Verizon Wireless Going Contract-Free Next Week?

If the website Boy Genius Report is correct, next week Verizon Wireless will start offering contract-free, month-to-month service. Pretty much everyone will be eligible for it, but of course you’ll have to pay full price for a phone or bring your own, there’ll be an activation fee that can’t be waived, and if you take advantage of any special offers that require a contract, you’ll have to switch over to a contract agreement. It’s supposed to start on September 21st.

“Verizon Wireless Going Contract-Free?” [Boy Genius Report via IntoMobile]


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  1. icntdrv says:

    This is supposed to be new? 8 years ago, way back when it was still Cingular Wireless, I brought in my own phone and activated it with no contract.

    Way to keep up Verizon. No wonder everyone loves you.

    • The_Gas_Man says:

      Let me pick out three words from your comment: eight years ago. I’d love to see you try a post-paid contract-free plan today on AT&T.

      No, this isn’t “new” within the last decade. But it is new within the last several years. Either way, why complain? This is a good thing.

      • EGBTMagus says:

        @The_Gas_Man:It is still AT&T policy to allow new customers to activate their service without a 2yr contract if they purchase the equipment outright or bring their own equipment. This rules has been there since Cingular and has never changed. If the rep says otherwise tell them to look up corp policy because it is allowed.

        I know everyone tries to make AT&T look like the bad guy but compared to other carriers we (yes I work for the company)are better.

        Heck you don’t have to renew your contract ever with AT&T unless you decide to purchase new equipment at a discounted price from us. Other then that you can change your plan or change to other equipment without issue.

        • humphrmi says:

          @EGBTMagus: This has been my experience too. I’ve been with AT&T forever, and I don’t always renew my contract as soon as it expires… and AT&T certainly doesn’t cut me off. I’ve run for nine months out-of-contract on a month-to-month basis (based on my contract rate & promos) before I finally decided on a new phone, then re-upped the contract to get the phone for free.

          Yeah, AT&T has done this for years. Sorry.

    • Doc Benway says:

      @icntdrv: Would this explain why Cingular no longer exists. Oh least we forget that a company with inferior service needs some kind of gimmick to get and retain customers. I have had phones from all 4 major carriers and while AT&T has got some of the best phones their service is horrible. Verizon, on the other hand, needs some help in the sexy phone department but I can make and receive calls just about anywhere in the US. So at the end of the day which would you prefer: a phone with service or a sexy paper weight.

  2. Not Alvis says:

    Just switched to Verizon Wireless – even though I had my own phone, free and clear, they charged me an activation fee and insisted on a 2-year contract.

    Is consistency too much to ask from a company?

  3. Aresef says:

    And just last week for my birthday I got an LG Dare from them. God damnit.

  4. azntg says:

    Sorry for being a cynic, but anyone else gets the feeling that Verizon will pop some random fees here and there to make up for lost revenue of a lack of contract for new customers?

    With the lack of serious competition (at least, it’s not as strong as a couple years ago), they are technically in a position to do that and get away with it.

    • TouchMyMonkey says:

      @azntg: Naah. You’ll just be paying Verizon’s exhorbitant “standard rates” instead of the special deal you might have gotten with a two-year “please don’t suck” contract.

  5. dragonfire81 says:

    I can’t quite figure out why anyone should have to be locked into a two year contract if they either PAY FULL PRICE for the phone or otherwise provide the equipment themselves.

    The whole idea behind an early termination fee is to recover the money lost by discounting the phone at activation.

    Most providers only have one pretty sucky month to month plan, everything else requires a two year contract just for the PLAN.


  6. SportsCentre says:

    Why is this such a great option? Doesn’t an early termination fee cost less that it will cost to buy a phone and activate it each time?

  7. Sockatume says:

    Sounds like an improvement, but it’s still pretty backwards. In the UK SIM-only month-to-month contracts come with about a 30% cut on the price of the plan, and no “activation fee” (which sounds like a way of recovering the cancellation fee). If you’re being charged the usual monthly rate, and don’t get a phone out of it, it’s going to be a ridiculously overpriced plan.

  8. kc2idf says:

    Unfortunately, SIM-only anything requires a SIM. CDMA doesn’t use SIMs. Verizon uses CDMA.

    From a technical perspective CDMA is a superior protocol, but the lack of consumer consideration in the design really sucks.

    • jamar0303 says:

      @kc2idf: “Unfortunately, SIM-only anything requires a SIM. CDMA doesn’t use SIMs. Verizon uses CDMA.

      From a technical perspective CDMA is a superior protocol, but the lack of consumer consideration in the design really sucks. “
      Not quite. The CDMA specification allows for an R-UIM, which is almost exactly the same as a SIM (and is in fact supposed to be compatible). It’s used in most of Asia (except for Korea). I’m in China- CDMA works just like GSM except for the SIM-compatible part.

      The lack of consumer consideration comes from Verizon, not the protocol itself.

  9. TommyFeds says:

    Verizon has always had a better network (at least in the NJ area) and charged accordingly for it. I think their time is over. It’s still a better network, but not by much these days and IMO their phone section stinks. Not to mention everything is locked out on the phones. Oh it may have bluetooth, but they wont allow you to pair it with a laptop and transfer data/music/tones all because they want you to download them over the air and pay their rediculus prices.

  10. dmuth says:

    Huh. I actually found myself shrugging at the story, simply because I’ve had really good service with Verizon Wireless in the 7 years or so that I’ve been a customer.

    Based on the customer experiences I’ve had with them, I’ll gladly sign a 2-year contract, because I don’t worry about being screwed over by VZW.

  11. DarkForest says:

    I went in to get a new phone from Verizon Wireless b/c my old phone wasn’t holding a charge well anymore. My 2 years were up but because I was on a family plan and my brother had already taken advantage of the “new every 2” offer the rep said I wasn’t eligible for discounted pricing on a new phone. I reluctantly pay full price ($80 after mail-in rebate) for the phone.

    Fast forward one year, I want to cancel my contract with Verizon. I call them up and find out that when I bought my full priced phone they went ahead and extended my contract by 2 years for me. Guess I’m stuck with Verizon for another year…

  12. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    I’m not quite getting how this is a really good thing – to compensate for their newfound ‘no contract’ customers possibly ditching them after x amount of time, they might just tack on an absurd amount of fees. Plus, you don’t get any sales or deals so you have to pay full price for anything.

    It’s all for nothing if you have a family or want to do a family plan – there is no reason for individual plans when you get simply just “add” another line, but you get locked into a contract. If you want to take advantage of sales for phones, you’re out of luck – you need a contract.

    So this is more or less only suitable for people not looking for a family plan or anything but a single plan. Which is okay, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

    Is it just too obvious that people should do research before they lock themselves in with a contract? I’ve been with verizon for about 4 years now, it’s worked out pretty well for me.

  13. mike says:

    I’m with verizon and my contract ends in January. I gritted my teeth to go back to AT&T to get an iPhone, which I now abuse the data line like crazy since I don’t use it for a phone.

    I have two problems with this. One, if they are still charging the same amount with a contract and without, Verizon is making more money without the contract so there is no incentive, except the fact that you have not contract.

    Two, you have to have a CMDC(sp?) phone. I’m not sure when their 4G network is supposed to be up but when it does, I’ll be porting my iPhone over.

    Verizon coverage here is amazing!

  14. FuriousGeorge160 says:

    The sucky thing is, all the required e-mail and internet with the blackberrys is staying the same.
    Cust. Service just confirmed it.