Free File Hosting For Life From FileSavr

Update: Site is running slow right now, servers getting slammed by all the demand.

Here’s a welcome reprieve from all those “free” file hosting sites with countdown timers and restrictions and flashing ads. FileSavr is running a special deal promote their normally pay to use service: free file hosting for life (well, at least until 2038). 10gb limit per upload, with a 250gb per account max. Just sign up via this link and you’re uploading in a snap. Jay from FileSavr told us…

We owe our success to the social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble, Reddit and Delicious. As a thank you to the social sites we are offering free accounts on to all bloggers as well as members of all social sites. This is a lifetime membership for absolutely FREE. There is no catch, we simply hope this will create good buzz and people will also donate to us if they like our service.

It seems snag-free. Let us know in the comments if you discover some fell purpose lurking behind the smiles.

Free Accounts for Bloggers and Digg Users [FileSavr]


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  1. CRSpartan01 says:

    Awesome! Now I have somewhere to send all my friends to illegally download my music!


    Cool service, though. Too bad I don’t have much use for it.

  2. BrianDaBrain says:

    Awww, yeah. I’m off to sign up right now… after a close inspection of the ToS, or course ;)

  3. wickedpixel says:

    and by “for life” they mean until they go out of business… but hey, free is free.

  4. weakdome says:

    Yay, somewhere to store my Quicken and TurboTax files!

    • BrianDaBrain says:

      It’s interesting how tiny their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are. The full versions of each are:

      “Terms of Use

      The use of this service to upload copyrighted or illegal material is not allowed, and will be removed and the offending individual may be banned from using our services. FileSavr provides no warranty, expressed nor implied, and all services are provided as-is. Any individual utilizing the services provided by FileSavr does so at their own risk.

      In accordance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), any material that an individual feels is in violation of copyright(s) may contact FileSavr, and if proper documentation is provided and we find that the material in question is of copyrighted material, FileSavr will immediately remove said material. Being a secondary party and strictly a file host, FileSavr is not responsible for material uploaded by users, but we will do our best to maintain quality control.”

      “Privacy Policy
      Your email is not shared or sold to anyone. Only upload files that do not contain confidential information because anyone can guess the URL and download the file.”

      Compare that to MaegaUpload’s 3 pages of Terms of Use and a Privacy Policy longer than two sentences. Does that concern anybody else?

      @weakdome: They don’t recommend storing private info using their service.

  5. synth7 says:

    I signed up, the main page after you login says it is paid until 2038 :V

    Also this could be useful in a pinch, so thanks for the heads up

  6. ChainsawFacelift says:

    Will I use it…maybe. It’s free, so it doesn’t matter, so good job.

  7. wickedpixel says:

    lies, all lies! i just signed up and it says “Paid Until: Jan 18th, 2038”. That’s not free for life, that’s only 30 years. What happens 30 years from now when you’ve got me hooked and have all my files?


  8. reiyaku says:

    i wouldnt use this for anything that has vital information such as finances

    but quick place to store media files, hey why not

  9. duffm4n says:

    Their site is SLOW due to this sweet offer.

  10. azinck says:

    The 2038 limitation is probably a result of them using unix time to store their account expiration info. 32-bit unix time has a max date of 2038.

  11. KernelM says:

    Huh. I guess they’re running on 32-bit machines then…

  12. TheDude06 says:

    dmmt. ht bng ‘tht gy’ bt m gng t hv t b.

    Wh crs? hp y t lst gt pd fr th pst.

    • SybilDisobedience says:

      @TheDude06: [Nelson voice] HA HA!

      No, really, though, this is a good thing for people who store lots of media files or who want to store backups of downloaded custom content for games. Thanks a lot for the link.

  13. bonsai_halcyon says:

    I’ve been meaning to join one of these for a while, and this was exactly the kind of opportunity I’ve been waiting for. Like others have said – it’ll come in handy in a pinch, even if it’s not something I’ll use every day.

  14. RRich says:

    I hope we live another 30 years. Or me, at least.

  15. HeartBurnKid, creepy morbid freak says:

    Strange… I signed up for an account, and it game me a page with a FileDropper logo. My spider-sense is tingling…

  16. RRich says:

    Doesn’t work for me; keep getting
    “Error: Duplicate entry for key 2”

    Tried Firefox, IE and Chrome.

    But it WAS free…..

  17. There has to be a service that lets you upload whole folders, rather than individual documents!

  18. FubarGuy says:

    Signed up, got right in, uploading already! Thanks for the Freebie, I needed a boost on an otherwise crappy Wednesday at work.

    Oh, and I think weakdome was kidding about his financial info – if not, a simple warning won’t help!

  19. Macroy says:

    We only have a few more weeks before the LHC is fully active, so 30 years seems like overkill.

  20. RRich says:

    Never mind. (Too embarrassed to say how I screwed up.)

    Bye now!

  21. stanhubrio says:

    @Macroy: nice.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Consumerist!

  22. Confuzius says:

    Didn’t use any of my regular passwords just in case.

    As for the file dropper/ file savr connection
    I’m guessing that they’re one and the same, file dropper would be pre-flickr buzz and file savr post flickr.

    Whois on both is private, but with the same registrar.

  23. rtipping says:

    Sign up was painless but my test upload 1.5mb pdf was slow as salamis on download could be a browser thing Ill keep testing it the price was right.

  24. Woden501 says:

    Signing up now. If nothing else I can use it as an off-site back up option for my files. Of course it’s also helpful for passing alone a few choice files to friends… lets see… 16.3 gigs of pics… 38.4 gigs of vids, oh and then there’s the games and music.

  25. usa_gatekeeper says:

    Thanks. Signed up, nice & clean (Firefox w/ Adblock+ user). Did a test jpg upload; quick. It stored 4 cookies on my machine, no big deal. Didn’t see any indication of security (did I miss something?), so I won’t upload or store anything confidential.

    If I’m still alive in 30 years, I’ll be happy.

  26. ViperBorg says:

    Signed up, ya never know when this will come in handy.

    Thanks, Ben! – And Consumerist!

  27. RandomHookup says:

    One more place to stash my porn.

  28. FLEB says:

    This is how all online service sign-ups should be. Username, password, email, TYVM.

  29. Part_Time_Geek says:

    How do you give out a URL so you can share your files to others?
    I always get [] no matter what file I choose

    • CountryJustice says:


      There’s a couple ways: Right after you upload, a unique URL will be generated and will appear in the address bar.

      If you’re looking at the File Manager screen, click on the file you want. It’ll give you some basic stats and allow you to “download” or “share.” Click “share” and it will take you to the page featuring the unique URL in the address bar.

  30. smartwatermelon says:

    Signed up, tried to log on, got “Invalid login credentials or account no longer valid!” Can’t seem to get past that.

  31. moore850 says:

    The limitation is if they go “oops, we need money” and you need that file, you’re gonna be paying.

  32. jrobie says:

    I got the invalid credentials message once too – I tried again and had no trouble

  33. noncomjd says:

    The registration is valid until 2038 because that is how long it would take to upload 250gb of material. Painfully slow.

    • freelunch says:

      @noncomjd: agreed. maybe the site is getting too much attention at the moment, but I don’t think I would use this for anything large than a few MB given the speeds I am seeing.

  34. EmperorOfCanada says:

    I have tried a 110MB file 3 or 4 times and the furthest it got was 26% before epicly failing.

    The price is right.. but Im not sure if I like this service…

  35. kadaan says:

    From their About Us page:
    “How long are the files kept? The files are kept forever as long as they are being downloaded.”

    They have no information as to what the time period is. If they delete files that aren’t accessed every month or two, I don’t think it will be too useful for me.

    • FubarGuy says:

      @kadaan: I dropped a test file in less than a week ago & it’s now gone. Unless this is for repeated downloads or instant transfers, don’t count on it.

  36. kadaan says:

    It’s the same company as File Dropper. Clicking the ‘donate’ button takes you to a paypal site you can send money to ‘’ with a title saying ‘Support File Dropper With a Donation.’

    My FileSavr account info didn’t work at, and I’m always wary about sites that clone themselves under a different name.

  37. cheesebubble says:

    Don’t really have a big need for this service right now. But the price is right and my circumstances may change. So I’m in. Thanks for cluing us in to the opportunity!

  38. dragonfire81 says:

    This won’t last long once they start losing boatloads of money to bandwidth costs. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  39. TechnoDestructo says:


  40. lessemm says:

    As far as confidential information is concerned, there’s no reason not to encrypt your files before posting them.

    A useful backup for you, a string of garbage for anyone without the key/password.

    I’ve used 7zip for encryption and compression in windows:


    But my favorite is still bcrypt:


  41. DashTheHand says:

    Good alternative now that (mediamax) has had to shut down due to not being able to financially benefit from free hosting.

  42. stands2reason says:

    Also guys, don’t forget that 7-zip (archive and compression) has built in support for 256bit AES encryption. So, if you need to store sensitive information on a site like this that you don’t FULLY trust (or, as I assume, it’s transmitted over regular HTTP), you can always just make an encrypted 7-zip archive with a good password.

  43. darundal says:

    Both (filedropper/filesavr) are registered with the same registrar (Enom Inc.), and both are using the same whois protection service (whoisguard). Could be a coincidence, could be something else. Just figured I would get that out there.

  44. improfound says:

    apparently, to get the files to someone else, you put a check in the box next to the file, then click on the email link that pops up.

    the site is not that great. you can’t upload folders, but have to upload single files. then, when you try to send multiple files to someone, the files at the bottom of the page disappear, and you can’t click on them to send! (it’s complicated to explain, but try it and you’ll see…)