Quickest Measure Of Gustav's Negative Economic Impact: Woots Per Capita

UPDATE: Prompted by this post, Woot did their own post analyzing their internal data much more thoroughly.

It will take some time for the economic impact of Hurricane Gustav on New Orleans to be calculated, unless the journalist or statistician in question is a fan of daily gadget deal site Woot! As part of the forums area, the site throws out various data, like how many units did people buy, percentage of sales per hour, and a Woots per capita map. The map clearly shows that basically no one in Louisiana is buying jack from Woot right now, and, no doubt, from any else. How will we know when people have returned to Louisiana and are buying again? By watching the delta on the Woots per capita map!

Sep 2 [Woot]
Aug 2 [Woot] (Thanks to Cy Guy!)

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