BillShrink Launches Free Credit Card Comparison Service

BillShrink’s free credit card comparison service launches today, and you should check it out to see whether your current credit card is the best available option for you. The great thing about BillShrink is it doesn’t try to get you to sign up for a particular card—it simply aggregates the information on each one, then helps you quickly navigate your options to find the best choice for your specific needs. (The site makes money when you sign up for a new service.)

It just launched an hour ago, though, so you might want to bookmark it and check it out after the initial spike of traffic has died down.


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Grr. They took out what I thought was the best feature from when I saw the demo – the part where they broke down every prat of the contract into plain English and put it into easily-readable format.

    • jacques says:

      @Ben Popken: Looks like the easy to read info is still there, just takes a while to find it. Gotta click on the card, then click the link for more info, and all of it is within the tabs. Unless in previous versions they gave you more info….

    • billshrink says:

      @Ben Popken:
      Thanks jacques for replying to Ben, beat me to it.

      Ben, it’s definitely still there, it’s in the details of the card as jacques mentioned.

      Thanks for the article, hopefully in todays financial markets people finally take the time to understand the true cost of having a credit card.

      For the other half that doesn’t carry a balance and wants to maximize point redemption we’ve finally translated all the point redemption programs/bonus’ etc to let you compare apples to apples!


      Peter Pham

    • BrianDaBrain says:

      @billshrink: kudos on the site, but more card comparisons please! Thanks for thinking of such a cool service (and plain English contract verbage is the best thing EVER, methinks).

  2. funkyou52 says:

    no wamu cards?

    • billshrink says:


      :) no Indymac, Countrywide, or Wamu.. wonder who’s next?

      re: Brian, we’re definitely adding more cards. We’re at 200 now and we hope to get to 300 in the next few weeks.

  3. levenhopper says:

    What about those of use who use more than one card…I have a Discover that has a 5% cash rebate on gas, a Chase Freedom with 3% rebate for my top three spending catagories each month, and an AMEX for Costco.

    • billshrink says:

      levenhopper, right now it’s only 1 card comparison at a time. You can of course input your top 3 spend categories on our site and we’ll give you 1 card that you should use.

      (as Ben said, site just relaunched and we are under a bit of load thanks to the consumerist, so please try again in a bit if it’s slow)


      • Haltingpoint says:

        @billshrink: Billshrink, while I understand the attempt at appearing neutral, how can I be sure there aren’t better options available out there? It appears you only list cards that have an affiliate program you can receive commissions from for new sign-ups so isn’t it in your interest to only steer me towards those cards that do have affiliate programs (which is admittedly a lot of them)?

  4. mike says:

    Credit cards? Really? Huh, I guess there really isn’t a credit crunch.


  5. Xerloq says:

    I think this is a great way to find a good balance transfer card. I’m paying off my last card, and I’d love a 0% for 12 months so I can focus those finance charges into paying off the card.

  6. Xerloq says:

    Is the HSBC No Annual Fee Platinum Mastercard really that good of a card? It supposedly provides all of the features and benefits.

    Searching Consumerist for info on HSBC

  7. JustinMcH says:

    Surprised to see this covered on both Consumerist and Lifehacker, along with tech blogs today. Seems no different than or other card comparison sites, except maybe with a slicker interface.

  8. billshrink says:

    @Haltingpoint That is a fair concern. If you actually go through the list, it is easy to check this – you will see that not all of our links go though affiliate links.

    Our goal is to be a resource that consumers can trust. We will compute the true cost of your ownership of that card which is based on how YOU use the card. And a lot of the information behind that analysis is provided to you as well – and order the cards by their fit for you.

  9. Illusio26 says:

    I can’t seem to get the site to work.

  10. jamar0303 says:

    Interesting- I’d like to be able to compare based on international purchasing patterns. For example, I have a Discover card right now because it doesn’t have any exchange fees in China, where I am staying for a year (and plan to return to frequently afterwards). (not to mention that due to their arrangement in China they’re treated like a domestic card here- the credit card receipt even shows the issuer as a local bank). I’d get more rewards from another card, but maybe the fees for using them in China would outweigh that (except for Citibank cards, but they’re only no-fee when using their ATMs, not when directly swiping).

  11. Chantillian says:

    I can’t wait until people stop using this service so that I have a chance to check it out! ;)

    Maybe *lower* the time-out on the billshrink system? As it stands, I sit there for maybe 15+ minutes at the “Searching through hundreds…” screen. I assume I’ve still got connections to your web and/or database server open all that time – vying for your resources? If you throw up a “Sorry, we’re busy, try again later” message instead, then I’d probably try again in, say 15 minutes. But I wouldn’t be competing for your resources in the meanwhile.

  12. Chantillian says:

    I can’t wait until ppl stop using this service so that I have a chance to check it out! :)

    Maybe *lower* the number of allowed concurrent connections? As it stands, I sit at your “Searching through hundreds…” screen for 15+ minutes – and I assume I’m vying for your system resources all the while? If you don’t allow so many connections and instead throw up a “Sorry, we’re busy, please try again later” message, then I’d try again in, say, 15 minutes. But at least then I wouldn’t be competing for naught for the use of your systems in the meantime. And then if/when I *do* get through, I’d presumably get a faster response. Just a thought… :)

  13. billshrink says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know, the site is working fine now, we increased capacity.

    Would love the feedback.