Comcast Driver To Senior Citizen: "Get The F!@# Down From Your Car So I Can Kick Your Ass"

Northfaceninja watched in horror as a Comcast employee repeatedly smashed his Comcast van into a car driven by a senior citizen before barking: “Get the fuck down from your car so I can kick your ass.” The angry employee quickly abandoned his ass-kicking plan once he noticed onlookers jotting down his license plate number.

Northfaceninja writes:

On Sept. 5, 2008 at around 8:00 PM, I was driving on John Daly Blvd in Daly City, CA when I witnessed something totally inappropriate by a Comcast driver in a Comcast truck: Roadrage.

As i was driving slowly amidst the traffic, i noticed a commotion with other fellow drivers telling a Comcast driver to stop harassing and leave an older driver alone. The Comcast driver was clearly shouting expletives and telling the older driver to get the ‘Fuck’ down from his car so he can ‘kick his ass’. Along with other witnesses, i saw the comcast driver tapping or ‘slow bumping’ the older man’s car in front of him whilst yelling profanity. Concerned motorists started to jot down the license plate number and called for assistance. At this time, the Comcast driver weaved in out of traffic and proceeded to the nearby freeway.

I do not know the circumstances leading to this incident. Maybe the older driver was a bad driver or perhaps the Comcast driver had a rough day, but one thing i know is that this ‘roadrage’ driver needs to be trained in handling these types of situations. We’ve all encountered idiot drivers and cetainly had our bad days, but as a society, we can not let our anger be the judge and executioner of what we perceive as wrongdoings.

If Comcast is reading this, I realize that not all of your drivers are like this, but this particular bad apple in your company definitely needs a reprimand and anger management training. If he can’t handle situations like this properly, then maybe he shouldn’t be driving around in your company vehicles.

BTW, the Comcast Pickup Truck’s license plate number is 6295791 (California Plate).

The lesson of the story is this: Never piss off a Comcast driver or he might ask you to come down from your vehicle to receive some ass kicking…FREE OF CHARGE!

Clearly this individual act of asshattery isn’t sanctioned by Comcast, but the company with official policies for changing water jugs and making coffee almost certainly has a policy guiding employee conduct, one that explains that employees wearing Comcast uniforms or driving Comcast vans are Comcast representatives.

In this instance, the employee was representing Comcast, because doesn’t Comcast really want to kick all of our asses, financially, spiritually, and every other imaginable way? We really wouldn’t mind if Comcast’s marketing, or say, official responses to the FCC, matched its employee’s misdirected moxie.

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  1. lrbreckenripple says:

    Comcast: We Make Old People Pee.

  2. Norislolz says:

    Nobody is getting in before I talk about how most old people are a threat to all other drivers on the road.

    • Inglix_the_Mad says:


      I can vouch for that fact. I was nearly killed by an 80 year old guy that went around two people in the left turn lane to turn left in front of them. I had to go from 30 to zero in 5 feet or end up under a bumper/tires. Shattered my leg in the process, now I’ll never so much as jog again.

      Personally, if ANYONE causes an injury bearing accident while breaking the law, they should have to retake their written and driven tests before they’re allowed to drive again. FYI teenagers are annoying, but I’ve been put in more danger by older drivers that don’t know when to hang it up. My grandparents had the commonsense to stop driving themselves. My grandmother still has the minivan, but she won’t drive it. Nope, it exists so that when one of the kids or grandkids shows up, we drive it for her.

      • Darkwing_Duck says:

        @Inglix_the_Mad: Agreed. Though I was not injured at any point, I’ve had my fair share of 30 mph in the left lane codgers. As far as I’m concerned any DUI whatsoever, accident or not, license revoked for life. Cause any casualties, lose your license for minimum 2 years, then take remedial driving courses and license tests all over again. And yes, there are some maniacal teenage drivers, but when I was a teenager, most of my friends actually knew how to drive. Driving is a privilege, and if some codger with a cane puts everyone’s life in danger with their shoddy driver, goodbye license

      • chrylis says:

        @Inglix_the_Mad: @Darkwing_Duck: I’ve said for some time now that just as new drivers need to take a driving test (none of this “I passed driver’s ed” BS, even the kind I got away with), drivers over a certain age (65 or so) should have to retake the driving test whenever they renew their licenses.

        Also, anyone applying for a disabled plate should have to take a driving test every time. Some people are disabled enough to get special parking but still drive; many get their plates because they can barely walk on their own but are still OK to drive…

        (rant over)

      • newfenoix says:

        @Inglix_the_Mad: Older drivers are the MOST dangerous ones one the road. BUT, this does not excuse the behavior of this Comcast driver

  3. EarlNowak says:

    It’s Comcastic!

  4. JayDeEm says:

    I was more of less run off the road by a Cox driver yesterday myself. I was going through an intersection, he was heading the opposite direction but making an unprotected left turn and failed to yield…. I had to swerve.

    Never assume the other guy respect that whole ‘right of way’ thing boys and girls.

  5. GIZisGOD says:

    Hmm… could Comcast be doing shit like this because they want a sure win next year for the “WORST company in the world” award?

  6. ThinkerTDM says:

    Hmm… I would say that the biggest risk to me is not old people hogging the road (or Comcast drivers) but self entitled ass hats who think that they are the only ones driving. As a pedestrian, I have been nearly run over numerous times at crosswalks by drivers who don’t stop for people walking. They are not old people.
    The plan is simple:
    Slow down.
    Be aware of your surroundings.
    Slow down.

    • Darkwing_Duck says:

      @ThinkerTDM: I was nearly mowed down by an SUV a few weeks ago. I literally ran from the crosswalk back to the curb to avoid being killed by a bimbo in an SUV and then a prick in a bmw. Pedestrians have the right of way. Period. I flip drivers off and yell obscenities when I am cut off crossing the street

      • taking_this_easy says:

        @Darkwing_Duck: well, congrags on gettin the darwin award

        having the right of way…. so you cross the road, and get hit…. sure, its the driver at fault, but u’ll be in the hospital and probably screwed up for some time..

        at least have teh common sense to make sure the vehicle slows down and stops when u cross….

      • stopNgoBeau says:

        @Darkwing_Duck: Peds have the right away, depending on the circumstances. I don’t care what the pavement is painted. If you have a don’t walk sign, and you step in front of me, you’re going to end up with the rest of the bugs on my grill.

        Everyone should respect proper signage.

      • Inglix_the_Mad says:


        Okay, I learned that we should remove the “right of way, period” last year in Vegas. Why? Because a$$hat$ intentionally walked through green lights on a regular basis nearly causing accidents AND/OR blocking the smooth flow of traffic. I figured if it was tied to the walk/don’t walk lights we’d have a bit more competition to clear the intersection or get your stupid a$$ run down for disobeying traffic rules.

        The same goes for cyclists that ignore rules. One around here tried to sue a car THEY HIT by speeding through a red light. The car driver, doing zilch wrong, figured the cyclist would follow traffic law and stop at the red light. The cyclist, figuring the law didn’t apply to her, sped right on through and was shocked, SHOCKED, that the car had the audacity to be going through the intersection on a green light.

        Thank heavens that bint lost.

    • Tedicles says:

      errhhmmm…how about not stepping out in front of a vehicle? When there is a mass of over 1 ton, moving at 40 mph, it is best to avoid the situation rather than blame the operator for not “slowing down” so you can proceed without proper caution.

  7. categorically says:

    I love hearsay, especially Comcast hearsay.

    Dammit people, TAKE PICTURES!

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      Are we sure the driver didn’t just mean to get the old man out of his car so the driver could ask whether he was a Comcast subscriber?

      @categorically: Seriously! I want photos! Practically everyone has a camera in their cell phone, where is the incriminating evidence?

      Of course, Comcast could just take it “very seriously” and commit to placing more of those, “how is my driving?” stickers on the back of their vehicles. I am always so tempted to call them and simply ask, “I think your driver just hit a group of girl scouts. How is your cleaning department at removing blood and thin mint?”

    • Landru says:

      @categorically: It’s not hearsay if she witnessed it.

  8. maverickuw says:

    You know, I wonder if anyone talked to the other person involved. As much as I think too many people use the courts for stupid stuff, I think this guy should take Comcast to the cleaners. The guy was representing Comcast, and was using Comcast property to commit this act. they should be held responsible

  9. the-perfect-face-for-radio says:

    this would be a darwin award if grandpa had a concealed weapon. it’s better to have a gun and not to need it than the other way around.

    • katiat325 says:

      @the-perfect-face-for-radio: I definately agree, esp in the SF area — and Daly City is right next to it — you practically NEED to own a gun to defend yourself against people with extreme roadrage. If I was the old man, I would sue the S#!% out of Comcast.

  10. narq says:

    Wow, just… wow. I can’t imagine how it would feel to be witnessing that situation. I really don’t think that firing that person is enough..

    I live in Florida, and you may think since there are a lot of old people it would be dangerous. Actually the most dangerous people are middle aged white males. They cause more accidents than anyone else down here. I don’t care how careless or dumb an old person is, there are far more dangerous people on the road. I really really really think they should have a test for hand eye coordination and critical thinking IQ tests before you even get a license. If you talk on a phone, smoke, drink coffee and excessively speed all at the same time in rush hour traffic… you should not be allowed to handle anything more complicated than a stapler. Believe it or not I see this situation daily.

    • Darkwing_Duck says:

      @narq: Many businesses have made employees sign statements that they will not talk on company phones or about company business due to vicarious liability. Although there’s plenty of mindless chatter about nail polish color, etc for that to not matter

      • Darkwing_Duck says:

        @Darkwing_Duck: “Many businesses have made employees sign statements that they will not talk on company phones or about company business” add “while driving” to the end of that

  11. And this is any different than the drivers for UPS, FedEx, Well Fargo, School Buses etc etc etc ?

    • B says:

      @Corporate-Shill: There’s no reports of them verbally assulting senior citizens….or drag racing…or running over children.

      • @B:

        I bet to differ.

        School Bus strking a child is such common occurance that is seldom reported outstide of the immediate media market. School Bus striking and killing a child is fortunately rare enough that the incidents are still reported outside of the immediate media market.

        The big companies have always had slush fund for paying off consumer complaints. Digital cameras and the ‘net are making it more difficult to get paid off, but I still carry a camera in my car just to snap pictures of delivery trucks running red lights, driving on the wrong side of the road and speeding through residential streets.

        Getting paid for releasing the photos does exactly what I want. The offender is fired, other employees are put on notice that repeated actions could result in the same for them and I get a few bucks. Sure, sure, I could post the pictures and video on the ‘net for free, but then how do I get paid?

    • econobiker says:

      @Corporate-Shill: “And this is any different than the drivers for UPS, FedEx, Well Fargo, School Buses etc etc etc ?”

      Actually yes, very different. UPS drivers are held to a huge safety standard- no nicks or dents in the trucks. Wells Fargo drivers are transporting money, and School bus drivers require special licenses in most states akin to a CDL. A Comcrap driver just needs a regular driver’s license to drive the van.

  12. craftypants says:

    I have quite a few late finishes at work and the worst offenders I see here in my town (in th UK) are taxi drivers, tailgate you till the least appropriate moment and then overtake and speed off. Some major red light jumping too.

  13. 4ster says:

    This is SUCH an outrage. I can’t believe they named a road after a golfer.

  14. amed01 says:

    Anyone take this guys plate number and put it on platewire ([])? ;)

  15. dequeued says:

    Comcast is responsible.

    Just because they didn’t sanction it, they hire lowest bidder employees.

    When I had comcast installed at my new place, the tech arrived in a rusted pickup with the comcast logo pasted on the side, and didn’t speak any English, and then left.

    I ended up having to have them dispatch someone else.

  16. MyPetFly says:

    What nobody has mentioned is that the Comcast driver’s actions constituted assault with a deadly weapon and felony (I believe) hit and run, and possibly lots of other crimes. Whether there’s enough evidence to charge him is the question.

  17. I just want to know what the senior citizen did to the Comcast driver to piss him off so badly!

  18. Shadowfire says:

    Carey gets bonus points for the term “asshattery.”

  19. Kjgmusic says:

    Cable/phone companies in my area are notorious for bad customer service. This only affirms that it’s not specific to me.

    I wonder how he’d be as a pizza delivery guy…

  20. scamps says:

    This reminds me of an altercation my husband and I got into with a DHL driver. He cut us off, and as we were trying to go around him, he starts screaming profanities at us and swerving his van into our tiny-by-comparison car. We almost got hit by another car trying to get to safety.

    I have severe anxiety about being in cars, so for days I was a wreck.

  21. balthisar says:

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  22. tgpt says:

    I don’t think that’s the right plate number. California truck plates are normally 1 number, 1 letter, 5 numbers.
    (e.g. 1A11111)

    6295791 doesn’t return any results on the public smog check history lookup.

    6S95791 returns a 2001 Toyota Tacoma registered somewhere in the Fresno area.

    6Z95791 returns a records with no test history, which means it could either be a newer vehicle (new enough that it doesn’t require tests yet), one that hasn’t been issued yet, or a vehicle that’s exempt from testing due to age or diesel-ness.


    Gotta love the internet.

    • jeebussez says:

      Nice to know there’s another plate nerd out ther. However, plates marked ‘CA EXEMPT’ are 7 numeric digit plates and are not always searchable on the public record (there was an uproar earlier this year about government employees dodging tolls because they couldn’t look up a vehicle’s address to bill them when they ran the sensor). Utilities and their subsidiaries like SoCal Edison and Cox can apply for Exempt plates because they are providing a ‘necessary service’.

  23. DH405 says:

    Serves the old guy right for downloading all those torrents. They’re serious about that 250GB cap!

  24. dragonfire81 says:

    I guarantee Comcast will just say the guy is with a contractor and leave it to that contractor to deal the discpline out.

  25. se7a7n7 says:

    That’s Comcastic.

  26. Baron Von Crogs says:

    I saw a Verizon van go down my one way street the wrong way earlier. Good times.

  27. katiat325 says:

    I constantly see trucks and cars crossing busy roads downtown on a red light, makes me want to carry a bat with me … or at the very least wear steel-toed boots to work. lol.

  28. Morticia says:

    That is disgraceful. I certainly wouldn’t want anyone I love abused in such a way. The Comcast person guy needs to learn basic human decency.

  29. Morticia says:

    (oops take the word person out of that sentence will ya).

  30. Overheal says:

    Not to defend Comcast or anything but The Coast Guard and the Military also have regulations for making coffee and such too.

  31. Bruce says:

    Comcast is totally in the wrong here, Geezer season does not open until Oct. 15th!

  32. JollyJumjuck says:

    I find that teenagers/college students and seniors have a lot in common.

    Teenagers/college students, as pedestrians, will slowly saunter across a red light, forcing traffic to wait while they take their sweet time getting across the street (last time I checked, red means STOP). Obviously they are moving slowly because they have nothing pressing or important to do and because they have the ability to prevent the progress of people who *do* have something pressing or important to do.

    Seniors will drive around well under the speed limit in the fast lane, thinking that since they have nothing pressing or important to do, the other drivers on the road ought to take their sweet time as well. After all, the speed limit is the *maximum,* and you should have left earlier if you are in such a hurry. And if they happen to stop at a *green* light for no apparent reason, or don’t get through that left turn because they can always wait for the next one, well that’s all right because they are retired after all and have few if any responsibilities at their age.

    * Okay, so most people in those two age catergories do not behave in said manner. It is just that I have seen first-hand this sort of behaviour several times over the last couple of days, and I am just a bit fed up with what boils down to others’ selfish attitudes.

    • @JollyJumjuck: agree with you…

      I was reading a bit about pedestrian laws, and I thought that the law regarding crosswalks (no lights or signals) was interesting .

      If a person is IN the actual crosswalk, they have right of way. If the person is still on the curb/sidewalk, they do NOT have right of way. Pedestrians are supposed to wait until traffic is clear, then proceed, at that point if a car comes along as they are crossing, the car must yield.

      Lots of folks seem to think that they can just step right off the curb and drivers have to come screeching to a halt. Not True. So really, if the pedestrian is on the curb, and sees you, and still steps off to cross, he is liable for any damages if he gets hit. By that I mean he should have to pay for any damage to the CAR as well as his own medical expenses.

      It’s even more complicated when cars are turning… pedestrians DO NOT have blanket right of way, even if given the “walk” signal, they are to wait for any turning cars at the intersection, and then proceed, any cars that come and need to turn after the pedestrian is in the crosswalk, they have to yield to let them finish walking across.


      • crackers says:


        You are incorrect about the rules in the state of Massachusetts. While it never makes sense for a pedestrian to step blindly into traffic, it is the driver’s responsibility to STOP for those waiting to cross in a cross walk. And I don’t know of any situation here in MA where a pedestrian with a walk sign does NOT have the right of way; turning cars MUST WAIT for crossing pedestrians.

      • OMG! Ponies! says:

        @alphafemale: You are every insurance defense attorney’s dream juror. You seem to have a deeply-held erroneous belief that pedestrians do not have right-of-way at the light.

        Next time I’m defending a pedestrian knockdown case for Allstate, I’ll do everything I can to keep you on the jury.

  33. Portable Brain says:

    Driving slow is never as much of a danger as drivers who don’t attenuate their style to the conditions.

    Tail-gaters are the real menace on the roads.

  34. gmoney says:

    I’m sensing a theme. Lemme guess, the nearby freeway was the “John Daly parkway”, yes?

  35. dancing_bear says:

    “that this ‘roadrage’ driver needs to be trained in handling these types of situations.”

    Training not to be a vicious asshole? Bullshit! The guy needs three days in jail, he needs his license revoked, he should be fired and drug tested too.

  36. JenniMoyer says:

    This is Jenni at Comcast, and I wanted to let you know we’re looking into this. There is no excuse for this type of aggressive driving behavior.

  37. Ihaveasmartpuppy says:

    People yakking on the phone while driving are a hazard. Any age – yak yak yak. Hang up and drive.

  38. Triborough says:

    The California license plate 6295791 would not be on a commercial vehicle. 1A23456 would be the proper format for a commercial vehicle. A seven digit numeric plate would only be found on Exempt license plates issued to government vehicles an they are not up to 6000000 yet.

  39. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Hey folks let’s remember that this Comcast driver is drawn from the same pool of citizen drivers that we all belong too… the same pool that includes the senior driver her was harassing. Point being he’s just a regular A-hole.

    And like most A-hole drivers he is racing headlong to his destiny with a bridge abutment, telephone pole, slippery curve or if he’s really lucky a swampy adventure. So let this guy race to his destiny. Once he’s there there we don’t need to worry any more.

    Of course, let’s hope he doesn’t take anyone with him.

  40. utahoboe says:

    Those drivers should have pondered “What would Curtis E. Bear do?”.

  41. TrustUs says:

    I got run off the road downtown by Karl Rove in Austin as few years back.

  42. timmus says:

    The angry employee quickly abandoned his ass-kicking plan once he noticed onlookers jotting down his license plate number.

    In the 1930s, a few brave onlookers would have dragged the employee out of his van and pinned him down until the cops got there. Why has this kind of problem-solving become so rare?

    • speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

      @timmus: Ever since the criminal could successfully sue the “brave onlookers” for assault and battery, and furthermore play off the “injury” as a victim card to help himself get a better deal in court. It’s not uncommon for a criminal to get off scot-free while the person who tried to defend himself or others gets fined or worse.

  43. GoVegan says:

    I don’t think what the Comcast driver was ok by any stretch of the imagination but as a commuter I can understand it. My guess is that the senior was driving way below the speed limit and wouldn’t pull over. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stuck behind someone who refuses to look in their rear view mirror, notice that there are many cars behind him and pull over. People do have the right to drive as slow as they need to in order to feel safe but they can also pull over now and then to let others go by.

  44. QrazyQat says:

    Fascinating to see how many people — with no knowledge of the incident other than that a Comcast driver was deliberately and repeatedly running into a senior citizen’s car and screaming at him and immediately attack the senior! Please, those who did, would you let me know your driving schedules so I can stay at least a half a state away from you?

  45. vdragonmpc says:

    Actually this is kind of interesting.

    IN Virginia we have Ms utility who marks underground lines and generally deals with “cables”

    I was cruising down Rt 10 Wednesday in Chesterfield when a DirectTV van screamed by me on my right down the turn lane and cut off the Ms Utility truck to proceed to run a red light. The kicker? The Direct TV driver flipped off the Ms Utility driver!!!!


  46. waldito says:

    @ gmoney: No, it’s ‘The most beautiful freeway in the world’ (it really does have a plaque saying that!)

    I’m with the comcast driver. Driving in Daly City is like some wierd video game where the other cars are either tricked-out lowered japanese sports cars driven at 100mph by 17-year-olds, or minivans which cut across 4 lanes of traffic to make a left turn at 6mph. I basically have to yell ‘Get down out of your car so I can kick your ass!’ about 3x per block when I drive to the mall there.

    Anyone else from the 415 or the 650 — holla, you know I’m right! But it’s worth it to make the trek to Ranch 99 market.

  47. Wynner3 says:

    Daly City, I can’t say I’m too surprised. On occasion I will go to the In N Out or the movie theater in Daly City but that’s it.

  48. watchfulshopper says:

    @alphfemale: Please don’t offer rules for driving without being sure they are correct. You may needlessly have put pedestrians at risk. Pedestrians who know the laws of their state. may have some useful information BUT do not assume that whatever you read there is accurate or true for all states or countries. It may simply state what that web site owners would like to be true. It certainly doesn’t reflect the laws as they exist everywhere. Your statements did not match the driver’s training I’d received (though it matched how I’ve seen some drivers behave). I was so shocked at your claims that I checked a reliable source for where I live; the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

    They clearly and repeatedly refuted your claimed rules (the pdf can be quickly searched for the term pedestrian).

    Driver’s must WAIT for pedestrian’s at intersections and cross walks and do not get to turn in front of them when the light turns green or the walk signal illuminates. They may turn in front of or behind them only as it is safe but must allow the pedestrian to proceed first.

    From the handbook “Solid Green. A green light means “GO” but first give the right of way to any vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian in the intersection. If you are turning left, make the turn only if you have enough space to complete the turn before any oncoming vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian becomes a hazard.” (Similar statements are made for turning right on red and left on red onto a one way street. The DMV of most states and countries are very careful to go over each situation in detail.)

    Note the “first give right of way” portion. You incorrectly stated: “It’s even more complicated when cars are turning… pedestrians DO NOT have blanket right of way, even if given the “walk” signal, they are to wait for any turning cars at the intersection, and then proceed, any cars that come and need to turn after the pedestrian is in the crosswalk, they have to yield to let them finish walking across.” Clearly pedestrians do not have to wait for turning cars in California. This is true in most states. The lights are often short and pedestrians do not cross intersections as quickly as cars. Cars must WAIT for pedestrians to cross first.

    Drivers must also stop for pedestrians planning to use a crosswalk not simply in the crosswalk. From the handbook: “Stop at all crosswalks where pedestrians are waiting.” This very clearly contradicts your: ” If the person is still on the curb/sidewalk, they do NOT have right of way.” Not only do they have the right of way you need to STOP for them so they can may safely enter the crosswalk to cross.

    Sensible and polite pedestrians will not force cars to stop abruptly but they need not stand forever at the crossing hoping for a gap in traffic. Drivers are supposed to stop for them when they are clearly waiting to cross. Obviously if the pedestrian arrives at the crossing when you are five feet from it they would be foolish to start crossing immediately. But if you can see them waiting from 30 feet down the road YOU should start breaking and come to a stop so that they may safely cross.

  49. gavni says:


    I’m sorry, but you’re wrong about Massachusetts laws, in the statutes at least. The Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 89 Section 11 covers crosswalks. The offense is described in the third paragraph, and it is to enter a crosswalk while a pedestrian is in it, not while a pedestrian is waiting to enter it.

    You could get a ticket, while a pedestrian is waiting to cross a crosswalk, for passing a vehicle stopped at a crosswalk, though.

    – Gavin

    • crackers says:

      @gavni: You’re right; the pedestrian has to step off the sidewalk and be “in the crosswalk” before cars are required to stop. However, this doesn’t mean – as alphafemale implied – that as a pedestrian I need to wait for all traffic to completely clear before I start across the street.

  50. goldenboyX says:

    Road rage, or “How To Have Major Heart Attack While Driving.”

    I sure do hope they learn to control their road rage before they get old, or if not we will have even more accidents caused by old-fart road ragers!

    Seriously though, just take a deep breath and forgive all the other drivers on the road. Your head will be clearer, your driving more focused, and perhaps you’ll live longer, the ultimate get even scheme!

  51. Onouris says:

    Why on earth would anyone just walk off a pavement into a road? I don’t care if there’s big signs up saying I have right of way and all cars are covered in 5 meters of magic fairy bubbles with happy bunnies riding on top of them, I still wouldn’t step off into a road like that. That’s suicide.

  52. agnamus says:

    Isn’t all of this talk about elderly drivers being horrible nothing more than blaming the victim? Roz, please pretend to do your job.

    • Norislolz says:

      @agnamus: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah people are talking about something I disagree with someone help!!!!

      • agnamus says:

        @Norislolz: No, not waaahhhhhhh. I actually don’t care about old people, and all other things being equal, I’d rather have them off the road much sooner than the status quo. My point was more to emphasize that not only is the new comsumerist comment code overly heavy handed and stifling, but also it’s irregularly enforced. The comments code might as well read, “If we don’t personally agree with you, or if enough people complain, we’ll censor.”

  53. BiZarRroBALlmeR says:

    How do you not yell at senior citizen drivers.

  54. forgottenpassword says:

    That’s a really nice way to get shot in a concealed carry state!

  55. JN2 says:

    I’m rethinking my previous poll position. Countrywide never threatened to kick my ass for bad driving.

  56. danno99 says:

    How does one ‘come down’ from a car? Was grandpa driving a vehicle with those huge clown tires on it, sticking way up above the traffic?

  57. P_Smith says:

    Clearly this individual act of asshattery isn’t sanctioned by Comcast

    I disagree wholeheartedly, and not just about Comcast.

    If companies in general didn’t approve of such behaviour by their employees, they would have more stringent hiring policies and prevent it in the first place, rather than “take it seriously” after it happens. Such people only get hired because the company wanted to save a few bucks instead of having a better screening process.

    The screening of minimum wage employees by most companies makes the Republicans look thorough in their choice of VPs (e.g. Palin, Cheney, Quayle).

  58. babel116 says:

    when I was 17 I was t boned by some old fart in a lincoln continental who didn’t feel he needed to stop for a red light., needless to say my hundai didn’t put up much of a fight, afterwards the old guy bailed. grr. old people should not drive. if you need a walker to move around, then maybe its time to use the public transit or invest it a rascle. go comcast dude, show that old freak whats what!

  59. AntheaKolling says:

    Why on earth would Consumerist comment that the “employee repeatedly smashed his Comcast van into a car” when the ACTUAL STORY posted just a paragraph below says “i saw the comcast driver tapping or ‘slow bumping'”?

    Not that slow bumping is acceptable, or that has anything to do with yelling profanities at another driver but when The Consumerist decides it’s okay to liven up the only reported version of the incident they do a disservice to themselves and anyone who tries to report incidents to them.

    Report the facts please, leave the “as inspired by” stories to Law & Order.

    Dann Fuller
    UM Computer Showcase phone: 883-5390

  60. fisherstudios says:

    To address the actual content of the article and not the comments that followed from it, road rage is never acceptable, whether you are on the job or not.

    I’m sure comcast can track down this driver and appropriately re-train and/or discipline him as they see fit.

  61. xiwhang says:

    Comcast does suck, but come on…this is another classic set of Gawker comments by a bunch of experts who know that [subset x] is the worst type of driver, except for [subset y], followed by an irrelevant non sequitur that no one cares about, all based on a story that probably isn’t true in the first place.

    Keep up the good work!