Palin Takes Protecting Polar Bears "Very Seriously"

For the sake of balance, vis-à-vis Obama’s Taking It Seriously, here’s one for Sarah Palin.

WHO: Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin.
WHAT: In an op-ed, Palin, who favors opening ANWR to drilling and whose husband got a $46,790 paycheck last year from BP, laid out her reasons for why the Bush administration shouldn’t have added polar bears to the endangered species list.
WHERE: “Bearing Up” [NYT Op-Ed]
THE QUOTE: “The state takes very seriously its job of protecting polar bears and their habitat…”
BONUS QUOTE: “If you are not for opening ANWR, in the state of Alaska, you couldn’t get elected dogcatcher.” – former Alaska state Rep. Ray Metcalfe in an AP article.

Taking it seriously” is a phrase companies (and politicians) use over and over again to appear contrite or thoughtful without actually saying or doing anything. Our series of posts documenting the phrase’s attempts recurrences are our attempt to question how much seriousness-taking is actually going on.

(Thanks to Michael Belisle!)

(Photo: noromdiam, Wikipedia)