This Subway Is Going To Reject Your Coupon One Way Or Another

Dale couldn’t redeem his “free 6 inch sub” coupon at his local Subway. Was it because of a particularly lazy employee, poor management, or dire financial straits? Maybe it was all three, considering the string of completely unrelated excuses Dale was given over just a few minutes.

I was reading your article about how some Subways were instituting a $0.75 refill policy when I remembered that I had a Scrabble peice that said I had won a free ‘Any Reg. 6″ Fresh Fit OR Reg. 6″ Sub.’

So, I decided to head down to the Subway in Kansas City, MO (it’s walking distance away from me) and tried to redeem my coupon.

Upon walking in, the Zombie-Employee told me that they were out of half of their ingredients. I found this odd, seeing as it was 6:30 at night on a Friday, but none of the items listed were what I was going to get on my sandwich anyways. I ordered a 6″ Meatball sub (considered a “Reg. Sub”, I’m assuming) and a Sweet Onion Terriaki 6″ (that way, I get a footlong for about half the price).

I went to check out and showed my coupon. She replied “Um, sorry, this only works for your next order.” This struck me as odd, seeing as the last time I ordered and got the coupon was over a week ago.

I informed the employee politely and she responded with “Well, we still can’t take it. It only works certain times of the day.” I pointed out to her that the coupon read “GOOD ON NEXT ORDER. NO SUBSTITUTES. MAY NOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFERS. EXPIRES 10/13/08” and wanted her to point on where on that tiny piece of paper that it says it has to be certain times of the day.

The lady gave up, and confessed that she can’t redeem it because there has to be a manager there to redeem their own coupon.

I didn’t want to argue with her anymore so I walked off paying twice what I wanted to. I mean, I know it’s only like $4, but it still irks me that they aren’t able to redeem their coupons at anytime. I just wanted to put the word out that these things are pretty much useless since they aren’t honoring them. First the refill and now this? Things must be going rough for them, eh?

(Photo: Mags D)


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  1. Marshfield says:

    That’s pretty sad. I know some Subways have stopped giving out the points on the free sub cards (which replaced the stamps). Still, Subway was one of the few places that actually rewarded frequent purchasers.

    Be sure to stop by for lunch next week and try again!

    • says:

      @Marshfield: seriously! those stamps/credits were pretty much the only reason i frequented subway when i needed a place for lunch (which really isn’t often,) but i went there knowing that i’d eventually get a free lunch.

      …and, shouldn’t a manager be in the store at all times? I’ve never worked anywhere when a manager wasn’t at hand.

    • mike says:

      @Marshfield: I agree with other posters here. You should have made them trash the subs. I know the law here in VA and MD REQUIRE delis and the like to throw away food that could not be purchased. They store isn’t even supposed to eat them, but that’s hard to track.

  2. JoshReflek says:

    When at the reg and she refuses, say “You can throw out those sandwiches and explain to your boss why you thought it prudent to take a total loss on this $13 sale, or you can stop being a lazy liar and take this coupon like a good little wage slave and not get reported to corporate”

    as for the 75 cent refill? just take it and dont pay, screw that noise.

    • agnamus says:

      @JoshReflek: Even if you are pro-consumer, being an internet tough guy is no way to go through life.

      • Nofsdad says:

        @agnamus: I have this feeling old Josh ain’t that tough in the real world.

        • Onouris says:

          @Nofsdad: And ganging up on someone who’s showing some backbone makes HIM the one acting tough?

          I would have walked out and left them there, plenty of other places to eat and Subway isn’t that great anyway, especially not for their prices.

          Why do stores like Subway make such a farce over coupons like this. I know the people working there don’t care about the place but any idiot can figure out it’s better to just take a coupon than run the risk of throwing away a full set of sandwiches because they’re bitching about it too much.

    • @JoshReflek: Ah yes, steal! That will teach them…how to call the cops.

    • @JoshReflek:

      Being a bully to the drones does little more than polishing your ego.

      I am not saying kiss up to the drones, but next time try to treat them with a little decency….most of these drones are working their first job or working the only job that will hire them.

      The drones at my local Q’s are totally farked up. One of my last visits I gave the drone the 10.03 for the $7.03 total. I receive two $1 bills and $1 in loose change because the drone could not handle the extra $0.03. I just ignored it and quietly talked to the manager on my next visit. My quiet complaint resulted in a free sub. Win-Win.

      • Hate_Brian_Club_I'mNotOnlyThePresidentI'mAClient says:


        I don’t think that getting your discount, the reason you’re at Subway in the first place, is bullying. Simply asking a person to do their job isn’t unreasonable.

        This has happened multiple times to me at various Subways and when I told the cashier to forget about the sandwich because I came there specifically to use the coupon a miracle occurred and suddenly my coupon was valid.

      • Cupajo says:

        @Corporate-Shill: “One of my last visits I gave the drone the 10.03 for the $7.03 total. I receive two $1 bills and $1 in loose change because the drone could not handle the extra $0.03. I just ignored it and quietly talked to the manager on my next visit. My quiet complaint resulted in a free sub. Win-Win.”

        You complained about getting the correct amount of change back? Wow, that’s pretty ballsy. Was it the extra 2 ounces of weight that bothered you or were you wearing pants that were so tight you couldn’t fit the change down into your front pocket. I’m curious as to what the problem was.

    • Difdi says:


      as for the 75 cent refill? just take it and dont pay, screw that noise.

      Yeah, and because there’s no law that says “all refills must be free”, you’ll get a dine & dash criminal record over a mere $0.75!

    • Uglyshoe says:

      Subway has become a weird company lately. There is one near my work where the employees, who all seem to be of one family, completely ignore half your order. They are often talking on their ear-cellphone thing at the same time. They don’t offer or take coupons.

      One time I went in while it seemed only the young son was working. He was sitting at a booth talking to his ear-phone and eating. I waited at the end of the counter for a couple of minutes deciding my order. He finally stood up and went behind the counter, completely ignoring me, and refilled his soda.

      I sort of understand if you are on your break, but at least take a moment to tell me you are not going to make me a sandwich.

      If these large companies don’t take the time to regulate their franchises they are going to destroy their brand.

      @JoshReflek: I know this is the internet and all, but really? Stealing is stealing even if you think $.75 is exploitive, or whatever. Also, just because you are choosing to not pay for a sandwich doesn’t also give you the right call someone a “wage slave.” Everyone has to work for a living and most would probably prefer not to be working at Subway.

      I know it is all probably harmless posturing, but is it really necessary?

      • JoshReflek says:

        @Uglyshoe: You should read the article again, take note of all the lies that employee told the OP, such as:
        “this coupon only works on your next order”
        “it only works certain times of the day”
        “there has to be a manager there to redeem their own coupon”
        In your approximation what does this example of insolent rudeness deserve then?

        Illuminating this laborer’s expendable nature may assist her in realizing “i could get fired for being a lying bitch who refuses to do a simple job”, could be a favor in the face of abject insanity.

  3. The_Daleness says:

    Yeah, I haven’t gone to any other Subways to try this out and I think it’s going to be a while before I go to another one again.

    Back to Quizno’s I guess…

    (Yeah, this happened to me.)


    • ludwigk says:

      @The_Daleness: I’m not a big fan of Subways, because in the last 3-4 years their sandwiches have gone to shit, but they have a gazillion locations in SF, so its cheap and convenient. Quiznos is really hit and miss. They have some decent sandwiches if you get something with bacon on it, but all of the semi-sensible choices taste like crap.

      Recently, when I’m too lazy to walk to North Beach for a real sandwich (Molinari’s, for instance), I’ve been hitting Togos. More expensive, but totally worth it. Every time I pass a Subway, I first think “hmm $5 BMT..” then I think “Screw it, I’m getting Togo’s ‘The Italian’.” Their turkey and avocado is frikkin amazing, too.

  4. Baron Von Crogs says:

    There was a subway in Norwood, Ma that didn’t take my friends coupon. They said they didn’t accept coupons because they were a franchise (or some other lame excuse). The killer thing was they had a sign on the door saying “WE ACCEPT ALL COMPETITORS COUPONS”

    But just not their own.

  5. TheWraithL98 says:

    i just redeemed one of those 6 inch scrabble coupons today – it was a new employee and definitely not the manager (i go in there all the time so i know the faces) and she had no trouble ringing me up and deducting the appropriate amount.

    i’m doing good on those scrabble deals lately too. i got a 6 inch meal on monday and i got a free soda and free sub for the two coupons on the wrapper and soda.

    Then today i got a free cookie off the wrapper of the sub i got for free. i wonder if they are really making this game worthwhile, or if i just got freakishly lucky?

  6. Nik in Denver, formerly in NOLA says:

    Subway more than any other chain tends to have a disconnect with corporate and the franchise owners. I worked at one when the owners were forming this rebellion against the stamps. Basically, employees would jack rolls of stamps and ebay them or just give them away to everyone they knew. The owners picked up on this and blew the problem out of proportion, claiming that there were massive stamp theft and counterfeit issues. Corporate really didn’t care and the only thing they did to my knowledge was dump the program as a requirement. Before they did that, stores would have restrictions that varied per store. Some said “only X color stamps allowed.” Some said “no more than Y consecutively numbered stamps.” You get the idea. Same goes with refills (as a rule I automatically walk out of a charge-per-refill fast food place simply because I would have to drink a gallon of soda in my .99 cup to cause them to lose money). There’s also two types of sandwiches you can get at subway. A normal sandwich made by a normal human being or the corporate instruction booklet sandwich you make when your manager is breathing down your neck (8 olives, 8 pickles, 4 tomatoes, one line of blahblah).

    As per how they could be out of things on a Friday, it could be anything from employees too lazy to cut/unpack things to someone screwed the pooch while ordering. Also depends when they close. From my experiences, the absolutely worst time to go to any Subway is about an hour before they close. The bread is ancient by this point, the line is usually turned off, and the chance of getting the night crew to go get a new pack of something out the cooler is lower than my chances of buying a lotto ticket and winning enough to clear my student debt.

    Sucks they wouldn’t accept the coupon though. I probably would have just asked for the owner’s number and left. I think all Subways are on the same register program now, which IIRC has a big button labeled “FREE SANDWICH PROMO” on one of the screens. Granted, you could have just had an owner that simply didn’t want to honor the promotion, in which case they’d just do better by posting a sign in the lobby.

    Sorry, rambling. I just worked at one for two summers and know how bad they can suck.

    • forgottenpassword says:

      There is a steak n shake I frequent that wont take a $2 off phone-survey-coupon unless a manager is present. Very annoying since the manager doesnt get in til 7am & I get off work at 5am & stop by near that time. Two bucks off a $4 double cheeseburger is a big deal to me.

      @Nik in NOLA:

      lol, back when they had the stamps employees would usually give me more stamps than i deserved. I thought it was odd & wondered if employees did this as a way to get back at their bosses.

      And yeah it really started to piss me off when they started the whole different color stamp (per store) thing & then the “you have to purchase a drink to get the free sub” rule.

      Anyways… I havnt been to a subway since i discovered Mr Goodcents pasta & subs.

  7. mbz32190 says:

    I would have just left there…(and gone to the Subway in the shopping center over, I mean they’re everywhere!)

  8. Coles_Law says:

    Funny, I had no problem redeeming mine. Sounds like you got a bad location, or more likely, a clueless employee. No matter, those places spring up like weeds.

  9. MayorBee says:

    You gotta hand it to the employee for the first excuse, though. With that logic, it’s never your next order. That’s pretty slick thinking there.

  10. opsomath says:

    it’s like the sign at trapeze bar downtown – “free beer tomorrow”.

  11. macinjosh says:

    I would have just walked out. If a manager is really needed, she coulda/shoulda/woulda said that first.

  12. Subway corporate is not particularly responsive to complaints, IMHO. I really like Subway sandwiches and eat there all the time. But the Subway near my office was always really dirty – which is surprising actually – most Subway restaurants are quite clean.

    So I wrote to corporate and got a letter back (no coupon or anything). The letter was pretty non-committal and said something about franchises and that they would communicate the problem.

    Months later, the place was still gross. In fact, it was even worse. I wrote again. Same basic response.

    That Subway restaurant is still as far as I know quite disgusting and I never go in there. But I was really amazed how nonplussed Subway corporate seemed. If you can’t even get your franchises to keep their restaurant clean or send someone to review it…


    • Baron Von Crogs says:


      Take photos and make send it in as a tip for a posting here. Then they would take it very seriously.

    • Nik in Denver, formerly in NOLA says:


      Not really surprising. Most Subways are run like their own little dictatorships. Better way to complain is to go straight to the store owner or the district corporate rep. That’s the only way to get anything fixed. Subway is like the polar opposite of other franchises that bring the hammer down on non-compliance stores.

      • cadieg says:

        @Nik in NOLA: exactly. i was a manager at a pretty decently run subway (if i do say so myself) while i was in school and subway has it’s own “inspectors” who drop by once a month to “check up” on how clean the store is, how compliant with subway policy, etc… (“WHAT?! she put FIVE pieces of cheese on that sub! not four!”) my area’s inspector was pretty harsh, and i’m a perfectionist- so i made sure everything ran smoothly. BUT if you’re in good with the inspector or they just don’t really care, they’ll pass you. not that “failing” actually means anything.

  13. Dansc29625 says:

    Subway is always kind of hit and miss. I noticed at a local one that the free six inch with the purchase of a six inch was not valid on certain subs. At least they let ya know before hand. All these notes are pissing me off. I once saw a note at a hardware store informing the customer that they could not try on a rain suit (it was in a sealed plastic bag) the note went on to tell the customer “Don’t ask.” You got a house full o’ notes, you don’t get my notes (dollar bills).

  14. BigBoat says:

    I agree with everyone who said walk away. Maybe the OP was really hungry, and that’s fine. But in general if you’re going to regret the purchase or feel you got screwed over, etc…just walk away. It’s not about making a statement. It’s for your own peace of mind.

    • The_Daleness says:


      I agree. I guess it’s just hard for me to walk away from stuff like that because I don’t want to come across as a jerk. In retrospect, though, I probably will the next time this happens as they waste $8 of food.

  15. Jackmojo says:

    Every single subway is franchise owned (there is precisely one corporate store at the DAI (doctor’s Associates International) headquarters which is not even open to the public) and each market group has its promotions voted on by the franchisees in that market, but natrually there can be more tehn one market per city so thats no guarnatee of anything either.

    So any given store can have its employees following whatever silly rules they want, and set their registers to require a manager password to allow free giveaways (generally because the franchisee thinks his employees are stealing/ will steal)

    As noted DAI is more interested in collecting its Franchise fees then in dealing with customer complaints so many franchises will ‘participate’ in programs they’re not allowed to opt out of (because the local franchise group voted to participate) but make it as difficult as possible to redeem anything from them.

    On the franchisees Subway is about the least expensive franchise operation to buy into and alot of the franchisees only own a single location, these are where you get the largest variance of service and such because the poor owner is struggling to really make any money as its really designed to take 5+ stores for them to make a decent living, so they tend to pinch pennies and really grind down on any perceived employee theft.


  16. AllenK says:

    $.75 refills are bullcrap! I worked for a tightwad at a small drive restaurant when I was a teenager,and he let his employees drink all the sodas they wanted for free. That’s just legal rape IMO.

    All of this makes Quizno’s and Firehouse Subs that much more appealing to me.

  17. sassansanei says:

    Subway has gone way, way downhill over the last couple of years. I have seen everything from an employee putting out garbage then coming back in and putting out ingredients without washing his hands (ewww!), to cost differences between what’s on the board and what rings up on the register (“we haven’t had time to update the board yet, but you have to pay what the register says” “no I don’t, keep the sandwiches, I’m not paying more than the advertised price”), to running out of the whole-wheat bread (this happens a lot), to canceling the stamp program, to massive price increases. And some employees are just really clueless about how to build things or ring things up.

    It’s just not worth the hassle of going there anymore. I used to go there 5-6 times a week for years, seriously, but now it’s once a month if that.

  18. noncomjd says:

    I would have left, without the sandwiches.

    I have that problem in a local supermarket, they always try to weasel out redeeming coupons and rainchecks (for any coupon over 75 cents they have to call a manger over to scrutinize the coupons; rainchecks, unless it is filled out completely and describing the item to a T, they will not honor it; and guess what since they create the rainchecks, most times they are “defective”) in which case I will just leave the store and leave the entire order behind. Sorry, but I will not be screwed with that way. If a coupon is expired or I don’t have the exact item that is on the coupon, then fine, other wise the store should honor the thing.

  19. yikz says:

    I blame it on the franchises. Subway has too many, and they can’t control them anymore. A nice EECB with a CC to the local newspaper, TV station, and possibly even the Attorney General’s office (advertising fraud/bait-n-switch) will likely put some heat on that franchise.

    Frankly, I quit eating at Subway. The quality has gone WAY down. I’ll eat at any other sub shop, or I’ll go hungry before I go to Subway. In fact, I’d rather eat at _McDonald’s_ before going to Subway.

    Jimmy John’s is fantastic. Killer sandwiches. The bread is better, the ingredients are better, and the employees have a sense of humor. It seems as if Jimmy John’s has made it a fun place to work. I highly recommend the #9 italian.

  20. timmus says:

    Subway corporate is not particularly responsive to complaints, IMHO.

    Anyplace called “Doctors Associates” that sells sandwiches does not sound like the kind of company that has much customer service. With that kind of name they’ve probably got snotty receptionists and 15-year old magazines in the waiting room.

  21. shufflemoomin says:

    Is it getting difficult for consumers to make a stand or something? You wrote this story to the consumerist, but did nothing about it at the store? You planned to go get a free subway, ordered an extra one and then ended up paying for the one you expected to get for free? So they screwed you on the coupon and you responded by giving them twice the sale of the coupon price. Way to go…

  22. lol_wut says:

    I have to side with those that simply state the OP should have walked out of the store at that point. *Maybe* at that point the “drone” at the store would have realized that what they were doing was silly and attempted an override of the price or ring the order up correctly if they had the power to do so either way.

    I’ve been a cashier before, and it’s hard to do an override of a transaction. Sometimes you’ll be prompted to input a manager’s code or (back in the day a decade ago) insert a physical key to unlock the register and void out the transaction and start over. Someone at 16 – 17 – 18 isn’t just given that sort of access. What happens if they just decide to void a transactoin while the boss is on lunch and they empty the whole register, or open the till and pull a check that was written and copy the info? There is a certain amount of control put there for a reason.

    As a customer, with a valid coupon that doesn’t state any obvious restrictions against how you are using it with your order in a store that doesn’t otherwise demonstrate any cause for concern up until the point you check out, you have every right to back out of the transaction. You didn’t consume anything – the only party that used up any resources was the shop in question and it is their problem they were not up front with you prior to taking your order.

    I guess now it should be common practice to walk in and announce to the staff you have a coupon – and if they have any objections to you using it they should speak now or forever hold their peace.

  23. failurate says:

    Subway needs to clamp down on their franchise owners. They really lack consistency with their products and service from store to store.

  24. And that’s why you always present your coupon before ordering.

  25. crazedhare says:

    I walk out in situations like this – to the point where my friends and family are sometimes annoyed with me (though I endeavor not to be holier-than-thou or cut off my nose to spite my face).

    I would have phrased it like this to the cashier – “Ma’am, I would really like to have these sandwiches that you guys spent time making for me. But I have a coupon, and there’s no sign or wording limiting that coupon. Unless you honor my coupon, I have no choice but to walk away and leave the food wasted. When your manager comes in, would you rather explain that it all went to waste and there was no sale, or that you accepted a valid coupon?”

    I think there is a way to do it that is not bullying. I don’t want retail cashiers who are subjected to stupid, anti-customer rules by their bosses to get in trouble, but I look out for myself, too. Sticking up for yourself does not require rudeness, although the stress/annoyance of the situation makes it hard.

    • The_Daleness says:

      Yeah, I know. As a frequent reader, I should’ve walked away. I’m going back there on Monday and will see what happens. I promise that if they don’t honor their own damn coupon again, then I’ll find out who the manager is and see if giving someone a $4 sub they won is really that difficult. Now, I would like to point out that this is the Scrabble promotion they’re currently doing. It wasn’t some local coupon and I got this piece from the same store. So, no matter how you look at it, it just doesn’t make any sense.

      Yes, I did take out the time to write this on Consumerist but not the time to argue with the employee. Why? Well, first off, there were people behind me. Secondly, I had already spent 5 mins trying to explain to her a fairly obvious coupon. Thirdly, I was hungry. Call it bad judgement, call it whatever you want. But it’s what I did and I felt screwed over so I decided that it would be better for me to warn others (at the cost of their PR since this is a fairly popular site).

      You all have great points, though. I should’ve walked out, but I didn’t. Most consumers are like this. It’s not because we’re stupid, it’s because a lot of places give us this false sense or feeling that it’s “rude” to speak out or disagree with something. Same with pressure selling, it’s amazing how bad an electronic salesman can make you feel for not dropping four grand on a TV. However, thanks to websites like these and the stories I’ve read, I will continue to become more outspoken about these situations.

  26. Ninjanice says:

    I would have walked away. I assume they already made the subs, so they would lose more by letting you walk away than by redeeming the coupon. I’m not sure how their coupon program works, but I’m sure the get some money from corporate for turning that coupon in to them. If they let you walk away, they have a sub they can’t sell and they don’t get anything for the coupon either. Maybe the employee was hungry and wanted the OP to walk away so she could eat the sub he ordered…
    Subways, like most franchises, vary greatly from one tyo the next. We used to have the best Subway in the town I grew up in. They always loaded every sub up, never balked if you asked for more of anything, etc. Then it was purchased by some D bag that was a condiment nazi and would stand over his employees and yell if they so much as gave a customer an extra inch of mayo. Plus the owner would give out sub club coupons to people (if you reminded him 12 times), but he would never give you a free sub if you had a card filled up. Everyone stopped going there and they closed. We started going to the one in the next town and the owner there was so happy to get all the new business, he’d accept Sub Club cards even though he didn’t participate in the program. The manager there was awesoem too. If you asked for extra anything, he’d always say “Of course you can have that! This is your sub shop, I just work here!”. I’m not a fan of Subway anymore, but I’ll still go to that one whenever I’m in town because they were always so nice.

  27. AmabelleFaloogin says:

    Well, at least this guy didn¹t get a knife baked into his sandwich like
    another guy who went to the Subway a few doors down from my office:

    I¹ve also noticed the same thing as @Nik in NOLA about Subway franchises.
    Those managers/owners are some the of stingiest bastards in the world. They
    nickel and dime everything and refuse to honor coupons all the time. A
    coworker tried to redeem a coupon while buying a veggie sub and they tried
    to say that wasn¹t a ³normal² sandwich. UMMMMM…. That¹s one of the
    freaking OG Subway sandwiches, jerks. When the knife thing happened that
    definitely resolved me not retruning there for lunch. I had sworn them off
    about 4 months prior anyway. One of the maintenance guys in our office
    building decided to screw with them all when the article appeared by making
    copies of it and taping it to their window. Every time they would remove it,
    he would go tape another one up to warn people. We were laughing for weeks
    about it. I hope they lost tons of business because of it.

  28. Ajh says:

    The real reason is..she didn’t know how to ring up the coupon and there wasn’t a manager there(gone out to get something or other…)

    At least that’s the most likely reason.

  29. howie_in_az says:

    The big problem here is that the OP accepted the BS excuse and paid the full amount. In the future the OP should walk without paying. Let the sub drone worry about what to do with the food just prepared. OP should also follow this up with an email to Subway or at least a call to the manager of the store the following day. Continue this until the chain accepts the coupon or they refuse to prepare your food.

    If a company isn’t giving you what their literature/coupons say they are, why do people continue to give those companies money?

  30. AnxiousDemographic says:

    “I didn’t want to argue with her anymore so I walked off paying twice what I wanted to”


    And not just because of what you “wanted” to pay, but because of what they promised (the discount) to lure you into the restaurant.

  31. amkls704 says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all.

    We went to BK last month and had a coupon from the local paper for a free whopper. The manager told me he can’t take it because we aren’t in the right district.

    Okay, this is what the coupon said “Valid at all Burger Kings in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area”

    He said we were in Mishawaka, southern indiana (which is a contradiction in itself)

    And proceeded to say no. (By the way I’m in Michigan City, IN which is definitely northwest indiana as I’m RIGHT on the lake and only about 45 minutes outside of Chicago)

    my dad called BK corporate and they sent him like 12 free whopper coupons that didn’t expire and HAD to be accepted at ALL burger kings nationwide.

    we then proceeded to go back when the same manager was there, and use those continuously haha

    corporate said they had no idea why that manager wouldn’t take them because they definitely WERE valid for that store.

    he definitely glared every single time we used those. i’m sure he remembered us.

  32. shaken_bake says:

    I had a coupon for a $5.00 meal deal on a 6″ sub from the Sunday paper. When I tried to use it, the cashier was completely flummoxed, couldn’t figure out how to ring it up. Because it was lunchtime rush, he just took my $5.00 bill, no tax and gave me my meal! I was shocked and walked away quietly. Sometimes it does work out in your favor, but you have to be persistant, or be able to walk away without your food if they are a-holes about accepting your legitimate coupon.

  33. billbobbins says:

    The manager at the Subway on Macarthur in Irving, Tx gets mad when you don’t “make it a meal.” I never go for the upsell and just take my sandwich thank you. So one time he gives me a dirty ripped dollar for change. I asked if he had another dollar and he got mad and handed me one “is this one okay? I can get you about this one?” I just wanted a dollar I could put in the Coke machine at work (I don’t want those flimsy drink cups spilling in my car). I have never been back to ANY Subway after that and found that I can stop by Walmart on the way home and fix myself a huge sandwich in 5 minutes for the same price that I’d pay at Subway. I used to be a consumer, but poor customer service across the board has convinced me to cook, clean, fix, and tinker for myself.

  34. hotline4 says:

    I love sub sandwich drones! I literally watched a drone ring me in for the wrong item (a more expensive item) and then run into an issue with the cash, well sure enough, his manager comes over to help, sees that he had overcharged me and fixed it… were it not for the manager I would have been overcharged because a drone wasnt trained properly/too lazy to fix a mistake.

    this particular location was a Kingston Ontario Mr. Sub. Delicious subs, less than capable employees

  35. JoshReflek says:

    @agnamus: internet toughguy? are you implying it’s difficult to stand up to people in real life? Really, its not hard to speak your mind, try it, be empowered. Moreover, the girl OP dealt with was being rude as hell, continually making up fake rules and being generally beligerant, if you can’t manage to stand up to someone at a stupid subway restaraunt, good luck negotiating for a raise, should you ever qualify for one.
    I’m not pro-consumer, i’m pro-not letting people lie or, in this case, fail to do their job.

    @Corporate-Shill: Being a bully to a drone to polish my ego? No, it’s called standing up for yourself when an employee is LYING TO YOUR FACE while refusing to do their job. There is a big difference between that and say, belittling them for the sake of some ego issue alone.
    If anyone has an ego problem its probably the employee who is trying to hide the fact they simply don’t know how to ring up the discount.
    When i go anywhere, i like to be friendly. Unless someone is being crazy or rude like this register chick.

    @Dfdi: If the soda machine is out where i must self serve, then no, they don’t get to charge me. If they must pull my drink, then i’ll pay.

  36. ryaninc says:

    I redeemed an identical Scrabble piece the other day. They didn’t have a problem with it except for the fine print that said, “Good on your next purchase.” She claimed that I had to PURCHASE something in order to get the free sandwich, that I couldn’t just get the sandwich itself. So I bought a drink. :-)

  37. TPS Reporter says:

    Subways are really either total crap; stale bread, no bread selection, puts 3 olives or 3 jalapenos on a 12″, or they are really good. I would have just walked out and left the subs there and went somewhere else. The excuse that’s its only valid on your NEXT order is actually pretty funny as that would be perpetual.

  38. kotyrox66 says:

    Here’s the deal. I currently work at Subway. Yes we are a franchise, and the owner has over 12 stores. Our’s is always kept clean and stocked. We have check lists for both morning and night crew that we have to inital when we are done. We are always happy to go to the back to get something if we are out of it and if we don’t have any in the store we drive to another store to get it. our bread is never stale and hard; and even though we have certain amomunts of veggies and meats on all sandwiches, they are very decent amounts. And who said you couldn’t ask for more? ya we charge more for our meats and cheese, but extra veggies is never a problem if you ask.
    So people shouldn’t be putting ALL subway’s into one category and one stereotype that we all suck. come to california.
    coupons are accepted and even the scrabble pieces. and there isn’t always a manager on duty. our manager is there mon-fri 8-4. and that is it. so those saying manager’s are always on duty are not telling the truth.

  39. JoshReflek says:

    @Nofsdad: Truly, why do you say that?
    Might it be due to the fact that *YOU* find it an insurrmountable task to stand up to people and call them on their bullshit in the moment of conflict?

    Do you near instantly cave to the pressure sales of electronics / car salesmen?

    Do you meekly eek out “yes m’aam” when your woman commands you to do some task in a demeaning manner?

    Does being dominated in every social situation bother you so much, that it must be a lie for anyone else to share their successful attitude about it?

    I feel pity in that you see it as being so much ‘tougher’ than you can stomach, perhaps your weakwilled attitude is better examined by an honest look in the mirorr pointed at yourself, than through a microscope haphazardly aimed at anyone else.

  40. sjkang says:

    I would have just walked out. If they are not going top take the coupon, why should I give them my money.

  41. rachel1496 says:

    I’ve yet to meet a Subway owner who wasn’t a cheap bastard. When I was pregnant I was working weekends by myself for 10 hour shifts. The lunch rush was so bad that I would have customers lined up out the door while I ran up and down the line trying to help everyone. I pretty much begged the owner to give me someone to help for those 3 hours and he tried telling me that he couldn’t afford it.

    OP, you can try complaining to corporate but honestly, they don’t care. Whoever said that each store was like a little dictatorship was right.

  42. fisherstudios says:

    no soup for you!

  43. i_love_life says:

    There is actually a few subways by my home in Scranton, PA and they are all owned by the same person. They all have a poster saying “We are currently not accepting any coupons and we apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks, Management.” Cute, right?

  44. dragonfire81 says:

    I used one of those coupons a couple of days ago with no problems whatsoever.

  45. ryatziv says:

    I just tried to redeam one of those back-of-the-mint-box coupons that say “50 cents of your next regular sub”. Their first plan of attack was that it was only on a 6″, because the computer said that footlong was $1. When I debunked that, they said it was only on the “nutritional” subs.

  46. “I eat a lot of sandwiches, who doesn’t man, sandwiches are easy to eat. But I hate sandwiches at New York deli’s, too much fuckin’ meat on the sandwich. It’s like a cow with a cracker on either side. “What would you like sir?” “A pastrami sandwich.” “Anything else?” “Yeah, a loaf of bread and some other people.” “What kind of bread?” “Rye… no, fuck, banana… you got banana bread?” “What kind of cheese?” “Cottage.” “Get the fuck out! I’m not makin’ a banana bread, pastrami, cottage cheese sandwich. That will severely ruin my reputation.”
    -Mitch Hedberg

  47. Sasquatch says:

    This same thing happened to me at the Subway in Boston, on Tremont Street between Kneeland and Boylston. She tried explaining that I needed to buy a drink. When I said that wasn’t printed on the ticket, the cashier said it was expired. The expiration date said October 16, 2008. I paid for my sandwich and left because I’m not the type to cause a scene, but that is definitely the last time I’ll eat at any Subway restaurant.

  48. Murph1908 says:

    Oh wow.

    I am with Josh. I would have instantly walked out, leaving those 2 sandwiches to rot.

  49. Krai says:

    I have worked at a Subway location for about a year now, and I can say where I work its not the employees who are the jerks. The majority of people we get in our store are college kids who expect you to know exactly what they want half the time. I can also say I close nights, and we are open until 3am on the weekends, usually not getting out until 4-5am from all the clean up that needs to be done. We also get a lot of people who come and bang on the door, right after we close. I only get paid 7.25 an hour. But still I don’t give people the attitude this clerk gave you. Not to mention I highly doubt anything the clerk told you was true. Nor do we require someone to buy something when using those coupons. It makes me angry that people like this work in fast food. But the thing about those coupons is they are national, and should be excepted at every subway regardless. And as for needing a manager to put coupons in. Most subways have a touch screen system for out register. So it sounds just like the clerk you had was being difficult and felt like screwing someone over.