5-50% Off At Home Depot

Looking to spruce up the ol’ nest? Home Depot announced a big sale today, with temporary pricecuts of 5-50%, with 400 items being announced each Thursday for the next three weeks.

Home Depot slashes prices, seeking to gain share [MarketPlace] (Thanks to Anne!) (Photo: Maulleigh)


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  1. Yurei says:

    Well now, if I only had a house to fix up, this’d be perfect….

    Too bad everyone’s getting getting foreclosed on and losing said houses to fix up. When we’re all homeless, what ever shall Home Depot change their name to?

    “Card Board Box Depot”?

    “News Paper and Old Boots Depot”?

    “Living Under a Tree in the Park Depot”?

  2. jeebussez says:

    Damn, I wished they had cut the prices a month ago when I was fixing up my house. Oh well, my patio still needs painting.

    Whatever happened to planned obsolescence? I thought they designed the big fancy powertools nowadays (especially powertools) to be replaced every 2-3 years.

  3. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    I need a real honest to goodness ladder, but have never been able to shell out the $50 to buy one that seemed reliable. Maybe I can buy a drill too! Yaaay!

  4. Hogan1 says:

    Hopefully they have some good deals on paint this week :)

    On a side note…

    If people understood how an ARM worked and read the mortgage paperwork before they signed, FAR fewer would have lost their houses.

  5. u1itn0w2day says:

    That’s probably why some prices tripled since the begining of summer.I was going to pick-up some furnace filters that were about 70 cents now 1.98$.Jack the price,advertise it as being on sale.Hopefully furnace filters go on sale.

    I don’t think Home Depot realizes how cheap they USED to be but now you can get competitive prices at local lumber supplies or your Aces and True Values who actually have sales.Home Depot just advertises.

  6. bsalamon says:

    …if home depot goes out of business, does that mean that Pergament will come back?

  7. TouchMyMonkey says:

    No doubt some kind of clearance sale, so you can probably get a good deal on a gas grill or an air conditioner, but not on snowblowers or space heaters. In fact, I’d be surprised to see a substantial discount on anything I can actually use. I stopped going to stores just because they were running a sale long ago.

  8. TPK says:

    What a sad reminder of the destruction of a once great company. The original founders had a policy of “No sales. Ever.” because their normal every day prices were very good, and they didn’t want to even open the door on the idea that their prices could or should be lower. It worked for many, many years, until they retired and brought in amateurs to run the place… right into the ground.

  9. formatc says:

    Awesome. I just bought a new house last Thursday and I need stuff. Home Depot would get my business anyway, though, since I prefer them over the Lowes that I pass on the way there.

  10. yashichi8bit says:

    I spend way to much money at HomeDepot. This will help me save some cash for sure.

  11. em2thrasher says:

    @hogan1 Those same ARM folks would likely buy a snow making machine even though they live in Alaska.

  12. TheAlphateam says:

    When does this start? I will be painting this weekend!

  13. Hands says:

    If people understood how an ARM worked and read the mortgage paperwork before they signed, FAR fewer would have lost their houses.

    Sorry for the thread hijack.

    Four and a half years ago I refinanced into a 5 year ARM, knowing I wouldn’t be in the house for five more years. I read the documents and knew what I was doing. To my surprise, I’m still here and might be for awhile. So I called my bank and told them I’d like to do something with this mortgage before it balloons next year.

    The CSR said, “oh, your balloon isn’t until 2014. You took a 10 year ARM.”

    You may now call me names.

    • TACP says:

      @Hands: I have an even better story. I moved to a new city about 5 years ago, then got married and bought a house. I had very little credit history, but easily got an ARM at that time. A couple of years later, my credit score was well over 700, so I got a 30 year fixed at 6.75% with no money down. I’m buying for less than most people here rent.

    • Antediluvian says:

      @Hands: Not for nothing, but you might want to re-verify that your mortgage is actually a 10-year ARM rather than relying on a CSR’s word for it. If you misread it, he or she might have too, but you’ll be the one who has to pay for it.

      Maybe dig out the copy you got when you bought the place, just to be sure. I know that if I thought my mortgage was going to balloon in 6 months but was then told it was 5 more years, I’d be scrutinizing that paperwork to make sure the bank’s copies match mine, and that they all match what I intended to sign.

      Our first mortgage was an 8/1 30-year ARM that scared me (I like fixed-rates) until I realized that every single person I knew who had a mortgage refinanced within the first 5 years. To a person, they all did. And so did we, so it worked out great.

      Oblig on topic: I prefer Lowe’s too, especially since one of the dozen area HD’s cut its hours back so they close at 9pm instead of 10.

  14. Velifer says:

    Went there last night. Where was the sale? I saw a few very expensive things with little yellow tags showing they were a few cents off.

    Sales aren’t enough to draw me in, I had other things to buy. Still, I’m always up for a deal. I just didn’t see any to be had.

  15. spookyblue says:

    The Clarksville, Indiana store manager had a whole lot of blank stare for me when I asked about this. He might’ve been too busy marking up prices after hurricane Ike rolled through. $53 to rent a chainsaw with a dull blade.

  16. Anonymous says:

    In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, they are botching these “deals” by not limiting how many can be purchased by one person. We showed up at our local store at 7am for a try at a vanity set on sale to find out that they only got 8 vanities in and as we walked in a contractor was walking out with 6 of them.