Ever Used A Gift Card At Buy.com? Surprise, You May Owe Them Money

Seth was recently contacted by Buy.com and told that due to an error, an order he placed over a year ago had a balance due. They’ll be debiting his credit card “on or about 09/22/08.” Seth emailed them back to ask why they were just now settling the billing issue—surely it hadn’t taken them this long to notice it. Apparently, it had, and it’s not just Seth’s account that’s messed up.

When Seth emailed to ask why they were just now contacting him, he received this surprising response (emphasis ours):

A software glitch prevented Buy.com from billing some customers over the last couple of years. Buy.com is going to bill them soon. The only customers that were affected by this were those who used partial payment with a GC and then paid the balance with their Credit Cards (which were never really charged).

So there ya go: if you used a gift card at Buy.com in the “last couple of years” and settled the difference with a credit card, Buy.com may be hitting your account later this month in an attempt to finally get their books straight.

(Photo: Getty)