Continental Confuses California With NYC?

[Update: Several commenters have pointed out that “Ontario, CA” actually refers to Ontario, California, which is near L.A. And to be fair to the OP, we’re the ones who misinterpreted Ontario, not her. We’ve updated the post. Also, check out Fly Girl’s insider explanation as to what likely happened.]
Continental canceled one leg of Lesley’s flight from NYC to California without notice—she only discovered it when she went online to check that everything was okay this morning. What’s worse, however, is the alternative flight plan they proposed, which would have her going from NYC to Houston to California and immediately back to Houston to NYC again, depositing her 20+ hours later in Newark, New Jersey—where we presume a gang of Continental employees will be waiting for Lesley at the gate to beat the crap out of her with confiscated water bottles. East Coast hates West Coast, Lesley!

Here’s a head’s up – Continental has canceled dozens of flights going into and out of Houston (IAH)…but they haven’t told anyone. They canceled my outbound flight to California through Houston (which, fine, understandable), but didn’t send me so much as an email or phone call, like most carriers do. It wasn’t until I tried to check this morning that I was met with their proposed new flight plan (see attached.) It’s sad and hilarious at the same time. Needless to say, I’ve rebooked since then.

I’d have been in trouble at the airport if I hadn’t tried to check in this morning, so just a warning to anyone trying to fly across the country today – the airlines, particularly Continental, are doing their usual awesome job at handling the situation. I’m not so much upset about changing my plans, it’s the total lack of communication from Continental and the completely useless “solution” they tried to offer.

(Photo: FlyGuy92586)

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