Quicken Beam Checks Your Balances On Your Cellphone

Sick of overdrafts? Don’t feel like juggling your bank balance in your head? Quickenbeam from Intuit is a new free service, in beta, that lets you check your account balances, no matter what bank you have, from your cellphone.

Just sign up, hand over your bank username and login (yes, this is potentially dangerous), and reply to a text message on your cellphone to get it running. After that you can text BAL to 636363 to get your balances and last 5 transactions, along with a few other commands. You can also set it up to send you a daily message with your account balances, alert you when your balance goes below a certain level, or alert you if a purchase over X amount gets charged to your account.

I gave it a shot and it was quick and worked perfectly. It’s a very streamlined service but it’s handy for checking on your balances on-the-go, for free. Some banks will charge you a fee just to check your balance from an ATM. It’s also great if your bank is the kind that will let you withdraw from the ATM or use your debit for more than your balance and then charge you fees for it. Now you have no excuse for not knowing how much money you have on hand.

QuickenBeam [Official Site]

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