Consumerist Comments Code Brings Back Jaded Reader

Jack sent in some positive feedback about our implementation of The Consumerist Comments Code and the hiring of our new comments moderator, Roz: “I used to be a loyal Consumerist reader but the comments turned my stomach and I left. I recently returned…

…overjoyed to see the commitment to keeping a civil tone on an otherwise awesome website. I wanted to say Thank You, the comments- though I still try not to read, it’s hard not to!- are a hundred-fold better, even if people still insist on posting things like “go back to your home on whore island.” Thank you for making the Consumerist blog a place I can (almost always) read again.”

Thanks Jack! The writers on the site have noticed it too. Reading the comments section used to be a soul-disintegrating experience, but now it’s ok and it’s easier to pick up on useful info that readers have to share.

Remember, you can always ask about comments policies, or point out someone’s comment that needs a looking at, by emailing or IMing ConsumeristRoz (via AIM).

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