Reach Orbitz's Customer Service Head Honcho

If you have a problem with Orbitz and regular customer service and escalating to a supervisor doesn’t help you, give this gal a call.

Kathy Voss
Director Of Customer Care

Remember to be polite and professional, you catch more flies with honey…


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  1. dragonfire81 says:

    Anyone want to start taking bets on when that number will be changed?

  2. ScramDiggyBooBoo says:

    more bees with honey…bees

  3. gliscameria says:

    Orbitz rocks.

    Their first level CSRs are completely useless, but the supervisors are very understanding when you get forwarded to them because you were swearing profusely at the first level CSR with the Indian accent, who can’t grasp that when the passenger and person that booked the flight are two seperate people, they are indeed seperate people who do not have intimate knowledge of the other’s information.

    It takes napalm to get to a supervisor, then you break out the honey.

  4. Farleyboy007 says:

    it’s out of service.