Angry Wiccan Digs Up The Identity Behind Scam Site is a ridiculous website loaded with sexy young lady “Wiccans” who, for anywhere from $40 to $265, will “find you love, give you an abortion, cure your cancer, grant you immortality, and change your sex organs.” Terrific, because I need some new sex organs! These are all worn out. Anyway, Trae at was annoyed by their expensive and unrealistic promises, and the more he looked into the domain registrations, the more suspicious he became.

Trae eventually managed to dig up a potential cuplrit behind the site, and he pretended to be a broken-hearted teenager with poor judgement (and spelling) to see what he could find out. What he found was someone named Brittney Reynolds, a member of the pro-anorexia movement and someone with possible connections to an earlier scam on MySpace called the “themilliondollarpiggybank.”

So why did Trae feel the need to get so sleuthy? Because was running ads on his site, and he didn’t like the idea of a fake-Wicca site trying to prey upon his readers. Fastspells may still pop up via Google’s Adsense, but they’re probably not going to drum up a lot of business from TRHOnline anymore.

Where does this leave us. We know that she must have been in on the Million Dollar Piggy Bank scam, as they used her e-mail address. We know that at one point a Facebook page was made using that e-mail address for a “Kevin Reynolds” from Virginia. We know that the young woman has had an eating disorder, and likely a rocky adolescence. We also know that everything says on their website is a lie.

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