Subway Institutes $0.75 Refill Honor System?

Jon from NJ says describes his local Subway’s new 75 cent refill policy as “silly.” Hmmm.

Guess the glory days of free refills are slipping through our fingers…


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  1. Gopher bond says:

    Honor System = Still Free

  2. RandomMutterings says:

    Honorable = Pay the fee or don’t take the refill

  3. snoop-blog says:

    I somehow don’t believe this was approved by corporate.

  4. tmed says:

    This will cost more money than it will make. People will simply forego the refill most often and some of those people will go somewhere else after that.

  5. sir_pantsalot says:

    Southern hospitality will never allow that to happen down here.

  6. MikeB says:

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this is probably a store/franchisee policy and not corporate wide.

  7. snoop-blog says:

    No “thanks Mgmt”? Sounds like the employees are trying to earn a little extra cash.

    So does that mean they lowered the price of their drinks? Most restaurants charge about $2 for a large. I always thought the high cost was to offset the refills? Am I mistaken?

  8. Jon Mason says:

    so a small refill costs the same as a large refill?

    • mugsywwiii says:

      @masonreloaded: It’s not uncommon for all refills to cost the same. At 7-Eleven you can refill a 64 oz Double Gulp (do they still make that?) for the same price as a 16 oz Gulp.

      Yeah, a Double Gulp is 4 times as much as a Gulp.

  9. snoop-blog says:

    Looks like I’ll have to start drinking more sprite, I mean water.

    • Bladefist says:

      @snoop-blog: Next story: Subway demands to smell your drink to make sure you aren’t smuggling sprite out of the building for the drive home.

      • blockbustarhymes says:

        The circle of life…

        They charge me 75 cents for a refill. I get a “water” = sprite.

        They smell my drink before I leave. I bring my cup from last time and pay 75 cents to fill it up instead of 2 bucks.

        They put the soda machine behind the register and load it up with ice. I bring my own water bottle.

        They ban outside food/drinks. I stop going there.

        They offer promotional deal for combos. I go back.

        They charge 75 cents for a refill…and so on.

  10. Adisharr says:

    $ .75 for $ .10 of soda. That’s seems about right.

    • mugsywwiii says:

      When I worked in the food service industry (~10 years ago) it was about $35 for a 5 box of syrup IIRC. That gets mixed at a ratio of 5.5:1 with carbonated water (carbonated water being the 5.5). I’ll skip over the math, but it comes out to about a penny per ounce. So a 32 oz soda (their larger size) costs them $.32, and their smaller 22 oz costs them $.22. Give or take.

    • bria says:


      Do you go to restaurants ever? You’re paying a LOT more than just the cost of food. If you just paid the 2 dollars for the fettuccine alfredo, how would the chefs and staff and floors and everything get paid for? Basic knowledge for any human.

  11. ThinkerTDM says:

    So it’s honorable for suckers to pay the 75 cents, but nothing is said about the honor of people charging those 75 cents for a refill?
    Believe me, a multimillion dollar corporation has no honor. At all. Especially one that uses customers “honor” to make more money.

    • Bladefist says:

      @Hobz: Very valid point. If it was a company wide thing, every subway would have it.

      Although I disagree with your greed thing. Since Subway probably sets the prices and promotions, the franchise owner may be having financial problems, and his last option before closing the store. While most of us would believe just increasing the price of the food would be appropriate, he may not have the power to do that.

      • mugsywwiii says:

        I saw a similar sign at Wegmans the other day. It actually surprised me, because Wegmans tends to be the kind of store that’s just “better” than the competition. In the future I’ll just drink more slowly when I eat at Wegmans.

    • The_Gas_Man says:

      I hate that places do this. But there are a couple explanations. Either they’re idiots and really think they will sell some refills to people, or they know they won’t sell any refills so this is actually just a way to get their customers to take less soda.

      Either way, you can’t blame this on on franchise restaurants. Blame it on your incompetent government for causing massive inflation through negligence and corruption.

      Let me guess… you’re an Obama supporter!

  12. Gopher bond says:

    If the soda machines are self-serve, then you should imply free-refills. If they don’t want to offer free refills, then you better be filling the cup up for me yourself. I’m not going to do your work for you and pay you for the privelege unless I get some compensation.

  13. Hobz says:

    There WAS a Subway where I live that did the same thing. The funny thing is that it was the only Subway of 3 in the area that charged for refills.

    I don’t believe this is a corporate decision but rather that of the greedy franchise owner.

  14. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    This is crazy. It costs $.50 TOPS for one of their largest drinks to begin with and you pay $2 for that.. another 3 quarters on top of that is ridiculous.

  15. nyaz says:

    I used to work in fast food, the bags that are hooked up to the machines last 2-3 weeks, plus they cost $20 (could be slightly more now this was 5 years ago) but still this is BS on a massive scale. Subway is already pretty limiting with the amount of meat they put on there subs.

    • PlanetExpressdelivery says:

      @nyaz: 2-3 Weeks? Where did you work at, the middle of nowhere? I go through syrup ever 2-3 days. I don’t know where (or when) you buy syrup from, but most of them average about 40-50 dollars a box (for the standard size boxes).

      • mugsywwiii says:


        $40-50 sounds about right given my past experience + inflation.

        A 5 gallon box mixed at 5.5:1 would make 32.5 gallons ( 5 gallons * (5.5 + 1)).

        That means the resulting soda costs $1.38 per gallon, or 1.08 cents per ounce.

        That’s excluding the cost of the water and the C02, both of which I believe are relatively negligible. And then there’s the cost of the equipment (surprisingly expensive), maintenance, daily cleaning, etc. It all adds up.

  16. theblackdog says:

    Considering that a refill only costs the store about 5 cents since it’s just syrup, water, and CO2 mixed together, they could potentially make a killing on it.

  17. friendlynerd says:

    Go up to the register and tell them you need a receipt. I bet the story changes.

    • snoop-blog says:

      @friendlynerd: Yeah are they paying taxes on that 75c? I doubt they are, which would be illegal correct?

      • @snoop-blog:

        Taxes can be collected from the consumer or built into the product price. As long as taxes are paid the State don’t care.

        Having said that, I doubt most mom & pops are that astute regarding the sales tax laws and I doubt sales taxes are being paid on the extra $0.75 in the cash box.

        • scoosdad says:


          I doubt sales taxes are being paid on the extra $0.75 in the cash box.

          Why wouldn’t they be paying tax on it? It’s no different a process than ringing up the cost of a sandwich. They have to ring up some key or code to open the cash drawer and it gets recorded as a sale. Taxes paid on sales. Most of these places are pretty stringent on the reason why the cash drawer opens in the first place to keep the staff from giving away (or taking) the store. Usually takes a manager to do some kind of override with a key to open it up in the case of a change mistake, for example.

          Unless it’s just going into a cup with a lid on top with a slot in it next to the fountain dispenser which I didn’t see in the photo.

      • Dansc29625 says:

        Signs like this are a good sign to eat elsewhere. So those who would just take the soda, would you help yourself to a sandwich too? Or the chips? There is no barrier there to your lack of moral values.

        • Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

          @Dansc29625: I don’t think it’s a lack of moral values. Most fast-food places put the soda machines in the dining area and away from the ordering counter…which would to me, anyway, imply that the really didn’t care that much about the product. Doing that seems like the trade-off of saving employee labor. You lose a little in refills, but you save a lot of time because your employees don’t have to deal with the soda.

  18. Zanorfes says:

    I wonder if this franchise also has a credit card minimum, which I understand isn’t permitted by Visa corporate probably has no “official” policy on this. Is it only me, or is it that businesses are trying to nickel and dime you every chance they get? Maybe the franchisee is greedy. They already charge the same as a 2 liter bottle at the stores and nobody really drinks that much, do they?

  19. TheDude06 says:

    Can you imagine how many $.10 cups of soda a customer has to take to make it a financial loss for the $1.89 soda they bought?

  20. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    If there is a refill fee then move the dispenser behind the counter. Self-serve dispenser = free refills.
    I love to see how they enforce this.

  21. snoop-blog says:

    I wonder if charging for refills is against franchise rules. A lot of times it is since it could potentially harm the reputation of other subways. As far as I knew, franchised restaurants, were supposed be so similar, you should get the exact same product/service no matter who owned them or where they are located.

    Where the drink fountain is located makes no difference. They usually have the chips on the other side of the counter, do you steal these as well? I worked at a Jimmy John’s that had chips on the other side of the counter, no one ever tried to steal them but if they did, we’d jump over the counter and stop them, physically, which you are allowed to do if you physically saw them steal from you.

  22. there are some subways that i’ve seen with signs like this for a long time now, or a sign saying there’s a limit of one free refill. like others have said, this is likely just at this location.

  23. Yo, stupid Subway…. if the soda fountain is available to customers with the purchase of a cup… the refills are free.

    Not making enough $, then charge more for the farking cup.

  24. CountryJustice says:

    I know this is beside the point, but…

    Do people actually even spend enough time in a Subway to warrant a second cup of cola? I’ve NEVER seen anyone order food at Subway that wasn’t take out, and I visit them a few times a month on average.

  25. “I eat a lot of sandwiches, who doesn’t man, sandwiches are easy to eat. But I hate sandwiches at New York deli’s, too much fuckin’ meat on the sandwich. It’s like a cow with a cracker on either side. “What would you like sir?” “A pastrami sandwich.” “Anything else?” “Yeah, a loaf of bread and some other people.” “What kind of bread?” “Rye… no, fuck, banana… you got banana bread?” “What kind of cheese?” “Cottage.” “Get the fuck out! I’m not makin’ a banana bread, pastrami, cottage cheese sandwich. That will severely ruin my reputation.”
    -Mitch Hedberg

  26. mike says:

    Man, things must be getting bad. In most cases, sodas are like 1000% profit. It’s so cheap but they sell it for so much…

  27. would be even better if they enforced $.75 for each refill acquired

  28. mariospants says:

    I stopped going to Subway about the time they dropped their stamp program. The company’s been going down-hill for quite some time since then based on my experience hanging with a friend who just had to go there for lunch. I prefer my local sandwich shop chains: better sandwiches and salads at a better price.

  29. Batwaffel says:

    My question is where is the picture taken? This is quite common at Subways in malls. I guess because anyone with a cup can walk up and refill their drink, even if the cup is from McDonalds. Plus, Subways in malls and arenas jack their prices up big time. $7.50 for a foot long.

  30. mugsywwiii says:

    I do think the title of this post is really misleading, because this obviously isn’t a new policy for the entire chain.

  31. angrypants says:

    So you guys will pay 5$ for a sandwich w/3 pieces of lunch meat on it and not complain, but think it’s outrageous to pay .75 cents for your second soda (half the price of the first). The soda machine is Subways biggest profit maker as has been pointed out several times. In the last year the prices of cheese and produce has gone through the roof, sodas are one of the things that lets them keep sandwiches below 8$. Keep on stealing them, next thing you know they’ll just charge you 2.25$ for your drink instead of $1.50.

    So $1.50 used to get you 20 ounces of soda x2. Now it gets you 20 ounces x1. Since not too long ago I used to be able to spend $5 and get 2 gallons of gas should I be able to go pump $5 worth of gas, go pay for it, then go outside and put more gas in my tank to make it 2 gallons before I leave? No? Oh, it’s because the gas station wasn’t nice enough to give me twice what I paid for for free for the first couple of years I went there. How about when you’re done w/your french fries at McDonalds? You get another order the same size for free? No, you don’t even get a discount on your second order of fries. Can you go to a gas station, buy a 20oz bottle of coke, drink it, then go inside and fill it up w/the fountain soda machine? No? Why not? Because it’s a second drink.

    Subway makes a great profit off each soda they sell, probably about $1.20 and they probably sell a more than 100 a day. This helps to make the payroll for the (underpaid) employees and to offset the cost of the rising ingredients of the sandwiches. The profit margin was being cut in half by some people, why don’t you see if the employees will make your sandwich for 3$ an hour instead of $6?

    If you can afford a five dollar sandwich, and are a glutton to the point where you have to drink two sodas at one meal (more than anyone should drink in a day imo) then you’re just going to have to pony up $.75 for your second. I’m sure this will be a rising trend in the food service industries as our dollar becomes less and less elastic.

    And btw, the people that call Subway a multi-million dollar corp kind of make me laugh, it’s a franchise, the guy that owns the subway in Duluth, or Parkersburg, or w/e small town half of us are in is probably not a millionaire. The guy that owns the two subways in our town is kind of a prick, but he lives pretty humble. If I had to guess I’d put him around 120k a year, far cry from rich.

  32. Jabronimus says:

    OMFG ….

  33. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    The local subway charges $2.69 for bottled drinks…that you can buy next door at the convenience store for $1.29. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start charging for refills.

  34. TVarmy says:

    The Quick Chek I go to (not sure about all Quick Cheks, it’s a NJ regional convenience store known for good, cheap sub sandwiches and coffee) charges 40 cents for refills, also on the honor system, and it has seating, so it is realistic for me to want more. Normally, I’d balk at that, but the store is so reasonable otherwise (cheapest gasoline in town, 99 cent 32 oz drinks, 3.50 subs) I really don’t have a problem with it.

    Man, I sound like a corporate whore :( Who knew it just took some really good sandwiches to make me lose my distrust of any retail institution?

    • mugsywwiii says:

      @TVarmy: WaWa is soooooooooo much better than Quick Check. Although, has Quick Check upgraded to a touchscreen ordering system yet? When they opened the first Quick Check near me, I went in and ordered the same sandwich I get at WaWa/Quiznos/Subway; it seemed like they weren’t used to taking custom sandwich orders, and it ended up being a pretty terrible sandwich. I think I gave them two chances before I gave up on them, but that was about 5 years ago.

      I’d love to give Quick Check another shot if they can handle my custom ordering needs, because I recently moved about 10 miles from my old house, but the nearest WaWa is still the one that was a mile from the old house. :(

      I hear Jersey Mike’s is supposed to be really good too, but I’ve never been to one.

  35. theblackdog says:

    What I have done in places like this is that I will start to fill up the cup and then after letting the foam go down, take a big drink, and then finish filling the cup. I figured that since I would end up drinking a good portion of it early on due to being thirsty, why not get the thirst out of the way now, and still have a full cup for when I start in on the meal.

  36. AMetamorphosis says:

    This was a poor post on Consumerist part because the story title reads like ALL Subway’s have instituted this policy.

    I would imagine this is a franchisee’s decision & not corporate.

    Check facts before posting sensationalistic stories please.

  37. Hector Z says:

    This practice seems to be popular among recent immegrant owners of south asian and middle eastern descent. The photo doesn’t show it, but I bet there is a “minimum credit card purchase: $15” next too the register too.

  38. jantonbusch says:

    @angrypants: I think I’m on board with you. Franchises are a completely different game than big ol’ chains, and keeping your business afloat (and your family fed) can hardly be construed as greed, especially since eating fast food is essentially a luxury that truly money-concerned individuals wouldn’t be doing with enough regularity have a grievance about a rise in costs.

  39. rodeo40 says:

    They better put that bitch behind the counter or I’m fillin for free!

  40. enm4r says:

    I never pay attention to signs like this. There’s a Panda Express in a food court near me that has the dispenser behind the counter with a similar “refills are $0.50” sign.

    I always walk right up and ask for a refill for free.

  41. drumbum says:

    Take this as a sign that you shouldn’t be drinking soda anyway. Very sugary, not good for you, etc etc.

  42. corinthos says:

    I refuse to go to places that charge for refills. Only a few do it around her do, mostly mall fast food but there is usually one place at each of the malls that do the free refills and that’s where I eat.

    I also can’t stand fast food that still refils your drink for you. The nearest Chicfila to me does that. If they would let me get my own drink then I might eat there more than once a month.

    There is one subway here that charges for refills and they don’t get a receipt when it goes into the register. Its owned by a middle eastern family and they are the most expensive one in town. I think the only reason its still open is because its next to a strip club and people that work there are constantly in there.

  43. DH405 says:

    If they’re charging for refills, then I don’t see a problem with me “refilling” my own cup or a cup I have from a previous visit to the restaurant.

    See, they’re not costing you more. They’re SAVING you about a dollar!

  44. YoHenYo says:

    If this is the polcy, then maybe they should go back to getting the drink for you. That way, it will cost them extra money in payroll for them to have to fill the drinks themselves.

    • mugsywwiii says:

      I don’t understand why people keep making the connection between self-serve and free refills. As someone else pointed out, the bags of chips are self-serve too. Gasoline is self-serve. At most convenience stores, soft drinks and coffee are self-serve (no free refills). There is no connection between self-serve and free.

      I’m surprised by how many people here are saying they’d just steal soda if the store tried to make them pay for refills. Wow.

  45. strathmeyer says:

    “Honorable = Pay the fee or don’t take the refill”

    Technically speaking, the only honorable thing to do now may be to never go to that Subway.

  46. NotATool says:

    Betcha it’s $0.75 PLUS tax, especially if they’re ringing it up. That solves the tax issue…

  47. dantsea says:

    So just wondering: Are many of the people expressing shock or a bit of discomfort at the policy residents of suburbia or parts of big cities that tend to be mildly affluent?

    I’m not asking in the form of a loaded accusation. The fact of the matter is that such policies are typically not found in suburban or affluent areas, but usually the norm in somewhat more urban settings or the neighborhoods we might refer to as “the slums” or “the ghetto” — fast food places charging for refills, charging for condiments or special orders — for at least the past fifteen years.

    I’m guessing as the cost of materials continue to rise, and we all start to make do with less, more signs like this will appear in a fast food place near you.

  48. Geekybiker says:

    Well typically non-bottled soda has free refills most places. That’s different than gas, etc. I assume when there is a self serve machine that refills are free. If they want to charge for refills it really should be behind the counter.

  49. RevRagnarok says:

    Report them to corporate. They put up a sign that said “no refills” at the BK in the mall. I called corporate and that sign was gone the next time I visited (two Fridays apart).

    As many others have noted, it’s already 1000% profit for sugar water. Personally, I only fill mine about 1/4 the way when I’m sitting to eat, then refill on the way out the door.

  50. azntg says:

    One Subway store in my neighborhood once had this policy.

    They are absolutely the weirdest out of all the local Subway stores in my neighborhood as: 1) they did not accept any credit/debit cards at all, 2) they charged 50 cents per refill and 3) they were actually open 24 hours. None of those are commonly seen in Subway stores across Sunnyside/Woodside.

    To this day, they are still open 24 hours and they are still cash only. But, they dropped the pay per refill thing.

  51. LogicalOne says:

    Maybe the refill policy only applies to the coffee? After all, isn’t the sign on the coffee machine? BTW, where’s the coffee decanter? What if I want coffee with my tuna sub?

  52. Coles_Law says:

    Our local Subway is in a Walmart. They have a “Free refills for people while in the eating area” policy-if you leave and come back, it’s $0.75. Turns out the Walmart employees were buying sodas at the start of their shift and refilling them throughout the day. Could that be what’s going on here?

  53. BytheSea says:

    It’s not an honor system if the manager’s on duty and watching the soda machines like a hawk.

    I tihnk 75 cents is silly for refills, isn’t a cup of soda like 2 cents? The cup is more expensive than the drink.

  54. snoop-blog says:

    Inflation?! Are you serious? 5-10 years ago a large was not $2 like they are today. The price of the soda has risen with inflation. This is just flat out rude to customers at the chance to make a profit. Hardly an establishment I’d want to give my money to. If they are having a hard time making a profit, I really, seriously doubt a 75 cent honor system charge for refills is going to ease their financial problems. If they can’t keep their doors open without charging for refills, maybe they should just close. If it was a $2 charge for a refill, would you still defend them with that same argument? Who gets to determine the point at when the price of a refill is excessive? If you ask the majority of consumers most will probably say anything more than free is too much for a refill.

  55. k6richar says:

    The subway in the small town i used to live in was like that. They only charged 40 cents last time i saw. Noone ever payed it because the cashier/sandwich maker(s) could not actually even see the dispenser. Not to mention they would just laugh if you tried to pay for a refill.

  56. lestat730 says:

    I find that the cups I get in places like this are so big that I can rarely ever finish the whole cup of soda anyway. I actually can’t remember the last time I actually got a refill.

  57. endless says:

    I used to go to a subway, i would only get the sandwich because next door there was a quick trip. 89 cents for a refill on a 44 oz drink.

    restaurants drinks = the monster cables of food service

  58. quail says:

    Some Subway franchises have been doing this for some time now.

    Love going to the Subways that are part of the WalMarts, because there I walk up to the counter with my cheap 2 litre of Sam’s Choice Cola.

  59. ludwigk says:

    My work keeps free snacks and drinks stocked every month. We usually have coke, diet coke, vitamin water, and sometimes different things like Hansen’s sodas and sparkling water. I just buy my lunch sans-drink, then go back to the office and get a [whatever] from the office fridge.

  60. sublicon says:

    methinks if they don’t want to give free refills, they should put the fountain behind the counter.

  61. wiley14 says:

    Sure, give them their 75c, just use your credit card (by the time they pay the transaction fees and discount rate, they might make about 20c).

    Or, just take your own drinks into the Subway since they are going to be youknowwhatsaboutit.

  62. octajohnny says:

    Angrypants: I am with you. .75 is a meager price to pay, especially when the bulk of that is going to an INDEPENDENT business person. (yes, I know corporate gets a percentage of their profits, but still the bulk of that goes to support the local person who pretty much put all of his money / life on the line to open up this place).

    Complaining about .75 for a REFILL when every sub place has cut their profits and LOWERED their prices to $5 is pathetic.

    If some of you people were on the other side of the fence, you’d realize how much of a day-to-day struggle it is for someone who has invested so much of their life into their business to make a few bucks these days, and would hopefully feel ashamed of yourself.

    Yes, maybe it costs .32 cents to make a 32oz refill, but most of you would have no problem going to a bar and paying $4-$5 for a beer that costs maybe .75 or $1 or so for the bar owner and not complain (me included – but I have no gripes about a local business owner asking for .75 if I refill my drink)

    • snoop-blog says:

      @octajohnny: A certain percentage of the profits?! They wish! They (franchisor) get a certain percentage of the gross income, meaning before they pay their bills, employees, and food costs. But still, a $.75 refill policy isn’t going to keep a struggling business afloat. For one, if you’re not busy enough as it is, who is going to be buying the refills? The customers you don’t have? For two lets say they sold 100 refills in a day (which I seriously doubt), that’s still only $75 per day. I don’t a think $75 per day (gross remember and some of you claim soda is expensive, plus there’s tax coming out of it, plus if its a cc transaction there’s a fee, and next thing you know that $75 is maybe $50) but still not enough to pay for one full-time employee in a day, let alone keep you in business. I’ve ran my own business, and also managed sandwich shops. $.75 per refill is not going to save your ass when you’re losing money.

  63. I went to school at Carnegie Mellon and the nearby Subway never had free refills… it was downright communist.

  64. Cary says:

    This sounds like a greedy franchisee who doesn’t know how to market.

    Charging for drink refills = pissed off customer.

    Charging for pay toilet = fewer drink refills! And hey, if you gotta go, you gotta go.

  65. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Somebody was probably abusing the system. I don’t see very many places that have a posted charge for refills, nor do I see very many people going up for seconds on soda. Once in a while, I might get half a cup on a refill, but most of the time, one drink is plenty.

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a restaurant employee or manager complain (or even care) if you topped off your cup, but I’m sure if you went back and helped yourself to 3 complete refills, they’d probably say something and then post a refill price to discourage people from doing that.

  66. FLConsumer says:

    If you’re going to make me pour my own drink and do something your employees should be doing, I’ll pour it any way I please. Don’t like it? Move the soda machine back behind the counter. Simple.

  67. elmuchachos says:

    having worked in the restaurant business for the last 8 years, in Texas, the avg cost of iced tea is .03 for 12oz and soda pops is .05 for 12oz. It is the highest profit margin of anything in the entire restaurant. Asking .75 for a refill is just pure profit. If you think about a $2 coke thats 12 oz, you would have to drink 40 cokes just to break even. Odds are the company is losing money on the sandwiches with the lower prices they are now offering and probably finding a way to offset that cost.

    Either way you were paying the difference. If a $7 sandwich is now $5 then you are saving $2 and even with 1 refill, you are still saving.

  68. frogman31680 says:

    It’s like this at my subway. Used to have free refills but the owner got mad cause a lot of employees at the mall were washing their cups and getting free pop.

    So she started charging full price for a refill.

    Then she got bought out and now it is 75 cents.

  69. Google_Ninja says:

    Subway Corporate does not decide the drink refill policy, that is a local/franchisee decision. @nyaz – the standard 5 gallon syrup bags were $40-$50 and that was back in 1999. When my stores implemented the “no more free drink refills” policy, people complained but yet our profits never suffered. Valid that fountain beverages are a high profit margin item, but consider the $4000 monthly rent, $1800 electric bill, maintenance costs, etc. The typical Subway franchise has a profit margin of less than 6%.

  70. ShubhaBizzert says:

    I was disgruntled today to see the Subway in Georgetown also has implemented
    the 75 cent refill rule. I wonder if this is a growing trend. The homemade
    sign always irritates me. That’s how you know that this was not a Subway
    decision. The rude and unfriendly sandwich makers were probably enough to
    make me discontinue going there anyway.

  71. Justifan says:

    everyones stupid in this. the store doesn’t win by being so cheap. the consumer doesn’t win by drinking another 200+ calories of sugar messing up their health for gluttony. seriously, one drink during a meal should be enough unless you have some serious issues.

  72. KidU says:

    If the drink machine is self serve, free refills are implied. Move it behind the counter if it is that much of a problem.

  73. econobiker says:

    NJ/NY areas are traditionally slim with the free refills especially at fast food and full serve restaurants. Anywhere in the SE US the free refills flow easily including at full serve restaurants- it is odd to find somewhere that actually charges for refills in this part of the US…