Contact Info For Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf And Friends

Here’s some info we dug up that can help you contact some higher ups at Wells Fargo if you’ve tried regular customer service and escalating to supervisors and it’s not working out.First read this post about how to contact and conduct yourself when using executive customer service.

1) Call 866-249-3302. Ask to be transferred “to the office of Mr. Stumpf.” Once you reach the secretary or switchboard operator, say the following:

“Hello, my name is ________. I’m one of your customers, and I was hoping to speak to Mr. Stumpf because I’m really getting frustrated with getting a problem resolved, and I know that your company doesn’t want me to feel that way.”

2) You can also send some of their busy executives a well-written and cogent complaint letter (here’s how to write one):,,,,,,,,,,,

If you prefer using written correspondence, particularly when sending letters by certified mail provides a trail that they actually got your letter, these addresses may come in handy:

Corporate Offices
Wells Fargo
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

Home Mortgage
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
P.O. Box 10335
Des Moines, IA 50306-0335

Home Equity
Wells Fargo Home Equity-Internet
MAC S3837-020
2nd Floor
2222 W Rose Garden Lane
Phoenix, AZ 85027-2644

Online Customer Service
Wells Fargo Customer Service
P.O. Box 4132
Concord, CA 94524-4132

Wells Fargo Financial
Wells Fargo Financial, Inc.
Customer Service F4008-080
800 Walnut
Des Moines, IA 50309


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  1. crazyasianman says:

    am I the only one noticing something of a trend of overly tanned CEO’s? or perhaps I should just get back to my melamine tainted white rabbit candy that I used to love so much back in my younger days…

  2. On the subject of Wells Fargo, they have now required its members to select 3 security questions for their internet banking accounts.
    When I say require, I mean that a member can not even access their account without selecting 3 questions and filling out an answer for each.

  3. bellhop68 says:

    I sent an e-mail to the CEO of Wells Fargo about a year ago regarding the major hassles I was having getting a home loan (short version: my mortgage lady kept pushing an ARM on me and wouldn’t do anything else).

    The Executive Service Department called me about three days later, got my whole story and, as if by magic, my mortgage lady started returning my calls and my loan (which had been stalled for over a month) was pushed through a couple days later.

    Wells Fargo Executive Service did a great job picking up the ball that Wells Fargo Mortgage had dropped. By the way, it wouldn’t have occured to me to do this if I didn’t read Consumerist, so thanks to you guys, too.

    • Debbie Smith says:

      Where did you get an email address? I have been trying to find one if you can send it I would appreciate it

  4. el_smurfo says:

    The Wells Fargo Mortgage lender who handled my ARM is now back working at the local Irish Pub where he worked as a bouncer before.

  5. SaravatiShark says:

    The requirement that Wells Fargo’s web site has is one from the FFIEC regulatory body. They are requiring that banking cites where you can transfer money, etc. must have more than the standard forms of authentication.

  6. MunkyBoi says:

    I really have to appreciate the fact that Wells Fargo doesn’t allow their customers to make “stupid” serious financial moves. Notice they’re the only big banking entity in the US that isn’t getting spanked? It’s a bitch to get credit from them, because they won’t lend unless they believe you can pay it back. The only exceptions I’ve seen with them is when an individual there doesn’t have your best interests in mind – and those people don’t last long with the company. I read a news article recently that informed of a university study done on online banking security, and they were the only ones to be given a grade of “comprehensive”. I’ve had most of my money there for 20 years now, and I’ll admit that some of their fees are a little high, but that’s what you pay for full service – and I’ve never had a surprise fee that wasn’t dealt with appropriately. And yeah, I bitched about the security questions too – really, how far do you really need to go to ID someone. On the other hand, I’ll gladly deal with a little more security (though frustrating sometimes) to make sure my money stays where I put it.

  7. technopimp says:

    I made the mistake of opening an account with WF about a year ago. Every month until about June someone called me 2-4 times a month wanting to give me a debt consolidation loan, which I insisted repeatedly I did not want. They’d tell me how ‘they could tell based on the credit report they’d pulled for me’ (which I did NOT request) that I had ‘made some bad decisions’ over the years, and I really should let them help me because obviously wasn’t capable of managing my finances myself. Finally they stopped calling after I threatened to sue them for illegally pulling my credit report and harassing me over the phone, but I would have loved this jerk CEO’s email address back when they were still calling.

  8. UnitySongbird says:

    How do I get in touch with the CEO of Wells Fargo? I have an issue that has been ongoing with my account that is not being resolved with customer service agents or supervisors. I have done internet searches but come up empty handed. If someone could point me in the right direction I would be so appreciative. It’s going on 2 months now. Since Mr. Stumpf posted a letter on their website about how important the customer is. I am not receiving that kind of service. Please help! Thank you!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for putting this information up. I have had an absurd amount of run around while trying to resolve a mortgage problem.
    If you haven’t defaulted, you aren’t a problem and therefore they can’t help you….
    Incredibly frustrating.
    I hope this contact info can help me get resolution.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry you’ve all had the run around with Wells Fargo. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon event.

    I have been a Wells Fargo “customer” for the last 12 years. I have never missed nor been late for a payment. I have an 800+ credit score which makes this nightmare even more baffeling.

    I came home from a business trip only to get a letter from my county tax authority advising me that my home was on the auctiion block because my taxes hadn’t been paid. Wells Fargo debited my escrow account and I receieved written notice that my taxes had been paid. They hadn’t. Wells Fargo jeopardized my credit and my home, but the best is yet to come. I contacted the President of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Cara Heiden, who at the time apologized profusely and offered to refinance my home for 4.875 for the life of the loan. As such I would be a preferred customer and have only one person to deal with–their legal counsel, Cynthia Blonigan.

    Well, because they didn’t pay my taxes on time, I encountered late fees, and had to pay out of pocket. Wells Fargo had use of my money and interest for 6 months and I had to fight like hell to get it back. They wired money back into my account and I got charged with the wire transfer fee–but get this–they transposed numbers and didn’t even send the right amount back to my bank! But it gets better folks—this occurred for the next two years!!!!!!!! I had to pay to have my taxes done twice for three years–once with the taxes and once without because when you itemize, you have to take the decution in the year in which the taxes were paid. But it doesn’t stop there!

    Ms. Blonigan, is a lawyer not a manager of mortgage accounts. As such, she doesn’t return phone calls or respond to e-mail. She is so obsessed with trying to throw her weight around that when you identify her mistakes—she’s paid the wrong insurance company–now I’m not sure if I have homeowners insurance or not—that she deletes your escrow account in retaliation!!!!

    Yessiree! And our wonderful government gives Wells Fargo even more money in the form of a bailout to ruin people’s lives!
    Funny how after Ms. Heiden promised that I would “never have any more problems with my account” but now she won’t take my calls….

    I’ve now hired an attorney to try to get some of these issues resolved but because I’m such a good payer, Wells Fargo doesn’t want to refinance me to a more competent mortgage company.

    Whatever you do, don’t let your mortgage go to these people. Fixing their mistakes will take every moment of your time and will interfere with the quality of your life. Please, please, please….do yourself a favor, go somewhere else!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    They should have made sure the credit card information they dug up from where ever they dug it up was correct prior to cutting the checks. They never once asked me to confirm that we owed to those particular companies, and I did not think to ask as I ASSUMED that someone in this field would know what they were doing (I know, stupid of me to assume anything!!!) They should have made darn sure there were no prepayment penalties before promising there would not be. And DJ should not have kept calling us when I first told him we were not interested.

    I hope there can be a solution found for getting the money from this useless $6,000 check before I have to spend it all on an attorney to help sort out this fiasco.

    VERY ANGRY Diana Binney

  12. ecomajor says:

    i tried all those email addresses and they bounced back. Does anyone have any updated ones. I tried calling but they were unable to help me.

    • 29monthsandcounting says:

      No one at Wells Fargo will respond to the common human. Believe me, I know because I have tried dealing with this vile company since September 2006.
      Their loan officer, John Jackson, conspired to steal $150,000 loan proceeds (which were supposed to purchase a modular home) from my husband and me in October 2006. Jackson and the home dealer, Pat Kennedy, stole the loan proceeds. The home was never ordered or built.
      I filed a criminal complaint in July 2007 and a civil suit in July 2007. Got judgment against Kennedy in 2008. She is now attempting Chapter 13 bankruptcy to avoid the judgment.
      29 months later Wells Fargo continues to stonewall, lie, deny, and harass. Meanwhile they have ruined our credit rating because we quit paying on a bogus loan when we filed the suit. They claim the crook, Jackson, still works for their company. Wells Fargo is pure evil in my book and has made our lives absolute HELL! I cannot say enough bad about this company.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Stumpf, I have a small account at Wells Fargo, I have really liked Wells Fargo and they have always been helpful to me. I watched you on TV today at the hearing in Washington, one thing that struck me was when you said you would help anyone having trouble getting answers to their problem, if that is true why have you not contacted the lady in Ohio that has been in the news that is being told by her CongressWoman to squat in her foreclosed home, she has desperately tried to get someone at Wells Fargo to help her and noone will answer her or talk to her about her situation, now I do not live in Ohio, nor do I know her circumstances, but I do think it gives my bank and you, Mr. Stumpf a black eye and I don’t want that to happen. Please help this lady, at least talk to her, it would be a better news story than no one from Wells Fargo willing to talk to her. Thank You Shirley Farrell

  14. Anonymous says:

    february 20, 2009

    To anyone interested in my problem and to all that are in the same situation.
    I bought a car in 2006 at an embarrasing 15% rate for 72 months. I have
    paid $16,900 towards a 2004 GMC Envoy XL. I still owe Wells Fargo $29,900
    including interest. I just found out from the same dealership I bought it
    from that this car is only worth $10,000 in today’s market. Why can’t
    Wells Fargo redo this contract by deducting the $16,900 from the $34,000
    originally borrowed, leaving a balance of $17,100. If they take the $17,100
    and give me an interest rate on this amount for 4% over a 5 year period, will
    give a payment of $314.92 a savings of $336.00 per month, so I can
    afford to put food on the table for my family. Wells Fargo will get the ramainder
    of the money they loaned me, and $1,800 in interest. I like the majority
    of the legal citizens of the united states have faced hard times with slow work,
    unemployment, paycuts, and short hours. Along with my spouse, we are now
    unable to make the $650.00 monthly payment towards the car. Now for the
    last 2 months I have received numerous phone calls, harrasing me every day,
    sometimes 3 or more times a day. I asked to speak to one of their supervisors,
    hoping that someone will help me in this hard times, but the supervisor I spoked
    to, said that I signed a contract and that there was nothing they could do for me.
    She also told me I should find extra work and if I can’t find any extra work
    here in Montana, I should relocate so I can make the payments. I have asked
    Wells Fargo for help by reducing the amount owed on the car and lowering my
    interest rate. If I’m wrong by asking Wells Fargo, one of the banks that got
    Bail out money from taxpayers like myself, to help me and my family as we
    face the one of the hardest financial crisis in American History. Please let me know
    what you think about my situation.
    Thank you.


    • Anonymous says:

      OrvaAmphidamas…I am in the same situation you are. I have been on the phone all morning with customer service reps at wells fargo auto. Like you my husbands business has declined in the last few months with the economy the way it is. I am a full time student and finally found a job that I start Monday…I had a payment scheduled to be taken out of my account on the 17th…the wells fargo employee put the wrong info in there system and it got returned. I just found out about it this morning and they want me to pay it today. Well I looked at my account and I understand that I should of had that money in there, but I don’t!! I told them I would have it in there monday when my husband gets paid again, but they are ABSOLUTLY refusing to wait til then. They told me if I didn’t make the payment by tomorrow my file would be sent to the repossession department. I realize that I have some fault in the fact that my payments have been late, BUT>>>I AM TRYING… We are not out just blowing money and not paying our bills..We are having to alternate paying bills right now!! I told them that things are going to get better..I finally found a job after applying and interviewing for the last 4 months..They are just flat out refusing to wait til monday to take my payment. Telling me to go borrow the money or go ask banks for the money or get a credit card so I can pay it… So they want me to go get into more debt so I can get them money by friday. I went through 4 different people this morning trying to explain to them, just please give me til monday to make the payment!!! They made me feel like trash the way they talked to me.. I am not one of these people who just don’t pay my bills…We have been trying our best..We have pawned what we can just to make ends meet. They kept telling me that they were trying to help me, but I am not trying to help them??? OKAY !! I was literally begging….Crying….pleading for them to wait 2 more days(which is the weekend, so really 1 day).. They are impossible…..they do not want to help out the little people at all!!! At the real kicker is that in my husbands business..He does work for these banks and they are the ones who are not getting him paid in a timely manner…He just got paid on the 15th for work he did for them in september and august!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we had to catch up on bills with that money…..They don’t give a crap about anyone..All they want to do is get there money no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was taking responsibility and telling them I realize I should still have the money that was not taken out(there fault), But I’m sorry I don’t…It would be one thing if I was out blowing the money on junk I don’t need..But We are barely affording to buy groceries right now. We just need them to be a little understanding!!!!

  15. Jd Jawbones Adams says:

    Ahhhh… the very mention of the name “Wells Fargo” gets my blood boiling. Here is my blog… all about… WELLS FARGO.


    I have tried speaking with them locally, calling the 800 customer service line, calling their mortgage services line, and I wish I could say loan modification dept also, but… they don’t have that. I have been told that AFTER I miss at least one payment, they will speak to me at an 800# they gave me to start the loan modification process. I was told this process would be 60 to 90 days. This would put me up to 4 payments behind before they even get around talking to me. Nice. Now THAT’s CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

    So, in March and April, after numerous calls, over 5 hours on the phone, and with holding my payment until April 30th in order to get them to speak with me, I danced with them. I was initially told in Feb and in March that once I miss a payment they will expedite my ability to speak with their loan modification dept. It is now May 12 and I have yet to hear from anyone… except Collections. The odd thing is, I am not yet even late on a payment, let alone in default. But… Collections calls me today demanding to know IF and when I am making the payment. I told this very rude person eventually to go F*** themselves. My payments are not late or in default, and there is no reason for collections to be calling me. Period.

    For all of you wondering.. Wells Fargo has ONE FAX # for the entire US if you need to fax them information for loan modification requests. And the have ONE 800 # for questions regarding the same. But I assure you, the person who answers will have no answers, nor will the next or the next… I have NEVER ONCE spoken to fewer that 5 people and not one time has a call lasted less than ONE HOUR… most of the time on hold for the next idiot.

    PLEASE READ MY BLOG AND SPREAD IT TO OTHERS. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT TO THEIR KNEES. THEY TAKE $25 BILLION DOLLARS in TARP funds and then attack TARP. Now they want MORE funds. And they continue to IGNORE their customers. I see the emails mentioned above now bounce… of course… they changed them. They don’t want to talk to anyone, certainly not their customers.


    Spread the word about this company…. and by all means stay away from them. One last tidbit… if you have a mortgage and a bank account with WELLS FARGO, and you miss a payment on your mortgage, they can and they will empty each and every bank account you have without notice. Now there’s a bank you can trust.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would like to talk to John Stumpf. Wells Fargo contacted me and asked if I wanted to re-finance from a 6.625% 30 yr. to a 4.5% 15 yr. fixed, so of course I said Yes. I own a condo and a house but only the condo is through Wells Fargo.. They said they would do both properties although it did not occur to me at the time why should they offer a better rate? Well I said I’d only refinance if I could do both. The house went through quickly, no problems. The condo seemed to go through quickly until they decided this was a poor move on their part. Then they started asking for HOA forms I had to pay $180.00 for and although everything they asked for, I provided, they cornered me with the last requirement that apparently all lenders are using and that is your HOA must carry enough bond fidelity insurance to meet their needs. Their needs number can change by the way. Well, my HOA said no, the loan must be cancelled now. They will not process the loan and my HOA will not increase the amount of insurance they carry, so I’m stuck in the middle. And Wells Fargo called me and they suckered me into refinancing my house away from Bank of America and then paying 4800.00 in closing fees and then another 696.00 for the condo loan which I lose now and don’t get the better rate and timeframe. The house was already down to 11 yrs. left to pay and the interest rate was just above 5% so no real reason to do it other than I wanted to take their offer for the condo since it was a 2% difference and 15 yr. savings. Talking to their supervisors gets me no where because they said it is an underwriter issue. Wells Fargo better NEVER call me to do business again and I can only hope they sell my two loans now to another, more Reputable company. They screwed the consumer with enticements and promises and then did not carry through their promise of their offer. I did not need this added stress and amount of my money taken from me during this poor economy.

  17. tonyevansjr says:

    I refinanced my Wells Fargo home mortgage and have had nothing but grief starting with the closing, which was done in my house by a man who, in my opinion, knows very little about mortgage closings. When I made application I told the salesman that I wanted $3000 cash out and he said “no problem”. At settlement, the cash out was only $1263 because too much money was allocated for the escrow account. After many phone calls, most of which went unreturned, I was told that I had to wait almost a month until the loan “gets into the system” so an escrow review could be done and I would have the excess escrow funds sent to me. Needless to say, this puts me in a bad situation because I had made arrangements with a contractor to do some repairs to my house and now that won’t happen in a timeley manner. What bothers me most is that no one at Wells Fargo seems to care and they don’t really work for the customer.

  18. Shoreliner says:
  19. po2571 says:

    March 16, 2010
    was told they could close a loan in 15 days. 43 days later, lots of excuses and unjustifiable delays, the loan was denied. definitely despicable business practices. demanding refund of upfront app fee of $475. called CEO but doesnt take calls. was tranferred to a cust svc rep at the exec office who listened and will call back with info. stay tuned.

  20. po2571 says:

    Applied for a loan for a shortsale. Was told Wells Fargo could close in as little as 15 days. Never used Wells Fargo but a close in 15 days vas imperative. Have never paid an upfront fee before but with a quick closing it was well worth it. 15 days turned into 45 days full of unjustifiable delays and excuses. They missed the closing date and I lost the house. I called CEO Stumph who does not take phone calls. They put me through to someone who was going to look into it. At a minimum I want the app fee of $500 refunded. Stay tuned.

  21. Madashell says:

    I tell you if ever I wanted to slap the crap out of someone that would be today. I’ve tried and tried for months now to get some help with my mortgage with Wells Fargo. Well actually it’s America’s Servicing Company which is another whole story.

    But after being the victim of predatory lending practices when I bought my home in 2004, I am now on the verge of loosing it because no one – including NACA, or ASC, or Wells Fargo truly gives a crap about its customers.

    I have been going through processes since August 2009. My mortgage note has adjusted three times since then and is going even higher in about another 2 months. Originally I was misled in that my cover letter from the original mortgage holder and payment terms were identified as P&I which I faithfully paid for years. I knew the interest rate would adjust and felt that I could deal with that later – BIG mistake on my part. Guess what Wells Fargo said? I was told that I should have looked over my amortization schedule past the first 5 years and I would have seen that the mortgage was ONLY interest. How’s that for an answer?

    First, not only does the interest rate adjust, the original mortgage was “interest ONLY”! Yikes. I’m totally screwed and am at my end of what to do. My story isn’t that different from many many others around the country. Yet I am just amazed that this company can call themselves customer oriented and promote that they are working with homeowners, when in fact they have unqualified people dealing with the public and providing contradictory information with every call.

    I was graciously offered a forebearance for 4 months. Yeah….no payments until March 2010. There was a balloon payment mentioned in the papers. I called NACA and ASC repeatedly to get answers on the balloon payment amount and conditions. NO ONE could or would answer me. I marked up the agreement and sent it back. Still no one answered my questions but they accepted the forebearance. Ummmmm….seems like to me they should have NOT accepted it since I altered the terms. Right? Any contract that I sign I make sure that the terms are acceptable before complying to the contract. By complying to the contract, that means you agree to the CURRENT terms. I’m no lawyer but that is how I do business in my world.

    In a nutshell, I was told conflicting things that subsequently have put me in an even worse position than before. These are the worst people to deal with and I promise you this…..WHEN I am able to get away from Wells Fargo, I will move my mortgage to another company and advise ALL my friends, family, and social networks to NEVER DO BUSINESS with Wells Fargo or America’s Servicing Corp.

    They are unethical, unfair, unqualified, and downright deceitful when it comes to their customers.

  22. Burn Notice says:

    Tried the e-mails listed and found that and are not good e-mails.

  23. po2571 says:

    John Stumpf does not take phone calls

  24. elwoodpd says:

    After 16 months of runaround on a HAMP mortgage modification, with many different stories from many different people, I called the number above a few days ago and was quickly connected to Executive Service for the Mortgage Division.

    The guy I spoke to gave me his direct number, said he would be my one point of contact, and said he would try to get things working right. So far, so good.

    I’ll update once I know if this works any better than regular WFHM.

    • elwoodpd says:

      After about three weeks, I am not impressed with Wells Fargo Executive Customer Service. Still a lot of “we are waiting for a decision” and “your account has been escalated.”

      Having one point of contact with Well Fargo is great, but does not seem to be getting anything done better or faster. Ugh.

    • JohnB says:

      Hello All,

      I recently checked the email addresses listed above and got the following, so I would assume these 3 are no longer with the company or have at least changed their email addresses.
      —– The following addresses had permanent fatal errors —–

      (reason: 550 5.1.1 … User unknown)

      (reason: 550 5.1.1 … User unknown)

      (reason: 550 5.1.1 … User unknown)

    • mad@bank says:

      hello elwoodpd, I wanted to know after all these months going back and forth were be able to do your loan modification with WF? I have the same situation and wanted to get an update from you , if it is ok with you.

      Thank you,

  25. riverwild68 says:

    I have tried to talk to Mr. John Stumpf but he is not available. I did talk to a very nice lady at his office. I am a teacher who always has time to talk to any one of my students about their minor but important problems they I feel as important being a teacher and doing what I am doing as John Stumpf is being CEO. I just how recieved a phone call from a Anthony Gutierrez CETS who said “John Stumpf CEO is a very important man and probability would not talk to me about my small but important problem”. I wonder when John was growing up if his teacher ever said to him I do not have time to talk to you. I hope to be going to be at the stock holder meeting 5/4/11 if I can save the funds needed as a small stock holder just to talk to and see Mr. John Stump. I hope to tell him that even a teacher has the right to talk no matter what his Co. says. Maybe if I am lucky he will have time to just say hi.
    Thanks for time in reading this. Tye Kline (Science Teacher 9-12 grade)

  26. CSAdvocates says:

    Wells Fargo is probably the most elusive of the big 4. When I called their customer service department to help a client – I could not find one person to speak with that had the same legacy information I had. So, we eventually had to go to a branch location and speak with a personal banker. This person had all the necessary information he needed – but the fact we had to get rudimentary information by physically having to go into a branch seems quite antiquated. My client was a senior and his main concern is that he bounced a check and to cover the unpaid balance – the bank decided to take his government direct deposit money (that he uses for basics to live) and apply it without asking for authorization. Their explanation was that had he not wanted them to apply it to the unpaid balance – he should have changed the transaction type out of direct deposit. So, a personal banker could not reach out to him and let him know what was about to happen and maybe have a portion of that money go toward the unpaid balance? As long as the investors stay happy – who cares about the customers, right? I do not recommend big banks – their only interest is to nickel and dime regular customers while treating their wealthy clientele the proper way.

  27. guiherde says:

    If you have a choice between Wells Fargo and another lender for a mortgage go with the other. Wells Fargo I have a good credit score and make $4,000 a month but since I am blind Wells Fargo made every excuse possible to refrain from approving my loan. when my local branch realized I was blind they sent me to another branch. after the advisor at the second branch knew I was blind he refused to discuss my loan with me and would only talk to my fiance who is not even on the loan. I am now in the process of suing wells fargo.

  28. Realtor says:


    I am a customer of Wells Fargo for home loan and a home equity line which I recently used.
    Never rec’d first statement and tried to make a payment on line and was told by a very strange
    woman in Montana that she might waive the$15 fee for phone payments. I mailed the payment because I was
    not comfortable giving this person my banking informaton. Naturally I was late and to further complicate the check was applied to my mortgage account and not my equity line!!! I later had it adjusted after a discussion with a service operator in Va. I then received a letter from Billings Montana stating my priviliges were revoked from using the account because I was late.
    I sent second payment in Nov and now December—no statement again… so I am copying a coupon
    and mailing with a check to cover Dec.

    I feel like this is some kind of game because when I called to question the letter I was cut off twice and then switched around from extension to extension and finally cut off. This is not good business.

    Furthermore, there is no tab on your website to email customer service. There should be something for customers to contact someone for assistance in a company your size without giving their ss number and personal information.

    I always use Wells Fargo for home loans. However this is the second time in about ten years that I have used my home equity line and there were problems with your statements and payments that time as well.
    You should be aware of how your customers are treated when they take the time to call to either get help or discuss an issue with their loans.

    Furthermore the reason I am taking the time to email you is because you may not be aware of how your employees are handling calls or how they are treating your clients (your business). You may have some good clients out there that are being driven away by these actions.

    I tried to email to the five officiers shown at but all the emails were returned because the email addr did not work.


  29. mad@bank says:

    I was about to send a long email to the people mentioned above to get help with my loan modification, but I guess these people are the same as their staff on the phone. Every time I called WF, I hear that the under writer is reviewing your case and that is since 8 moths ago. Now although I am paying my full mortgage they put me on “Active foreclosure”. As most of you “mentioned, these people don’t have any conscious, any moral. WF likes to take from us, like a leech suck our blood and feed off of us. They are all horrible people, from top to bottom. Funny part that I called today and wanted to talked to some one who can at lease explain to me how they reached the decision to put me in Active Foreclosure and what should I do next, but nobody could give me an answer. they just asked me to contact the specialist that they’ve assigned to me (which I can not reach her directly, always message and no answer). I hate them all. Always taking and not giving anything back, even though I was their long time customer. Blood sucking demons.

  30. whatjusthappened says:

    Wells Fargo just informed me -via surprise fees- that they made stealth changes to my account to require $5000.00 minimum balance to avoid these fees they’ve been taking from me and won’t give back. They do this at a time when I am now having to support 3 kids after their father was killed and in this economy! I’ve never had a min balance requirement. Thanks very much for this info. I already emailed them to let them know how frustrated, cheated and lied to I feel after being their customer for years!