Just a reminder: you can get free credit reporting services for at least six months by participating in a class action settlement against TransUnion. Carey posted details about it back in June; the deadline to participate is September 24th. (Thanks to Michael!)


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  1. FrankTheTank says:

    Predition: In six months, there will be a Consumerist posting about how people who signed up for this “accidentally” opted into a pay service plan provided by Transunion and want to get out of it. Transunion will be accused of offering misleading “free” services.

    Call me Kreskin…

    • @FrankTheTank: That was my first thought, so I checked the summary of the settlement and is says that TransUnion cannot extend any service past the free period without a customer’s approval.

      …so now I expect TransUnion to use some badly worded “agreement” that implies renewal consent when you initially sign up, of course.

  2. David M says:

    So should I sign up for the 6mths no possible cash payment, 6mths plus cash payment, possible cash payment alone, or 9 months no possible cash payment?


  3. CharlesjP says:

    The cash payment is 27cents from what I understand, So I would say the 9 months no cash.

    • David M says:

      @CharlesjP: 27 cents? I wish you could choose even one tiny fraction of the millions of dollars in lawyers fees instead of a piece of the “settlement”.

  4. Stonecutter says:

    Take the nine month option. The extra charges they’ll get for server usage during that time will cost them more than the cash out.