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There’s nothing like free shipping to make an online deal really sweet, and is a place to find free shipping coupons and discount codes to do just that. The free site sports a clean and readable interface, search alphabetically by store name, product category, expiring or new coupons for over 800 stores, including, Target, Newegg. Most of the free shipping comes with stipulations. They’re not always straight up free shipping coupons, sometimes it’s more of a statement of store policy, like how many places will offer free shipping if you order online and pick up in-store, or free shipping on gift-card orders. So you’ll have to do some digging and you won’t always find one that will work for you, but still, bookmark-worthy. [Official Site]


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  1. Mr_Human says:

    I always type the name of the merchant and the word “coupon” in Google. About half the time I’ll find some kind of savings.

    There’s also a plug-in for Firefox that lets you know if the site you’re on has any discounts.

  2. TheNomad says:

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    • christoj879 says:

      @TheNomad: Grr, the more thought-out the comment, the harder it is to read when disemvowelled. And it was probably interesting.

      • Mr_Human says:

        @christoj879: Helpful would be showing some kind of reason for the disemvowelment. As it stands know, it just looks mean spirited. There could be categories: Blaming the OP, General Peevishness, etc. Then the rest of us will know what to avoid in the future.

  3. Onouris says:

    Someone has something negative to say about you so you disemvowel them? Way to police commenting!

  4. RStewie says:

    Guess your opinion doesn’t count here.

    But I read your post ANYWAY! And I appreciate your comment. Even if Consumerist doesn’t.

  5. aloe vera says:

    Another great site is

  6. grouse says:

    You folks have nothing to worry about. The Consumerist always takes accusations of improper disemvowelling seriously.