartment complex all week.

      As previously suggested, I have anything that’s not huge sent to my job.

    • LatinoGeek says:

      @ballookey: I have the exact same problem also. My Solution was to leave a Sign taped to my Mailbox (right next to the entrance) Which Reads:

      Deliveries for “LatinoGeek” (substitute for my real name obviously): Please Knock on Door B inside.

      It’s worked like a charm so far. And Fedex and UPS now know to knock first before leaving the Post-it.

  27. AmityBubulcus says:

    I printed and filled out a indirect signature form from the FedEx website and taped it to my front door. At the end of the day, I checked the tracking of the package and it showed an exception – customer not available status. I then called FedEx and explained that the form was on my front door but the driver didn’t take it or leave a standard door tag to have signed. Which led me to believe that he never actually came to my house. Customer Service said they would contact the driver and have him call me for redelivery. He never called. The next day not only did he drop off my wife’s new macbook, he also dropped off someone else’s brand new macbook. We contacted FedEx to let them know about the error. They told us to leave it out on our front porch for the deliver guy to pick up…the computer sat there over a week (we would bring it in at night) before we finally had to call customer support back to let them know the driver had not picked up the package. There is definitely some room for improvement…maybe next time I’ll just keep it and let them sort it out.

  28. theblackdog says:

    This is why I fork over $15 a month for a UPS Store “box” besides the fact that I live on a first floor apartment and any idiot walking by my building could see that I have a package waiting for me and decide to “help themselves.”

  29. jag164 says:

    Yeah, your kinda at the mercy of the driver. I had a UPS driver in NJ that started leaving a ‘3rd attempt notices’ on the first day. He/She never didn’t even bother to ring the doorbell. UPS customer service could never explain the fact that that three days prior I hadn’t even placed an order or it was still in tracking in the middle of the country so a 3rd attempt wasn’t even possible. They still said tough luck, it’s in the computer as a 3rd attempt so I must drive 15 miles to pick it up or they’ll return it to sender. After being burned several time, I didn’t use UPS again until I moved away from NJ.

  30. majin_chichi says:

    The last item I had delivered to my home, FedEx decided to leave the package in the garage, with a “Sorry we missed you” tag hanging on my door saying that my package was in the garage … they may as well have left it sitting on my doorstep.

    • macinjosh says:

      I’m assuming there are no other deliveries at this address. If that’s the case this guy is just making more work for himself going there everyday and writing out a door tag instead of just leaving the package and being done with it.

      Unless the processing of a signed doortag requires the sacrifice of a goat or something.

  31. Flame says:

    I have the Amazon Prime thing because of how much I spend on books per month….(hey, it’s better than heroin, right?)

    Amazon Prime uses UPS in my area, and for awhile, I would have to have them delivered to my office because they wouldn’t leave them on the porch.

    Finally, our neighborhood got a new driver or something and now all my packages are signed for by some guy named “Porch”. But at least they leave the package….

  32. I have the UPS problem (FedEx leaves packages at my apartment door without issue and USPS leaves a note for me to pickup at my post office, which I can do on weekends.)

    But UPS is like the devil. Whenever I order from Zappos (who I love, for example) UPS comes in the middle of the day. Well, I (like – I imagine – most people) WORK FOR A LIVING during the day, so that I can afford the shoes I am having shipped. So I’m not there when they try and deliver. But they WILL NOT leave it at my door. My options (as I have been repeatedly told by CSRs) are:

    1. to be at home, ie: take off work (since they can’t guarantee the driver will come back when I am home.) Ridiculous.
    2. drive an hour each way to their depot in Downtown LA between the hours of 9am and 7pm, M-F – any Angelenos will laugh with me at this one.
    3. have the parcel returned to sender.
    4. have the parcel delivered to a different address.

    Can they deliver it to a UPS store near my home? No. Can they deliver on a Saturday? No. Can they please for the love of God leave it at my doorstep? No. I frequently ask the CSRs – who are presumably *at work* when I call, what they would do with these options for a package of their own. They can’t tell me. I mean, I can’t be the only person in the country who works a regular 9-5 who wants to have packages shipped to her place of residence! I usually follow this question with – ‘what CAN Brown do for me, then?’ This usually just annoys them.

    So, I have them ship my packages to my parents’ address (on the other side of the country!) They then send me the package via USPS (cheaper than UPS and clearly more efficient.) And I have the added bonus of knowing that UPS – due to their own ineptitude, has had to fly my package thousands of extra miles for free.

    (I have since asked Zappos to send all packages to me via USPS – which they were happy to do, upon hearing my sad tale of woe. But it means I don’t get their nice free overnight shipping. *sigh*)

  33. LSonnenhimmer says:

    hmmm, if fedex actually felt it and it was stolen this would be an entirely different post with fedex still the incompetent one.

    Tough crowd to please…….

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      @LSonnenhimmer: I disagree. If the customer signs something saying to leave it and it gets swiped then you can’t blame FedEx for that. I think most people here would say the same thing.

  34. mcjake says:

    Yeah. Fed Ex actually delivered a package that DID NEED to be signed for to the wrong person. The person even signed for it and got to keep my watch. Boy was a I pissed.

  35. SadSam says:

    My FedEx Ground guy (not the next day guy) likes to play treasure hunt and he hides my packages in my back yard behind very thick shrubbery and doesn’t leave a note. When I figure out the package is missing I contact (not Fed Ex) but the company I ordered from and they seem to hold more power and they make FedEx send the guy back out to find the package he has hidden so well it can never be found and he’ll leave it by my back door.

    Sadly he doesn’t leave the packages in a plastic bag so after a week or so in So.Fla. the goods are ruined and I have to ask the company I ordered from to replace the ruined goods.

  36. Zeniq says:

    You could always just avoid this whole thing and go pick up the package at a FeDex depot. However, this does nto solve the delivery issue, and it can be annoying if its far away or if the depot closes before you can get there from work or something.

    I had the same issue with UPS, but that was because the person who sent the package required an adult signature, and I am not, nor is anyone I live with, 21 or older. I had to have them hold the package at the UPS depot and find someone who was 21 to go get the thing. Grr…

  37. my first thought was that this guy should have just went to pick it up.

    and i thought fedex didn’t deliver on saturdays?

  38. sburnap42 says:

    I had this exact same problem with Fedex. In my case, it was a package from Apple. (Not a problem…I live in suburbia across from nice friendly retired folks who would surely notice anything nefarious.) I’d printed out the little form from Apple saying “no signature required” and taped it to the door. I got the infamous “could not deliver” note. Signed it and taped it to the door. Got another one. Called FedEx and was assured that they’d deliver. Got another one. Called again. Was assured again. Got another one the next day. Was told repeatedly that I could come pick it up. During working hours. 20 miles away in the opposite direction of my office.

    I finally gave up, told them to return the damn thing to Apple and reordered to be delivered to my office, where there’s always someone to sign.

  39. csdiego says:

    The best solution I’ve found is, whenever I’m ordering something online, check the box that says my address is a PO Box. That compels the store (if everything goes right) to ship by US Postal Service, which has never had a “problem” delivering to my apartment building.

    Sometimes when I mistakenly order something that will arrive by UPS, I’ve had luck rerouting the package to my office for redelivery. But I don’t think I should have to do that. I refuse to pick things up at a UPS or FedEx center. If it comes to that, I let the package go back to the shipper and get my money back.

  40. mxjohnson says:

    Robbie doesn’t say who he called, but if it was the 800 number, that’s part of the problem. Calling 1-800-Go-FedEx is worse than worthless if you’re having problems with FedEx Ground.

    A local FedEx Ground driver was confusing my house with the local post office, since we have similar addresses (eg 22 W. Maple vs. 22 E. Maple). Packages were being marked Return to Sender – Delivery Refused. I caught one tracking update when the online information said it was still on the truck, a bare hour after being marked Delivery Refused. It wasn’t even lunch time. Surely, I could get them to redeliver it, right?

    I called 1-800-Go-FedEx three times over the next 24 hours. They told me they’d get the package to me, but never did. They said they’d call me back, but never did. I also used their online email system, begging them to deliver my stuff, but never got so much as a form response.

    I contacted the shipper, who contacted FedEx. FedEx told them that once it was on the way back to the sender there was nothing they could do to intercept it.

    So a week later it was delivered back to the shipper 300 miles away. They sent it out yet again. A week later, the driver again marked it Return to Sender. But this time, I was armed with the Super Secret Telephone Number of the local hub. I called and the fellow who answered was very apologetic, and clearly irked by the driver’s actions. He offered to drive it over to my house immediately. And he swore that nobody at FedEx had ever contacted him about the botched first attempt. I believe him.

    There are four major problems with Ground customer service:

    1. Even though it has been 7 years, FedEx still acts as though Ground isn’t really part of FedEx.

    2. Ground drivers are, as BeeBoo pointed out, independent contractors. They don’t have radios in their trucks, and they’re not supposed to use personal cell phones for business, so there’s no way they can be reached in the field.

    3. 1-800-Go-FedEx will flatly refuse to let you call your local Ground hub.

    4. They won’t contact the local hub on your behalf or follow through.

    I was fortunate to get hold of the Super Secret Number to the local depot. It’s so unpublished you can’t even reverse-Google it. Not everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who has access to that number, but if you can dig it up, it’s worth it.

  41. HPCommando says:

    To get an immediate resolution with FedEx, call the 800-GO-FEDEX number during your local business hours (8A-4P in your time zone). Have the tracking number handy.

    When you get the CSR, explain the problem clearly and concisely, and be sure to gently explain that you are (very) angry (and be sure the complaint is appropriate to such anger).

    7 out of 10 times, the CSR can and will transfer you to the local FedEx manager in your area, if they are in the FedEx telephone system (not all areas are; local subcontractors may handle distribution, even though FedEx vehicles are used, and these are the ones that the electronic mail notices are sent to).

    My discovery of this was when the FedEx driver kept insisting that an unlatched and open gate was “locked”; when a driver said “there is no house at this address” because he couldn’t see one behind the shrubbery; the driver said “no one was home” when the entire family was there, waiting; when a driver said “vicious dog”, when the last dog at the home was over a decade ago (although the 22-pound cat may have been what he saw); when the package was left under a vehicle and reported as “left on porch”;…

    Needless to say, I’m now on a first name basis with the local manager of FedEx (Mike) and he knows my number from Caller ID. Each time, he makes the driver get the package and re-deliver, or in the case of the one under the vehicle, crawl under it and retrieve it, on the same day of delivery.

  42. whatsthisnow says:

    They contract out their Ground deliveries, which I found out the hard way when I was expecting a package at work, the Friday before Labor Day, and when I tracked it, the website said “delivery attempted, no one available” or some such nonsense.
    I called Fed-Ex, who eventually contacted my local hub, and (calmly and politely) raised such a stink that the contractor manager guy delivered it to my house that evening, saving me the trouble of the train ride home with a giant box.
    So, yeah, they can suck sometimes, but try to get through to someone at your local hub, and they may put some pressure on the contractor. Also, if they won’t give you the number of your local hub, Google it.
    It’s hilariously easy to get that top secret number.

  43. maztec says:

    I have the exact opposite problem.

    Apparently USPS and UPS and FedEx (but not DHL) have decided I live in a “safe neighborhood” and drop off packages on my doorstep, in full view of the world. Even when the package is signature required. I have repeatedly called them and asked them to follow the instructions on the package, they never do.

    On the other hand, I have only had one package stolen – that was of little financial value, but potential sentimental value (so much for the sentimental value). Yet, my regular mail, in the mailbox, always disappears. I have all but given up on receiving anything delivered in my residential box instead of my P.O. Box.

  44. Difdi says:

    My apartment complex gets it’s share of door stickies. Generally with “Package left with manager” checked, since my complex actually has a locked mail room in the manager’s office specifically for packages. Fedex, UPS, DHL, they all do it. But the local UPS has a level of suckage all its own. You see, the last five packages I’ve gotten, UPS left the package at the apartment complex office, and didn’t leave any sort of note on the door, on my mailbox or anywhere else.

    If you don’t pick up a package promptly (within a week of delivery), management waits two weeks, then mails you a postcard, and if you don’t show up at the office to get your package “within a reasonable time” (which varies from office drone to office drone, from a day to another week, randomly), throws the package away. Heaven help you if you really NEED the item, and USPS is slow to deliver that week…

  45. RushmoreMax says:

    I had a similar issue with FedEx “Home Delivery.” They left a sticky note like the one in the article, and I called FedEx to just pick it up from the warehouse because I didn’t want it left on the door step and I wouldn’t be home during the day. Well, the customer service rep said that I couldn’t pick it up directly from the FedEx office until delivery was attempted two more times. I was pretty confused by this and tried to explain to the rep that I wasn’t going to be home nor did I want it left on the door step, so it would be a waste for the driver to try to deliver it two more times. So a couple days go by and I have collected three of those sticky notes and I give FedEx a call to schedule a pickup. I go down the next day, and low and behold, its still on the truck. So I wasted a lunch break and had to come back the next day.

    Rather strange policies happening at FedEx.

  46. felixgolden says:

    My worst one is still the driver who must have decided that he had too many door options (front, side porch and inside garage) and instead left my package on a pile of bulk pickup garbage. Probably did this to avoid a confrontation since the package was way past its early AM delivery but it did have specific shipping instructions to get a signature. I had been calling for hours to locate the package and only noticed it by accident.

  47. Jimbo says:

    I deal with FEDEX Ground every day. Just call them, have them contact the local depot and say you want to talk to the driver who you can coordinate with for delivery. The drivers are paid per delivered piece and any mishaps are severely punished by FEDEX as the routes are privately owned and held to very high standards.

  48. OrnellaSextus says:

    This is why I have everything delivered to my work.

    Also, someone mentioned complaining directly to whoever you bought the items from – this worked for me once. I threw a fit about a ridiculous FedEx debacle and they refunded my shipping costs.

  49. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    since i took a week off work i was actually home yesterday to meet my VERY nice and considerate UPS driver for the first time. i have refrigerated medications shipped to my house on a regular basis and even in the middle of july she’d always make sure to leave it way back up on the porch out of the sun, usually on top of the chair i keep out there.

    i’ve almost always had problems with DHL and FedEx. for DHL i’m in ‘the last mile’ that they don’t carry to and they deliver my packages to the post office to be held for me for pickup. only – the town i am in doesn’t have a post office, so for some reason, they deliver them, not to the nearest post office which is 7 miles away, but to a post office 23!!! miles from my house.

    and when i ordered my insulin pump, the manufacturing company’s CSR let me know that if there wasn’t someone to sign for the package it would probably be weeks before i saw it [FedEx] because it has been a recurring issue, and would i like to choose ANY address where someone i trusted would be available to sign for it? i had it sent to my work

  50. Drowner says:

    Those dudes assuem that if the tag is still on the door, no one even checked it. Ever try leaving a large note that says “PLEASE LEAVE PACKAGE UNDER DOOR. IT’S COOL I DON’T CARE. MY NAME. MY SIGNATURE.”? works for me.

  51. TheDude06 says:

    My fedex guy is a ninja. I can be sitting on the other side of my front door reading a book, and still miss that guy. Ive tried taping a 3″ tall “DOORBELL —>” sign on the door. it never seems to work.

    I just cant believe its a conspiracy. I mean, wouldnt the guy rather /not/ have to haul the box to my door tomorrow?

  52. enm4r says:

    Ironically, I can’t get Fedex to actually honor the signature required line. I had stuff left at my old apt that required signatures all the time. Usually left in the mailroom, I constantly complained because we had about 75 apartments in my building. The answer I always received was that “signature ‘required’ can be waived at the drivers discretion.”

  53. Rukes says:

    Where I live, FexEx and UPS are perfect, especially UPS since the driver knows who I am and even goes out of his way to deliver later on certain days when he knows i’m not home.

    The big problem for me is DHL. They regularly don’t attempt to deliver and say I wasn’t home (even though I am) and the big kicker is when they do attempt, sometimes they quietly knock on the door, which can’t be heard unless i’m standing next to it.

    Of course the gigantic doorbell on the door is completely ignored. I think my local DHL people have never seen a doorbell before.

  54. resonanteye says:

    I waited for a package on a tuesday. I took the day off work and kept my door propped open, and worked on the laptop until I saw him coming up.

    I went outside and told him in no uncertain terms to leave any and all packages, ever, that came for me, under a chair that I keep propped out by my door. And that I’d remember him around the holidays and leave him some “milk and cookies” since he was like my version of “a little uniformed santa”. Then I offered him a cup of coffee (he declined) and wasted some of his time by chatting him up. I could tell he wanted to get away but I made sure that I was friendly (overly so) and very insistent on having a nice neighborly chat.

    Since then all my packages are left where I directed. I think he dreads ever seeing me again. Mission accomplished.

  55. yagisencho says:

    Unless I’m standing at the door when they ring it, they’re in their truck and pulling out of the driveway by the time I get to the door (5-10 seconds). So sometimes they’ll just leave it on the doorstep, and sometimes I have to drive to their distribution center. The system isn’t entirely to my liking, but I do ultimately get my packages.

  56. josephlevin says:

    I had a similar experience to those of the person from this article. Except I live in an easily accesible single-family, detached private residence. Even after calling the impotent Fedex customer service to complain, many times over the delivery person leaving the sticky-tag on the door WHILE I WAS AT HOME ALL ALONG, EACH AND EVERY TIME, VISIBLE FROM THE STREET VIA MY LIVING ROOM WINDOW WITH MY VAN IN THE DRIVEWAY, I had to actually watch for them and intercept them as they drove up in order for me to receive the package. I despise having to use FEDEX as a carrier. I don’t understand why using FEDEX is such a headache when it doesn’t need to be. They didn’t use to be so bad, but in recent years…yuck. UPS has never been a problem, and FEDEX is a problem some 4 out of 5 times these days.

  57. JulesNoctambule says:

    FedEx has always done well by me, but UPS has provided consistently awful experiences starting with the time their customer ‘service’ rep told me that the reason a perishable package had been delayed in delivery (and ruined) was because ‘the driver couldn’t find building zero’.

    Apparently, the fact that our apartment buildings were lettered and not numbered did not clue him in to why he was having trouble finding ‘building zero’.

    They followed up this shining example of smart by delivering a package of expensive sterling silver sheet metal to an address that didn’t even resemble ours and when questioned, said that since someone had signed for the package it was no longer their responsibility and that I should go find the person who signed for it. But they couldn’t tell me where it was delivered.

    I called my distributor, they had a few words with UPS and surprise! My package arrived the next day. Not once in four years have UPS managed to deliver a package to us without hassle, not to our former apartment nor to our current house.

  58. calchip says:

    It’s really sad to see how far FedEx has fallen, both their air and ground services.

    There was a time years ago when, if FedEx dropped the ball on an overnight package and you asked nicely, they would re-route the package through a same-day courier service and still get it to you that day. I’m sure that’s long gone now.

    We kept track and honestly less than 40% of my “guaranteed overnight” packages arrived on time in the last year we used FedEx. Everything from early pickups at drop boxes to failure to load packages at the Oakland air hub to “Sorry, the plane broke so we’re just not going to send any of the freight that’s on that plane till tomorrow” to dozens of other bogus excuses that would NEVER have flown with the “old” FedEx.

    We even tried working through our sales rep… we were prepared to negotiate to ship 100% of our packages via FedEx, a volume of some 20 to 50 packages a day, many of which went via air… we asked her to find an actual FedEx VP (not some flunky in the “executive services” call center) to discuss our problems and help figure out how we could resolve them…and she couldn’t find anyone willing to talk to us, in spite of the fact that they were going to lose all of our business.

    As for FedEx ground… it’s a joke. I used to live way up in the east bay (CA) hills, about 2 miles up very steep and narrow roads, and the FedEx ground driver would routinely delay delivery of packages to me for sometimes 4 or 5 days because he was too lazy to drive up the hill for my one package. (This told to me by the Oakland center manager.) I’ve lived in other places where the tracking would show the driver had the package on his van 3 days running… but no delivery attempt.

    The whole system is completely flawed. When you pay drivers on a per-package-delivered basis, of course they are going to deliver the easy ones first and put up delivering the ones that require effort as long as possible.

    The real shame is that FedEx set the standard for exceptional service back in the late 1970s, and their quality standards forced UPS to step up to the plate and start providing topnotch service in order to compete… but somewhere along the line, FedEx adopted a “we don’t give a rat’s ass” attitude and their service has gone continually downhill ever since.

  59. paradisefound24 says:

    I’ve had the same problem with FedEx.

    I usually go straight to the problem: the particular delivery person (because some are good and some are bad, and you can totally tell when you’ve got someone who’s bad at their job and does not care).

    I leave a big note that’s easy to read exactly where they’ve been leaving my notices. It says “I guarantee you I am home (or “You can leave this package”). If you fail to deliver, I promise you that I will have you fired.”

    Yes, I’m a mean bitch. But I don’t care. All I want is the service I paid for.

  60. komodork says:

    Does anyone keep a close eye on their tracking? Want to know why UPS charges too much? I monitored a package that was coming in from Great Britain to Canada. On its voyage, it arrived into Canada, went to the Mississauga sorting plant, went to another sorting plant which was way far from me. Then the package somehow ended up somewhere in the US. It went through another city and finally came back to Canada. But it dosnt stop there, it goes around some cities again finally ending up back to Mississauga!

    I regret not print screening the event because once I checked back a few months later, all the “mistakes” were omitted.

  61. analyzed says:

    Whenever I get a notice for attempted delivery, I just call them and tell them I’ll pick it up personally. This isn’t a possibility for many people though.

    I don’t know why they don’t do this but they should call the people they are delivering to prior to delivery to ensure that they will be home. This would save on gas considerably I’m sure (phone bill may rise though).

  62. johnnya2 says:

    The shipper makes the decision on whether a signature is required or not. The person receiving the package can not change that. Your best bet is to ask them to “hold” the package and go pick it up. I would also point out that FEDEX deals with stolen, undelivered, or claims of this sort regularly. They are protecting themselves from claims on “undelivered” products. The driver has no reason to want to take the package back to the delivery center and take it back out the next day. It basically is asking somebody to do the work twice.

  63. nerdychaz says:

    If given the option, I use USPS. I have no problem with going to the post office to pickup a package if I miss the delivery. Another solution is to have a post office box of any size. Anything too large to fit is held in back awaiting your arrival. You can have anything delivered to a P.O. Box by any company and the post office will sign for it and hold it pending pickup. However, there is a time limit on pickup. I think you get a month.

  64. bvita says:

    I have found that Fedex (the original guys) is usually OK. Fedex Ground (formerly known as RPS – Roadway Package Express) is marginal. Fedex/Home drives the short trucks – forget them.

    I have several vendors (Green Mountain Coffee is one of them) that insist on using Fedex/Home. They’ve been told if they ever again try to ship to me using Fedex Home, they’ll be one less customer.

    FYI – Fedex home delivers Tuesday through Saturday 9AM to 8PM – real convenient for deliveries to my office (not a home/office).

  65. quail says:

    FedEx has a form you can fill out which gives them permission to leave a package at your door. Once I found out about it it save me the hassle of calling or picking it up at FedEx. It’s a godsend for any at home business. Don’t think I’d do it if I lived in an apartment building or a townhouse in the city.

    As to the drivers, its the luck of the draw. When my house was in the area of major telecom companies I always had great service. In reference to their abrupt manner, the drivers are docked pay (or once were) if they got behind in their route. UPS at one time was the worst at cracking the whip on their employees. UPS’s turnover rate at one time was unimaginable.

  66. UlvaCaba?ero says:

    We chronically get notes instead of packages from both UPS and FedEx. I almost always force FedEx to refund the express fees, since they refuse to deliver it in the first place. I’m always home, and often am sitting right on the other side of the door all day, there’s no excuse for no knocking, buzzing, or trying to let me know there’s a delivery. I called UPS a number of times, and now the regular UPS delivery guy gives me a super hard time – he bangs on the door hard enough to startle anyone in neighboring apartments, and leans on the buzzer, and is always gruff with me. I don’t care how it felt for him to get yelled at, I paid for the delivery, I should be able to actually get the packages instead of notes. I caught his replacement in the act one, I hear a faint scratching in the hall, and opened the door to a startled UPS man writing me a note. I made sure to chew him out – I was right there waiting for a package, and he didn’t even try to let me know he was there! It’s so crazy!

    Yet any packages that come to my by USPO are either brought to my door (I recall once the postman actually stopping to make sure the resident list was correct, and that he was getting things to me as quickly and cleanly as possible), or left with one of the building employees. (I miss our old building manager though, he would hand deliver packages so you didn’t even have to go to the office after being at work all day, and he would make sure stuff left at the door wasn’t stolen.)

  67. CarrollNero says:

    I once had a UPS driver leave a note on my door telling me he couldn’t find my address. No kidding! I never did get that package, despite repeated attempts to have it delivered. It wasn’t something I really needed, so I didn’t sweat it too much. It was a setup package/welcome kit from my ISP, which I didn’t need to get my service going, and since it didn’t contait any equipment I just let it go back to my ISP. I live in a small apartment complex and the building number is plainly visible on my building, and there are only 2 apartments in that building!

  68. QuonMosquito says:

    I noticed that the slip is green, so its FedEx ground. FedEx bought their ground company from Roadway, and it used to be called RPS. They do not use company drivers (yes ALL of the green logo Fedex truck are NOT owned by Fedex) There is a major lawsuit over it and its half of the reason why they probably are not helping you much. They painted themselves into a corner as they tried to have it both ways… they want these people to look like they are FedEx employees when they are not. Yet, because of the lawsuits, they are probably afraid to tell them what to do. Best advice, use UPS.

  69. synergy says:

    I just avoid all of that and call FedEx and ask them to hold my package at the local hub. They’re open until 9PM and I go and pickup at my own leisure.

  70. ltlbbynthn says:

    A UPS driver recently decided that the apartment number was missing on my address. Just a few days earlier I got a UPS package no problem. Just a lazy sub who thought he could get away with something, causes way too much headaches for us.

  71. sodden says:

    The USPS isn’t getting any better either.

    Not only have they stopped second attempts on delivering packages that require signatures, but they often don’t even ring the bell.

    Yes, it’s official. The only make 1 “attempt” now to deliver. After that, it’s kept at the post office until you pick it up or it gets returned.

    What’s even more frustrating is that you have to have the addressee sign the slip if you are picking it up, even if you could sign for it on delivery.

    Add in the limited USPS hours, and it’s a big “screw you very much, and please don’t come again.” to the customers.

  72. AlisaTurco says:

    I used to have this problem, but I found that shaming them publicly works pretty well.
    Make a large note, with BIG writing that can be read from as far away as possible without being too outrageous. Have it say something like ‘ I SIGNED FOR THIS PACKAGE TWICE. LEAVE IT OR I’M CALLING YOUR BOSS, AND I WILL HAVE YOU FIRED.’

    Tends to work pretty well. And then you follow through by not calling 1-800-go-fedex or the UPS 1800 number,….you look up the local dispatch office and call them. Bosses dont like packages cluttering up the place forever, they want them delivered.

  73. BruceAhriman says:

    We had a somewhat similar problem with UPS. We would call in to the local dispatch when we had a package that needed to be picked up and the truck would never come by. We eventually caught the driver and talked to him about it and he said that dispatch never told him. Thus, he gave us his cell number and now we call him directly and have no more problems. It seems that sometimes it isn’t the driver, it’s the station that isn’t telling them what to do because they don’t care.

  74. AlisonSpezza says:

    We finally got fed up (pun intended) and just got a UPS box. They do all signing/acceptance, etc., and we haven’t had a problem since.

    Yeah, its an added expense, but well worth the price in aggravation avoidance. (We got the cheapest one, just a slot actually, but they hold the packages, call when a delivery is made, provide discounts for payment in advance, and lots of other services.) There are lots of non-UPS mailbox type places, so if you get lots of packages delivered, its something you might want to check into.)

  75. lemongoo says:

    One day last year my sister left work early and arrived out front of her non-doorman apartment building to find an empty-handed FedEx courier affixing two “Sorry…” notes to the front door. When my sister said, “I can sign for those,” the FedEx guy hemmed and hawed and replied, “They’re on the truck. I can’t run back and forth right now. Just leave those up and I’ll come back tomorrow.” Then the courier moseyed off, whistling presumably? To my sister’s way of thinking, did the FedEx guy arrive at the building with parcels in hand, ring the recipients’ apartments, receive no answer, then return to his truck, then return to the front door to stick the notices up?

  76. tinyhands says:

    Add me to the list of people who HATE both UPS and FedEx. Lazy drivers who dropped out of middle school never do it right the first time. It almost makes me want to buy stuff locally and pay sales tax.

  77. lintacious says:

    I completely gave up on having FedEX deliver me anything. Instead, I would ask the distribution center to hold the package so I could pick it up there myself.

    The center was open until 6p or later, making it much more convenient than worrying about daytime deliveries.

  78. HogwartsAlum says:


    I know where our Ground hub is. It’s in the industrial park where I work. I can go down there and bitch/pick up/ if there are any problems. :)

  79. FixinTo says:

    Yurei said: >>I have noticed over time that businesses seem to get better shipping treatment than residential addresses.<<

    Not true with FedEx, at least not here! Every multi-carton shipment delivered to my business via FedEx comes in installments. We never get “Box 1 of 2” and “Box 2 of 2” on the same day, even though the boxes were shipped together. Invariably, the box that doesn’t come on time contains the products we need the most desperately. We get MUCH better service from UPS.

    Chumia40 — FedEx Home DOES delivery on Saturday, as someone noted above. It’s a regular delivery day for home service, not a premium service.

    Our worst delivery experiences have been with the Postal “Service,” and I put quotes because the word really does NOT apply. It would take too long for me to list all my grievances with USPS, but here’s one example: We’re in a one-story building in an office park. We put our pre-paid Priority Mail packages at our mailbox, and unless we have INCOMING mail that day, the postman walks right by our packages to deliver mail to our next-door neighbor whose door is (I measured!) 3 yards away. Today is Sept. 25th and we are waiting for Priority Mail boxes we ordered from USPS on Sept. 9th. Four phone calls have not gotten us anywhere. One USPS customer “service” rep said yesterday “Well, it TAKES 7 to 10 days.” I said “It has been 16 days now.” No apology, no help, no boxes. We’d stop shipping via USPS altogether if it weren’t for the 1- and 2-pound boxes we ship. Prices are lower on those, and customers choose the P.O. option because of price.

  80. OPRAH says:

    Just yesterday they didn’t even leave the note. I had to walk a few blocks down because some nice kid had the respect to give me a call. Screw FedEx.

  81. That’s FedEx Ground for you. They’re like the retarded cousin FedEx keeps in the basement but comes out for parties so everyone thinks he’s a regular part of the family.

    FedEx Ground = Contracted Drivers. They are sometimes able to hire other people to do their routes. This probably happened here.

    Since Customer service and corporate seem to be working with you on this issue, it seems like the Driver is the one tanking it for the company. Just remember that for the one retard you deal with during the day doesn’t represent the entire corporation.

    Obviously, you can tell I work for FedEx. As a Driver, too, so please believe me when I say the company does take the customers needs very seriously.

  82. SirPwn4g3 says:

    That’s nothing, Fedex never came to my mom’s house, drove right by my old apartment complex, and didn’t even come into my driveway a couple weeks ago with my wedding band! From now on I ensure I’m going to be off the day of “delivery”, then go to the Fedex warehouse at 4:30pm to pick the damn thing up myself, and complain each time… never does any good.

  83. larkknot says:

    Heh. I have the opposite problem – they leave “signature required” items on my doorstep (which is in a neighborhood where someone would certainly steal the package) without even ringing the doorbell. Can we switch FedEx drivers?

  84. Anonymous says:

    that unfortunately is not how a fedex experience is supposed to be remembered by. unfortunately, fedex ground contractors (those are their doortags pictured) will at times not adhere to fedex policies and quality control standards, resulting in situations like the one mentioned here in this post.

  85. Razor512 says:

    When I ordered a new videocard for my computer, it came by fedex,

    I got 2 notices even though I spent the entire dat pretty much waiting in the living room which the main door leads to, since it was summer, i could stay home all day.

    Well this is what happened, My door has no doorbell because the stock one that was built into the house was destroyed, and when I have the electronic wireless door bell out there, someone keeps stealing the small 12v battery thats inside of the doorbell, so I removed it so theres no doorbell at all.

    the fedex people were too lazy to even knock on the door, they just walk up and see no doorbell and just stick a delivery notice on the door and walk away, no knocks at all (fedex is the only company that does this, ups and usps and dhl all knock)

    so the 3rd day, I basically stood by the living room window, and after a few hours (i also had a small chair to use also) the fedex person came up to the door with a premade delivery note that he just walked up to the door, and stuck it there and began to walk away. so I rushed to the door and stopped him and finally got my package. I hate with some online stores use fedex.