This Subway Is Going To Reject Your Coupon One Way Or Another

Dale couldn’t redeem his “free 6 inch sub” coupon at his local Subway. Was it because of a particularly lazy employee, poor management, or dire financial straits? Maybe it was all three, considering the string of completely unrelated excuses Dale was given over just a few minutes.

I was reading your article about how some Subways were instituting a $0.75 refill policy when I remembered that I had a Scrabble peice that said I had won a free ‘Any Reg. 6″ Fresh Fit OR Reg. 6″ Sub.’

So, I decided to head down to the Subway in Kansas City, MO (it’s walking distance away from me) and tried to redeem my coupon.

Upon walking in, the Zombie-Employee told me that they were out of half of their ingredients. I found this odd, seeing as it was 6:30 at night on a Friday, but none of the items listed were what I was going to get on my sandwich anyways. I ordered a 6″ Meatball sub (considered a “Reg. Sub”, I’m assuming) and a Sweet Onion Terriaki 6″ (that way, I get a footlong for about half the price).

I went to check out and showed my coupon. She replied “Um, sorry, this only works for your next order.” This struck me as odd, seeing as the last time I ordered and got the coupon was over a week ago.

I informed the employee politely and she responded with “Well, we still can’t take it. It only works certain times of the day.” I pointed out to her that the coupon read “GOOD ON NEXT ORDER. NO SUBSTITUTES. MAY NOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER OFFERS. EXPIRES 10/13/08” and wanted her to point on where on that tiny piece of paper that it says it has to be certain times of the day.

The lady gave up, and confessed that she can’t redeem it because there has to be a manager there to redeem their own coupon.

I didn’t want to argue with her anymore so I walked off paying twice what I wanted to. I mean, I know it’s only like $4, but it still irks me that they aren’t able to redeem their coupons at anytime. I just wanted to put the word out that these things are pretty much useless since they aren’t honoring them. First the refill and now this? Things must be going rough for them, eh?

(Photo: Mags D)

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