Discover The Wacky Side Of Food Poisoning

Did you know Jesse Jackson was hospitalized with food poisoning last week? Or that a recipe typo in a Swedish food magazine left four readers poisoned? These are two of the many interesting facts we just learned after a few minutes browsing the BarfBlog, a food safety blog with categories like “Celebrity Barf” and “listeria”.

VeryShortList says that BarfBlog is

a site maintained by a group of food-safety experts at Kansas State University, [and] seeks to keep the public informed about the latest food-poisoning outbreaks.

It also has interesting items about related issues, for instance this recent post that THC, the “happy” compound in marijuana, has antimicrobial properties.

If you have an interest in food safety the way some consumerists here love discussing personal finance, this is the blog to bookmark.

BarfBlog [VeryShortList]
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  1. Rider says:

    I wonder how much money the US food industry donates to this group.

  2. ceriphim says:

    Something about having my insides explosively exit every bodily orifice rarely puts me into that “wacky” mood. Maybe I’m in the minority here, though.

    • skubisnack624 says:

      @ceriphim: Sorry…I have to say it…of course it’s not wacky when “my insides explosively exit every bodily orifice”, but it is funny when it happens to someone else (in a non-deadly, but similarly descriptive way). Nice word picture, btw.

  3. perruptor says:

    It looks like the favorite reply for food-supply regulators facing some kind of food-poisoning outbreak is “we have the safest food in the world.” I guess that’s them taking it very seriously.

  4. matttt says:

    The funny part about the recipe misprint is that in addition to the pain and dehydration caused by high doses of nutmeg, it is also results in mild to medium hallucinogenic effects. Bonus for any budding psychonauts caught off guard by the recipe :p

  5. sonneillon says:

    I once got food poisoning. It’s awful, it’s like the flu except there is no delirium, the misery is crystal clear. That will teach me not to eat counter pizza that’s been sitting out for 4 days.

  6. nerdychaz says:

    Go to the barfblog website and check out other stuff, like the norwalk virus. oooooh *shudders* I do not like to discarge from every orifice.

  7. balthisar says:

    Ah, yes. The day I arrived at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, for basic training. I ate in the “mess hall” for the first time, and spent the night expelling stuff from places where it could be expelled. Passed out in my first uniformed formation the next morning, and spent the night in the hospital! Thank goodness it was the receiving unit and not my training unit!

    • RandomHookup says:

      @balthisar: Welcome to the US Army…

      I used to command the receiving company at Fort Knox and we occasionally had this problem. I remember one soldier who had grown up eating a diet of only rice and Asian foods. He couldn’t handle the more mainstream meat and potatoes menu. I think the cooks made him special meals for the week he was there. I wonder how he handled MREs?

      It was fun watching how the new soldiers reacted to the 50 pound groundhogs that roamed the place. Always a good source of protein…

  8. quail says:

    Food poisoning is more rampant than you know. Two people can eat from the same plate and one can develop a 24 hour bug while the other stays healthy. It comes down to the amount of contamination and the quality of the person’s immune system. Most people get food poisoning and assume it’s a 24 hour bug with unpleasant bouts with diarrhea. It rarely gets reported to the local health department.

  9. madrigal says:

    I had food poisoning once. It was awful. For 3 days I went to the bathroom every 30 minutes.

  10. Powerlurker says:

    I once had an unpleasant bout of food poisoning that sent me to the hospital after an evening of more or less constant vomiting and diarrhea. It took the ER three tries to find a vein that hadn’t collapsed. They ended up putting two liters of saline in me and shot me up with the antiemetic they give to the chemo patients (Zofran, it’s a miracle drug). The next day it was fine. I just had to make sure to eat bland foods for the next week or so.

  11. says:

    I’ve had food poisoning a couple of times. Always good for a quick five-pount weight loss.