Verizon Refuses To Help Locate Body Of Missing Woman For Four Days

Verizon, which has no problem helping the government spy on its customers, suddenly turned stupid in June when a police department asked them for help finding the body of a woman who had been abducted on camera. Despite pleas from the woman’s parents, the police, and the FBI, it was four days before a technician was sent out to the appropriate cell tower. When that technician gave the police the location info, they found Kelsey Smith’s body within 45 minutes. Verizon won’t respond to requests for an explanation of why they couldn’t help sooner.

The Johnson County District Attorney, Phill Kline, told Fox News that Verizon not only seemed unhelpful, but possibly incompetent:

We did have a problem with Verizon. We’re talking about 3 hours afterwards, they [the police] were already pushing for this information, with the sergeant speaking to Verizon directly at 2:30 a.m., demanding that this information be provided and it wasn’t.

There was a lack of understanding on their end of what they were incapable of doing. I was on the conference call with Verizon, and we had three technicians telling us different things and using different terms, and we can’t guess their mind. We’ve got a girl that’s missing. We have a girl that’s missing, we have a likely abduction, we need to find her.

Everyone involved in the search has made it clear that Verizon’s incompetence had nothing to do with Kelsey’s death, but it could have made the search a lot shorter, and saved a lot of people unnecessary grief. Unfortunately, when Verizon’s president met with Kline and Kelsey’s parents two months later, he brought three lawyers with him for protection.

Kelsey’s mom told Fox, “If [Verizon] brought them because you think we’re here to sue you, that’s not what this is about.” Says Kline, “They didn’t realize that they have an opportunity… to establish a course that leads the way that is right and responsible, and instead they chose a different posture, and that’s unfortunate.”

Kelsey’s mom:

We almost didn’t get to say to goodbye to Kelsey, because of her body decomposition from being out there so long.

Kelsey’s dad:

We never did get a why, that was the thing that was so frustrating, why can’t you do this. That question was never answered.

“Why Did It Take So Long to Find Kelsey Smith?” (video) [] (Thanks to Albert!)

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