Comcast Driver To Senior Citizen: "Get The F!@# Down From Your Car So I Can Kick Your Ass"

Northfaceninja watched in horror as a Comcast employee repeatedly smashed his Comcast van into a car driven by a senior citizen before barking: “Get the fuck down from your car so I can kick your ass.” The angry employee quickly abandoned his ass-kicking plan once he noticed onlookers jotting down his license plate number.

Northfaceninja writes:

On Sept. 5, 2008 at around 8:00 PM, I was driving on John Daly Blvd in Daly City, CA when I witnessed something totally inappropriate by a Comcast driver in a Comcast truck: Roadrage.

As i was driving slowly amidst the traffic, i noticed a commotion with other fellow drivers telling a Comcast driver to stop harassing and leave an older driver alone. The Comcast driver was clearly shouting expletives and telling the older driver to get the ‘Fuck’ down from his car so he can ‘kick his ass’. Along with other witnesses, i saw the comcast driver tapping or ‘slow bumping’ the older man’s car in front of him whilst yelling profanity. Concerned motorists started to jot down the license plate number and called for assistance. At this time, the Comcast driver weaved in out of traffic and proceeded to the nearby freeway.

I do not know the circumstances leading to this incident. Maybe the older driver was a bad driver or perhaps the Comcast driver had a rough day, but one thing i know is that this ‘roadrage’ driver needs to be trained in handling these types of situations. We’ve all encountered idiot drivers and cetainly had our bad days, but as a society, we can not let our anger be the judge and executioner of what we perceive as wrongdoings.

If Comcast is reading this, I realize that not all of your drivers are like this, but this particular bad apple in your company definitely needs a reprimand and anger management training. If he can’t handle situations like this properly, then maybe he shouldn’t be driving around in your company vehicles.

BTW, the Comcast Pickup Truck’s license plate number is 6295791 (California Plate).

The lesson of the story is this: Never piss off a Comcast driver or he might ask you to come down from your vehicle to receive some ass kicking…FREE OF CHARGE!

Clearly this individual act of asshattery isn’t sanctioned by Comcast, but the company with official policies for changing water jugs and making coffee almost certainly has a policy guiding employee conduct, one that explains that employees wearing Comcast uniforms or driving Comcast vans are Comcast representatives.

In this instance, the employee was representing Comcast, because doesn’t Comcast really want to kick all of our asses, financially, spiritually, and every other imaginable way? We really wouldn’t mind if Comcast’s marketing, or say, official responses to the FCC, matched its employee’s misdirected moxie.

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