Executive Customer Service Info For 7 Banks

I was just on CNBC’s “On The Money” and heard from one homeowner who was frustrated that no one at Washington Mutual would return her calls or letters in her attempts to renegotiate her mortgage. I told her it was time to contact executive customer service and/or launch an EECB. I received a few emails after the show from other homeowners in the same situation, so here is all the executive customer service contact info we have for various banks.

Bank Of America
Washington Mutual
Wells Fargo

If you don’t see your bank on there, or the info is outdated, this post tells you how to figure out who and how to call.


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  1. ShadowDancer says:

    If the homeowner was frustrated that Washington Mutual was not responding to e-mail or phone call requests regarding her desire to renegotiate her mortgage, I would think it a matter easily dealt with by visiting one of their myriad of local branches. Surely meeting with someone face to face would resolve the situation more expediently.