98,930 Affected In Forever 21 Data Breach

Forever21 announced Friday that the Secret Service told it criminals had jacked 98,930 credit and debit card numbers from its computers. Based on their forensic analysis, your digits could be in the hands of unsavory individuals if you shopped there on…

March 25, 2004; March 26, 2004; June 23, 2004; July 2, 2004; July 3, 2004; August 4, 2007; August 5, 2007; August 13, 2007; and August 14, 2007. You could also be at risk if you shopped at their Fresno Cali store between November 26, 2003 and October 24, 2005. If the above describes you, review your credit card statements for unexpected charges and monitor your credit report for strange activity. Affected customers may receive a notice from their credit card company.

Forever 21 also announced the problem to its customers via a small link on its site labeled “Important Customer Info Notice” that no one will ever click on.

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  1. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    It’s always funny to me how they just nonchalantly name dates, like everyone can catalog where they were at any given time 4 years ago! I have no idea whether I was at Forever 21 on June 23, 2004. How exactly do I find out? my online statements only go back about a year, right? And I definitely don’t keep my paper statements…

  2. rbaldwin says:

    Most online banking/credit services allow you to do a date search for transactions. Having the dates handy is helpful.

  3. That’s what you get from shopping here :)

  4. BrianDaBrain says:

    I love those tiny little notices that they hide very cleverly on their website. They’re not the first company to do it…

    I wonder if, mathematically speaking, it is more feasible to

    A) spend money to upgrade the security and encryption on databases that store customers’ private information, or

    B) lose business because word gets out that said database has been hacked?

    Judging by stories like this, it seems as though choice B is better for the bottom line. Maybe if companies were held more accountable for the methods they used for storing private information…

  5. YankeePioneer says:

    I’m totally safe, because I only shop at F21 with knock-off credit cards.

  6. Ein2015 says:

    This, on top of the multitude of links the Consumerist staff posts every week regarding finances, is just another drop in the ocean of reasons to use cash.

  7. UnSeelie...I am baaack! says:

    Is it sad that i actually know what days i went to forever 21? Thank goodness none of those were it.

  8. theblackdog says:

    I know what days I went to Forever 21.


  9. *crosses herself* thank you jesus for never giving me the urge to shop there.

  10. missbitchy says:

    I shopped there (I’m all about some $4 tank tops I don’t care where they come from), and received a notice in the mail from Bank of America last month that my info had been compromised. They changed my account number and gave me a new card. I’m assuming this is where the problem occurred.

  11. envirodesigner says:

    thank you, Forever 21 for letting me know this about four years in advance, I think I made my decision never to shop there again.

  12. Cesarea Tinajero says:

    Great, the F21 computer system is just about as sturdy as its garments!

  13. juniper says:

    You know, for a store that mandates that you show them your ID when making a credit card purchase (“for your protection”), even when the card is signed on the back, it’s EVEN MORE SHOCKING!

    I stopped shopping here when they got pushy about the ID thing. It bothers me on principle.

  14. KatieKate93 says:

    Ykes! First TJMaxx and now this? Where are we supposed to get our cheap clothes fix now?!