Uncover Hard To Find 800 Numbers

Whether by accident or design, or bad web design, sometimes it’s darn difficult to find some company’s phone number. Into this need niche steps hardtofind800numbers.com. It’s arranged alphabetically by company name, just click on the first letter of the company name. Amazon is on there, so is Google. I like their tagline, “You keep them in business. Yet they hide from you. Until now.”

Hard to find 800 Numbers [Official Site]


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  1. JN2 says:

    It took me 2 days to track down a help line for Amazon when their “automated” troubleshooting web forms failed to satisfy. When I finally was able to speak to someone, I mentioned that their office must not be very busy as they made it so difficult to find a phone number for them. The CSR acted surprised but I do not know if it was genuine or not. To find this secret number (this was a few years back so it may be changed since, but I doubt it) I had to look up Amazon’s corporate information page and on the bottom of some obscure corporate fine web-type was a CSR contact number.

    I’d pull my hair out if I had any.

    • axiomatic says:

      @JN2: I was actually able to find that number once on the Amazon website but I assure you it was at least 15 pages deep in to the customer support site, in the right nav in microscopic text.

      It has to be intentional.

      I love Amazon, I pay for Amazon Prime, but the customer service shenanigans are typical of such a large company.

  2. mugsywwiii says:

    I just went looking for Amazon’s phone number and found it pretty easily. I clicked “Help” in the header bar, then saw a distinctive Contact Us button. The next page gave me the option to login so they’d have my account information available (I hate having to repeat that information for everyone I talk to, I’m looking at YOU Comcast), but you can skip the sign in if you want to. Finally, the next page has a tab labeled “Phone,” where I was surprised to learn that they’ll even call you so you won’t have to wait on hold until someone is available! Those rat bastards sure make it difficult to get service.

  3. mike says:

    Even the 800 numbers aren’t helpful sometimes! In order to get real help, you often have to track down an executive customer service number.

  4. thelushie says:

    Some of the 800 numbers are not that hard to find (the IRS?) but I will bookmark this site for future reference. Kudos to whomever did this.